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Feversong summary Feversong, series Feversong, book Feversong, pdf Feversong, Feversong 6e1a6c9dcd New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Marie Moning Returns With The Epic Conclusion To Her Pulse Pounding Fever Series, Where A World Thrown Into Chaos Grows Treacherous At Every Turn As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, And Jada Struggle To Restore Control, Enemies Become Allies, Right And Wrong Cease To Exist, And The Lines Between Life And Death, Lust And Love, Disappear CompletelyBlack Holes Loom Menacingly Over Dublin, Threatening To Destroy The Earth Yet The Greatest Danger Is The One MacKayla Lane Has Unleashed From Within The Sinsar Dubh A Sentient Book Of Unthinkable Evil Has Possessed Her Body And Will Stop At Nothing In Its Insatiable Quest For PowerThe Fate Of Man And Fae Rests On Destroying The Book And Recovering The Long Lost Song Of Making, The Sole Magic That Can Repair The Fragile Fabric Of The Earth But To Achieve These Aims, Sidhe Seers, The Nine, Seelie, And Unseelie Must Form Unlikely Alliances And Make Heart Wrenching Choices For Barrons And Jada, This Means Finding The Seelie Queen Who Alone Can Wield The Mysterious Song, Negotiating With A Lethal Unseelie Prince Hell Bent On Ruling The Fae Courts, And Figuring Out How To Destroy The Sinsar Dubh While Keeping Mac AliveThis Time, There S No Gain Without Sacrifice, No Pursuit Without Risk, No Victory Without Irrevocable Loss In The Battle For Mac S Soul, Every Decision Exacts A Tremendous Price

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    This may be a long and rambling review I think it s time I was honest with myself and admitted that the true magic of this series ended with Shadowfever The books that followed that, Iced, Burned, and Feverborn were not bad, but there was something missed that was never recaptured And it s definitely not rekindled here.While I didn t hate Feversong, it was somewhat disappointing I won t spoil anything, and unless you haven t read up to this point yet, you ll know the main unresolved story continues here The black holes are destroying Earth and the Sinsar Dubh is loose and the Big Battle with Mac is on.The problem is, those plots are kind of boring Sigh The fun in the series for me was the chase Looking for the Sinsar Dubh, running from it, and the relationships that evolved based on it To actually have POVs and a third of the book dedicated the the actual Sinsar Dubh well, it sucked In my view.The Sinsar Dubh is a one trick pony It is nonredeemable and can not be healed or change So it s all repetitive and serious That was about the first 35% of the book It read very sluggishly and chore like sorry but just being honest Then, finally, the plot moves forward and we go into other unresolved areas Unfortunately, by this time, I didn t even care for the nostalgic scenes with Mac s family Dani Jada was the best part She finally is or less back to herself, but without the fecks and dudes Mature Badass I really loved her in this It was the highlight.The last third of the book was the black holes and that just wasn t interesting either Dancer is back Barrons is in this a lot Ryodan is not the douche he previously was We see the whys and glimpses of what was really happening, not just with him, but several characters Cruce is also a pretty big part of this, but it s hard to find any sympathy for someone who did what he did.The Seelie Queen had several POVs that were, well, boring I would have preferred to hear about the Unseelie Princess and the Papa Roach guy, but those potential plots from previous books were basically nonexistent Mac and Barrons mature in their relationship, but all the passion and sexy times were fade to black and incredibly brief I mean, this series has never been smutty, but with each book, the steaminess has fizzled and until now you re like, is this a young adult book or what Maybe KMM is just moving away from that and that is fine I just missed it Cuz, you know, Barrons and all DI didn t find any character annoying, but there was a sense of emotion that was missing for me well, until nearly the end This definitely read like a continuation of Burned and Feverborn I m starting to wonder if KMM really was influenced and changed her original plan because something happened and just never felt fluid again with this series and I did not hate Iced at all I kind of wish it had ended with Shadowfever and then she had just continued writing about the other characters, which it appears is what might happen now The story is open ended and actually feels unfinished and I believe she is contracted for I think it is DEFINITELY time to try something else I would be interested in reading about Dani, Ryodan, the other Nine, Christian and Dageus, and the new world for both humans and fae.Okay, now I ll post my feelings about some spoilers view spoiler Not quite sure what to think about killing off Dancer I totally shipped Dani and Dancer, but it seemed obvious that the new Dani had outgrown him He had a heart condition I m kind of curious to see if there were any glimpses of this in Iced or if it was just a plot device to write him off for the future I am not opposed to Dani being with Ryodan now I don t think anyone besides Mac really understands her now And Barrons Why was Jo killed off What is going to happen with Lor He was angry, but he admitted he never loved her and forgave Mac for doing it eventually since she was possessed by the sinsar dubh at the time I guess Christian is totally human now again Cruce was not undone by the song and is now basically going to try to become the Unseelie King since the original UK gave it up and just went off into the universe somewhere Alina was unsung, but that is not surprising I never cared for that plot either her coming back Some of the nine went off through the silvers into different worlds Kasteo went with Kat and her husband Sean O Bannion He Sean turned into an Unseelie Prince, but it was never said whether he was unsung or survived Kat was barely in this Apparently, she trained with Kasteo in the basement dungeon and became strong and bad ass but we never get to see that.Shazam is back and I guess coming to live on Earth That was a brief and rushed part hide spoiler

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    1 Darkfever The Alpha Alternative JZB Sex Scene 2 Bloodfever 3 Faefever 4 Dreamfever 5 Shadowfever Fever Moon The Fear Dorcha 6 Iced 7 Burned 8 Feverborn He kissed me like I was the empire he was sworn to protect and would die a thousand deaths to keep secure He kissed me like I was a woman with a deep dark wildness that needed to be fed and he knew just how to do it He kissed me like he was dying and this was the last kiss he would ever taste God, I don t even know how to rate this book Part of me wants to give it five stars, and ignore all the problematic things, just because it actually felt like the Fever Series I knew and loved Yet, another part of me is all riled up and wants to give this book another one star rating, like the past two books, because KMM should know better than to put all these problematic things in another book If I was just rating this book with my heart and soul, knowing how privileged my perspective is and ignoring how upsetting some of these themes are, I would give this book five stars, because I truly did love reading it, while pretending the rape culture wasn t there But, luckily for my reviews, I use my mind to rate books, and this had some pretty upsetting things in it, that I will get to later in my spoiler section I will also say that this book, especially the first part, is really dark I was actually surprised by the brutality that KMM showed, and it actually shocked me so much I forgot about the mess that was Feverborn Maybe it helped, because I felt like I went into this story with a clean slate from the shock value alone, but let s just say that KMM wasn t scared to kill anyone, and I truly mean anyone Feversong picks up right where Feverborn leaves off Dublin, and all of Earth for that matter, are on the verge of being sucked into a black hole Mac now is harboring a host that is pretty brutal and Dani is finally getting back to being Dani and learning to leave Jada behind, while accepting her time spent in the Silvers Dani and Mac are finally back to being friends sisters, and that s truly all I want from this series I was living for them being all girl power, working together, and kicking ass Dublin still is home to not only humans, but both fae courts Seelie the light or fairer court of the Tuatha D Danaan governed by the Seelie Queen, Aoibheal, who was a mortal concubine, who was tricked into becoming Fae She s also the only one that can sing the Song of Making which is pretty important in this story Unseelie the dark court of the Tuatha D Danaan The Unseelie King is very mysterious, and communicates with mortals on Earth using a human form sometimes a cute one He also has the power to manipulate matter and create things, resulting in many people thinking he is God.Obviously, Mac and Dani have their hands very full with trying to restore the Earth before it is too late, but they are also faced with ensuring everyone else s safety With this being the ninth book in the series, it is almost impossible to talk about anything else without spoiling everything, but I will say that Feversong did impress me much than Burned and Feverborn, both of which got one star KMM is definitely improving to make this series what it once was, but she still has some work to do If you ve been unhappy about the last few books, too, you can read the first five chapters for free Here WARNING The next part of this review will have MAJOR SPOILERS Please, do not continue on if you have not read Feversong in its entirety Major, major, major spoilers from this point forward Okay, I m going to try to group together my thoughts in the most non fangirl way, but I apologize in advance for this gush I just feel like I have a million thoughts and feelings in my head and I want to get them down on paper As I said above, I really enjoyed this book I felt the same excitement I used to feel while flipping each page before the series was ruined My favorite part of this story was probably the equal emphasis on Dani and Mac Before, I felt so cheated when KMM switched the story direction back to Mac s POV, but this book felt right I loved seeing Barrons and Mac being Barrons and Mac It wasn t forced, or unbelievable, it was nice and made for a really great reading experience.Dani s chapters were much harder to read, but I don t mean that in a negative way, it just made for tears Dani s past was utterly heartbreaking to read about I found myself sobbing at the end of each chapter I am so excited that the next two books will fully focus on her, and I hope KMM actually stays true to it Also, Shazam, Dani s Hel Cat, is going to cause so much havoc I can t wait Even though Dani was all like But like, no one is questioning whether or not KMM can write a good sex scene, because she can And people can say what they want about Ryodan, but he was awesome to let Dani experience different things, and not being a selfish prick I know he gets so much hate for Iced, but he was a standup guy in this book Even though I did enjoy Mac s chapters, while loving the ones involving Barrons, the Sinsar Dubh s chapters were a little insane I mean, it made for a quick read and all, but it had a really weird fascination with having sex with Barrons Like, I m not holding that against it or anything, but it kept pulling me out of the story Barrons was Barrons, so all was perfect Barrons was my first ever book crush, so he gets away with shit I wouldn t let other male protagonists get away with He s still so dreamy in my eyes and I m not sure what could ruin that immersion I like how he trusted Mac, even when he had reason not to trust her, in this book BBB is still one of the bookish places I wish I could visit, and I think I always will, especially with this new mysterious mural Like, if Barrons becomes a Fae King I will seriously lose my shit, and I m not sure how I could possibly fangirl harder Mac being the Queen of the Court of Light was pretty unexpected, but in a good way I liked this twist, and the scene in BBB with the little faeries made me giggle like an idiot The cliffhanger of Cruce not dying and remaking the Court of Darkness makes me feel a lot of negative things Please, let this love triangle die in Hell where it belongs I ll write on Cruce being a disgusting rapist later Christian is still my favorite side character Be still, my heart I love this poor, brooding Unseelie Prince I was so happy the Song of Making didn t unmake him And, also, it s very obvious that he s going to end up with Enyo, so maybe KMM is setting up a spin off for them or something I was picking up that vibe, at least Inspector Jayne turning into a Seelie Prince is like everything I never knew I wanted in this series I was so freaking happy, and it was so unexpected Like, seriously, I m here for him working with Mac again, because their friendship is so great to read about.Okay, now that I m done gushing, I m just going to list the biggest problem with this book and why I am tempted to really drop my rating The rape culture in this book is fucking strong As we learned from the original Fever Series, Mac was gang raped by Cruce and three other Unseelie Princes that Barrons and Dani later killed Cruce was imprisoned, Mac didn t think it was important enough to tell Barrons that the fourth rapist was Cruce gags , but everyone still saw Cruce for the gross, evil villain he truly was is Alright, now let s flash forward to this book, where Mac not only states numerous times that Cruce isn t evil, because there are people books that want to destroy the world, so since that s worse than rape, then that is what is truly evil, not a little rapist Plus, she did orgasm and enjoy herself while being gang raped and out of her mind, so, that really emphasizes that Cruce just made a mistake Sets fire to everything around me This is not okay Rape is never okay I will never condone a book that makes excuses for rape Rape apologists are fucking disgusting, and this book would have been an easy five stars if Mac, and everyone else, told Cruce that, instead of making excuses or putting him on a lesser evil scale Rape is inexcusable, period, and there is nothing else to say on the topic.Instead, KMM makes Mac kiss Cruce passionately, while telling him she could have fallen in love with him, instead of Barrons, if she would have only met him first, because that s the only way to save the whole entire world Like, how is that supposed to sit okay with me It feels like daggers in my heart, because I loved the rest of this book, but how am I supposed to ignore that problematic theme and inexcusable action I can t, I just can t Yes, he d raped me I d survived, and the nearly incoherent anger I d felt for so long was simply gone What remained was a chaotic world with complex politics and few with power enough to lead the various factions My experience with the Sinsar Dubh had forever changed me I d encountered true evil Up close and personal I knew what it was Cruce was not evil As a Fae, he was a fine one Exemplary even A Fae that sometimes did very bad things to humans The other thing that is a little gross, too, is Dancer s death Okay, hear me out I ship Dani and Ryodan I ship them, because I feel like KMM has set them up together from the start I completely understand people who shipped Dani with Dancer, and even the amazing Christian, but, for me, this story has always been told in a point of view that has Dani and Ryodan be end game Obviously, there was no easy way for Dani to pick, even though she sort of tried to pick Ryodan, so KMM made the choice easy for her, while also giving a little bit of fan service to the Dancer and Dani shippers Dani went back and forth, constantly comparing the two guys, but once I read about Dancer s condition I knew KMM was going to pull the trigger Yes, KMM took the easy way out and it did feel a little bad, even as a Ryodan shipper, I m not going to lie Dancer s death impacted me unexpectedly hard I m totally going to understand the fans that will be upset and all of their feelings are completely valid, but I kind of liked the emphasis on how precious life is, especially in an apocalyptic world We are all truly on borrowed time, and I enjoyed the message of how important it is to spend time doing what you love with the people you love Besides those two things, which I know the one is freakin huge and I definitely do not want to ever gloss it over as a minor mistake, I really did enjoy reading this If you could eliminate that kiss with Cruce, this would be an easy five star book, which is pretty insane when I ve given the last two in this series one star Hopefully, KMM can only learn and grow and the next Dani book can blow me and my expectations out of the water, too.Also, huge shout out to the amazing Gelisvb, for listening to me cry, freak out, and gush, while reading this 3 Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch

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    Oh, Feversong A conclusion that both satisfies and also underlines how unnecessary and sloppy the last 4 books really are.Reading Feversong, I was mostly bored, not annoyed or disgusted at least, but bored nevertheless The plot centers on finding Song of Making needed to get rid of the black holes that are poised to consume Earth But the road to the solution is long and void of excitement or mysteries Mac s continuous acquiring of different powers inside of her head means too much self reflection and angst throughout this novel Yawn Looking back at my ecstasy of reading and rereading first 5 Fever books, I now can t quite believe I once had so much love for Mac and Jericho The 4 additional books definitely undermined my interest in them forever There is no doubt that while first 5 books contained a perfect story arc, mostly well thought out and planned, full of mysteries, surprises and slowly developing sexiness The new 4 are a sloppy mess of changing narrators who show up in one or two books and then never come back to narrate again Jo, Kat, Christian, Lor, etc I say, if their voices are not important now, they shouldn t have been there in the first place, just mudding everything , weird villains really, Sweeper, or whatever IT was , odd or convenient magic Alina is back somehow and recycled Jericho Mac drama These two were fine and done at the end of Shadowfever, thank you very much The most compelling bits of the whole 2nd series of books for me were Dani s and Unseelie King Concubine stories I think I would have much preferred Dani lead in maybe a couple of tighter written books instead of the actual bloated mess of Iced, Burned, Feverborn and Feversong I ll bet if KMM could do it all over again, she would have done things differently, starting with not making Iced a pedofest That book definitely got her off the rails for the entire remainder of the 2nd series But, what s done can t be unmade.I expect there will be some books in the universe, because so many loose ends still remain hanging I am personally most interested in that bit from Burned where Jada thinks that one of the Nine is a woman I will probably read whatever comes out next Hopefully KMM can preplan things a little better next time and have some new interesting people doing sexy things and uncovering surprising mysteries.

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    When I first learned that there were going to be two Fever books in 2015 I was like

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    Sun, moon, and stars, he growled against my ear.I punched him in the shoulder Hush You think I don t know that Take a deep breath Alright, I m surprisingly pleased with this book I think my expectations for Feversong were set quite high, but they were exceeded Honestly, they were than fulfilled This installment was way better than I thought it would be and I loved it Yes, I loved it, though there were some major problems which I will tell you later in this review.Okay, let s see what we got here.Mac She completely changed in this installment Oh yes, she s incredibly awesome It was great seeing Mac finally become who she really is, and with some help from Barrons, she shines I didn t expect before reading this book that I would end up loving her, but I just did I have an unfortunate hitchhiker.It s time to kick it out of the car Barrons.Aww Barrons Sigh This man man Umm, whatever never disappoints He s AMAZING as always Needless to say, he s my number one paranormal romance hero of all time With him, I was everything I d ever wanted to be.He brought out the best and worst in me, the most of everything And when you got to have someone like that, anything less was empty, pointless Jericho, I whispered against his ear, thank you For everything I drew back and laughed, feeling inexpressibly light It s been one hell of a ride He smiled at me, dark eyes gleaming Rainbow Girl He laced his fingers with mine and said nothing for a long time Then, We ll find each other again Somehow Cruce.Well, he caught me off guard Big time Due to his knowledge of the Sinsar Dubh, he unavoidably became an important part of this story And oh, how can I hate him when view spoiler he did such honorable thing in order to save the world hide spoiler

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    OH MY GOD YESSS YESSS YESSSSS I LOVED IT I was so fucking scared this would disappoint me aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh 3 3 Holy shit I feel like crying Review to come.

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    After reading Feverborn, the worst book so far, I expected this book to be disastrous I read some reviews and they mentioned their disappointments, I totally understand why but I wasn t since like I just mentioned, I thought the worst before starting this book Thus, I enjoyed Feversong Of course, many some chapters were so boring but I liked it than Feverborn and even Burned Yet, the numerous flaws are still there and we can t just ignore them

    The magic ended with Shadowfever I got over it Yes, like everyone I hate that one of my favorite series became a piece of shit compared to the magnificent thing it was before but I continued reading Do I regret it No, of course I was curious to know what will happen Unfortunately, I was bored and never felt the old spark throughout the rest of the books

    I can t say nothing is happening in this book If you didn t like feverborn, I recommend reading this one because it handles all the unresolved issues The Sinsar Dubh, the black holes and the song of making The boredness is still there, the monologs and angst too, of course, but it was better in some aspects like actually resolving things. Apparently, KMM will write two books in the same world but different And I understand why, now

    Since I can t really express my thoughts without giving away spoilers, this review will be divided into two 2 parts general thoughts if you aren t caught up with the books and plan to read them, you might want to stop reading now and major spoilers I won t hide the first part but only the second completely.

    After Mac tried to save Jada in Feverborn, the book possessed her and finally, the Sinsar Dubh can complete its his agenda In this book, we mainly have two objectives re contain the SD and find the song of making The worst thing about this is that we had chapters from his pov, which meant infinite number of I want to destroy the world , I will be feared , and I hate everyone said in 86328 ways Just when you think no one is worse than Mac in inner dialogues, the SD takes over and proves you wrong The first half of the book was boring and so slow I had to roll my eyes every once in a while just thinking enough already

    As usual, we had too many useless povs The Queen of the Seelie had than enough povs with nothing happening there, yet I still enjoyed them because her relationship with the King always intrigued me We weren t spared from Mac s self reflections in this book and everyone had too much of those Yeah, I skipped lines, why waste my time on the same idea recycled in many different ways This book was too long for a story like this, KMM could have served a better book in no than 400 pages

    We see of DANI yey , we see her interacting with others, know a little about her time in the Silvers I like her relationship with Mac, how she s opening up I also really like Christian Let me rephrase it, I m starting to like Christian again after the disgusting act he and his fellow pedo Ryo put in Iced He s so much better now Now the triangle is Dander Dani Ryodan I hate how Ryo is becoming nicer and nicer in each book. why Cruce is also back and I must say, he added his own element to the story which made it better, you know how he manipulates everyone I really enjoyed the second part even though it was so slow sometimes, even if I had some problems with the end will get to this later

    I also have some complaints about the so called Enyo girl The natural born warrior had fought her way into the world, inside a military tank the only safe haven her mother had been able to find in a town in Syria under heavy fire The fact that she is half Lebanese, half french raised in Syria, mixing ethnics much I assume she was a child during the Lebanese Civil war that started in 1975 Give or take she can t be older than 30 events happening in 2006 2007 I mean Christian wouldn t consider sleeping with someone that much older Let me tell you some history During the Civil War people who had foreign nationalities fled those countries Obvious and safest choice for her family or even for her as a child was to go to France, apparently, they didn t A small part went to Syria But they weren t immigrants They probably had some relatives there and rented houses and lived with their families There was no war in Syria at the time Syria was at war in Lebanon There was peace in Syria because every foreign country was fuckin playin with fire on the grounds of Lebanon, if she was raised under fire, it would have been there So please, KMM get your facts straight And oh, I m than sure we have no Enyo names Her name means war in Greek in Lebanon, France or Syria Still, it s nice to see the name of your not so known country in an American book, but do they have to always ruin it by wrong info

    Other than that, KMM made us believe that some people are so important, giving them their own part of the plot, then she completely ignored them in this book papa roach, the Unseelie princess, Kat If the author knows his business, he wouldn t just mention characters to fill pages only to neglect them later.

    Now spoilers ahead view spoiler While I liked some aspects of this book, I completely despised others WHY THE HECK DID SHE HAVE TO KILL JO She was the main of the secondary characters, her death was useless It s of a how she killed Jo not why, though She was one of the most important secondary characters, and she killed her this way I knew she will die read a spoiler so while I wasn t shocked, I definitely didn t expect it to be this way, meaningless And then, to make it worse, we have to face Lor And Mac He seriously dares to say that to her Like she wanted it I really liked when Mac snapped at him, you go girl Dani and Dancer. FEEELINGSSSS Again, another spoiler I ve read That why I emphasized on the spoilers thing I knew he will die which didn t happen until the last few chapters Imagine the struggle I liked him with Dani too much, they were so sweet and cute together I believe he helped her to be back just by accepting her It feels like he only died to free the way in front of Ryodan to take Dani I respected Ryodan for holding back Even though I prefer the savage one, I still can t see Dani with anyone else I don t like nor hate him, but his origin interests me And oh, now he s the saver of humanity Are you fuckin kidding me Wanted to know about the nine but sadly didn t I don t like Shazam Dani thing I understand he helped her but I lacked every emotion on the subject Dani chapters were my favorites So glad to have her back I love the new her While I liked to see Cruce back, I hated it when Mac justified his actions RAPE CAN NEVER BE JUSTIFIED OKAY What s up with Mac having every power in the world Liked the less Mac Jericho close scenes For God s sake finally he s calling Mac, it was about time Sadly, I can t see Barrons like I used to do I liked how Mac stood up for herself Like she is her own girl She had power and she unapologetically wielded it She is finally Barrons true equal I was disappointed that all the main characters came intact except for Dancer who did soo much to help, and not even because of the battle , especially Mac meh The ending made me feel like the story is a cycle that never ends They obtained the song of making which was supposed to destroy every Unseelie yet, Cruce wasn t destroyed and he s making Unseelie again Stop already So now will he ask for the powers of the queen since he signed a compact with Mac But he didn t teach Mac anything so can it be broken The song of making, oh yes Obtaining it after all these efforts were ridiculous and so silly Like, come on Just that I hate it when authors do that, simplify the solution of a despicable huge problem I wish she took it from the Sinsar Dubh and not Cruce She would have at least suffered I think the bracelet made him survive, I mean he needed it for a reason, right But still, how he played them all, even Jericho was so cool I honestly think that the story could have ended with this book Just remove the final chapter, make Mac the official queen, leave for Fairy with Jericho and Jada Ryodan will get a spin off to resolve the Nine problems one is a girl, I so wanna know about her Alina thing is of course, USELESS Hated it Make her live then kill her, what for Omg so many negatives lol, how this book ended up 3 stars and not 2 I don t know, maybe for Dani and Dancer Maybe because I enjoyed the second half too much Maybe for the concubine And maybe because it was better than Feverborn which I gave 2 stars Can t believe we still had one book, I don t even know what the issue will be since we re always left with cliffhangers hide spoiler

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    Ms Mooning has posted a Note on her Facebook page answering some questions about the new series Am I writing a 6th FEVER book Because I keep getting this question, I ve realized I ve obviously not answered it to your satisfaction I m going to post here and ask that you all help me in spreading the word around.I m currently working on a trilogy that features Dani, Christian MacKeltar, Ryodan, and the mysterious Dancer, set primarily in Fever Dublin Each installment in the trilogy is a stand alone mystery, however there are larger plot arcs unfolding in the background Where Mac was introspective and her story could feel somewhat esoteric, Dani is down and dirty in the streets Lots of details, lots of action There s a different feel to the two series, totally different vantage points I m having a blast writing it.For those of you who have been worrying the trilogy is not YA If I had to categorize it, I would say it straddles the line between YA and adult uneasily I don t pull any punches It may be controversial in some ways But whose teen years weren t LOL Many of the questions I left unanswered in the FEVER series are addressed in this new series.Exciting news I ve agreed to write two books after that Once the new trilogy is complete, I m returning to the core story begun in the FEVER series, and will resume writing about Mac, Barrons, V lane, Cruce, the Unseelie king, the concubine, the Song of Making.All in all, there are five books coming about the Fever World Because I know you guys, I know this is going to make some of you as nervous as it makes you excited Trust me I m making no compromises with the characters or the story It s all unfolding exactly as it should, true to itself which means, it s a sometimes rocky road Dark times ahead, guys But I write it all with genuine love for the characters, the world, and you the reader.As a final note, quit scaring Dreamworks with your demands for NC 17, LMAO I don t write NC 17 You have NC 17 imaginations Sometimes I think you guys should be telling me stories Also DrumRoll please DreamWorks Studios has optioned the film rights to the Fever Series Yay, this would be truly a treat to have the series turn into motion picture.I was hoping that there will be Fever series as the issues and relationship between MacKayla and Dani were not completely resolved, and also at the very end of the book indicated that is the case Dani was out there in the streets somewhere Soon I would go looking for her.But not to kill her.We d fight back to back.Sisters and all I am so happy i was right I truly loved the series and Ms Mooning is an amazing writer, with colourful imagination, exceptional writing and excellent story telling.Ahhh Jericho Barrons D so many things to be said so little time lol, definitely my all time favourite male hero characterI ll leave this space for the actual review praying to Ms Mooning s MUSE to complete this book as soon it is possible, and the publishing gods to publish it as quickly as possible lol.

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    01 05 2015 I think I just died.Initial reaction

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    Fire to his ice.Frost to my flame.Forever.

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