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    THE WOLVES OF SAVERNAKE Hist Mys Ralph Delchard Gervase Bret England 1086 ExMarston, Edward aka Keith Miles Vol 1 of The Domesday Books St Martin s Press, 1993, US Hardcover ISBN 0312099428First Sentence Savernake Forest trembled in the fading light.Set 20 years after William the Conqueror becomes king, royal tribunals are sent throughout England to compile a comprehensive assessment of his land and resources and the extent of taxes he could raise Although one tribunal has already visited Bedwyn, a letter received from the town s miller has prompted the sending of a second tribunal consisting of knight, Ralph Delchard, lawyer Gervase Bret, Canon Hubert and Brother Simon Before they arrive, the miller has been brutally killed, apparently by a wolf Ralph suspect the cause of death was human than animal.This is another of those authors I can t believe I ve not previously read His writing is so visual and his descriptions so lush, I was drawn in from the very beginning I love that he almost anthropomorphized nature a weeping willow dived angrily downwards The scene when the members of the tribunal ride to the top of a hill and look down on Stonehenge is wonderfully done I am not one for casting a book, but I found myself so doing with Delchard and Gervase The sense of time and place are so strong but not glamorized Marston realistically portrays how little power most women had over their own lives and how superstition was rife The dialogue is effective in conveying a sense of the period without making it difficult to read There was wonderful humor to offset the brutality of the deaths The story is very well plotted I certainly did not identify the killer until they were exposed I m now off to find all the rest of Marston s books.

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    Love the books by this author He writes mystery in several time periods and in my opinion they are all great Good characters and good plots Total winners

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    I have been anticipating a good read with this book ever since I bought it a few years ago and maybe it was this expectation that left me disappointed I really like the concept of the series, with each book based on an actual entry in the Domesday book The time period is a great pick, with all the turmoil and change, it creates atmosphere and confusion that works well with the mystery The author shows well how superstition was a normal and regular part of life and makes it believable I do think that the main characters, our mystery solvers, were less than roundly created I felt they came across as two dimensional Though in this case I have hopes that they will get better as the series progresses.The mystery was very contrived, or it read like it was anyway The whodunit, the why, and how they figured it out didn t flow well together I still have hopes that the series will get better and I will be reading at least one of this series.

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    This is the first of a series of books by Edward Marston which are mysteries centered around the 11th century Domesday Book The Doomsday Book is actually a nickname for a real historical survey done by King William of all of England for tax purposes Each book deals with a different part of England and, of course, each mystery is different The protagonists are commissioners sent out by the kind to resolve disputes over land issues There is nothing dull or uninteresting in any of them Lots of good history, tension and very tight plots Good stuff if you like historical fiction.

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    The first in the Domesday Book series This mystery series takes place in England after the conquest by William the Conqueror The series features a lawyer, a norman knight, and two monks who travel the length of England for the King to gather information and on the way they find themselves solving mysteries Excellent series

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    1 Domesday medieval mystery set about twenty years after William the Conqueror takes Britain by storm Ralph Delchard and Gervase Bret are traveling around compiling The Domesday Book, in which a sort of census is taken along with recording what lands are owned by whom so that the appropriate taxes can be paid to the King Summoned to the town of Bedwyn near Savernake Forest by the local miller regarding a dispute with the local Abbey over some tracts of land, Ralph and Gervase arrive only to discover that Alric the miller has died the apparent victim of a brutal wolf attack throat ripped out and bleeding in the stream This seems a little too coincidental for our sleuths, and they set out to find who stood to lose by the knowledge the miller would have given to the King s men I quite enjoyed this introduction to the characters of Ralph and Gervase, with a solution to the murders that I didn t see coming at all Lots of period detail and atmosphere which was excellent, though the writing style on the whole is just a bit dry in places I have a couple of these and will definitely continue on reading, though.

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    This is the best Edward Marston book I have read to date Almost up there with Margaret Frazer Set in the months following the initial investigations for the Doomsday book rechecking some of the info and researching certain recorded facts again because something doesn t quite ring true.The detective types go about their sleuthing in a very believable way The two men who lead the investigation complement each other well opposites in character, but working as one to find out what they need to know.

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    This novel takes place around 20 years after the Norman invasion and follows two commissioners taking stock of the land They arrive in a small village to find the man they were supposed to meet dead, supposedly killed in a wolf attack They proceed to investigate I have read and loved other medieval crime novels but I found this too cosy and quite long and meandering with little excitement It was fine but not what I was hoping for.

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    like this mystery thriller based in Wiltshire in the times of the domesday book where a miller has been killed by a wolf and the plot and sub plot is about what lies in this old saxon town and is a easy fast paced story and doesn t disappoint

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    This is a decent medieval mystery, set about 20 years after William of Normandy conquered England, and the dual protagonists are investigators for the Domesday Book A miller has been killed by a wolf in the woods, and it turns out he s the one who was challenging both the local lord and the local abbey over land rights While looking into the land ownership issue, the protagonists get caught up in figuring out the mystery of the wolf that no hunt has been able to find.I liked a lot of the secondary characters and subplots, but found the two main characters to be almost just caricatures of a Norman night and a local scholar The ending also felt hastily put together and I didn t like it all that well I do hope the next one will be a stronger mystery story, as I do intend to read it eventually.

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