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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
  • Stephanie Laurens
  • English
  • 20 February 2018
  • 9780062068620

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    Angelica Cynster is the most stubborn, adventurous of the Cynster sisters So, when she sees a man at a ball, and recognizes him as her hero, she arranges an introduction After all, she can t simply let him get away Dominic , Earl of Glencrae AKA the laird simply can t believe his luck His prey served herself to him on a silver platter He s been trying to find a way to kidnap Angelica, and there she walks up to him So he spirits her away to his London residence This time, he wants to persuade the lady to his cause, not just spirit her away to Scotland and hope for the best Of course, when your explanation boils down to the fact that everything that happened, happened because of a goblet, it does sound a bit incredible.Fortunately, Angelica agrees to help, and they set off to Scotland, with a not the most ideal mode of transportation Post chaise not the most comfortable.The destination, Dominic s castle where his evil mother awaits.I really liked the book, much better than the first book, and a bit better than the second Dominic is a typical Laurens hero who finds himself in a pretty bad circumstances and is forced to do things that he finds repulsive An honorable man, who is trying his best not to cross the line into evil.Angelica is headstrong, incredibly stubborn, but generous and willing to help And she s a great actress Of course, she does have some problems with rushing into things without thinking it trough, but her emotions were running high, so she doesn t get painted as TSTL I like how the mystery of the laird and his actions is explained I understand why Dominic made the choices he made and even the Bar Cynster agrees, which is highly unusual.The ending was dramatic, but there was one tiny thing view spoiler the man who pushed Dominic s mother into the scheme in the first place, he was someone who wasn t mentioned before Why introduce him at all Oh yeah, so that the struggle at the cliff could happen No point in fighting an old woman, but an enemy of the clan, that s a different story hide spoiler

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    I literarily wended, linguistically traveled, and read with eager purpose, burgeoning desire, and incendiary yearning Utterly determined alone and seeking a reviewer s sweet satiation engaging my somnolent disbelieving emerald orbs fraught and needy, laboring to find the pinnacle of completion, desperate beyond measure to finish this book Done Basking Glorying in the magnificent awareness, the enthralling conviction I will no longer never again have to read prose like that found in Ms Laurens overwrought and overwritten tome The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae.The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae is the eighteenth book featuring the Cynsters Perhaps the only interesting thing about this novel is that, in it, the Cynster males Devil and his uber masculine kin are as boring and unnecessary as a dance number on the Oscars Sadly, the Cynster women aren t any engaging I found the heroine of this book, Angelica Cynster, annoying, silly, and verbose She s yet another Laurens heroine who is practically perfect in every way A virgin with a harlot s skill, exquisitely beautiful without a trace of icky vanity, able to handle any challenge thrown her way with clich d wit and chirpy charm.She s also able, with just a glance, to see that a tall, incredibly handsome man she spies at a soiree is destined to be her hero She s has a magical necklace dangling betwixt her breasts, passed onto her by her sisters, a talisman that The Lady, a Scottish deity, had gifted to the Cynster girls to assist them in finding their true loves Somehow, between wearing this pendant and noticing that he was undeniably the most gorgeous male she d ever seen, she s determined to marry the man before they ve ever exchanged a word.The gentleman in question is Dominic, the eponymous earl of the novel Dominic is at this party searching for Angelica, whom he s never met He is the elusive quasi villain of the first two books in the Cynster Sisters series a man who for reasons unknown kidnapped and then released unharmed Angelica s two older sisters When Angelica approaches him and makes it clear she s like to take a walk in the garden with him, he takes her up on her offer, sweeps her into his arms and over his shoulder, gags her, binds her arms and legs, and tosses her into a carriage he has waiting in the mews Angelica, despite being uncomfortable and miffed, gives some thought to his behavior and decides that, yes, he s still her true love and yes, she s still meant to be with him She tells herself, Whatever it takes, he will be my hero And wouldn t you know it, shocker of shockers, she s right Dominic has tied her up, kidnapped her ruining her reputation and put her in harm s way because he has no choice He s doing it to save his clan Dominic s mother, Mirabelle, a woman so absurdly evil she s inadvertently amusing, has spent her whole life resenting Angelica s mother, the woman her husband, Dominic s father, loved, lost, and never got over Mirabelle stole a goblet from Dominic the goblet has a long and convoluted back story involving Sir Walter Scott, Prinny, and the Regalia of Scotland which he needs His father long ago promised the goblet to bankers in exchange for a huge sum of money If Dominic doesn t get the goblet to the bankers by the end of the month, all of his assets are forfeit and his clan homeless out on the Scottish moors Mirabelle will only give Dominic the goblet if he kidnaps and ruins a daughter of the woman Angelica s mother, Celia Mirabelle neurotically loathes.If you d like to read the rest of my review go to All About Romance

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    I would have rated this one higher, considering it has a non annoying heroine, a hero extremely against rape, a strangely compelling plot and quite a lot of chemistry, but I discovered there is such a thing as too much perfection At no point did I feel like the crisis was a crisis or that there was a genuine problem at all, actually Also, the tension between our MCs could have been dragged out a bit longer Christmas came a bit too early this year, if you know what I m saying But I m definitely reading Stephanie Laurens.So, 3.5 stars.

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    SPOILERS This was definitely my favourite of the trilogy Angelica was the most interesting of the sisters and therefore the plot was the most interesting I really enjoyed her knowing her one true love on sight and going after him with purpose The romance in this book was also the best of the three It was a relief to finally work out the true motive behind all the kidnappings Although pleased to finally learn why Mirabelle wanted to hurt the Cynsters, I thought her supposed motivation was a bit weak and unrealistic Stephanie Laurens is always a safe bet.

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    Rating 5 starsOut of the entire Cynster Sisters trilogy, this was by far my favorite couple Dominic and Angelica are the perfect match in every dimension Also, the amazing setting from London and the trek through the Scottish highlands with all its wild beauty and historical landmarks were a thrill to read Mirabelle, Dominic s mother, is a vain, vicious creature with nothing to recommend her at all I figured out several plot threads involving her and others and unraveled where those threads would end but it did not lessen my enjoyment.Dominic is everything I covet in a hero I was ecstatic when he was captured by his London spitfire belle Angelica Cynster lived up to all of my expectations and My hope is that I won t have to read through one or two books to hit the jackpot I m glad I stuck it out to until the end Hopefully, goodness is to come.

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    Wow what a long book Well that s my first thought anyway.When Angelina spots Dominic across the hall in Lady Cavendish s salon, she decides that he will be her husband.Little does she know he s the Scottish Laird behind the kidnappings of her older sisters.The story involves a long journey, a psychotic mother, sweet servants, worried family, two naughty wards and a random killer.I enjoyed how Dominic initially thought that Angelina would be the most immature and spontaneous, but in the end that s what charmed him Her kind hearted nature wins everyone over and thwarts an evil mother.Pet peeve the whole pretend rape plot was RIDIC the book was wayyyyyy too long why does every character have to show up in every book not that I mind seeing devil again Overall, SMOKIN love scene as alwaysAnd a beautiful epilogue to the cynster sisters trilogy.Safe read3.5 5

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    4.5 stars This was the conclusion to the mini trilogy of the Cynster sisters set within the larger Cynster family series And what a great conclusion it was Dominic known as the elusive Laird through the other books finally gets his hands on a Cynster daughter, but he got the on he really didn t want to have to deal with Guess what, Dominic She is the one you needed the other two wouldn t have been able to pull off the charade with your wacko momma.If you re wondering why I deducted half a star from my rating, it s because I got a little tired of all the traipsing through the countryside of Scotland I love that my buddy read gals posted pictures of all these places it s beautiful , but I was ready for Angelica and Dominic yep, I swoon just hearing that name get to the castle and commence with the action.

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    I have just finished re reading this series, the cynster sistersViscount Beckenridge to the rescuein pursuit of eliza cynsterand this one..I loved it because not only did angelica get her own adventure and romancebut we got to see the FAMILY TOO..this is how I wanted sebastian s a lady of his own to be and it was notI love that angelica stood her ground and she had her romance and we got to see the family too,if you have not read this series,cynster sisters, or are new to stephanie laurens,you must read this series in order, starting with devil s bride and a rakes vow.

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    I m so glad I did not give up on this trilogy This installment is far and away the best book of the three Like the first two, it was still long, but the pacing was so much better Even though it was continuation of the ongoing kidnapping storyline, the book avoided the redundant feeling of its predecessor And the hero is the strongest and most interesting character in all three books.We first met Dominic in Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue But then, we only knew him as the man intent on kidnapping one of the Cynster sisters His efforts failed, of course, in both that book and the next So when this book begins, the only Cynster sister remaining is the youngest, Angelica Instead of hiring someone to do the deed this time, Dominic decides to do his own dirty work He never expects how easy Angelica would make it for him.From the moment Angelica sees Dominic at a ball, she knows that he is the man for her Even after he kidnaps her, she is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt He explains to her that the kidnapping plot is all a ruse to trick his mother into believing he has ruined a Cynster She is extorting his cooperation Angelica quickly agrees to go back to Scotland with him and help in any way she can.I enjoyed their love story Angelica is strong and determined and she never wavers Dominic is a great hero He is stalwart and loyal to his clan a gentleman and a still a sexy beast The love scenes are steamy The romance is fulfilling And the adventure is never dull Plus we get a fabulous epilogue, treating us to the weddings of all three Cynster sisters Thumbs up A little than 4 stars ARC Provided by NetGalley

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    I discovered Stephanie Laurens recently and I do what I can to catch up with all her fantastic books I mean I have heard about her for years but I have read my first book only few months ago The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae was my third book by this author and I enjoyed it as much as the previous ones.I really appreciate the way Laurens develops her characters Her heroines are not some blushing flowers, they are strong and completely able to care about themselves Still, the heroes are alpha male who have to find their way to deal with the heroines They make a great couples, it is a pleasure to follow their adventures Angelica and Dominic were not an exception The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae was my first book in the Cynster series Other books I read by this author were from the Bastion Club series And I have to admit that I slightly prefer my previous reads Probably because there were suspense in the them and I really love a good mystery part in my books Don t get me wrong, The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae has some really grabbing background story which was well constructed and developed I just prefer my books to have some suspense part Still, it was a great book and I m really happy I read it Definitely going to read other books in Cynster series.

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The Capture of the Earl of Glencraecharacters The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, audiobook The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, files book The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, today The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae, The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae dd74f Three Heros, Three Rescues, Three WeddingsWe Joyfully Request Your Attendance At The Wedding Of Miss Angelica Cynsterbut Not Until She And Her Hero Confront A Devious Enemy And Lay To Rest An Ancient Grudge In The Scottish Highlands Headstrong Angelica Cynster Is Certain She Ll Recognize Her Fated Husband At First Sight And When Her Eyes Meet Those Of A Mysterious Nobleman Across A Candlelit Ballroom, She Knows Beyond Doubt That He S The One But Her Heart Is Soon Pounding For An Entirely Different Reason When He Hero Abducts Her The Eighth Earl Of Glencrae Has No Choice But To Kidnap Angelica, The One Cynster Sister With Whom He Hadn T Wanted To Tangle But To Save His Castle And His Clan, He Must Persuade Her To Assist Him And He S Prepared To Offer Marriage To Seal The Deal

About the Author: Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.Once in London, Stephanie