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    Historical Mystery RomanceSurprisingly good

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    After meeting Barnaby Adair in several books, he finally got his own I had a soft spot for him, and he lived up to it It s too bad he ended up with Penelope Ashford She just didn t do it for me I liked that the mystery was the main focus of this story I felt like the romance and the lessons were a repeat of several of SL s other books And to be honest, I slimmed those pages cause I was groaning while reading them.

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    3.5 Stars I was super excited to get to this one in our series read I really liked Barnaby a lot in all of his previous appearances He s charming and clever and cute but still manly of course and all that good stuff Plus the whole mystery aspect, and his investigating I was really hoping for a new fave in the series It almost could ve been, except Penelope kinda just didn t do it for me I didn t hate her, or avidly dislike her, but she had her moments where she just aggravated me When we met her before in a previous book, she was an interesting character, so I was rather hoping for better from her She did have good qualities, she was brave and independent and smart, and of course, this being a Cynster connected novel, she was a deft hand at the social whirl and ton stuff No awkward, shy, unpopular heroines allowed in these books But she was too bossy for my liking, too demanding, too keen on doing things her way all the time I did like the mystery though It wasn t too easy to figure out, and it was interesting I find myself to be the type that likes kids as characters in romances, so the whole orphan house, and the kids were interesting I also really liked how SL gave us a very welcome change of scenery Sure, I still had to put up with a couple society soirees, but I really liked the East End setting It was very interesting to see the poor side of things, and not just spend all the time in the ballrooms So that was good Another plus for the story was the secondary characters of Stokes and Griselda I liked them a lot I liked Stokes very much when he was introduced in another novel, and only like him after this one Griselda was great too Her impoverished background and her making her way up in the world was a neat change from the proper lady Plus she had a pleasant personality My only complaint is that I wanted to see of Stokes and Griselda I could ve done with a lot less of Penelope s passion lessons on learning the levels of desire a tired, tired piece of plot in this series Gah If one heroine decides she wants a hero to give her lessons in desire, I m gonna yack I wanted to see of the buildup of Stokes and Griz s love not necessarily the sex, but flirting, or something, time together , and less of Penelope s nekkid back front sides The sex slowed the story down And a lot of the time when it happened was just odd Like they snuck out of soirees, and went and spent the night at his house, and no one ever noticed Ok, sure And let s not forget that silly coshing him in the head on the street as a means to get into his house to lose her virginity to him And bossing his butler around like she was the mistress of the house already I will say I was glad the whole I never want to get married Oh, but we must, now that you let me poke you I still won t marry, I don t care what society says drama wasn t a big deal in this one That was a relief They handled it well He didn t push, and she didn t really fight it, just came to a conclusion that she wanted to after all.Sigh All in all, it wasn t bad And I m definitely going to continue on with the series Looking forward to The Peculiar Case of Lord Finsbury s Diamonds, and all the other books to come, the one about Mr Montague, and of course, the redeeming of Malcolm Sinclair Eager as all get out for them Of course, I m looking forward to Cynsters too, despite my occasional complaining We ve only got two to go Henrietta, and Mary s stories I m hoping for the best 3.5 Stars

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    This is the first and probably the last abridged audiobook I have ever listened to, so I m not sure if that influenced my enjoyment of this book or not I really liked Barnaby, and I liked Penelope, but I never really got interested in their story, and felt my mind wandering while I was listening.I did not like the production of the abridged audiobook The narrator was OK, but there were strange bits of music placed at seemingly odd places throughout the production I think I ll stick with unabridged recordings.

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    It was an okay read I like the hero, but I barely tolerated the heroine, I find her to be rude and bossy, and not in good way The secondary is much cuter.

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    The characters were annoying and the writing style beyond annoying I thought I was reading a romance novel with some mystery in it but the book was missing one thing the actual romance.

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    LOVED this book I love historical romance with mystery and in this book the mystery was just as strong as the romance Barnaby and Stokes made a great team My only niggle is that I wish Stokes and his lady would have actually got a kissing scene at least But overall the book was A for me and I can t wait for the next one in this series.

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    Not as enjoyable this time around, even if I did do it as a buddy read I actually put it down and it took forever for me to pick it back up Who ever thought I d say too many and long love scenes SL should have gotten back to the mystery, which was well done.

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    I don t think was as good as many of Ms Laurens other books, but I did enjoy it for the most part.I rather liked the way SL described the kiss between Penelope Barnaby on pages 128 129 rather lovely emotive writing It felt I was a bystander witnessing the kiss

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    Penelope Ashford, administrator of an orphanage named Foundling House, has been deemed by the ton as unmarriageable Penelope wouldn t have it any other way Determined never to marry, she refuses even the thought of any male treating her as a simple woman, taking away her independence, of letting her life her life the way she wants Barnaby Adair has been named a confirmed bachelor, much to his mother s dismay, who constantly pushes him even when he refuses to budge He sees his friends falling in love, and while he s happy for them, he doesn t understand it, and doesn t believe it will happen to him He doesn t believe he will find someone as sharp in mind, as strong willed and determined as him, who will understand his need for investigating That is, until Penelope walks into his life one night, demanding his time and help Children, boys, who are supposed to be brought to the Foundling House after the deaths of their guardians, are being snatched by someone else This is unacceptable with Penelope, and she s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery She begs help from Barnaby, who finds her intriguing, and unlike any female he s ever met As the mystery, the investigation, goes deeper, so does their relationship Confirmed bachelor no , Barnaby is determined to have Penelope, as his wife, his lover, his equal But will he be able to convince Penelope to see it his way Little does he know, Penelope is running her own conclusions in her mind Changing his heart against bachelorhood will be a challenge, one that she ll take on, no matter how logical her mind will make it seem Terrific Perfect Stephanie Laurens has a way with her characters and her story Penelope and Barnaby were the perfect match right from the beginning They complimented each other so well, and it was fun watching their relationship grow, reading their thoughts unbeknown to them heading in the same direction The mystery evolved well, with twists, suspense and a happy ending Who could ask for better 5 stars all the way.

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