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Todo in Tuscany: The Dog at the Villa quotes Todo in Tuscany: The Dog at the Villa, litcharts Todo in Tuscany: The Dog at the Villa, symbolism Todo in Tuscany: The Dog at the Villa, summary shmoop Todo in Tuscany: The Dog at the Villa, Todo in Tuscany: The Dog at the Villa 3b277cc6 A Dream House In Tuscany And A Dog Named TodoTodo Had Been Waiting At Poggiolino Since His Mistress Died Over Two Years Before The House Lay Empty And Neglected And Yet He Wouldn T Leave He Seemed To Know That Someday The Right People Would Come Along And Make It A Home AgainLouise And Lawrence Weren T Thinking Of Buying The Very First House They Looked At In Tuscany In Fact, Their Plans To Move From London Were Barely Formed But There Was Something Enchanting About The Dog Waiting At The Gates If They Were Honest, They Wanted Todo The Scruffy Dog With The Huge Grin As Much As They Wanted The HouseWith Todo As Their Faithful Companion They Began To Restore Poggiolino To Life, Unlocking Her Secrets And Giving Todo, Their Beloved Dog, A Second ChanceA Heart Warming Memoir Of Moving Country, Making A New Life And Coming Home

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    This was a truly heartwarming book, which had me in tears in some parts If you love dogs and or Tuscany, this book may be for you I love dogs and we will be visiting Italy as well as Tuscany in a few months Sorry for the overkill, but I will be reading lots of Italy themed books before we go My entire family laughs at my travel themed books before trips I think it s funny also Here are pictures of Todo what a sweet story.

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    I got this book for a bedtime read My bedtime reads are usually pretty tacky They are mostly a mush of easy read saccharine This one was different, and a pleasant surprise.It s meant to be a book about Todo, a dog that Louise Badger and Lawrence Kershaw inherited when they moved to a house in Tuscany, but really it s a book about Louise and Lawrence, and their adventures in Italy They are such a lovely couple I want to go to dances with them Sagra di Zuppa di Frantoiana or Sagra di Funghi Porcini the name depending on the food being served at these wonderful outdoor music and dance nights I want to help them learn Italian, to cope with Italian red tape and bureaucracy, and most of all I wanted to help them get rid of the bird hunters on the edge of their property I want to go walking through the olive trees with them, and visit some of the fine restaurants they frequent always making great friends with the people who work there They are those kind of people I loved their fondness for their animals too not only Todo, but also their three cats Their friendliness and largesse warm every page.I think the book was well written Certainly I found it hard to put down Instead of being a sleeping pill the intended role of most of my bedtime books , this one kept me up much too late It s an easy read with fabulous people and lots of endearing animal references Bliss

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    Todo in Tuscany The Dog at the Villa by Louise Badger and Lawrence Kershaw is Under the Tuscan Sun meets Marley Me, and if you love Italy, dogs, or both, this book is a must read.While house searching in Italy, Badger and Kershaw first came across a villa in Lucca that otherwise wouldn t have sparked their fancy but for the charming little pooch who wouldn t leave their side as they toured the grounds Todo s mistress, an American named Carol, had passed away two years previously, but Todo wasn t going anywhere.And, as it turned out, neither were Badger and Kershaw, so completely charmed by Todo that they put in a bid immediately As the couple started bridging their busy lives between England and Italy, they quickly discovered the challenges of refurbishing of a Tuscan villa from getting Internet service to fighting the glue that had been holding wallpaper snug for decades.But it s the relationship between the house s new owners and a darling dog, uncannily aware of his surroundings and the emotions of those around him at all times, that makes this book truly special and not to be missed.I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys heartwarming tales, especially those set in Italy.

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    I loved this book being a dog lover who hasn t had the right lifestyle for a dog for the last twenty years I really empathised with Louise and Lawrence s decision to buy the first villa that they saw in Tuscany because it came with a devoted dog, who wouldn t leave the home he had shared with his beloved owner It is a very British book because falling in love with our animals is something that we do but this trait was the very thing that opened their neighbours homes and hearts to the newcomers and anyone who has moved into a new community will know how difficult this can be to do It has all the gusto for living and challenges of getting things done of Peter Mayle s Provence with added delightful dog

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    A very moving story about English people buying a villa that comes with a dog Part of the story is their discovery about the past of the dog, the house and the previous owners, part about the restoration of the house, and lots about themselves and their friends all interesting characters.

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    A very beautiful and totally engaging story all underlined and centred around Todo This describes the instantaneous love we can experience with a special dog all dogs are of course special and whatever place is special to us It was a bit of an afterthought at the library but what a wonderful afterthought it was Excellent writing beautifully expressed My thanks to the talented author One to always remember.

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    Loved it Delightful tale of a couple who bought a villa partly because the fell in love with the dog who came with it.Then all the coincidences that came together because of this they were fated to buy this villa and live there.delightful read.

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    A gentle, absorbing read about a couple who buy a villa that comes with a dog How brilliant I was so engrossed i this that when i finished reading it on a bus trip upto Scotland i silently shed a tear when the inevitable happened A cracking read if you love dogs

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    What a wonderful story that I am really glad I read.

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    I loved it

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