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Until You pdf Until You, ebook Until You, epub Until You, doc Until You, e-pub Until You, Until You 14ed21145a6 Sheridan Bromleigh Had Spent Most Of Her Early Life As A Happy Vagabond With Her Unruly American Father And His Vagrant Friends Then, Given Over To The Care Of A Strict Maiden Aunt, She Was Taught To Be A Lady Poor But Genteel And Finally A Teacher When She Was Hired To Act As Chaperone To A Pretty But Spoilt Heiress Travelling To England To Join An Aristocratic Fiance, Sheridan Was Delighted Now, At Last, She Could Visit Her Family S Country But Somehow Everything Went WrongFor Miss Charise Lancaster, Not Over Gifted With Intelligence, Eloped With A Stranger Before She Could Meet Her Suitor And Sheridan Was Left With The Horrid Task Of Telling Lord Burleton She Had Somehow Misplaced His Bride As She Gazed At The Tall, Confident Man Before Her, Her Courage Failed She Was Doubly Shocked When She Heard His News Lord Burleton, A Drunkard And A Wastrel, Had Been Killed The Night Before At Which Point Fate Took Over Sheridan Was Knocked Unconscious On The Quayside, And Recovered To Find Herself In The Handsome Stranger S Care, Not Knowing Who She WasIt Was To Be The Beginning Of A Dazzling, Witty, Dramatic, And Romantic Sequence Of Events In Which Every Possible Confusion Was To Take Place

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    This review contains spoilers I really enjoyed this story I wasn t sure what to expect after having just read Whitney, My Love which could have been entitled A Tale of Misunderstandings and People Who Are Too Bullheaded To Even Consider Talking Things Out, but I digress Until You was a pleasant surprise I enjoyed the storyline and thought Stephen was very charming before he became an ass but he wasn t too big an ass considering his bride had left him at the altar He did wait several hours, hoping she would return When she didn t and when he learned where she had gone, he decided to put the past behind him and move on and under the circumstances, who could blame him But honestly, we could see that he wasn t really moving on with his life, he was merely going through the motions I liked Sherry and couldn t fault her for being a runaway bride when she learned the truth of who she was She was so ashamed of what she had learned, humiliated by the way she learned it and then toss into the mix that which Charise was threatening to do to her and the Westland s well, what was a girl in her shoes to do, I ask you One of the things I most appreciated about this story was that Stephen, when presented with the facts, was willing to risk being humiliated once again and arranged to have Sherry brought to him so he could convince her to marry him There wasn t a lot of long, drawn out anguish well, not compared to Whitney, My Love there wasn t and things were resolved relatively quickly I loved the dramatic entrance of Stephen and Sherry as man and wife into the dowager duchess s birthday ball, and the sweet and very funny reuniting of Sherry s family especially Stephen s reaction to Rafe, who I believe is deserving of his very own story.All in all this was, in my opinion, a great read Not light and fluffy but not overly dark and torturous, either which after reading Whitney, My Love was a welcome change of pace.

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    This is, without a doubt, one of the most ROMANTIC books I have ever read I can t remember another book that had me this captivated Though I must admit that I m in a bit of a fog as I sit here to write this review I went into the beginning of Until You with semi low expectations After Kingdom of Dreams and Whitney My Love shot Judith McNaught into a favorite author spot, I was hesitant to read something of hers that would lessen my opinion of her skill And this one had ratings 3.98 at the time that just didn t seem on the same level As a result, I waited MONTHS to pick up this one Why, oh why This is in my top ten favorite books of all time Royce and Jennifer s romance was epic The imagery and passion absolutely blew me away Then came Clay and Whitney and their volatile, angsty, controversial relationship How could the name Westland continually evoke such a strong surge of emotion And how can one author have such an incredible talent I am absolutely floored FLOORED I fought back silly, sappy romantic tears because I wanted so badly for Stephen and Sherry to WIN in their utterly impossible relationship I won t recap the story, as you can read the blurb The amnesia was handled in a believable way, and Sherry s utterly pitiful reaction to waking up after days of unconsciousness without any memories was heartbreaking Imagine not knowing what your own face looks like And Stephen s compassion for her situation was an instant recipe for my devotion He has become so jaded in respect to women They throw themselves at him for money and title in the hopes that he will increase their social standing No one cares for him as a person, and he is so obviously aware of it As Sherry s refreshingly innocent attitude begins to light him up, I was became absolutely captivated Their romance is easy and beautiful to watch as it unfolds Even the drama involved with the amnesia almost seems to fade into the background because I was lost in such a haze If I had a hundred kingdoms, I would trade them all for you, my dearest love Iwas nothing until you The ending, GOD The ending I wonder how many days I will tear up just remembering, and how many times in my life I will reread just those pages, the most romantic words ever Let me just say that holding hands will forever invoke much stronger emotions in me Somehow, Ms McNaught made it an erotic act, a touching act, and a way to communicate beyond words Often I find a romantic but hard assed hero hard to appreciate He is either unbelievable or too much of a pansy But Stephen Westland is everything I want in a historical romance hero Aside from the obvious looks and money, his emotions that he can t express are so evident in his actions and looks and the way this author has with words, I swear I could see the expressions on his face He was in love with ME I was Sherry, and I was THERE And when he finally, FINALLY gives his all to her and finally thinks Until You, there aren t words to describe how emotional a moment it is Truly, this is a magical, beautiful story This is topping my favorites shelf The Earl and Countess of Langford SHIVERS

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    3.5 It sort of dragged in the middle but picked up again towards the end Looking at you has been my favorite pastime from the moment you asked me to describe your face, he said solemnly, looking straight into her eyes Happiness began to spread through Sheridan until it was so intense she ached from it I want to change your name, he said with a tender smile, so there s no doubt who you are ever again, or who you belong to He slid his hands up and down her arms, looking directly into her eyes I want the right to share your bed tonight and every night from this day onward I want to make you moan in my arms again, and I want to wake up wrapped in yours He shifted his hands and cradled her cheeks, his thumbs brushing away two tears at the edges of her shimmering eyes Last of all, I want to hear you say I love you every day of my life If you aren t ready to agree to that last request right now, I would be willing to wait until tonight, when I believe you will In return for all those concessions, I will grant you every wish that is within my power to grant you If I had a hundred kingdoms, I would trade them all for you, my dearest love.I was nothing until you.

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    4 STARSAfter recently going on a historical romance binge, I was shocked to discover that I have never read a Judith McNaught book I know, I know Quit judging me But better late than never, right Also, my sincerest apologies to my OCD squad for reading book 3 first, but I can firmly attest to this being a standalone I had no problems diving right into this world, even though it was clear that characters from the previous books have cameos in this one.I ll admit the writing style took me a bit to get used to, but it never deterred me from enjoying this book And boy did I enjoy it The heroine was absolutely fantastic A strong, sharp witted female that has a good sense of self and doesn t bow down to any norms I fell hard for Sherry right away.Of course being the lover of the broken and broody heroes, Stephen was a hero that I enjoyed immensely as well He can be a right stubborn ass at times, and I had moments where I wanted to slap him But the character development was so good, that I loved him at his very worst And he definitely had his moments here.I m a sucker for a memory loss trope, and this one was certainly delicious My only quibble and what kept this from being a 5 star read for me, is that after Stephen s epic mess up at the end, I wanted him to grovel far than he did Sherry forgave him way too easily in my opinion And while it was still satisfying, I just wanted.And now if you ll excuse me, I m off to binge on the rest of this author s books.Find me on

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    What a meh, blah, that s it read from Judith McNaught This book felt like it d never really end and the steam is virtually nonexistent between the h h A real disappointment for this final installment in her Westland series especially considering that the first two, Whitney, My Love and A Kingdom of Dreams, were 5 star keeper shelf reads.The whole story centres around Sheridan Bromleigh, a lady s companion from the US, who accompanies her charge Charise Lancaster aka the spoiled brat harpy to England to meet her fianc Things happen during the crossing and once Sheridan arrives in London she has an accident and loses her memory Now if you don t like memory loss stories and all the secrets and idiotic lying that go with it then don t bother with this book because it can get very irritating considering that a lot of things could ve been resolved quickly if someone had just told her what was going on I found that the reader needed a lot of patience with the hero especially who made things so complicated and convoluted for nothing when a simple explanation would have sufficed moving the story along So, while she s convalescing at the hero s place, Stephen Westland for those of you who read Whitney My Love this is Clayton s brother , things happen all around her without her knowing even though she s got the starring role so to speak Stephen ends up telling her that he s her fianc that she came to meet she thinks she s Charise because that s what she was told when she woke up only because some nitwit doctor said it d be better not to traumatize her with what really happened to her fianc And the complications really start Apart from the silly lies that just made things worse, I didn t like the heroine or the hero Sheridan needed a backbone and she needed to tell that bastard Stephen where to shove it because he didn t deserve her I have to give McNaught credit for making him a truly mean and selfish person because he really bugged me There are moments when Sheridan does give him hell and you re thinking, freakin finally , but then she goes back to being a borderline doormat to his whims and you re back to wondering why you re continuing with this book The first real steam scene was absolutely horrible in terms of writing it s just a few short paragraphs of nothing when you ve already read 300 pages waiting for something huge to happen and how it happens had it been better written and the hero been different it could have passed and he could have been forgiven Stephen was a class A pig in dire need of a smack down Sheridan got the shaft big time but stupid girl that she is she still holds out a kind of hope 8 At that point this became wall banger material How many times does he have to treat you like crap before you walk away and how many times is the reader supposed to excuse it As for Stephen, he s a pompous ass who needed to be taken down a few notches A hero like that needs a really strong firecracker of a heroine to give as good as she gets for the story to work I think otherwise he comes across as the irredeemable jerk and she s the mealy mouthed dummy taking everything he dishes out and excusing way too much All his I love you and tender moments where she understands just doesn t cut it and I didn t like him when normally I love the jerk hero He reminded of that total loser Rolfe from Brenda Joyce s The Conqueror Eesh, I can feel the hives breaking out already shudder shudder .Whitney and Clayton as well as Nikki from book two are all present but they re very different from how they were in the previous story Some of the side characters are funny like the two butlers while other characters like Sheridan s family just felt like useless filler There are about 15 pages if not blabbing on about her childhood at the beginning which could ve been easily reduced The humor never really takes off with any of the characters either and that s too bad because there was some good potential.The story may have been better if it were shorter tighter, if the h h were together and did something and if the heroine had chutzpah which would ve made the hero look less a holish Even the ending before the epilogue , that could ve been quite emotional, just grated and made me dislike the heroine even So it has its moments but they re too infrequent and the love story just falls flat which barely lets it eke out a 3 star rating for me.

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    Read as part of the BOTM challenge in HR book club jilted at the altar theme This was my first McNaught, and I thought her writing was in general delightful Her writing includes much sly wit and humor that I enjoyed I can see why she is so well loved by many HR readers.I really loved the heroine in many ways Sheridan is a resilient and strong heroine, a type that appeals to me greatly She has a very unconventional upbringing as vagabond on the American frontier with her father and many colorful characters along the way This part of the story was very well drawn, and it was my favorite part As she gets older, she goes to live with her aunt in a school, so she goes from wild and free to bottled up and restrained The Hero was my problem with the story Stephen was awful., in my opinion He had his moments in the beginning, but then started ruining them with ill advised kisses the heroine has amnesia , misconstruing intentions and just generally being an ass I have little patience for a hero that thinks ill of his love interest because of one stupid chit s actions years ago that broke his heart, especially when he seemed to love and respect the women closest to him his mother and sister in law Still, I can forgive an ass if there s groveling, but this book featured approximately 0.3% groveling It was basically nonexistent.I thought, given the length of this book, it would have a good conclusion, one that didn t feel rushed Well I was wrong there It did feel rushed see nonexistent groveling in previous paragraph, but not just for that reason , and I couldn t help thinking that Sheridan deserved something different and better for her Here is my list of preferred HEAs for Sheridan 1 Herself, because who needs a man when you re that awesome 2 Rafe he may have been perfect for her but we didn t see him when she was grown until the epilogue 3 Nikki liked him much better than the hero until his stunt at the end that was part of the hero s stunt.I will consider other JM titles because I really enjoyed her style, but I will carefully check out reviews before deciding.EDIT Considering my aversion to the way this ended and the hero, I thought 2 stars was accurate One star for the writing and one for the heroine.

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    5 STARS image error

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    4,5 stars I loved Sherry and how brave, honest and adventurous she is Even if her romantic mind sometimes was a little OTP she still amazed me Stephen couldn t recognize his own mind and feelings even if they slapted him in the face Such a pigheaded male He still broke my heart when view spoiler he waited with the vicar all day for Sherry to return hide spoiler

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    Review in a few I had issues with this reread.

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    While this rating and review might seem harsh after my glowing ish reviews of books one glowing and two ish , I m beginning to think my all out love for KINGDOM OF DREAMS was a fluke My rating of WHITNEY, MY LOVE was high despite the walking asshole of a hero and all because of the heroine, and in UNTIL YOU. I just can t find it in myself to rate well for any of it Whatever magic and wonderfulness began with the first Westland has clearly diluted itself over the generations as all subsequent heroes are judgey, stupid, blindfully ignorant, weak willed ironic considering how stubborn they are poopheads Where book two in the Westland Dynasty Saga whatever this series is called was redeemed by Whitney s character, I found Sheridan just too perfect Her backstory is littered with eccentric but overwhelmingly impressive accomplishments and then with the loss of her memory for the majority of the book it s kind of like. why even bother setting her up like that She could ve been anyone She literally became someone she wasn t, after all.Stephen s circumstances, brother to book two s jackass hero, had great potential from what we saw in WHITNEY, MY LOVE but is conveniently given reason to become jackass hero 2.0 because of reasons that are. I mean, I could ve understood some of his broodiness over the circumstances with the first girl he loved, but it was taken way too far And you d think he would ve fucking learned something after watching his brother almost destroy his own happiness and. oh I don t know Give someone the benefit of the doubt Not be a total ragemonster douchecanoe Is my dislike for him coming across loud enough The problem, too, is McNaught gives these heroes moments of loveliness, sweetness, kindness Brief moments but moments nonetheless And so it s extra annoying when she throws them into situations where they could be compassionate, understanding, human beings. and instead aren t.I ll admit to liking what I thought was the ending except that I m irritated by the fact that we never hear these two actually confront the misunderstandings, I guess we just assume it s done off page or because of their simultaneous realizations with other people, that we don t need that closure between them except I needed it because he fucking lied too arrrrg and his trespasses were so much worse than hers because of how extravagantly and involved those lies were concocted and I just can t with the hypocrisy someone stop me from ranting oh wait yes I had a point let me stop and get to it until the author tacked on a hasty lets resolve everything still outstanding in one scene epilogue that stops quite abruptly, which just further left me annoyed That said, I ve committed to planning a reread of KINGDOM OF DREAMS before the end of this year just to make sure that it is possible for me to love something this author has written in its entirety And in the meantime I will wrap up this series by finishing the little novella that follows. just to get it out of the way.

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