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Gift-Wrapped Governess explained Gift-Wrapped Governess , review Gift-Wrapped Governess , trailer Gift-Wrapped Governess , box office Gift-Wrapped Governess , analysis Gift-Wrapped Governess , Gift-Wrapped Governess 6e06 Christmas At Blackhaven Castle By Sophia JamesIn Disguise, Penniless Lady Seraphina Moreton Seeks Sanctuary At The Duke Of Blackhaven S Castle Just Days Before Christmas Trey Swore Never Again To Be Beguiled By A Beautiful Face, But As Governess Seraphina Gets Close To His Unruly, Motherless Children, He Wants The Festive Joy She Brings To Stay Well Beyond Christmas Day Governess To Christmas Bride By Annie BurrowsLord Chepstow Hasn T Seen Honeysuckle Miller Since She Was A Plain, Awkward Schoolgirl Now She S Not So Plain And Is Looking After The Host S Children At A Lavish Christmas House Party And The Last Thing Lord Chepstow Expected To Want On His Christmas List Is The Prim Governess Duchess By Christmas By Marguerite KayeMasquerading As A Governess To Help The Brooding Duke Of Blair Find A Wife Is Not How Regan Stuart Expected To Spend Christmas Then He Steals An Unexpected Kiss, Endangering Regan S Heartunless Gabriel Can See Beyond Her Dowdy Costume And Realize She S His Perfect Christmas Bride

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Gift-Wrapped Governess
  • Sophia James
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780373296637

About the Author: Sophia James

Georgette Heyer novels formed Sophia James s reading tastes as a teenager lying in the sun on her grandmother s porch overlooking a wild west coast beach.Her writing life, however, started in Bilbao, Spain After having three wisdom teeth extracted she was given a pile of Mills and Boons filled with strong painkillers she imagined that she could pen one, too.Many drafts later she thinks she has t

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    Good stories In the first, I liked the way that Trey immediately saw that Seraphina was in need of his help It didn t take him long to fall for her In the second, I wasn t very impressed with Lord Chepstow He was too heedless of how his actions affected others, though he was getting better by the end of the story In the third, the Duke was pretty cold blooded in the way he was searching for a bride I did like the way that he treated the children, and that he soon saw that he wouldn t be happy with anyone except Regan.

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    Dukes Governesses Ladies in disguises as governesses Ladies asked to pretend to be governesses.These are the characters in the three Christmas novellas contained in Gift Wrapped Governess In each case, the women have been known to the dukes since childhood so the seeming insta love isn t as bizarre as it might initially appear.Here s the thing these books always have the anticipated happy ending You know what you re getting, regardless of the lack of historicity They re good fun and light reading Take them for that alone.

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    Three stories in one book I wasn t really crazy about the three of them Christmas at Blackhaven Castle 3 stars probably the best of the three But it was just okay Nothing for me to get excited about, but it wasn t completely lacking, either Governess to Christmas Bride 1 star Honeysuckle Miller is basically a school teacher and Lord Chestow arrives to insult her and lecture her on how to discipline children As a former school teacher, myself, I was appalled by this male character telling a school teacher on how to discipline boys by using corporal punishment, and then she had the nerve to feel chastised by this man who had no experience in the classroom himself Kind of like legislators who have no teaching experience but make laws regarding teacher rather irks me Then this Lord Chestow starts quoting Bible verses as the authority in corporal punishment I was appalled by this author s ideas And then Miss Miller is suddenly attracted to him soon after he mocks and lectures her I would have been livid by his disrespect Not only this, but soon after he has the gall to disrespect her in this manner, he reduces her character even further by viewing her as a mere sex object The author writes, If he stood here staring at her bottom for very much longer, he would be saluting her with something tangible than an imaginary sword, soon after he lectured her about corporal punishment being the correct way to handle boys Throughout the rest of the story, Lord Chestow continues to act like an arrogant, immature jerk and only out for himself He continues to tease and mock Miss Miller He is not the type of man I would personally ever want as a suitor Duchess by Christmas 2 stars The male character in this story is just as bad as the one in Governess to Christmas Bride Regan arrives at the home of childhood friend Duke of Blair with her 3 half siblings for the Christmas holiday But he has decided that, in order to impress 3 potential bride choices for himself, he wants Regan to act in the role of governess to her 3 siblings His mother, who always has had a horrible attitude towards Regan, also treats Regan with disdain and disrespect Gabriel the Duke of Blair never takes Regan s feelings into account He is another arrogant jerk who is only concerned with himself and his future prospects, never about what Regan wants.

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    Over all every good book Sophia James Christmas at Blackhaven Castle was very entertaining The first chapter sets it off with Seraphine s dog running scared and doing what s scared little doggies dog Making people happy One way to a child s heart Annie Burrows Governess to Christmas Bride made you want to do some slaping of a certain person or two But all comes right in the end Marguerite Kaye s Duchess by Christmas has you wishing she could of put Gabriel in his place often Loved the book thank you

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    This was an average collection of short stories about governesses falling in love during Christmas I found this to a large uninspiring collection, and all of the stories had some pretty flaws in them.Christmas at Blackhaven Castle by Sophia James 2 starsLady Seraphina Moreton is on the run and disguises herself as a governess Right before Christmas, she is hired by the Duke of Blackhaven to act as governess for his three sons Blackhaven is a widower of some years, and his wife cheated on him repeatedly His sons, particularly his middle child, have some issues relating to their mother s death, and have scared away all their previous governesses Blackhaven isn t sure Seraphina is up to the job but has no other choice However, he quickly realizes that his governess isn t all that she seems, and over the course of Christmas, Seraphina helps the duke s heal and falls in love with the man.So this was an ok story, but I had a couple of big issues with it One of my big issues is with Blackhaven s wife view spoiler She repeatedly cheated on him and died after getting sick coming back from a tryst I don t really like what the hero s first wife cheats all over the place, and all he does is act sad I guess I just have difficulty respecting him when that happens Also, his youngest son isn t actually his, and I also don t care for it when the hero is raising a kid that isn t his because of cheating I just don t care for it Others may be fine with it, but it s not my cup of tea Also, I had an issue with the fact that the first wife is vilified for her cheating, but Seraphina s mom had an affair with Blackhaven s cousin, and that was ok because they were in love Seraphina s parents weren t in love It just seemed like a massive double standard hide spoiler

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    I found this set of novellas while I was looking for 2 in a series of books by Annie Burrows The novella Governess to Christmas bride tells the story of Lord Chepstow who played a role in the beginning of the first book in the series Lord Harclock s list The thought of a helping his friend find a wife sends him fleeing to the country and of course he finds his own love Well written and a cute story Really want the protagonist to get her come uppance though That probably would have been a longer book.The Annie Burrows series I mentioned is 1 Lord Harclock s list 2 Governess to Christmas bride 3 The debutantes daring proposal.Pleasantly surprised with the Duchess by Christmas Good character depth and felt really drawn to both the hero and heroine Christmas at Blackhaven was very sweet Very feel good both heroine and hero had gone through struggles.

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    Enjoyable fluff to get romance readers in the mood for Christmas I don t have much else to say besides I enjoyed it some of the thoughts themes were interesting, but when 3 stories share the space one novel would normally take up there s not all that much room for surprises That s part of the charm though simple plots that would be stretched thin in a longer book, but that were enjoyable in shorter stories.

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    Enjoyable read upon a theme, leaving you wanting .

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    Ridiculous instant love short stories but great fun.

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