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    Having heard such high praise about this book, I had sky high expectations and expected to be blown away by it Unfortunately, that didn t happen not in the firsst half of the story, anyway It took me a long time to like Gabriel too arrogant and distant and Johanna too ditzy and scared At one point, I was ready to scream if he told her to rest one time That was funny at first, like a recurring joke, but it got old pretty fast probably because she didn t put a stop to it soon enough to suit me Considering what she d gone through during her first marriage, when she d been a silent victim of spousal abuse, I completely understood her fears when it came to Gabriel, who was this big and bad Highland warrior, and I knew she needed time to get over them so I gave her some slack, but I couldn t wait to see her grow some spine When she finally did Wow, it was like I was reading another book It was funny, touching, action packed, everything I had expected to find at first, and I could not put the book down Wonderful save, Ms Garwood Now, addressing the age issue that had me concerned before I started reading this book Unless I missed it, neither Gabriel s nor Johanna s age was mentioned in the story Aside from her brother saying that she had gotten married the first time when she was still a child , there was not other clue in the book and I only knew she was sixteen years old at the beginning of story because I read the book description I know this is a minor detail and it shouldn t have bothered me, but it did I like knowing how old the H h are, especially if one of them is that young.All in all, this was another very good story by Ms Garwood, and she s now officially one of my favorite authors.

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    From the blurb, you might get the mistaken impression that the heroine is strong and smart She s not She s TSTL Yeah, it s contagious.She never understands anything and is constantly asking for explanations from everyone Strangely, this stupidity is mistaken often for cunning thinking The men in her life are often thinking that she is purposely acting dumb in order to achieve her purpose But, she s not She s just dumb That annoyed the crap out of me The dog in the book was smarter than her.But, I have to admit that the book had its moments of funny She is matchmaking, Keith announced.It was as though he d just shouted the alarm that they were under siege The soldiers literally jumped from their stools They bowed to Johanna and left the room in the space of a single minute She didn t even have enough time to order them back into their seats Yes, she is subtle in her matchmaking skills This goes to show you that women have been matchmaking since the 1200 s at least although I m sure cavewomen were telling their sons that they should bash a certain girl over the head and bring her home Why do we do it, ladies Is it Disney s fault Is it Jane Austen s fault Because we all know that a single man with a large fortune must be in want of a wife.I admit that I was one of the worst matchmakers of my day I set up all my friends with other friends Whenever I met a guy I was mentally picturing which of my friends he would best fit with I m not much better now My schemey little mind is always thinking about which of my brilliant young goodreads friends would be good for my son who is now 20 Seriously, he s brilliant, hilarious, and adorable Anybody Let me know.But, about the book It was set in an earlier time period than I like No balls No ton And, probably even dirtier than I m used to trying to ignore when I read HR It was interesting, but I m not in a rush to read about this era Just knowing all their grandkids probably died in the plague is depressing enough.

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    I ve read one other book by Julie Garwood I wasn t that impressed with it, and after this one, I don t think I ll give her any chances to wow me There s a pervading sense of insult throughout this entire story I feel like it s insulting to abused woman, insulting to alpha males, and insulting to highland Scots Every single character is a caricature, and the humor relies entirely on the farcical, which gets damned annoying It s also too long Garwoood took the thinnest concept for a plot and managed to stretch it out to over 400 mediocre pages The interactions between Johanna and Gabriel consisted of Gabriel grunting and uttering the proverbial Me man, you woman, you shut up and do as man say , to which Johanna would respond with a sigh and or eyeroll, then walk awayor, worse, start petting Gabriel to calm him down Like he s her fucking pet It s weird And it s boring And did I mention it s insulting

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    3.5 StarsOverall Opinion I got this book off the GR list for highlander romances, and it was an enjoyable read If anyone has any other recommendations for highlander romances I d love to hear them because the list was kind of lacking I really liked both characters and I liked their banter with each other, which are both things that I think Ms Garwood does well with her HR books I m going to drop my rating because of the pacing at first and the lackluster epilogue, but otherwise it was a solid HR read Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Johanna and Gabriel s story Johanna is a young English widow that is in need of a new husband to protect her from the King Gabriel is in need of having the rites to the land that should be his but is in the possession of Johanna from her dead husband, so they agree to marry It is obvious to Gabriel that Johanna s past husband didn t treat her right, so he instantly goes into protective mode with her Johanna feels free for the first time and has to learn to truly be herself There is some clan and country drama, a few sexy times, and some sweet scenesand they get a HEA ending.POV This alternated between focusing on Johanna mainly and Gabriel in 3rd person narrative, but does focus on some other side characters.Overall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well The beginning did start out rather slow though and I found it hard to keep my interest.Instalove No, they take a little while to develop stronger feelings.H rating 4.5 stars Gabriel I really liked him He was all bark and no bite when it came to the h, and I loved how he accepted people when others wouldn t.h rating 4.5 stars Johanna I really liked her I appreciated her strength even when she was scared and had a bad past, and I appreciated how she cared for others unconditionally like Alex.Sadness level Low, no tissues neededPush Pull NoHeat level Good They have some good tension, chemistry, and scenes but not so much it takes away from the story Pretty minimal and on par with HR in my opinion.Descriptive sex YesOW OM drama Yes BIG SPOILER view spoiler The h s dead husband ends up not being dead and comes back for her hide spoiler

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    Ohh be demek istiyorum ncelikle Bu kad n evirmeyerek adeta hakaret ediyorlar bize bence Tarihi a k romanlar nda sevdi im ne varsa hepsi bu kitapta vard , tekrar yazara hayran oldum S km yor, gereksiz yanl anlamalarla bizi yormuyor, salak salak gurur meseleleri yok Zevk alarak okudum Karakterler yine usta i i tabi ki eviride tek s k nt birbirlerine han m bey olarak hitap etmeleri Yani kuzey sko ya dan bahsediyoruz woman diyor zann mca orijinalinde T rk filmine evirmeye ne gerek vard diye d n yorum Onun d nda ak c bir eviri olmu.

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    I read this for Romance Book Bingo 2017 Man in a Kilt square.I have to have some happy right now and this book is it I have been reading this since I was 12 or 13 and still have a copy of it on my shelves The heroine Johanna kicks butt The hero Gabriel kicks butt We actually have a hero heroine who thank God do not have any rape scenes between them They reluctantly fall in love with each other which I thought was hilarious The little family between Johanna, Gabriel, and Gabriel s son was so cute I was so happy with them And then we have Judith s foster brother Nicholas and I maybe swooned a bit there.Johanna was married when she was a child typical for the time period and her first husband is a wife beater and also apparently raped and harmed other women When her husband is believed dead, she is commanded to remarry by King John She agrees to marry a man her foster brother believes will protect her and also come to love her That man is Gabriel MacBain, who is in charge of two clans who have recently come together after the death of his father Johanna wins my heart when on her wedding day when she freaks out over saying obey in her vows and wants to reword them or she s not going to marry Gabriel who pretty much has enough of that, decides he is going to marry Judith it s pretty much lust in first sight for the guy.Johanna is very interesting though Even though she appears meek and timid, we find out that she learns to read since it is forbidden for women at the time She has a hard time reconciling the Church s teachings that she is less worth an oxen and that her husband beating her is okay There is a scene with a rival clan where Johanna is like a freaking Valkyrie and it was awesome.We do find out about Gabriel s background and his constant struggle to lead his clan due to issues that happened with Gabriel s father not claiming him He is trying his best to get the two clans to come together, but the backbiting and refusal to trust one another is slowly tearing everything apart Who knew that Johanna in the end will get them to ultimately come together.I loved the secondary characters in this one a lot We have Johanna s brother, servants galore, and Gabriel s trusted men We also get to see though that Johanna though she may be timid around people, does not lack any backbone And she decides after her first terrible marriage, she is not going to be beaten by anyone ever again.The romance between Gabriel and Johanna is great The love scenes were excellent and I did love it when Johanna starts getting demanding in bed Hey, orgasms are great.The writing and flow also works Though I will say that towards the end things felt a little bit rushed and melodramatic I didn t care because I was cheering things the whole time Evil is slayed temporarily and we know that Johanna and Gabriel will get their happily ever after.The book takes place during the 1200s so there was definitely issues aplenty between the Highlands Scotland and England at the time I really enjoyed how Garwood weaved the politics of the day King John being seen as a murderer and usurper and how it all tied things together with Johanna I maybe cheered when the evil priest gets his due in the end as he lays dying and calls out for his mother I sure as heck toasted.

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    Where to begin In fear of sounding pathetic, I d have to say that Julie s Saving Grace found me.My aunt works in a hotel, and they always find books left behind I know, blasphemers They store them neatly in shelves and, my guess is, wait for someone to take them home.I was 9 or 10 at the time, when she brought me in to pick something out for myself.English being a foreign language and all, I really didn t know which one to pick, so I reached my hand into the back of the shelf and fished out Saving Grace.I don t have to tell you this was my fist love and I ve beed a Garwood fan ever since.My childhood was not a happy one, so books started to be an escape for me friends that were there to make me laugh, cry and envision love I had yet to experience D as brave and unwavering.For a while there Julie s were the only novels I ve read D Needless to say, my Julie Garwood shelf, and Saving Grace, is a personal favorite, especially now, when it s too hot outside, so I revisit the Highlands and meet my dear old friends.Thank you, Julie You ve ignited a passion for reading in me and I will be eternally grateful for your books.Oh yes I m a graduate student of English literature now, all thanks to this book that made me love English so much.Time to go back to my book.

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    Hayat mda okudu um en barbar olmayan highlandli herif ve bir sahne i in fazlas yla uzun olmas na ra men atlamadan okudu um ve g lmeden duramad m komik sahneye sahip kitap olabilir.Biraz daha h d dese g zel olurdu bence Biraz de il bi kere dese hi demedi enteresan f v f fK z 16 bu arada Herifim Allah bilir b sb y k ama sonu ta yani mis gibi k r k kalp Ne demi tim Julia i in seni veren Allah a k rler olsun Gabriel ok g zelsin OKben g zelden anlar mxoxoxoiko

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    Listened to the Audio 2 26 18 I enjoyed the narrator, though I wish she d done a different voice for Gabriel The story is just as stellar as ever Re read 02 08 13 LOVE How many times do you suppose I can re read this and review it by saying LOVE Because I feel like this could go on forever Re read 11 14 11 LOVE This is one of my top 5 favorite Julie Garwood books I absolutely adore everything about it from the setting to the characters.The overall message that women are just as important as men could have become preachy, but it didn t Johanna dealt with a lot during her first marriage and I like that Garwood addressed her issues She was a strong character who really came into her own throughout this book My heart ached for her and all she endured Gabriel I loved right from the beginning His honor and strength were immediately evident, but it was his caring and compassion with Johanna that won me over.

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    3.5 stars.

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Saving Grace download Saving Grace, read online Saving Grace, kindle ebook Saving Grace, Saving Grace 8c8fdce0ae66 When Lady Johanna Learned That She Was A Widow, She Vowed She Would Never Marry Again Only Sixteen, Already She Possessed A Strength Of Will That Impressed All Who Looked Past Her Golden Haired Beauty Yet When King John Demanded That She Remarry And Selected A Bridegroom For Her It Seemed She Must Acquiesce, Until Her Beloved Foster Brother Suggested She Wed His Friend, The Handsome Scottish Warrior Gabriel MacBainAt First Johanna Was Shy, But As Gabriel Tenderly Revealed The Splendid Pleasures They Would Share, She Came To Suspect That She Was Falling In Love With Her Gruff New Husband And It Was Soon Apparent To The Entire Highlands Clan That Their Brusque, Gallant Laird Had Surrendered His Heart Completely But Now A Desperate Royal Intrigue Threatened To Tear Her From His Side And To Destroy The Man Whose Love Meant To Her Than She Had Ever Dreamed