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The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1) chapter 1 The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1) , meaning The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1) , genre The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1) , book cover The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1) , flies The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1) , The Wild One (Phantom Stallion, #1) e49d2766f24cf When Year Old Samantha Returns Home To Her Family S Cattle Ranch In Nevada, She S Worried She Moved Away Two Years Ago To Recover From A Bad Fall Off Her Beloved Mustang, Blackie, And She S Still Not Sure She Can Get Back In The Saddle Her New Colt Doesn T Seem To Like Her, And The Other Ranchers Treat Her Like The Boss S Spoiled Daughter, And Blackie Has Been Missing Since That Fateful DayBut That S Just The Beginning When Sam Suddenly Finds The Fate Of A Mysterious Mustang Who May Or May Not Be The Missing Blackie Resting In Her Hands, She Has To Learn To Be A Real Cowgirl, Ready Or Not The Classic Theme Of A Girl And Her Horse Is Set Against A Backdrop Of Mustangs, Tumbleweeds, And A West That S Still WildPhantom Stallion The Wild OneOn A Moonlit Night, A Mustang Comes To Sam Is It Blackie Grown Up And Gone Wild Is It The Legendary Phantom Stallion Or Could It Be Both Ages

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    I love this book It s all about a wild horse that no one ever sees excpet this one little girl Therefore she calls it the Phantom However, it s secret name is Zanzibar I love that name

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    I love this book ESPECIALLY the connection between Sam and her previous colt blackie who grows up and changes colour to gray and almost silverish 2 years ago, Sam had gotten her very own horse, Blackie He was a wild mustang but with very good nature She had just tamed and haltered him when she decided to ride him out of ranch with her friend and trainer Jake The horse somehow spooks, bucks her off, and his hind hoof hits her in the head She gets sent to San Fransisco to her aunt until she recovers when she comes back, she meets a horse who come to her one night He comes real close but then goes away again She meets him every night after midnight she comes to realize with a shock that this is her horse But then she figures out that there is another very wealthy man who is after her horse And to top it off, her dad and Jake are over protective after the accident She goes through alot of tough decision making and is determined to save her horse

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    Oh gosh, I would have ADORED this book as a youngster Even as a mostly adult, it was still pretty entertaining I have to admit, I have a preference for English riding over Western and wild mustangs and the whole shebang, but really, anything horse related will catch my interest by default.My only real complaint that may or may not be a compliment was that I felt like I was being dropped in the middle of a series, not picking up the first one The world and the characters had all this developed backstory with a great setting I almost wanted to read the backstory, because I couldn t quite sort out the relationship dynamics between everyone in the present Still, honestly, I felt like I was plopped into a fully realized world and actually had to work to keep up It s so nice to read a children s book that doesn t talk down to its readers.If the sequels ever fall into my hands, I think I ll probably read them.

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    These were my absolute favorite books as a kid and rereading did not disappoint.

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    This series was by far my favorite as a child Terri Farley has a gift for writing these wild horse stories As a child her attention to detail was than satisfying and took my mind to that place where Sam rode her horse across the Nevada desert I also loved the real life situations Sam was put in, they definitely helped me deal with my own situations If you love horses, I would definitely recommend this series to you.

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    These were some of my favorite books growing up I even gave all my horses secret names and everything But seriously, Jake Ely was probably my first fictional crush, lol Ace is a lot like my first horse, and I loved that I ve never been a fan of how Sam does things behind the backs of her family and friends, and there are a few uses of some d Words and the Lord s name in a not so reverent way But otherwise these are clean and enjoyable and even quite funny at times.

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    The Wild One Phantom Stallion 1 By Terri Farley After recovering from a severe head injury and loosing her best friend companion, Blackie who she also called Zanzibar, thirteen year old Samantha Forster finally returns back to the farm Two years ago, Sam was in a fatal riding accident when her horse, Blackie, took off she went one way, he went the other, and his off hind hoof caught you her in the head 139 Finally back on River Bend Ranch, Sam jumps right back into riding on her new mustang named Ace but she couldn t stop thinking about Phantom the mysterious wild, grey mustang who she saw, running through the desert plains, on her drive back to the farm There was something about this stallion that stood out to Sam Could the Phantom be her old horse Blackie who grayed out with age The Phantom seemed to be attached to Sam and met her at the river some nights At times, she even got so close that she could touch the stallion 167 The Wild One Phantom Stallion 1 by Terri Farley, is an amazing book full of adventure and mysteriousness This great book is well written and full of detail It is a very moving book that is based on a devoted horse lover who got hurt but immediately mounted up right after recovering No matter what the injury is, any horse lover will get back on a horse again I also learned from this book that you should never give up hope Sam never gave up looking for Blackie even after two years since he got loose Things do, sometimes, pay off in the end like when Sam found the Phantom or what could be long lost Blackie I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I would suggest it to any one even slightly interested in horses The book is full of adventure, fun, and friendship My only opinion to the author would have been to stay consistent with their writing At times I would be reading one paragraph and the next is a completely new day which confused me some Some dialogue was difficult to understand as well because it was written using heavy southern accent which was harder to understand Even though the writing style particularly for me, this was a very captivating book that sucked me right in the moment I opened it Rating this book from a 1 5, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, I would definitely rate this book a 5 I really enjoyed reading this book and would read it again, for sure, some day From the moment I started reading it, I just couldn t put it down This is by far my most favorite book I have read this year I would suggest this book to anyone of my horse friends It is such a great story that I learned a lot from I enjoyed every minute I read this book and couldn t have chosen a better book The detail in this book made everything feel so real It is definitely a book I will never forget I loved reading this book and I highly suggest that others read it too.

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    I liked this book because I love horses, and this book is about a girl who lives on a ranch in Northern Nevada, where she gets into all kinds of trouble, which usually involves the wild mustangs that live there Sam is funny, smart, and absolutely horse crazy, and I really enjoy reading about her In this book, Samantha Forster comes back to Nevada after recovering in San Francisco from a riding injury Sam learns that the horse she had been riding, her two year old mustang colt, escaped into the wild after her accident Sam finds her lost horse, and at first she wants him back, but then she realizes that he belongs in the wild, and she works hard to keep him free However, Sam s colt is a legend among the local ranchers, and the millionaire that just moved in next door wants to prove to the ranchers that he can fit in With the Sam s colt, who s known as the Phantom, being the star of the west, the millionaire wants to own him, and he does all sorts of illegal things to capture him Sam has to stop her neighbor and keep her horse free.

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    After having this series recommended to me by my friend Ashley, I ordered the first book from with the hope that although the books were apparently intended for younger audiences, I would enjoy them as much as I did with the My Secret Unicorn series Needless to say I think I may even enjoy this series even eventually.The characters and the plot of this first instalment in the series is are simply wonderful I found myself becoming so emotionally attached to Sam, Jake and the rest I could feel for myself all of the emotions and I agreed with Sam s every judgement, even though some things she thought might have been foolhardy The Phantom, Sam s lost horse Blackie or Zanzibar, as her secret name was for him was a moving character and he reminded me a lot of the character of Spirit from the kid s film Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron This book definitely, definitely gets five stars from me.

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    This is a very worthwhile read about a girl called Sam who has been raised on a ranch but living away from it for two years Now she is returning and wonders what life will be like She had been training a dark grey colt but he got spooked and threw her and ran away, and her family doesn t know where he is.Sam finds a pale grey stallion coming to drink by moonlight near the ranch house, and realises that as grey horses get lighter each year, this could be her colt But he is wild and running with mustangs Sam is to take on cattle work and she finds out about a Bureau of Land Management station where wild horses are rounded up and sold because they would overgraze the land She is terrified that her lovely horse will come in there and be sold to a hard hearted rancher The issues are well explored and life on the cattle drive is shown in realistic detail.I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to young people of a wide range of ages.

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