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My Brother Sam Is Dead txt My Brother Sam Is Dead, text ebook My Brother Sam Is Dead, adobe reader My Brother Sam Is Dead, chapter 2 My Brother Sam Is Dead, My Brother Sam Is Dead 95e13e The Classic Story Of One Family Torn Apart By The Revolutionary War Now With Special After Words Bonus Features The Newbery Honor Book My Brother Sam Is Dead Joins The Gold Line, Which Features Award Winning And Beloved Novels Includes Exclusive Bonus Content All His Life, Tim Meeker Has Looked Up To His Brother Sam Sam S Smart And Brave And Is Now A Part Of The American Revolution Not Everyone In Town Wants To Be A Part Of The Rebellion Most Are Supporters Of The British Including Tim And Sam S FatherWar Is Raging And Tim Knows He Ll Have To Make A Choice Between The Revolutionaries And The Redcoats And Between His Brother And His Father

About the Author: James Lincoln Collier

James Lincoln Collier born June 27, 1928 is a journalist, author, and professional musician.Collier s notable literary works include My Brother Sam Is Dead 1974 , a Newbery Honor book that was also named a Notable Children s Book by the American Library Association and nominated for a National Book Award in 1975 He also wrote a children s book titled The Empty Mirror 2004 , The Teddy Bear Hab

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    This book is about a guy who s brother, Sam, is dead Wait, he s not dead yet He dies on the very last page of the book Another title for this book could very be something along the lines of My Brother Sam is in the Army and he s not Coming Home Until He Dies That just about sums the book up This book doesn t really have a plot It s really about a guy who s name I can t remember who s brother goes off to fight in the army After that, the guy talks to Sam s old girlfriend, gets his father killed, runs a tavern, talks to a general, and a whole lot of other stuff that has no overall relevence to the plot If you re into the Revolotionary War, try something else, like, a history book or something It s probably interesting, doesn t need a plot, historically accurate, and has some pictures of what the war was like.

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    This is apparently an often banned YA book Since it was written in 1975, it has appeared on many annual banned book lists The reasons are varied, and IMO mostly ridiculous One reason given was foul language the word damn was used once or twice, and perhaps even bloody, a British cuss word Another reason given was extreme violence the Revolutionary War was going on, and descriptions were given of what had been seen in battle, including a beheading during a fight between British soldiers and armed Patriot sympathizers Unpatriotic behavior was another reason used for banning the book, because one of the characters in the book expressed her scorn and dislike of both sides of the conflict her civilian husband had died in a British prison for selling beef to the wrong side, and her son was about to be executed by the Patriots on a false charge of stealing a cow.This Newbery winning book is worth reading on its own merits, but perhaps even because so many people have tried to make sure it isn t read.

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    This book is the best.

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    I wish it was possible to give less than one star, or even negative stars This book was just that bad For one thing, the title I mean, seriously It gives away what happens in the book I am not even going to mark this post for spoilers because the title already does that for you I have never liked historical, but when we read this book for English class, I was so scarred I was afraid to even touch another book of the same genre.To start off with, Tim, the main character, is a tiresome boy who looks to his obviously flawed brother like he hung the sun I would accuse Tim of dating Sam, but apparently they are exes seeing as Sam ran away from home to join the army fighting against what his family belives in what a way to show loyalty to your family, Sam.Then, nothing happens in the book for a long time And when I say a long time, I mean A LONG time Long enough so I wanted to grab the audio player that was reading the book to us and break it Long enough as to where I counted the seconds till class was out Long enough to make my class doodle, shuffle their feet, tap their pens, and hum while not paying attention We start getting some action when Tim and his father set off to Verplanks point, apparently seeing the looming threat of cowboys as not important really men, really You are a loyalist riding through very progressive coutry surely nothing is going to go bad there And, soon enough, something bad did happen Tim s father is captured, and then the cowboys come for Tim Tim, exhausting what I fear was his last braincell, concocts a lie about how they are expecting escorts, and they leave Tim alone.After the cowboy incident, nothing happens for a while and then we find out that Life Tim s dad is dead The ironic part is that he said exactly what killed him would kill his son if anyone is curious, he contracted cholera on a prison ship By now, Tim is conflicted as to what side he is on after seeing the torries shoot a good man He decides he won t be on a side Gee, what clever thinking Tim Then, after a series of events so dull I almost fell asleep on my desk, Tim s brother Sam comes home, sneaks off duty to see his family, chases away come cattle theives, but fearing for their own safety, the cattle thieves beat Sam up and accuse him of stealing the cattle.Sam is shot because he is suspected of cattle theivery His brother Sam aint living any What a disappointing way to end the book Being accused of being a cattle theif isnt exactly the heroic way that you would want to go.Well, whatever I cried at that point, not because I was sad about Sam dying, because I was so happy this book was done with.Please, I beg of you all, never read this book.

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    I had been told by authoritative sources that this was an excellent book to add to our collection of American historical fiction I did not like it because I found it unbelievable Their is one young lady in particular that had a mouth and manners that would have been regarded as tremendously rude and uncouth in a young lady at that time I think would be equally so in today s world but unfortunately common This book has the distinction of representing the Loyalist point of view during the American Revolutionary War, but I have found several others written for a younger audience that are much better in my opinion.

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    I like the book but it gave the end a way from the title

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    My Brother Sam is a story that takes place during the American Revolution It is the story of a boy named Sam who decided to join the Rebel army His family owns a tavern and do not agree with Sam s decision to join the army because they support the British government There is additional conflict when Sam needs a weapon before he leaves, so he makes plans to steal his father s gun Sam s journey is a long one with many difficult times He quickly grows up because there is no longer time to act like a child when you are fighting a war He experiences the excitement of winning a battle, but at the same time learns and experiences the tragedy of war and sees many friends die It is story that brings to life the history of America, while making it a personal journey of one boy fighting for what he believed was the right thing to do for America The tone of the story is a mixture of excitement for the possibilities of what America can become, but at the same time there is a great deal of tragedy in Sam s experience He and his family experience many difficult times just as families did at that time The characters in the story, Sam, his brother Tim, his mother and father, and his girlfriend Betsy, would seem to be the members of any family living in America at the time of the American Revolution They each have their own belief about what is right and wrong, and if the fighting between the colonists is good or bad for the country There is conflict as well as the support for each other that families provide It was a difficult time, but the story is well told with the theme of the American Revolution and the lessons learned from it By providing images of real battles and places you get a better understanding of how difficult life must have been during that time in America.I would suggest this book to everyone It is probably most interesting for someone who enjoys American History It is also a good read for anyone who doesn t normally like history because you can learn a lot about the American Revolution by living it with Sam Although it is fiction, the writer has used real battles and real places in history to tell the story which make it interesting and educational at the same time This book offers the excitement of a mystery, in what will happen next The joy of love and the tragedy of death, with the details of the history of our country are all in this book I give this book 4 stars

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    This was such a good yet heartbreaking story about a family living through the Revolutionary War I greatly enjoyed reading a book that showed that there were no good or bad sides as there are both no matter which side you are on So much of this book has truth to it which is heartbreaking to know but helped me visualize the events and life during the time of war I m so glad that I had to read this book during school as it was one of the best books I read during that time It was hard to read as a child but maybe that is why I remember it so much.

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    1.5 starsWhy you should not read this book 1 Depiction of American patriots as immature and uninformed2 Underlying innuendos of American Revolution being a pointless war3 Colorless characters As one reviewer said, They were not loved and lost to me, just there and lost, or not 4 Unrealistic dialogue5 Use of language and cursing inappropriate to time period and inappropriate read for to middle school and younger age kids 6 Story is just a series of disjointed events with no emotion 7 The ending is abrupt and poorly done it left a feeling of, and that s it 8 It is a short box that dragged.9 Poor writing10 Audio version is just awful narrator has unpleasant voice and speaks slooowly with looong pauses between events.Not totally a lame book as it does give some important insights regarding the resulting devastations that war brings to communities and families However an implication easily drawn from the story is that the American Revolution was a sad and unnecessary event Seriously Near the end of the book the family doesn t really care who wins they just want the war to be over It really bothers me this is on many 4th 9th grade required reading lists, not only because of the points listed above but because there are better books on the subject for children and young adults.

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