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A Man Apart summary A Man Apart, series A Man Apart, book A Man Apart, pdf A Man Apart, A Man Apart cb8d2d44dc HE WAS THE MOST MAGNIFICENT MAN SHE D EVER ENCOUNTEREDMaude Ann Knew She Was In Trouble When Wounded Detective Matthew Dolan Was Sent To Henley Haven To Recuperate The Nurturing Foster Mom Couldn T Afford To Fall For Another Man In Blue, Yet Matt S Piercing Eyes And Gut Wrenching Loneliness Stirred Something Deep Inside Of Her Now It Wasn T A Question Of IF She D Surrender To Their Electrifying Passion But WHEN

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    I loved this book, honestly it was in one word sweet I know I tend to over use that word quite a bit but I can t find any other word for it.When the book opens the hero Matt, a police officer, has been shot and is critical All his fellow cops are waiting outside since they respect him and his father, who was a cop as well He pulls through but the doctors says he isn t sure he can go back to the streets this attitude gets him down, so his commander dispatches him to his cabin, not telling him the real truth.When Matt reaches there he finds the heroine, who he knew when she worked as the department shrink and quit when her cop husband died He thinks she is there to talk to him but finds out she rents the place for herself and her damaged foster kids At first he is grumpy, not talking to her and even the kids and then he gets into gear, exercising to make himself better.From the start both Matt and Maude Ann are surprised at the chemistry between them, put she passes it off as her being celibate while she is not his type He believes that his career and marriage don t mix.It was great seeing Matt get involved with one troubled kid at first and then with all of them, joining into the activities He wanted Maude Ann so tried to just be friends with her even when she told him she loved him and didn t want to.Maude Ann was a fantastic heroine, caring, giving and strong and someone who had vowed not to fall for a cop again and she still fell knowing that Matt didn t do commitment She didn t push him when he ignored her declaration and then a panicked Matt thinks why not pick off with an ex, but can t and acknowledges to himself he loves her and tells her that.He is clear about the fact the he can t stay and will leave, leaving whatever comes next up to her I loved seeing the progress to their intimate relationship, how they were comfortable around the kids, talked about Matt being adopted, his jealousy with the reported JT who turns out to be his brother.I liked Matt coming to the realization that his career wasn t everything and liked the decision he made at the end.All in all I enjoyed the book a lot and look forward to reading the other two in the series.

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    I enjoyed this book, though I will admit that I read it after reading 2 in the Family Bond series and I liked that one better Not sure if that tainted my view of this one Maude Ann is a former police dept psychiatrist who has retired to start a foster home for troubled children full time She is sweet and kind with hints of strength, but I don t feel like we really see that strength as much as Matt claims to Matt is the hard nosed policeman who is forced to Maudie s haven to recover from a bullet shot Maude is a widow of a policeman and has no interest in being a cop s wife again Matt has a very strong opinion that cops and marriage don t mix But they can t help falling for one another, even if neither can see how to make it work Add to the mix, Maudie s kids who also steal Matt s heart and it is a heartwarming, touching romance I think I would have liked to see Maude a little developed and the development of their romance a little less predictable.

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    its lovely piece

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