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Born to Trot txt Born to Trot, text ebook Born to Trot, adobe reader Born to Trot, chapter 2 Born to Trot, Born to Trot 5291e5 Gibson Can Hear The Beat Of The Horses Hooves Against The Track Trotters Are The World To Him But All He Ever Does Is Practice He S Still Too Young And Inexperienced To Drive In A Real Race Only He Knows He S Ready For The Big League If People Would Give Him A Chance, Then They Would Know It, Too Gib S Chance Comes In A Filly Named Rosalind Now Gib Can Prove That He S Man Enough To Train A Champion But Does He Really Have What It Takes Can He And Rosalind Go All The Way To Win The Hambletonian, The Greatest Race Of All

About the Author: Marguerite Henry

Marguerite Henry April 13, 1902 November 26, 1997 was an American writer The author of fifty nine books based on true stories of horses and other animals, her work has captivated entire generations of children and young adults and won several Newbery Awards and Honors Among the famous of her works was Misty of Chincoteague, which was the basis for the 1961 movie Misty, and several sequel

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    At the height of my Marguerite Henry phase, this was one of my favorites I was fascinated by the way they trained trotters, and the different equipment they used Read this about the same time as I discovered the Black Stallion book Black Stallion s Flame Bonfire where one of his colts becomes a trotter and Alec and Henry try to train him.

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    I loved this story It s the true tale of Gibson White, Ben White, and Rosalind the horse, along with a bonus story story within a story, chapter by chapter as Gib reads it of Hambletonian, the great horse who was Rosalind s ancestor It s been a long time since I read a Marguerite Henry book, but when I found this classic edition in mint condition at the used bookstore, I had to have it Dust jacket and all for only 8 Now that s a bargain, especially when the story keeps me up at night before a work morning Here s the link to the Hambletonian Society page, but it does have spoilers

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    The boy is like you, Ben Like you and Tom Berry and all the others There are only five letters in his alphabet And they spell h o r s e And to think I forgot this existed This is my favorite thing Marguerite Henry has ever written It is better than King of the Wind. It is even better than Misty of Chincoteague. It is fabulous.This is somehow both absolutely timeless in that enchanted way a perfect day with green grass and sunshine and a classic sporting event can be and so specifically of its time To start this is the true story of young Gibson White, desperate to prove himself in his dad s business of horse training, who finds himself forced to give up his dreams for a year, just as he s about to achieve them The questions rained on Gib, what do you do when a horse has been over trained We let up on him Rest him a while And if a horse has a cough and is off his feed Gibson sat back in his chair Fear spread suddenly over his face You re baiting a trap for me, he said with a hurt look, and I m his voice broke off, I m walking right into it Maybe there s something Henry isn t saying, or maybe, in the 1930s, the cure for being run down really was complete bed rest for as long as needed in Gib s case, an entire year At first they try to keep all the horse news quiet, afraid it will make him upset They change tacks pretty quickly when they realize that s backfiring, and Gib, from his hospital bed, becomes the owner of Alma Lee s new filly He names her Rosalind because per his father and trainer Benjamin Franklin White height wise she s about as high as Gib s heart How could I not love this book Dr Mills sends Gib a book to read, while he s in the hospital resting up It s the story of one of the most famous American trotters, a horse named Hambletonian, and the immigrant who trained him I think this is the first story within a story I ever read And it s touching and simple and lovely, much like this entire book It is not given to horses to write wills, it ends But there are some who say Hambletonian s descendants are his testament And some say Hambletonian wrote his will in music American music, the tap tap, tap tap ringing of hoofbeats Gib s conflict isn t to get well it s to grow up Rosalind is being trained to race, by his father, while Gib is recovering Being trained to race, ultimately, in the race named after that famous horse the Hambletonian Right before Gib is released, his dad comes to visit to show him the racing silks he plans to wear when he races Rosalind This is right after Dr Mills tells Gibson he s well enough to race his horse himself Gib doesn t say anything because he doesn t want to disappoint his dad his dad is smart enough to pry it out of the other boys in the room and then he asks his dad to race her anyway, in one of the most spectacular quiet paragraphs ever written This is really beautiful, mature stuff The horse racing is important but it s never as important as family The plane was circling the track, going up, stalling, coming back down, motors roaring He imagined he could hear Dr Mills encouraging the pilot, Go ahead Do a loop I don t care if my heart falls out And that s how I feel, too, reading this This is a book about a great kid with a great filly and a great dad It should be famous It should be widely read It is absolutely wonderful.

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    Thoroughbreds don t cry They fight to get the lead again And then they keep it I m not mad into harness racing, as I ve mentioned in The Black Stallion s Sulky Colt, but what I love about Henry s books is that they re all based on real horses from history, so it s definitely interesting than others.

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    Gibson White wants to drive horses Not a pony And not as an exercise boy He wants to race Trotters.Finally the day comes when he gets his chance And even though a rein breaks in his first real race, Gib proves himself Earning another shot If he can just get over a pesky cough.Then the doctor announces that Gib s cough is than just a cold That the only cure is a long serious rest up in the mountains.But without horses, will Gib ever have the strength to heal Born to Trot by Marguerite Henry is actually two stories First the tale of Gibson White, owner of the world champion trotting horse Rosalind Then within that story is the tale of the even legendary horse, Hambletonian I liked the realistic aspects of both stories And, of course, Gib s passion for horses.

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    A donation to the Friends of the Library bookstore, I nabbed it first Classic Marguerite Henry lots of interesting horse lore and great horse illustrations, with a fairly weak story tying it all together I would have liked to spend of the book at the harness races, and less at a sanitarium with our young hero Gibson White, who is ailing with some mysterious illness that we never get to hear about maybe TB A true story with an exciting ending.

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    The story of the horse isn t what caught my attention I was intrigued by the boy, Gibson His illness and the way it was treated total bed rest for ages is so very different from how we manage most sickness in this day and age.

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    Marguerite Henry does a great job of weaving facts about horses and horse racing into a tale kids enjoy I owe everything I know about harness racing to this book.

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    loved it

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    It is Marguerite Henry on horses There isn t much to say beyond that as she is the classic children s writer against which all other horse tales are written This story is enters the historic as well with the prologue of facts into fiction A must read for every child of in love with the noblest of animals.

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