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    God, this could have been SO good I wish Sendker s writing abilities matched his imagination, because this would have been an awesome book As it was, it was okay There is a beautiful love story in the center of the book, but it comes to an extremely trite conclusion Throughout the novel, he relies on some extremely hackneyed devices that, with just a little effort, could have melted away into masterful writing First device relying on long and I mean REALLY loonnnggg monologue soliloquy to give backstory he has Julia s mother gas on and on about her husband And she speaks, not in her own voice, but in the voice of the narrator, as if the narrator is saying See Reader This here s the BACKSTORY, and the only way I can figure out how to communicate it is by having Julia s mother basically just blather on about the whole thing in monologue After the mother relates this, she pretty much disappears from the novel, because the only reason she was in the book in the first place was to act as freakin Greek Chorus Stupid Good writers are supposed to create the plot through action and not explain it, so he fails here Really annoying Second device throughout the entire novel, he voices questions that the characters are thinking, one after the other Reminded me of old fashioned announcer voice overs of cliffhanger moments at the end of a daily 1950 s soap opera Did Sam turn left because he loved Lucinda Did Sam turn right because he wanted to ignore Abigail Or is Sam simply directionally challenged Tune in tomorrow to find out on As the World Turns organ music swells and fades Cut to Brillo Pad commercial Third, the evil uncle s name was U Saw, and he s the guy who gives main character Tin Win whom I kept wanting to call Win Tin as in Win Tin Tin his sight back Get it U SAW helps Win Tin Tin SEE nyuck nyuck nyuck Fourth, Sendker forgets that he has another character relating the central story, which involves bits that there s no way he could have known Finally, Sendker s ending was Sooooooo melodramatic and sappy The love story in the middle was lovely, but, I m sorry, it should have ended better So, there you have it The Art of Hearing Heartbeats gets a two from me.

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    I think I ve mentioned that for me reading has become a luxury the likes of which I sometimes even avoid Not sure why really, except maybe anger at myself for spending so much time on bad books badly written, lazily edited, simply or likely horrifically plotted I ve gotten to where I just don t want to bother any simply not to run the risk of feeling like it was time wasted.As a writer myself, I see the puppet strings, the skeletal framework, and at times feel the sweat and tears that have been poured into every line And that just wears me out.Then, when I listen to my mother and read a book she insists that I simply must, I am never disappointed The last book I raved about here What Alice Forgot, was such a book.So is the Art of Hearing Heartbeats Never has so much been said in so few lines So much tenderness, sweet sexual awakening, and sheer joy expressed with an incredible economy of actual words it makes me want to sit and stare at the walls and roll the story around in my head over and over again A tender coming of age tale, wrapped up in a modern woman s journey to find out the truth about her mysterious, exotic and ultimately unreachable father, this book will mesmerize you with its many poetic turns of phrase But in the end you will feel like a better person for having experienced a love story that spans ages, continents, cultures and families.I am sorry I had to finish it But feel like a better human, and hopefully a better writer, for having done it in one sitting.

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    I am somewhat outraged by this book It is marketed as an inspirational love story, and I would like to say that I strongly disagree The premise is that Julia s father has disappeared, and she travels to Burma, where he is from, to solve the mystery of her father s disappearance Let me mention that Julia s parents are still married when he disappears When Julia gets to Burma, she meets a man who tells a long and somewhat uneventful story of her father s life before he came to the U.S He was in love with a woman named Mi Mi, who he was wrongly separated from because of a meddlesome uncle It turns out her father has traveled back to Burma to be with Mi Mi After Julia comes to terms with this so called romantic story, she wants to see her father But, oh wait, it turns out he and Mi Mi are both dead now.But here is what bothered me what about his family in the U.S What about his wife who he committed to be with forever Are we supposed to overlook the fact that he did a pretty horrible thing by disappearing on his family, who thought he loved them All because he had this love story to move mountains with a woman he knew forty years ago Why couldn t he just tell his family why he needed to travel to Burma and have the decency to come clean UGH

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    As I was reading this book I was fully engaged and enjoying the story, the Burmese setting, the fairy tale quality to the narration.but as soon as I finished and started to reflect on it, the whole thing imploded like a house of cards As much as I really wanted to like this book, it hit several of my hot buttons I have a real problem with books that are about unrealistic love the our love is better stronger meaningful than anyone else s love kind of love If Tin Win was so in love with Mi Mi why would he get married to someone in the US rather than return to Burma for her His original departure is explained but there is nothing to really support the fact that he completely gave up and created this other US life And if we romanticize this Burmese love, what does that say about the lie he s been living with his American family It s actually quite dodgy if you give it much thought.I m also not crazy about characters who tell stories about things that they couldn t possibly know Tin Win s story is told to Julia by U Ba, an old man that approaches her in a Burmese cafe He doesn t just know facts, he knows emotions, inner thoughts, struggles, joys, intimate details of her father s relationships etc I know I used the word fairy tale earlier so I tried to use that to justify this storytelling devicebut I think that the book would have worked better for me if we heard this story either from Julia s father directly or from an omniscient narrator because then I wouldn t have to stop myself from thinking He couldn t possibly know that The ending is a little too neat for me but I will let this slide since that is how fairy tales tend to be And they all lived happily ever after In reality Julia is going to need lots of therapy for her abandonment issues, but maybe that is the sequel

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    I have been a little stingy with awarding 5 stars this year, and this book is an example of why I want my full 5 stars to portray to others I read something exquisitely written, wholly engaging, and so profoundly touching The Art of Hearing Heartbeats was all of those adjectives.and so much .Julia is in her late 20 s and living in New York, has always had a loving father even if his and her mother s marriage was not perfect, and she believes her fast paced life in the field of law is following in his footsteps Then one day, her father just leaves, not to be heard from for the next four years Julia is at a loss as to what could make him abandon her and she heads to Burma, her fathers homeland, in search of answers Who was this man she thought she knew Why has he never spoke of the first 20 years of his life in a small Burmese town Why does he have secret love letters to a woman named Mi Mi hidden with his belongings Does he still love her In Kalaw, Julia meets U Ba, a man who seems much older than his years He uncannily knows about Julia and proceeds to tell her the unknown beginnings of her father s life His traumatic childhood that had so much heartache, his relationship with Mi Mi that made him finally feel alive, and a sense of family duty that led him down a path so different from the one he envisioned It soon becomes clear that perhaps he wasn t abandoning his family in America so much as finally following his heart by coming home.First and foremost, Sendker is a beautiful writer The words flow effortlessly off the page to paint a picture that you not only see, but can hear as well Tin Win and Mi Mi have one of the most amazing love stories I have ever heard It was not rushed or selfish and it has no end While fictional with just a touch of magical realism, it embodied everything I associate with true soul mates who are destined to be together And while I fully expected to be a sobbing mess by the end of the book, I closed it dry eyed and with a smile on my face U Ba telling the story to Julia resulted in an interesting cultural comparison between the slower, family oriented life of the people of Burma and the fast paced, career centric life of the typical New Yorker She could not understand why he chose to live in Burma and he could not understand why she thought he had a choice Aside from the main story of Tin Win and Mi Mi, I thoroughly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the cultures and how it made me truly think about what is important in my life.I usually like to give a critique of each book I read, but there was honestly not one thing about this book I would change I can t imagine making it better It may not be the perfect book for everyone, but for me, Mr Sendker seems to have heard my heart and made me fall in love.

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    This book is a perfect example of what I consider book club bait A compelling blurb, major publisher s backing, glowing reviews, eloquent prose, family drama, journey of self discovery, troubled self sacrificing protagonist who just wants to do the right thing Book clubs fall for these things all the time While I d like to think my book club is above the baiting because we re pretty good at weeding them out , once in a while a book like this one comes along and catches us off guard for whatever reason, and we don t realize what we d gotten ourselves into until we re half way through the self sacrificing, self discovery journey.That s not to say this book is not good It s well written, and the author has a great handle on turning phrases to make them stick with you long after you re done reading It s just not right for me The story did not and still does not sit right with me view spoiler Such an ending, such a revelation will never sit right with me, regardless of story or genre hide spoiler

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    This is the story of a young boy who, born under an unlucky star, goes through great trials and tribulations with his star crossed love, becomes blind during childhood and, after a period of maladjustment, gains zen superpowers and becomes a celebrity lawyer.If it sounds like I may be mistakenly writing a review for a Daredevil comic, that s not an accident Because this appalling book, if summarised for, say, Twitter, would be exactly that Sadly, this story, while being about Daredevil, isn t nearly as cool It would be tremendously improved if the protagonist started running around beating people up with amazing martial arts moves using his cane Sadly, that s not what it does Instead, it explains how blind people, in order to gain competence and freedom in their lives, must through the rejection of fear and anger because disabled people must not feel human emotions, or they cease to function gain superpowers, and why it will make them inspiring Buckle in and let s go for a ride.I may choose to be lenient, and blame its choppy, awkward, writing, and the horrifyingly overwrought dialogue in the first person narrator parts, on the translator, rather than the author, but the rest of it is definitively the author s fault So let s begin at the beginning, and take a closer look.This is the story of young Tin Win, whom, the astrologer prophesies, will bring much suffering to his family We never see him do this, perhaps because his father dies in an accident, and his mother ditches him That very week, while he is sitting for days on end squatting and waiting for her, the vision loss begins to settle in Rather on the coincidental side, I suppose, but tolerable so far.Then Tin Win goes entirely blind And, after a great deal of doing nothing and bumping into things, becomes inspiring through the power of zen and calm, which allows him, after the proper revelationary enlightenment, to hear everything, and I do mean everything, including, for example, birds growing in the egg, and people s heartbeats that also serves him as a lie detector later on in life Daredevil says hi again Being, myself, visually impaired from birth, I can tell you that disability is not inspirational, it ain t magical, and it sure as heck doesn t give you superpowers.Then Tin Win meets Mi Mi, who is also disabled and cannot walk, and who is also inspirational and magical, possessed of the most wonderful voice that is rumoured to preserve and prolong life, and a completely unnatural dignity and dirt repelling charms, while she crawls in a dignified way, f course on all fours on the floor.Thanks, author First you give us the blind guy who can t do anything with himself and never gains confidence until he gains superpowers and becomes able to see the world by radar, then you give us the girl who, instead of illustrating for us the genuine troubles and trials of a person who cannot walk, and who can t get a wheelchair, and remain dignified despite that, magically avoids all these very real issues.Then the unfortunate implications get even worse, as Tin Win Becomes mobile and independent carrying Mi Mi on his back not, in any way, recalling that parable about the blind man and the lame man who have to get out of the forest, oh no and having her see and interpret the world for him, aptly demonstrating to us how a blind person needs to have eyes in order to make sense of his surroundings and see for him When, later on in the book, they are inevitably separated, Tin Win, even with his awesome superpowers, completely loses his ability to do much of anything, because all these years of being blind obviously didn t teach him to test his environment in a cautious and independent manner.In fact, the two are so much in love that, whenever they are separated for any period of time, Tin Win becomes terminally ill Because this is precisely the kind of romantic attachment that one should wish to promote, and carries with it no connotations whatsoever of sick obsession, but rather is indicative of an exceptional ability to love, and is a culmination of zen teachings From now on, every time my husband is out of the house without my knowledge, I have the perfect excuse to play dead I m just so much in love, you know Tin Win s evil uncle restores his sight by removing his cataracts, an act which may or may not in and of itself be evil, and decides to keep him around as a good luck charm, for which purpose he purloins Tin Win s letters to Mi Mi, and vise versa For years.And for years Tin Win, who is supposed to be quite brilliant, and possess an almost eidetic memory, as well as be a living lie detector, never thinks to ask himself whether his uncle may have been tampering with his mail Not once He just accepts the lack of response knowing that his Mi Mi loves him Holy hell Then, when the uncle sends him to America, instead of trying to run away, or contact her behind his back, he just goes, never seeing her again for fifty years If that is not a contrived plot device intended to lend the story its proper dramatic tone, I honestly don t know what is get a damn envelope and mail it without your uncle s knowledge boy In America he marries for some reason , has children, only in order to, without ever telling them a word about his past, disappear thirty years later to find the love of his life how this makes sense is utterly beyond me, but I ll give the moral implications involved a pass for now, because otherwise I ll run out of room.Finally, to top off this comedy of the absurd, Tin Win arrives in Burma it s called Myanmar now, by the way and finds Mi Mi, in order to spend a night of amazing passion and all that other good stuff, right in time That night, with no rhyme or reason, they both die in each other s arms.That s it In this case, the less said, the illustrated, and so I leave you If you want a good portrayal of a disabled protagonist, seriously, read Lois McMaster Bujold It s a better story, too In space.

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    This is the first review I have written and whilst I could give a plot summary, I feel no need as many others have done a brilliant job of this I write factual and complex assessments as a part of my job, so feel no desire to analyze this book I read primarily for enjoyment and relaxation and occasionally enjoy a challenging read I chose this novel hoping that it would be perfect holiday read, something to savour and delight in, and I was not dissapointed The Art of Hearing Heartbeats was an absolute joy to read.Translated I thought beautifully from German, it was a love story written with wonderfully descriptive language and an almost lyrical quality I found myself lost in the small village in Burma, thoroughly engaged in the poignant story being told I was happy to accept this book for what it isI know that many readers have identified a number of perceived flawsbut I enjoyed each and every page, and found myself not wanting this beautiful story to end I finished The Art of Hearing Heartbeats in a flood of tears, emotionally connected to the main protagonists.Poignant, thoroughly enjoyable, thought provoking and overwhelmingly joyful I loved this book

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    The heart of this novel is set in Burma, pre WWII The author Sendker was correspondent in America and Asia for Stern, the weekly German news magazine, for some years This is his first novel Sendker was successful and very clever in his choice of subject In making the setting a mountain province of Burma, a country not much opened to the outside and stuck in a pre WWII lifestyle, things had not changed significantly since the 1950s and if they had, very few English speaking eyewitnesses would be able to refute it In addition, Sendker gave his main character a disability, blindness, which gave Sendker the latitude to describe through the voice of another person what the main character was meant to be seeing Not only does this help us, but it helps the author, in that readers are a little like blind men the author must describe everyday things giving focus to sounds, smells, colors If the reader has any experience in a Southeast Asian country, the descriptions trigger unforgettable memories.But Sendker did than just excel in describing what any reader could see He delved into the psyche of the Burmese and showed us folk tales, beliefs, habits, and ways of living A novel is always suspect in what it reveals, but in this case we can understand as outsiders understand, a way into a South Asia culture that is so remote and so different from modern day Western culture All this and I haven t mentioned the novel is a love story But not an ordinary love story it tells of a love that any of us would be happy to call our own Some reviewers may call this a fairy tale, but I would merely say it was an especially daring and insightful attempt to create a plausible story that works on many levels And so it does.Special kudos go to Other Press, for republishing this story at this time of the opening of Myanmar to the outside world 2012, originally published 2002 , and to Blackstone Audio for making a very good audio version of the title with American accented Cassandra Campbell I have to admit the Americans in the novel were so much less spiritual, likeable, and accepting than the Burmese that one can see the stark contrast in our approaches to the world Let s hope these differences do not keep us apart We d all do better if we had just a little influence on one another.

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    This book is so beautiful and realy moved me to tears a couple of times , I also love the setting and I found in this book so much wisdom, I realy learnt from this book

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