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Oliver Twisted quotes Oliver Twisted , litcharts Oliver Twisted , symbolism Oliver Twisted , summary shmoop Oliver Twisted , Oliver Twisted 640e690f On The Advice Of A Corpse, Oliver Flees His Ghastly Orphan Life To Seek His Destiny In The Dark Streets Of Old London Town There, He Meets The Shadowy Dodger, The Evil Old Soul Stealer Fagin, And The Menacing Bill Sikes, Who Is Beast Than Man But Will Oliver Be The World S Salvation Or Its Downfall

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    I am not usually tempted by books of this type an idea taken from a classic book, but changed by a new author, adding new ideas However, I was glad to see that this wasn t the original work with some new parts stuck in, but instead it was reworked and retold in a very original manner by an author who obviously loved the original characters.As many of you will know, it was the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens this week, and so I thought, although it s not a traditional work of his, but rather a modern reworking, I d pick up Oliver Twisted and see how it was With it s great foundation and it s modern ideas, this was a fun read Ashamedly, I haven t read Oliver Twist, but of course I am aware of the basic aspects of the story from other media, like most From the altered name of this novel and it s very apt tagline Please, I want some gore , I knew that this was going to be a bit different from the original Our new story follows Oliver who is, as a lone orphan, travelling to London where he befriends Dodge and subsequently gets drawn into a world where he is used by Fagin in order to try and gain power for his evil brotherhood The story is well written, thanks to a good basis and good original characters For our main character, Oliver Twisted, a new and very gory story including zombies, vampires, werewolves and soul stealers is created Due to these creatures that are very popular at the moment in young adult literature, I think that this book will appeal a lot of young adult readers, especially those who enjoy the paranormal genre Characters that appear and that you may recognise include Fagin, Dodge, Bill Sikes and Nancy These all possess the characteristics of their original personalities, but Sharpe has also expanded and added a new lease of life to them, making them react realistically to their new situations The writing was good there was still reference to the old english writing style right at the beginning, but for the most part, the writing was modern and very easily accessible to middle grade children upwards The book is extremely gruesome the grotesque descriptions made me squirm several times but were very effective I can imagine that a lot of children would love this aspect, but beware if you have a sensitive stomach The pace of the story is very fluid and it does become quite action packed towards the end This was easy to read and rather quick, too so there s no excuse not to give this one a go.I think that JD Sharpe does do justice to this book and is successful in achieving what she intended a twist to Oliver Twist, turning it into a modern horror story something that will certainly appeal to the majority of older children and young adults today I would definitely recommend this and hopefully it will encourage people to read the original work too I know I certainly will, and I would love to read from Sharpe, too

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    It has been done before and it has been done better.Meh.

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    I received this book as a present from Beanie He knows what I like This book is a retelling of Oliver Twist, but with Vampires, zombies, and added to it And it is a really cool read Once I started I couldn t put it down and read it in one sitting.I have read the original book long ago, but remembered enough to recognize some events although they were of course tweaked in a way I was totally on board with Other events I didn t remember so clearly and after reading the book I looked up the plot of the original story to see how different this story was was the original.I must say I liked some the characters than I liked them in the original story, especially Dodger I was eager to see what would happen to my favorite characters and if Oliver would make the right choices.All in all a really cool retelling and it will join my other mashup booksto be reread when I m in the mood.

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    Oliver Twisted is one of the first offerings from Egmont s new young adult imprint Electric Monkey Published to tie in with the bicentenary of Charles Dickens, Oliver Twisted puts a fresh spin on the Dickens classic while remaining true to the spirit of the original I m a huge admirer of Dicken s work so I was immediately intrigued about this title Much like the author JD Sharpe, I ve always loved Oliver Twist and enjoyed the story of an orphan boy whose life eventually takes a turn for the better after enduring hardship and adversity I was curious to see how the author was going to reintroduce this story to a whole new audience of readers while injecting it with a modern twist The introduction of vampyres, zombies and werewolves does the job quite nicely Familiar characters are not forgotten and are cleverly interwoven into the story, including faces such as the Artful Dodger, Nancy, Bill Sykes and the wicked Fagin It was fun to see Dodger turning himself into a wisp of smoke and Fagin having a magical hold over his boys.A new backstory is invented for Oliver who is still an orphan but now also becomes a pawn who the infamous and evil Brotherhood want to use to defeat the Knights of Nostradamus I thought this was an interesting subversion of the original plot and meant that the story actually became far darker and creepier than the classic we all know and love Before starting this book I did worry that it might be a bit too gory for my tastes but in actuality I found that there were just the right amount of thrills and spills to make this a compulsive and exciting read Oliver Twisted is an inventive take on a much loved classic and one which will have widespread appeal for both a male and female readership I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to books by JD Sharpe in the future.

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    This is new from the Egmont Press s new imprint for teenagers Electric Monkey I really, really enjoyed it When I read the press release accompanying the book, I was a little doubtful early nineteenth century realist protest novel mashed up with fin de siecle decadence and horror But in fact, it works brilliantly Dickens makes his poor law guardians hard, unimaginative and unfeeling men Sharpe goes a bit further and makes them vampires, literally feeding on the poor and dispossessed Oliver doesn t just face moral danger on running away from the Sowerberries he faces werewolves and zombies Brilliant fun, and highly recommended, even if you haven t read Oliver Twist

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    A really engaging and interesting read, can honestly say that I have never read anything like this before.

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    Confession 1 I am not a particularly big fan of Charles Dickens books I know that by admitting that I run the risk of being burned as a heretic, but I have to be true to myself and my readers.Confession 2 The only Dickens book I have read is Oliver Twist I have read this one and a half times The half was the abridged version when I was at school Year 8 or Year 9 I believe the other time was as an adult I think I much preferred the abridged version.Despite it being a great story, with many fantastic characters that have become an integral part of our national culture, I simply did not enjoy the reading experience It was simply far too wordy for my liking, and having slogged through it I didn t have the motivation to try another of his many books I m sure it is to my loss, but c est la vie.If you are still reading this and haven t closed your browser in disgust then please now let me tell you about Oliver Twisted, a book I found hugely enjoyable I first heard about the book last year when I was at a bloggers event held by OUP Jasmine Richards aka JD Sharpe , one of their senior editors, told me about one of her own books due out in 2012, and I was sold on the idea immediately Oliver Twist with vampires and zombies Of course it appealed to me.If you are a Dickens fan, and you are still reading this, perhaps now feeling than a little horrified that someone has messed with yet another classic by doing a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies on Dickens much loved story then have no fear I gave up on PPZ after only a couple of chapters Oliver Twisted is infinitely better First of all JD Sharpe is herself a huge, huge fan of the works of Charles Dickens and this is evident from the way she treats the well known characters that given a new lease of life or in some cases death in her version of the story Secondly, unlike PPZ where Jane Austen s original words are used with various changes and additions, this is a rewrite of the Oliver Twist story By this I mean that Ms Sharpe has taken the basic plot of the original Dickens story and turned it into an action horror story to rival the likes of Darren Shan and David Gatward In this story Oliver s mother dies shortly after giving birth to him, but her death is far from natural she takes her own life rather than give into the change that she faces having been bitten by a woe begotten Victorian for zombie We then see Oliver progress through orphanage, onto workhouse, and then into the employ of Mr Sowerberry before finally running away to London, with each of these episodes in his life twisted to make the storyline far horrific than the original Once Oliver arrives in London he goes on to meet all the familiarly named characters, although some of them are as you have never seen them before.I m not going to go into any detail as I don t want to spoil the reading experience for anyone Part of the enjoyment of this richly imagined story is each discovery of what the author has done to tweak a well known character to make them fit her new vampire and werewolf populated Victorian world To call the story a mash up would be doing a great disservice to the author I feel that she has managed to fuse the original story with her own twisted take on Victorian England in a way that Seth Grahame Smith never even came close to, and in doing so has created a story that will have appeal to adult lovers of the original, and young readers who are yet to pick up a Charles Dickens novel for the first time I am looking forward to passing this on to the English staff at school to see their reactions to it.

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    I ll assume everyone is familiar with the plot of Oliver Twist so won t go in to the plot details of the Dickens classic on which Sharpe s gruesome reinterpretation is based Suffice to say, the cover and tagline Please sir, I want some gore pretty much sums up what Oliver Twisted is all about I.e the misadventures of Oliver as he lurches from workhouse to undertakers to London, with added blood, guts, vampyres, werewolves and woe begottens what a fantastic, Victorian esque way to describe your monstrous villians, by the way.There is much to admire about Sharpe s horror tale It cracks along at a fair old pace, barely pausing for breath as it speeds from one high octane set piece to another The style of the book, written as it is for teenagers, is far less formal than anything Dickens would ve churned out, and I for one am all for that his trademark lachrymose sentimentality is notable by its absence here Whilst Sharpe is broadly faithful to the original story, she deftly avoids falling in to the trap of being slavishly so Without giving too much away, the fates of some of the central characters aren t the same as that in Dickens tale Again, this is a good thing, as it allows her room for manouevere.Alas, for all its merits there are notable faults in Oliver Twisted as well The novel is surprisingly short on humour, which as we all know is one of Dickens strengths If you re going to pay homage to the great man, then why not use narrative techniques that made the original story so timeless As it is, the po faced reference to some of the sillier fantastical elements e.g the Knights of Nostradamus I mean, really became wearing after a while The bigger problem, though, is in Oliver himself Whilst somewhat feisty, he still comes across too much like a victim Without wanting to give too much away, he spends a lot of the second half of the novel being utterly useless In this day and age, we want our YA heroes in horror novels to be butt kicking Valkyrie Cain s, not helpless wet lettuces.Oliver Twisted is an entertaining and well written read, but unfortunately isn t all it promised to be As admirable as what Sharpe has done, the nagging suspicion that this sort of thing has been done before, and better, looms large over her book witness, for instance, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Nonetheless, Sharpe is an author of some promise, and I sincerely hope she finds a compelling story to tell in her own right for her next effort.

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    Electric Monkey is a new Young Adult imprint from Egmont Press that will be launched in February 2012 with three brand new titles One of these is Oliver Twisted by J D Sharpe When the author contacted me to ask if I would read and review Oliver Twisted, I was very unsure Marketed as supreme fusion of the eternal classic with horror Victorian England but not as we know it , this is so far out of my comfort zone that I was actually a little bit scared at the thought of it Add to that the suggestion of blood sucking vampires and other such nasties and I was all set to refuse However, there was something that intrigued me about all of this, not least the fabulous looking cover so I took a deep breath and said yes, of course I ll read it.And I ve read and enjoyed every page of this gory, horrifying tale of terror and monsters and evil The writing is wonderful and although the plot line is fabulously over the top, J D Sharpe really knows how to weave an exciting adventure She also knows how to make the reader grimace in horror and gasp in shock as and evil is unleashed upon Victorian London All of Dicken s original Oliver Twist characters are included in this re telling of that well loved classic Who knew that Fagin was a soul stealer Or that Bill Sykes was a werewolf Oliver knows that his destiny is one of good but must escape the evil that surrounds him avoiding the woe begottens that would feed on his flesh, the zombies and the were wolves is a roller coaster ride of an adventure JD Sharpe portrays the dark and gothic streets with ease and pulls the reader into the mist and gloom and terror of the dark London nights easily.I can t say that I m fully converted to vampires and zombies but I can say with honestly that I really enjoyed this debut novel I wish Jasmine every success with this novel and also to Electric Monkey in their new venture Many thanks to Jasmine for sending my copy for review

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    Review by Madison Year 9As you would expect Oliver Twisted is the main character in this fascinating revival of the classic Oliver Twist Oliver, an orphan, has to choose between to paths for his future he can either choose good where he has to help diminish the devils that roam the world or evil and help the devils overrule the humans During his journey to London his fate will be decided.Oliver has had a hard start in life, pushed from place to place, being used as a food source for Vampyres, turning him savage and crazy Finally he escapes, heading for London which he discovers holds the key to his future although he must face adversity on the way.My favorite part of this book was when Oliver first met Dodge and had to escape the Woe Begottens Oliver also discovers that his powers can be used for good The action during this part was exciting and I really liked that Oliver could be good Although I really didn t like what happened to Nancy, no spoilers, but I really liked her and felt that in the end she was trying to help I would have preferred to have this part of the story portrayed differently.Oliver is by far my favorite character, he is really brave and ultimately good even though horrible things happen to him Plus his super powers were really cool D I honestly didn t know what to expect from this unique re telling of Oliver Twist but I really enjoyed it, it was something unexpected and different and I will be recommending it to others.

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