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Burned quotes Burned, litcharts Burned, symbolism Burned, summary shmoop Burned, Burned 7ded8b28 It S Easy To Walk Away From Lies Power Is Another ThingMacKayla Lane Would Do Anything To Save The Home She Loves A Gifted Sidhe Seer, She S Already Fought And Defeated The Deadly Sinsar Dubh An Ancient Book Of Terrible Evil Yet Its Hold On Her Has Never Been StrongerWhen The Wall That Protected Humans From The Seductive, Insatiable Fae Was Destroyed On Halloween, Long Imprisoned Immortals Ravaged The Planet Now Dublin Is A War Zone With Factions Battling For Control As The City Heats Up And The Ice Left By The Hoar Frost King Melts, Tempers Flare, Passions Run Red Hot, And Dangerous Lines Get Crossed Seelie And Unseelie Vie For Power Against Nine Ancient Immortals Who Have Governed Dublin For Millennia A Rival Band Of Sidhe Seers Invades The City, Determined To Claim It For Their Own Mac S Former Prot G And Best Friend, Dani Mega O Malley, Is Now Her Fierce Enemy And Even Urgent, Highland Druid Christian MacKeltar Has Been Captured By The Crimson Hag And Is Being Driven Deeper Into Unseelie Madness With Each Passing Day The Only One Mac Can Depend On Is The Powerful, Dangerous Immortal Jericho Barrons, But Even Their Fiery Bond Is Tested By BetrayalIt S A World Where Staying Alive Is A Constant Struggle, The Line Between Good And Evil Gets Blurred, And Every Alliance Comes At A Price In An Epic Battle Against Dark Forces, Mac Must Decide Who She Can Trust, And What Her Survival Is Ultimately Worth

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    Every time I blink, it feels as if another negative reaction to Burned pops up on Goodreads You can find review after review of complaints about the direction Moning took here and I m going to be completely honest with you I expected this book to be terrible.Most fans know the story by now but I ll just do a quick recap for those who don t Moning released Iced way back in 2012 and her fans were in uproar The fourteen year old Dani was apparently being lusted after by millennia old men Pedophiles Ugh Gross Eww So Moning freaked out, scrapped her original plans, extended the release date for Burned and tried to rework everything to keep the readers happy.Uh oh Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right Well, honestly I thought this book was great Had I not known the story behind the book about Moning s change of plans, I would never have guessed It really surprises me that fans of the old Fever stories didn t eat this one up It has classic Moning written all over it Part well developed supernatural mystery, and part easy going, banter driven exploration of relationships romantic and otherwise I d hardly spent any time back inside Mac s head before I was reminded of how much she infuriated me, captured my heart, and made me laugh The character of Mac has always been delightfully refreshing to me I like the way she s down to earth, a little silly and clueless, but ultimately willing to get her hands dirty when the situation requires it Apart from a few lovable tiffs, Moning has thankfully moved beyond the Mac Barrons relationship story I knew I couldn t stand reading a book where Mac just waxed poetic about Barron s ginormous penis No This book has new characters, new dangers, new mysteries as well as the old faces we always loved We get a brand new perspective on some of the other Nine , which I personally really enjoyed.Maybe I m in the minority, but Moning didn t let me down I thought she delivered a funny, lovable, intriguing pageturner that fixed all the issues I had with Iced This series just is and always has been deliciously entertaining Sometimes the plot twists are a little wild and kooky, but it never stops dragging me out of this world and into a wacky supernatural Dublin It s like three scoops of your favourite ice cream with chocolate sprinkles What could I want Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    Spoilers marked and colorful language abound I wasn t sure how to write this review So much of what I want to talk about is a complete spoiler, and I wouldn t do that to you guys I could rip this book apart plot point by plot point, it s held together with shoe string and gum, but that would be too easy With a heavy heart and red rimmed eyes, I m going to muster through the best I can I do not have the words to express how sad I feel This books is a travesty as far as I am concerned and I don t even know where to start I spent the majority of this book glancing at the tracker, counting how many pages were left, doing the math on the possibility of turning it all around Somewhere around the last 50 pages or so I realized how impossible it would be to read the book I think KMM had intended to write I sat up in bed and I felt my heart breaking. I got all teary eyed and was consumed by this tremendous loss for the this series that she has spent her professional career creating She sold out Burned was not the book she wanted to write and you feel it on every single page KMM put Mac and Barrons to rest, she gave them the ending that she wanted to give them, and moved on with her mind and her heart when she wrote Iced With the avalanche of shit she got for Dani s age and all that goes along with Ryodan, I think she felt insecure and penned in, like she lost control of her own story She was extremely pressured to bring back Mac and Barrons, this wonderful, all consuming story line, but the thing is, creatively she had moved on It felt that way, you felt KMM s sadness and inability to connect with the characters Mac was a weak, useless, shackled, a pale version of who she once was She was an interloper in this story, she felt like she didn t belong because she didn t It wasn t the Mac we had come to know, Barrons was controlling without the charm, their relationship was very strained and lacked the chemistry we all love It was so ingenuine, it felt so manipulative, she spent the entire book addressing the concerns of her readers You know what that is called A fucking blog It s called fuck off this is my story and I m the author and if you don t like it, that s okay You can t write to please your readers, you have to write to be true to your artistic vision, anything else isn t worth reading This book was just a jumbled pile of excuses for Iced, a sales pitch onto of an apology, instead of writing a fucking book It was devastating and disappointing She had to manifest a reason as to why this book includes so much of Mac, when in actuality her story line came to a very good, healthy conclusion As much as readers have a hard time letting go of beloved characters, it doesn t mean as an author you should resurrect them if it isn t true to the story This was not true to the story, this was Dani s book and it was told from Mac s POV It felt disjointed, and a shell of what it could have been Burned is boring It drags out Mac and Barrons and kills everything that was so great about them Dani s character is butchered beyond my comprehension, the sales pitch for Ryo was beyond heavy handed That cliffhanger was a joke without a punchline I hope one day perhaps KMM will publish the story that was in her heart, not the one lining her pockets I m going to venture into a little bit of a rant now with spoilers abound Enter at your own risk view spoiler I am not even sure how to broach the topic of what she did to Dani I mean, I knew about the split in Iced and I knew that Ryo knew This however, was absurd and stupid The aging Jada The bullshit that Mac overhears being fucking invisible Yes Mac was so inconsequential to this story that for a large portion of it SHE WAS INVISIBLE, stalking Ryo and oogling him so the reader might grow to like him a bit Personally, all that was revealed by Ryo in Mac s creeper phase was all too clear in Iced I suspect KMM felt the readers missed his tender heart or whatever and had to actually spell it out Are you kidding me You age her to be nearly 20, turn her into a lunatic just so Ryo can save her FOR FUCKS SAKE, Dani didn t need to be saved, she just needed someone to see her Had Ryo told her that, that he really truly saw her, and all the things that made her wonderful, this never would have happened This flimsy plot is the fucking foundation for the next book WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK I M SO ANGRY I CAN T EVEN STAND MYSELF Fuck this book I hope that I ll be able to articulate this section better, with some perspective But right now I just can t hide spoiler

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    This review contains spoilers but they are all marked.I wish I was angry right now As angry as I was when I finished reading Iced But I m just sad Terribly sad and disappointed.Technically, Burned isn t badly written It s just completely flat and unemotional and everything books 1 to 5 weren t There is no excitement there, no tension sexual or otherwise Burned didn t make my heart race, it didn t make me turn every page in frantic anticipation, it didn t turn me into an emotional wreck And it certainly didn t make me want to throw my underwear across the room despite the constant references to sex This book didn t keep me up all night because I couldn t bear to put it down It kept me up all night because I just wanted to get it over with I understand what KMM tried to do here I really do After all the backlash she faced over Iced, she tried to redeem herself And that s great, it means she listens to her readers and I respect her for that The problem is that you can tell this version of Burned isn t the one she originally intended to write Instead of trying to work with what she had the events in Iced , she tried to make it all disappear In Burned KMM is on a mission to right all the wrongs in Iced And Fever loses its soul in the process Because you can t just pull a few magic tricks to change the direction of the series and erase what happened in the last book Iced happened KMM should have accepted it and done something with it, as infuriating as it might have been Burned just reads like a major cop out And you can tell KMM s heart isn t in it.What did we lose here So many things I don t know where to start.Mac Barrons are only pale copies of what they once were There was intimacy between them at the end of Shadowfever They had a relationship partnership or whatever you want to call it It meant something Especially after all they went through He called her Mac, she called him Jericho Now It s back to Ms Lane and Barrons Oh no, wait It s Mac Jericho when they screw each other senseless which they don t here but on that later All intimacy is gone All spark is gone Now it s just two brick walls talking to each other The Constant Jackass isn t even around most of the time Bloody hell, I miss you JZB What it took five books to achieve, KMM undid in Burned And it s heartbreaking.Mac is a ghost of her former self In the first half of the book she is passive and completely apathetic All she does is drag herself around, rambling to herself incessantly Her inner dialogue never stops and than half of it is both boring and uninteresting I never liked Rainbow Mac much but I d give anything to have her back At least she didn t feel sorry for herself and didn t let others boss her around What really shocked me here is the way she s being treated by the other characters They all seem to think she s a brainless twit A pathetic idiot view spoiler Her brain vanished when her body did, Ryodan says to Barrons Apparently, Barrons says hide spoiler

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    I WANT THIS BOOK NOW AND DANI NEEDS TO GROW UP OR ELSE IM GOING BAT SHIT CRAY CRAY BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT THAT FECKING JO ON RYODAN S ARMS BECAUSE SHE S SO ANNOYING UGH may contain spoilers below view spoiler UPDATED REVIEW sort of so I finally got to read the book I was dying to read for ages, I can move on with my life now NOT Now I can t wait for the NEXT book And I hope for that book, there would be MORE DANI I love Mac, don t get me wrong, I missed the funny girl But come on, I was waiting to read this from Dani s POV, so yeah when it was basically 90% Mac okay maybe not 90%, I mean there were other POVs so yeah I was a bit miffed So yeah, NEXT BOOK, DANI Well, I guess it s going to be her next.right And well she DOES appear in this book, but not as who you expect her to be So you ll miss her A LOT in this book.GOOD NEWS Jo s not with Ryodan any so lets rejoice ANOTHER GOOD NEWS, I ship Lor and Jo now don t deny it, you know they re cute together I LOVED the Lor and Jo scenes and now I don t hate her as much YASSS good.Okay so what I said earlier about Mac, actually you know what I kinda liked it, I mean yeah when I started the book I was like groans WHERE IS DANI I MISS HER ALREADY, but as the story progressed I find myself going back to the Fever world, where we started with Mac, so I was alright with it Plus you get to go behind the scenes with her and know stuff you didn t know MORE STUFF ABOUT RYO yes, I love Ryo AAAAAAAND we got our wish with a price Ryo Dani shippers Dani is much older now wow 20 that s a lot older than we asked for but ayyy lmao its good and THEREFORE ITS NOT WEIRD ANYMORE yay AND THAT SCENE where the thing happened and okay so basically my shipper heart was satisfied And that s all I m saying about this book CAN T WAIT FOR THE NEXT hide spoiler

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    If you Hated ICED, well this was nothing like that.If you Loved the original Fever Five, well this was nothing like that.If you wanted More Barrons, He is thereIf you wanted More Mac, She is lostIf you wanted Nice Ryodan, you got it but that is just sad.If you needed Older Dani, she showed upWho might save this for me Lor, Lor he is the Man if he can t do it no one can Full Review to Come.

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    I am with Emily on this one a little surprised by all the hate Not that I am against hating on books I spent quite a bit of time hating Moning s previous Iced myself but Burned is just fine, a good entertainment, if you care to know what I think of it In fact, Burned managed to make me forgive many sins of Iced I don t know if opinions of Iced like mine indeed affected Moning s writing of the rest of the series, or Dani related developments were in her plan all along, but as far as I am concerned, Dani problem is solved, and in a manner pleasing to me If I have to find something to complain about, it is that Burned is a bit too gratuitous and romance heavy I kind of feel that Moning doesn t really have a lot left to tell about the Fever world and to fill the space she went back to her romance roots I just don t think that there is a big, sprawling mystery behind it all, as I felt while reading the first five books The plot of Burned is, frankly, thin everyone is trying to look for Christian and Mac is battling the Book inside her and is being very passive simply observing everyone The rest of the novel is filled with sex, nudity, and sex It won t be a spoiler to say that previously released Sex from Lor s and JZB s POV are prominent parts of Burned Everyone is hooking up or trying to hook up in one place or another I am not complaining, really So, don t be discouraged Burned might surprise you in a good and not a bad way.

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    1 26 2015 This was so FECKING amazing 5 FECKING STARS FECKITY FECK FECK FECK.Alright finally finished, final thoughts DO NOT READ THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS IN HERE view spoiler 1 I can t say how happy I am that my favorite Dark Highlander survived 2 I m relieved Christian is back with his family Now to curb that death by sex so he can have an HEA in a highlander book 3.I like Jada fierceness but I REALLY want Dani back 4 Who the hell is Dancer Is he a piece of the Unseelie King 5 Where have the Unseelie princesses been Are there Why doesn t anyone know about them 7.I m over Mac being invisible I hope that resolves in the first chapter of the next book 8.I REAAAAAALLLYYY want to know what Papa Roach really is Not Unseelie, not Seelie what else is there 9 Okay I wasn t Ryo s fan, but I like him now Though I still do not like the way he talk to people some times 10 What s going on with Cat I really like her I have so many other questions but those are all I can think of hide spoiler

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    This was a book that inflamed fans from across the globe No matter what you think of the material on display you need to give Moning kudos for inspiring a passionate response from everyone involved I am trying to base my review on the material provided, not which character became the lead This is how I feel the book is sloppy, its presentation feels mismatched, characters seem out of character , and overall the wrapping up of plot points from Iced at moments seem contrived Logical plotting seems completely amiss Moning asks you to not question rational choices and just go with it at times My biggest complaint is the overall series arc is moved about an inch forward Essentially nothing happens The book feels designed to make fans fall in love with Ryodan rather than making a good quality product Mac s character development felt pretty much nonexistent And really it s not that surprising since she starts the book but a few months after the conclusion of the original fever series I think the book would have read better 5 years into the future, I would have loved to glimpse how Barrons and her are interacting with Dublin post 5 years apocalypse And the storyline centering around Dani, it felt stale and boring, it feels like Pri ya all over again Pri ya was probably one of the better literary devices to push Mac s character along and I do not want a water downed version of it in Dani s development Its not fresh for Dani s character and it belittles the original concept I thought Iced pushed Moning into the category of a good fiction writer not a writer whom is cemented into a preconceived gendre I think there were many factors that shaped the outcome of Burned from marketing, sales, fans, and even Moning maybe felt Mac was easier for her to write I don t know, but I think people should have applauded her efforts in Iced Pushed her to expand her potential rather than limiting her and pushing her backwards Iced was a book that read well and the plot was pushed forward with character development and good storytelling It felt fun and fresh Burned feels stagnant and redundant.

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    After Iced I wondered where the author would go with the cliffhanger we were left with.Mac s world that we first entered in the first book of this series is certainly changing.darker and grittier The fight between good and evil continues So, okay, Jericho Mac are back again.I missed them in Ice and still as hot together Just blown away what happens to Mac half way thru view spoiler what, she becomes invincible hide spoiler

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    My feelings are spewed all over the place in the comment thread, and don t open spoilers if you don t want to be spoiled, but I have to add this Michelle made a comment on Erica s review that was a total epiphany for me She said for Moning who has always had so much secrecy behind the motive of her characters having everything Ryo and the other characters did spelled out felt like a slap in the face It s so true I was livid over the plot device she used, but livid was a little extreme and I couldn t figure out what was really pissing me off so bad about that specific element Well, THAT S what it was I m still pissed Actually, you know what, my love of the past books is coloring my rating here I m so emotionally involved in this series that I don t even like to separate them like this, but my original 3.5 was just too generous in the extreme I m livid and hurt over this goddamn book So let down I really hope that the people who screamed for Dani to be aged really fucking love this book because otherwise all that was accomplished was the ruination of a spectacular series.

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