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    A few things 1 This is a Taschen book, so it is an art book 2 As an artist, I must keep up to date on all things art 3 This book actually is educational Really 4 My wife bought it for me she knows how much I love art.

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    Oh, awesome So my friend has this book in her house, and I read it alright, like viewed it. there isn t much text and I skipped it anyway , whilst waiting for my turn in guitar hero It s interesting enough that when it was my turn I was like. oh. you can go again, I m still looking at this It is really cool, and I didn t know this before reading the goodreads description, but the book is all about natural big breasts I didn t know this when I viewed it, so I was just like WOW Holy crap Are these real I can t believe people back in the day had such naturally big breasts I don t think women are built like that any. which was one of the most interesting parts of it to me Just seeing how women s bodies well, model women changed over time I mean, thin ish women with giant natural breasts are few and far between even today. but I think our current focus on being skinny above all things has perhaps lessened this I don t know. the point is models were much beautiful and natural back in the day This book is divided by decades. and there was a decade. I think it was the 50 s. that was my favorite Or maybe it was the 20 s It was a long time ago, whenever it was Around the 70 s and on I was like eh the sense of style from that time on was a lot crappier And YES, this book is than just ohhh boobies , because, like I said, you can see the trends in style, like with hair and makeup, and the evolution of body style, and stuff like that, which I found interesting And yes, ohh boobies , too Also this book weighs like 20 pounds So be careful, if you set it on your glass living room table, the table may crumble from the weight of the awesome..

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    Boobies Big, luscious, hanging, firm, plushy, ALL NATURAL boobies I just wanted to lay my head between all those lovely titties and fall asleep.Just so you know, this is an art book than just a salacious collection of gratuitous nudity Also, my wife bought this book For her But I read it first Highly recommended

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    A part of the big franchise by Taschen and it covers off a lot of BIG personalities Vintage and as per usual very well lay out

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    One of my guilty pleasures, this one Bought for me as a Christmas present a few years back, it is a distracting tome, extolling the virtues of natural, unenhanced breasts I understand the need for plastic surgery in certain circumstances for reconstruction, or for severe psychological reasons but in terms of aesthetics you cannot beat a pair of real, properly hanging, all natural breasts whatever the size Gravity defying, ridiculously zeppelinesque implants may as well be a pair of Melchet s comedy breasts see Blackadder II, episode beer in my eyes This book is a celebration of true heavy hangers Keep it them real Hurrah

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    I doubt I ll read it I have enough trouble sleeping at night.

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    I can t actually get this book for myself, so I d better wait until my bf does something really really nice, and then I can get it for him To look at when I m done with it.On second thought, why wait He s never going to do something all that nice anyway, right

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    The book cover looks tasteful, but I like it.

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    My bible I just clipped a page and took it to the plastic surgeon with me

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    Wonderful book Perhaps it should have been in the title that it focuses on the 1950s 60s 70s something like 96% of the photos are from this period but two of the models interviewed started in the 80s as far as I know The photography is generally better than it would become in the 80s onward I got a sense that the older photographers might have a broader interest in their craft , the interviews are good and there s some interesting things about adult magazines, films, burlesque and strip clubs in the introduction Some quibbles Most of the major models from this era are covered but there s no Busty Russell at all, I don t recall her even being mentioned That s a shame because she was very distinctive There really should have been a recent photo of Michelle Angelo She says in her interview how much bustier she is now but you ll have to find her newer photos online Longer interviews would have been nice and a few of them There s a John Cebollero statue near the beginning but it s uncredited A few newer models are shown but it would have been nice if there was some acknowledgement of the other major models that came after the 70s for the people who aren t familiar with this world But this book is still spectacular.There was a much smaller version of this book with 40% different content but I ve never seen it.

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The Big Book of Breasts summary pdf The Big Book of Breasts, summary chapter 2 The Big Book of Breasts, sparknotes The Big Book of Breasts, The Big Book of Breasts 0e2b076 Say No To Silicone The Greatest Natural Breasts Of Our Times Some Call It The American Obsession, But Men Everywhere Recognize The Hypnotic Allure Of A Large And Shapely Breast In The Big Book Of Breasts, Dian Hanson Explores The Origins Of Mammary Madness Through Three Decades Of Natural Big Breasted Nudes Starting With The World War II Bosom Mania That Spawned Russ Meyer, Howard Hughes S The Outlaw And Frederick S Of Hollywood, Dian Guides You Over, Around, And In Between The Dangerous Curves Of Infamous Models Including Michelle Angelo, Candy Barr, Virginia Bell, Joan Brinkman, Lorraine Burnett, Lisa De Leeuw, Uschi Digard, Candye Kane, Jennie Lee, Sylvia McFarland, Margaret Middleton, Paula Page, June Palmer, Roberta Pedon, Rosina Revelle, Candy Samples, Tempest Storm, Linda West, June Wilkinson, Julie Wills, And Dozens , Including Guinness World Record Holder Norma Stitz, Possessor Of The World S Largest Natural Breasts ThePages Of This Book Contain The Most Beautiful And Provocative Black And White And Color Photos Ever Created Of These Iconic Women, Plus Nine Original Interviews, Including The First With Tempest Storm And Uschi Digard In Over A Decade, And The Last With Candy Barr Before Her Untimely Death InIn A World Where Silicone Is Now The Norm, These Spectacular Real Women Stand As Testament That Nature Knows Best The Editor Dian Hanson Is A Twenty Five Year Veteran Of Men S Magazine Publishing She Began Her Career At Puritan Magazine InAnd Went On To Edit A Variety Of Titles, Including Partner, Oui, Hooker, Outlaw Biker, And Juggs Magazines InShe Took Over The S Title Leg Show And Transformed It Into The World S Best Selling Fetishpublication Most Recently, She Authored TASCHEN S Terryworld, Tom Of Finland The Comic Collection And History Of Men S Magazines Six Volume Set

  • Hardcover
  • 420 pages
  • The Big Book of Breasts
  • Dian Hanson
  • English
  • 12 September 2017
  • 9783822833032

About the Author: Dian Hanson

Dian Hanson born November 2, 1951 began her publishing career as an American pornographic magazine editor, historian, and occasional model, helping found the 1970s hardcore journal Puritan, then moving on to Partner, OUI, Adult Cinema Review, Outlaw Biker and Big Butt, among others She was most famously the editor of Juggs and Leg Show sexual fetish magazines from 1987 2001.