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The Wishing Spell summary The Wishing Spell, series The Wishing Spell, book The Wishing Spell, pdf The Wishing Spell, The Wishing Spell 77e1c51c5d Alex And Conner Bailey S World Is About To Change, In This Fast Paced Adventure That Uniquely Combines Our Modern Day World With The Enchanting Realm Of Classic Fairy Tales The Land Of Stories Tells The Tale Of Twins Alex And Conner Through The Mysterious Powers Of A Cherished Book Of Stories, They Leave Their World Behind And Find Themselves In A Foreign Land Full Of Wonder And Magic Where They Come Face To Face With The Fairy Tale Characters They Grew Up Reading AboutBut After A Series Of Encounters With Witches, Wolves, Goblins, And Trolls Alike, Getting Back Home Is Going To Be Harder Than They Thought

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    4.5 This was SO much fun Such a quick and engaging read I loved how all the fairy tales I know and love were incorporated into the story I actually listened to the audiobook, which is read by Chris Colfer, and it really enhanced my reading experience I will admit, I found the writing at times to be a tad lackluster, but that was mostly a problem with showing vs telling that I think can be attributed to the fact that it s a middle grade novel I think this is a series I will definitely be continuing

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    In Which I Drink Haterade and Review The Wishing SpellI m not getting my hate on just to hate I m getting my hate on because this book was the most painful reading experience I have ever had I didn t think a book could irritate me so much that it would result in a terrible weight in my chest, but it did It did.Colfer s prose is cliche and redundant from the first page His sentences are short and simplistic with no signs of imagery or depth Instead of showing emotion and action, Colfer opts to tell you what the characters are feeling as blandly as possible We don t feel the rush of falling through a book into a magical land Instead, we get AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH and a plethora of adverbs that get worse as the novel goes on.Was an editor assigned to this book I think the editor might have been a cat with narcolepsy.Had The Wishing Spell been written as a straight up parody of faerie tales, it would have been a successful piece of writing When the twins meet the witch who tried to eat Hansel Gretel, they find a way to turn her into vegan Conner notes that compared to the Pevensie children climbing through a wardrobe, and Dorothy being whisked away to Oz via twister, falling through a book was pretty boring I had to laugh at the latter because I was thinking the same thing, and the former because it was a clever way to portray how modern children would react to villains from old stories they knew well.Colfer does not engage with faerie tales in a meaningful way Alex and Conner debate over the messages of the stories at the start of the novel, but by the book s close they only come to the conclusion that the stories have made people happy for years They do not recognize it is important for these stories to have multiple interpretations, and that there is no correct meaning.The original characters are flat archetypes single mother with a heart of gold, slacker boy, smart uptight girl, the perfect grandma is endlessly supportive and offers financial support Colfer turns beloved faerie tale characters into ineffectual twits Even his semi interesting version of Goldilocks is reduced to petty name calling when she discovers a betrayal Snow White shouts in the prologue, and it is said that it was the first time she had ever raised her voice A woman whose stepmother tried to murder her four times never raised her voice before speaking to her stepmother in a dungeon No Colfer also paints Snow White as the paragon of virtue Though he thanks the Brothers Grimm in his acknowledgements, Colfer ignores the ending printed in their stories in which Snow White makes her mother dance in red hot iron shoes at her wedding Even the good guys can be cruel, which would have been something wise to impart to readers, but he made the disappointing decision to gloss over it.All of the scrapes Alex and Conner find themselves in are easily solved through helpful adults whom have no problem sacrificing themselves for two annoying kids they just met This plot device is irritating not only because it is repetitive, but also because Conner feels perfectly comfortable insulting and walking all over the people he meets As soon as they get to the Land of Stories, he designates a frog man as Froggy rather than letting the frog man establish his own identity Alex waffles between being the responsible one and having no common sense How does a bookworm manage to climb Rapunzel s tower without any mountain climbing gear It seems Colfer changed the characters to suit his whims as he went on The twins mostly storm from kingdom to kingdom telling the monarchs that they suck at being monarchs unless they re busy being good wives and mothers , and solve simple problems for them that make the faerie tale characters seem like jokes rather than complex figures.The land of stories is not a Hogwarts, Narnia, or Oz both terrifying and delightful It is pretty much just terrifying and miserable Why would anyone want to go there Further, why would a child want to read about such an unhappy place Verdict Don t read this Watch Fushigi Yuugi instead.

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    Who ever said an actor cannot be an author No one ever, because it s not true at all.Well this was such a lovely surprise The world that Chris Colfer introduces us to is filled with magic, charming creatures and familiar names of princesses, princes, fairytale heroes and heroines.Although I m one of those readers who can read anything from children s books to mature adult books, it doesn t mean I like everything I stumble across For my middle grade reads, I look for 1 creativity, 2 enchanting and 3 deep The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell has a lot to offer an enthralling adventure, relatable heroes, a scavenger hunt like never before seen, lots of encounters with our favourite fairytale characters and, most of all, the type of storyline that offers something new with every new chapter.Granted, Alex and Conner do find most of their objects in a relatively easy manner and short amount of time they re offered help everywhere they go But isn t a fairytale world supposed to be good and better than our own Where kindness is not questioned and unceremoniously reciprocated I enjoyed every second of my time with this book I m going to have to say that the beginning is not as great as what follows the eighty first pages, and that is because we are still in the human world before that, but once Alex and Conner reach the Land of Stories, it s good time after good time after good time.To all of those who haven t read this yet, y all are some lucky fellows to be able to experience this story for the first time.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    Actor, Golden Globe winner, 2 time Emmy nominee, one of Time Magazine s 100 Most Influential People in the World, singer, screen writer, producer and now author And all of that at just 22 years old I understand how some people might be a bit skeptical in regards to Chris Colfer s actual writing talents, but the truth is the guy just seems to be a natural born storyteller, and it doesn t matter which medium he uses for it.His first novel, The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell , is the first book in what will become a series of novels about twins Alex and Conner Bailey For their twelfth birthday the twins grandmother gives them a book that has been in the family for a long time a collection of fairytales called The Land of Stories But as Conner and Alex soon find out this is no ordinary book When Alex accidentally falls into the book and Conner jumps after her, the twins find themselves in a world that is at once familiar and foreign familiar, because they ve grown up reading stories about the kingdoms of this fairytale world and foreign because suddenly they are faced with the aftermath of Happily Ever After Goldilocks is a wanted fugitive the big bad wolf may be dead but his pack is very much alive and hellbent on revenge and the evil queen that almost succeeded in murdering Snow White has escaped from her prison.Desperately trying to find their way home the twins start gathering a number of magical items in the hopes of successfully performing The Wishing Spell On their journey they meet many of the characters they ve known since childhood along with numerous magical creatures But Alex and Conner are not the only ones looking for the ingredients for the Wishing Spell, and what started out as a kind of scavenger hunt quickly turns into a race against time Chris Colfer has a very vivid and descriptive style of writing that I personally liked very much Whether he was describing castles, quaint villages or the dungeons of the Troll and Goblin Territory it all came to life right before my eyes, and I could see every scene like a movie in my mind.Conner and Alex were both likable and endearing lead characters Where Alex is a too smart for her own good bookworm, Conner is full of sarcasm Despite their differences and their constant bickering and bantering which makes for quite a few funny moments it is clear that they have a close relationship and would never leave the other behind But the twins are really just two out of a very large cast of characters, many of whom are of course already known to us from various fairytales Personally, I have to admit I really liked Goldilocks the girl kicked ass, so to speak o Children will absolutely love this book in fact, they might want to live in it but that doesn t mean that it is only suitable for children If you enjoy imaginative and fantastical stories full of magic, humor and adventure then you will probably adore TLOS It really is a wonderful story for anyone who has ever loved fairytales and everyone who has remained young at heart Reading this book reminded me of how much I loved escaping into the world of books as a kid Back then I would forget everything around me and just dive into different worlds to have amazing adventures I could be a princess, a pirate or a rebel I could travel the world, discover hidden treasures, or solve huge mysteries In short I could do or be anything I wanted I still love reading books but somehow I now often find it much harder to lose myself completely in a story like I used to do But this particular book gave me back that feeling I remembered from my childhood a sense of something magical It would hold a special place in my heart for that alone, even if it wasn t as good as it actually is One thing I also liked was that Chris managed to tuck a few valuable lessons into his story, and he did so in a subtle way that never comes across as preachy The message that he wants to give his readers is simple and yet so important There is nothing wrong with just being yourself don t try to mold yourself into something you re not comfortable with just to please other people and don t disregard your own talents and capabilities just because they might not be the same as those of others.Is TLOS a perfect book No Nor is it the best book I have ever read But what it is is a wonderfully imaginative and fast paced adventure that is very entertaining and definitely fun to read It is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed, and will certainly pick up and read again The story has a good flow to it, I was never bored for even a moment, and I chuckled to myself or even laughed out loud often than I can count Yes, some of the scenes could have been elaborated a bit or fleshed out , and yes there were a few moments where I felt like the twins got away a little bit too easily, but those are just the little bumps that almost any novel by a first time author has As for predictability well, sure there were a few things that I guessed at pretty early on, but I have to say that there were quite a few surprising twists and turns in the final chapters that I definitely did not see coming In fact, I think the last 100 or so pages were my favorite part of the book, and it felt like Chris really hit his stride as a writer the further into the story he got something that certainly makes me excited for the sequel o This book definitely proves that Chris Colfer is indeed a talented writer with a wonderful imagination whose storytelling ability will most likely only get better with age, and I for one cannot wait for all the other stories that will surely come out of his creative mind in the coming years So to sum this up what did I love most about TLOS Well, I d say its unique story and humor, the interesting characters and the magical feeling it left me with o Last but not least, one note about the audiobook It is read by Chris Colfer himself, and what a treat that is He really has a unique voice both literally and figuratively speaking and his narrative is utterly engaging He truly manages to give every character their own voice and personality and that s no small feat considering the large number of characters in this book , and I must say that I almost loved the audiobook a bit than the actual printed book which I read first and that means a lot coming from me since I m not normally a fan of audiobooks at all.

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    The main reason I am writing this review here is because I am tired of hearing only positive things about this book I find it misleading and I know that there are many other better written stories for our readers Chris Colfer is an actor on the television show Glee, and this book reads like a long drawn out screenplay Descriptions are either nonexistent or so basic that my students could paint a far better image When describing a cavalcade of knights arriving in front the twins, Colfer describes them only by saying Their armor was clean and shiny OK Colfer puts most of his story in the dialogue and the narration seems to be just a means to link those speaking parts together He misses the beauty that can go into a well written narrative A story should not leave its reader breaking away from the flow to consider how awkwardly written it is Truly though, I could go on and on, and that would be too harsh So, here are a few things that bothered me in a sort of list The extreme overuse of poor similes Mrs Peters was staring at her as if she had just witnessed a gruesome rural animal give birth I couldn t think of a gruesome rural animalpig, cow, mouse Dunno Alex clambered up the tree faster than any animal she had ever seen in a documentary Doesn t that just flow off the lips Compares the witch with the gingerbread house to staring at her as if she were a rabid Tyranosaurus rex about to pounce on them at any moment 1 rabid T rex 2 would pounce be the best word to describe the movement of a T rex 3 the word rabies makes, I believe, 3 appearances At least one I flagged when the twins come upon some unicorns The similes go on and on and on and onLack of revision.If Colfer spent any time at all revising this novel we would not see the following phrase appear so often Steam was practically coming out of the teacher s ears and nostrils pg.75 Steam was practically coming out of their nostrils pg 361 Conner said Steam was practically coming from his ears pg 164Some of the writing just simply strikes me the wrong way Like when Conner sees the gingerbread house on page 112 Whoa, Conner said I feel like I might get diabetes from just looking at that place Overall, the story is so horribly written that I BEG Colfer s editor to help him make the next book in the series a bit smoother The plot of the book doesn t bother me I can fall into the most fantastical storyline and believe every line of it But that is where the hard work on the author s part comes in Colfer must read to become a better writer This is not a script, it is a novel.Go on, tell me I m wrong I can take it See review on my blog

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    I picked this book up at the airport because I was trying to convince my ten year old brother to start reading imaginative stories and less Diary of a Wimpy Kid.I figured I d read it first and see what it was like Then I found out the author was this dude on glee, apparently, and I admit my enthusiasm kind of dipped And, good thing it did, because this book was very I don t know The plot and the fairytale world was good enough, but the whole story was quite bland Not to mention that the girl twin, Alex, was annoying enough I wanted shut her smug annoying face up Everything tied too neatly, the characters weren t defined as well, the fairytales felt like an afterthought, and it sort of felt like I was reading the Magic Tree House The only character I enjoyed reading about was Goldilocks I could easily see a book where her adventures feature through But, that s about it.Mind you, I m still giving it to my brother Seriously Have you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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    THIS WAS SO CUTE I have to say, I ve been very skeptical about this book because to me, one of the kids from Glee wrote it But now I have to say, I am totally impressed Chris Colfer is a great author I decided to pick up this book because there is not a day that goes by at my job that I am not asked for a book in this series seriously, everyday they want The Land of Stories, second only to Harry Potter and Dog Man That and a recommendation from a friend had me purchasing this from a local independent bookstore.The Wishing Spell is about a pair of 12 year old twins Alex and Conner who after a recent family tragedy are having a hard time coping with their new life When their grandmother comes to visit them, she gives them her fairy tales book The Land of Stories But what happens later is crazy, the twins fall into the book and find themselves amongst famous fairy tale characters They must find a way home, and the only way is to get the wishing spell.I really enjoyed this, I thought it was really cute I love retellings of stories we all know because I love to see what authors do with the stories and the characters Colfer has a great sense of humor and a very good voice by this I mean his writing He effectively created a cool fairy tale realm with characters we love and made them his own He could have done a better job with the action type scenes but this is his first book and I ll cut him a break.If you have a child in your life, give this to them Or you can be like me and just read it for yourself with no shame just cause ya want to.Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    The synopsis of this book showed such a fun, interesting idea, and the artwork is done by one of my favorite book artists I began reading it to see if my daughter would enjoy it, because she gets easily bored with books I ll not be recommending it to her Too bad the artist can t write, too This is obviously a first time writer, and I wonder if he was published so quickly and easily because he s on TV I dunno There was too much going on without much consequence It was supposedly a dangerous and difficult task the twin children were supposed to be doing, but they got along pretty easily, with an extraordinary amount of luck And though they learned something about their parents along the way, I didn t feel as if they learned anything about themselves, or changed after having gone through their journey Too many questions left unanswered, but not interesting enough to make me care enough to find out I think what bothered me the most, was the hypocrisy of the author, and I don t think he even realized he was this way He makes such an effort at the beginning of the book to point out that stories, fairy tales in particular, are meant to teach us a lesson And then his own book does nothing to teach us a lesson Unless the lesson is to go ahead and break rules of society if it strengthens your bond with your siblings That just grated on me The smart sister fills in answers for her brother on a test so he won t get in trouble for another bad grade And in the book it says she did the right thing As a sister Sorry It s not right to cheat on a test Ever And then it s never brought up again, no mentioned at all Why even bring it up Other than to show that sometimes its ok to bend the rules Not the lesson I want my children to learn I m not impressed Too bad, too Because the idea of the story had such promise I was hoping to enjoy seeing what he imagined the world of fairy land to be like, and how our favorite characters got along after Happily Ever After But there just wasn t enough depth, thought or interest.

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    I wanted to read this book and like it, but I just couldn t finish it I barely got to the start of Alex s and Conner s adventure, but there were so many things that annoyed me in this book The way the book talked about fairy tales made me want to grind my teeth The emphasis on all fairy tales have a moral and there is only one correct interpretation really was what made me give up on this book It indicates a real lack of research or general knowledge about either fairy tales or literary analysis While yes, with the surge of literary fairy tales in the 18th and 19th centuries, many tales were appropriated for children and given clear morals, there s no way to say that the stories were intended to be viewed this way That whole lesson at the beginning of the book just had me shaking my head So no, I won t be finishing this one It s a good attempt at a first novel but there are many issues such as the dumbing down for children and the very clear exposition that make me wonder if the book would have gotten published by an unknown author Kids aren t stupid If they read your book they can figure out a lot than you re giving them credit for It felt like a book written for 8 year olds, yet it was much longer than I would expect for that age group I don t think I ll be giving this one another try.

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    totally random but this was the first book i ever added to goodreads i have grown so much since 2017 but not that much

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