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The Rise files The Rise , read online The Rise , free The Rise , free The Rise , The Rise cb1106ed4 My Body Lay In The Dark Alley, Broken And Bruised Rain Softly Dripped Down The Brick Walls, And Over My Beaten Form I Had No Memories Of Anything That Had Happened Before I Woke, And I Was Alone, With No Idea Where I Was Josiah Wakes In A World That Is New To Him, And Is Unaware Of The Dangers That Hide Within It He Is Hunted By Two Rangers, And A Separate Group, Who Seem To Know Everything From His Past When He Befriends Leneya, Whose Job As A Ranger Is To Hunt Josiah, He Learns That The World He Woke Up In Isn T Only What It Seems To Be He Soon Finds Himself Torn Between The Life He Was Meant To Lead, And The Path He Wishes To Choose For Himself It Is In The Midst Of This Struggle That He Discovers What Dark Purpose He Was Created For The Rise Is Josiah S Story One Of Inner Conflict And Of The Timeless Battle Between Good Versus Evil

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    I don t feel right reviewing my own work so feel free to have a read It is now released on ebook on and smashwords I ll let you know that there are some great twists and turns throughout the story, and I hope you enjoy Josh B

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    The Rise by Joshuah Buckle Blurb My body lay in the dark alley, broken and bruised Rain softly dripped down the brick walls, and over my beaten form I had no memories of anything that had happened before I woke, and I was alone, with no idea where I was.Josiah wakes in a world that is new to him, and is unaware of the dangers that hide within it He is hunted by two Rangers, and a separate group, who seem to know everything from his past When he befriends Leneya, whose job as a Ranger is to hunt Josiah, he learns that the world he woke up in isn t only what it seems to be He soon finds himself torn between the life he was meant to lead, and the path he wishes to choose for himself It is in the midst of this struggle that he discovers what dark purpose he was created for The Rise is Josiah s story one of inner conflict and of the timeless battle between good versus evil Review I bought this awhile ago on a recommendation I finally got around to reading it I thought it was a very interesting read, in the fact it made me want to continue reading It is a great concept and a great plot to the book Some parts felt a little forced, but it is well written, and the plot line allows you that suspense you need to continue with reading the book I don t do spoilers so I won t say much about the plot But You can t really go wrong with having this book in your collection I am a big fan of good v evil though when I am writing I try to avoid reading since good v evil is my main theme in about 95% of my writing But since this was recommended I thought why not, most of my work is in the editing process and I had some time to kill before going back to work on my 3rd book for a series 5th over all And I wasn t disappointed It kept me entertained, and allowed me to leave my worlds behind for a few hours I speed read I will be checking out of his work as it becomes available.

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    So for the most part i LOVED this booki liked the idea behind iti liked the charactersi liked the plot the writing was offa lot of repeated sentences like what are we going to do now and stufftoo many I s.i feel like you could have used something else or written some of the sentences differently so there wouldn t be so many I sa bit of a spoiler so stop reading here if you dont want the ending spilled i hated the endingif it wasn t for the ending i would have given this book a 4 out of 5i guess after all the shit Josiah went threweverything he learned and the friends he madei thought he would turn out differentlyeven with him remembering i wanted him to love Leneya and keep his humanity the thing everyone said he hada soul its like he saved everyone then lost his soul what happened to it should still be theremaybe make him struggle with his memories or something but not completely lose what he hadanyway i was all WTF at the ending

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    i had this novel a while back as it was recomended to me and finally had the chance to read it.i loved the plot storyline visible and the main characters development built up through this piece the description perfect.however advice to the author, i found you repeated sentences over and over and advise maybe instead of repeating the sentence maybe change a word or two to add to the description or sentence As so the sentences dont repeat.other than that enjoyable read.

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    This is definitely a good vs evil story I wanted to absolutely love it, but it seemed to drag a bit for me The storyline is good rouge angels, rangers, demons all coming forth for the ultimate battle for earthly humans The ending will tear you apart I will tell you that.

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