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The Dark Highlander chapter 1 The Dark Highlander, meaning The Dark Highlander, genre The Dark Highlander, book cover The Dark Highlander, flies The Dark Highlander, The Dark Highlander b16e5e449096b Journey To A World Of Ancient Magic, Breathtaking Sensuality, Thrilling Time Travel Journey To The World Of The Dark Highlander Crisscrossing The Continents And The Centuries, Here Is A Novel As Gripping As It Is Sensual An Electrifying Adventure That Will Leave You BreathlessI Am Dageus MacKeltar, A Man With One Good Conscience And Thirteen Bad Ones, Driven To Sate My Darkest Desires From His Penthouse Lair High Above Manhattan, Dageus Looks Out Over A Glittering City That Calls To The Darkness Within Him A Sixteenth Century Scot Trapped Between Worlds, He Is Fighting A Losing Battle With The Thirteen Druids Who Possess His Soul, Dooming Him To An Eternity Of Sexual Pursuit When Chloe Zanders, Student Of Antiquities, Is Drawn Into His World, She Finds The Insatiable Alpha Male An Irresistible LureBefore Long, She Is Caught Up In An Ancient Prophecy That Will Sweep Her Back Into Time To Medieval Scotland Plunged Into A World Of Timeless Magic And Dark Seduction, She Will Soon Face The Challenge Of A Lifetime Fighting Thirteen Evil Spirits For The Heart Of One Irresistible Man

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her head, Well, MY child won t do that Hahahaha I got the last laugh on that one, bitch ITS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK There is NOTHING romantic about having babies Nothing You will get a massive belly, need to pee all the time Then you will go through childbirth and while recovering from this experience you will be tending a newborn You will bleed constantly for six weeks while your nipples leak and you can t remember the last time you got a good night s sleep Your hormones will trick you into thinking your grandpa faced little newborn is beautiful and people will lie to you because they realize that with the birth of your child has begun your decent into insanity People will coo over your child who will be perfectly well behaved until they bugger off and then you re left alone with a screaming infant WHO CAN T BE REASONED WITH Yes, I love my son, he s the light of my life, blah de blah, blah But I can t take any of these Happily Ever After WITH BABIES endings Why can t we have Happily Ever After, with a lot of money, sex and freedom to travel the globe, eat in expensive restaurants and have even MORE sex except this time on the kitchen floor, endings No Instead we get this The little jerk I keep ending these novels with super happy couples petting their lovely pregnant bellies and all I can think is, Poor bastards Don t even know what they re in for

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    This book oozes hotness from every pore Wow Well done The recipe for a great book Hmm what could it be In a large bowl of Scotland, put in two brothers Add a bit of druid extract, and mix it through time and space When you are done with mixing, separate the brothers in two bowls, each will get his own book Now, in each bowl add a seriously intelligent woman who s not affraid to believe in the impossible Mix some , for the ingredients have to fall in love Are they in love yet Yes Stop mixing and pour it in the mold, then to the oven because they need to be extra HOT for a while Are they sizzling and burning up the pages Yes Get them out, now they are ready to be read And the reading will be absolutely delicious This is a story of the second brother, Dageus In the previous book, he goes back in time to prevent the death of his brother, and because he used his power for selfish reasons, he became the vessel for 13 most evil druids that existed He became dark Chloe is an antiquitarian or something like that XD and has to deliver a translation of an ancient book to some unknown rich guy That turns out to be Dageus After she discovers he is the famous thief who steals books, Dageus must keep her locked in his apartment, because he can t risk being arrested Every day, he slips and into the dark, and is at his end trying to find a solution to break the curse.Chloe another virgin in need of a cherry picker I mean, what s up with that Is every girl in this series a freaking virgin she is very intelligent, and knows her antiques and ancient languages She is seriously attracted to Dageus, and even though he kept her locked in his room for a while, she ends up helping him in the search for other books that might explain how to return the 13 druids back to where they came from.Dageus He s one of the sexiest characters I ve read I just want to him heheh A Scottish Highlander gone dark, tortured hero, who only finds himself through sex, I mean wow He actually needs his sex therapy, it keeps him from embracing the dark druids in him And MAN Was he hot The foreplays were steaming, and the first sex, my oh my, I kinda got the feeling he s quite into domination, and boy O HOT Ok now that I said HOT about a million times, I can go on XD Loved the rest of his character too XD He s alienated himself from his family, the further from Scotland he is, the peace he can find But he s losing time, soon the druids will take over him, and then there would be world destruction and he must not allow that to happen They were lovely together and I love the fact that they were actually together for a good part of the book, not being separated by villains or some other stupid sh t The most beautiful moment in the book is when Chloe takes his hand when he tells her he and his brother are not in good terms, I just have to put it here A few moments later, she slipped her wee hand into his.He tensed, startled by the gesture He was accustomed to women reaching for many parts of him, none of them his hand.He glanced at her, but she was staring straight ahead Yet her hand was in his.He closed his fingers around hers before she might snatch it away Her wee hand was nearly swallowed by his It meant to him than kisses More even than bedplay When women sought him for sex, it was for their pleasure.But Chloe s small hand had been given without taking beautiful So I loved this book, it had everything, a great story, a tortured hero, a smart heroine, sensuality to burn the pages and then some XD 3 Moving on to the next

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    This is my favorite romance book featuring my favorite hero, Dageus This book is Dageus and Chloe s story in the Highlander series Dageus is a sexy Druid who was cursed with 13 evil souls for using the standing stones for personal gain to save his brother s life He is struggling against the evil inside of him and trying to find a way to banish them when he meets Chloe Chloe is a lover of antiquities who finds Dageus fascinating and decides to help him in his quest Dageus tempts Chloe to be a bit of a bad girl while Chloe helps him battle the evil inside of him Dageus has a wonderful wild heart and loves with everything in him Once he finds his Chloe lass, he does everything he can to seduce her and keep her safe I love this entire book This is an amazing love story full of sexual tension, great dialogue, passion and humor.

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    Keep an open mind and heart, because I can tell you one thing for sure when these Keltars love, they love completely and forever 5 Deliciously Dark Stars I am completely and forever in love with the MacKeltars This book is not as light hearted as the first book, or rather book 4, Kiss of the Highlander However, it has the right balance of romance, fun, passion, a to die for hero and a heroine that has the strength, compassion, and desire to not only save her man and but bring him to his knees In order to save his brother and allow him to re unite with his true love, Dageus did the unthinkable and traveled back in time to save Drustan s life He now wages an internal battle against the evil that will inevitably consume him and wreak havoc on the world Chloe walks into his life and under his bed and wreaks havoc with his heart Dageus feels the pull of the evil within him, but like the true hero he is, he fights it, keeps it at bay and does it with his Chloe lass at his side OMG every time he called her that.swoon These Highlanders with their Scottish brogue and unique take on words and phrases just melt me into a puddle of goo He is so charming, has a darky delicious bad boy air about him, but wears his heart on his sleeve, and toops with un relenting passion RAWRRRRRR Chloe might be tiny in stature, but she s big on heart, determination and burns up the meadow, pond, sheets whatever with Dageus and the love that they have for each other makes their bedplay all the sweet This thief covets but one priceless treasure You We get to see our favorite characters from Dageus past and present life when he brings Chloe to his homeland and travels back in time Silvan and Nell s story had a huge presence and impact in the book Absolutely freakin wonderful The time spent with Drustan and Gwen was like being with old friends and seeing the life they are living just warmed me to my toes sigh The Dark Highlander is rich in dialogue, offers a captivating, heartwarming story, and an ending that is guaranteed to satisfy romance lovers everywhere I can t recommend this book enough Thank you again to Kristen for knowing what I needed and encouraging me to read this book

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    5 Delicious stars Dageus finds himself cursed with evil Druid spirits, after saving his brother s life, by using time travel for personal reasons, which is forbidden by Druid law And the only woman that can save him is Chloe his fated bride Chloe is sweet and I adored her strong will and determination to save her warrior.Dageus oozes sexuality from the very first page and is everything you could want in an alpha male He s dangerous with a wild heart, in a body of a jaded man I m going to love you know, slow and sweet, but when you come, I m going to fuck you the way I need to The way I ve been dreaming about since the moment I saw you Wow, that man is a walking sex on a stick sigh This is edgy dark and wonderfully sensual read with a touch of PNR, and lots of hot and sexy tooping Loved it

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    Even if you have not read the previous Highlander books by Moning, this is a must read book if you are a fever series fan That s because Dageus, the main character of the book, plays a vital role in the last 3 books of the Fever series, ie Burned, Feverborn and most probably in Feversong which was not published when I was writing this review it will be out in January 2017.Dageus is the man of the 3 Ds Dark, Dangerous and Druid He is inhabited by the souls of 13 ancient evil druids Draghar as a panishment for using his power to go back in time in order to save his brother, Drustan The spirits are behaving themselves only if Dageus is having constantly sex.The book starts with him living in New York, searching like crazy for a cure for his condition There he meets Chloe, a student who is drawn to his world He kidnaps her and he convice her to help him Together they are visiting Scotland and his brother Drustan and they go back in time to meet his father Silvan A great love is born between them.

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    Another great book by KMM It wasn t as funny as the previous books in the series, but that was expected the title The Dark Highlander was a dead giveaway.As many readers before me and many others after, I m sure , I m in love with Dageus How could I not fall for a hero whose fault is to love too much I confess I was a bit turned off by his firt appearance, view spoiler because I don t like seeing my heroes having sex with anyone else but the heroine, hide spoiler

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    4 Final Star No No This series just CANNOT BE OVER For me Why Yes,I know that this book is just Book No.4 in this series but for me this one happens to be the last because I read this whole series out order.But I m glad this journey ended up with a 4 STAR bang Will miss these Characters.And yes Would defiantly recommend 3This series in Ratings 1 Beyond the Highland Mist 5 Stars Review 2 To Tame A Highland Warrior 1 Star The ONLY book in this series I rated so low Here s why Review 3 The Highlander s Touch 3 Stars Not bad but not that great either Shrug 4 Kiss of the Highlander 5 Stars Review 5 The Dark Highlander 4 Stars Review 6 The Immortal Highlander 4.75 Stars 7 Spell of the Highlander 4 Stars Review 8 Into the Dreaming 4 Stars

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    Posted on Under the CoversThirteen Druids possess Daegus s soul, cursing him with a darkness that no one else can bare to contain Transforming him from the once flirty and easy going Scot, Daegus s life has now dimmed His eyes, once the color of gold, are now dark His mental shields keep the 13 at bay, but just barely and Daegus can only find relief when he is inside a woman.Chloe, a self proclaimed nerd and lover of antiques finds herself the victim of that old saying, Curiosity killed the cat When sent to Mr MacKeltar s New York apartment to drop off a parcel, Chloe lets her curiosity get the best of her and she gets caught red handed when Daegus comes home, finding a woman searching beneath his bed Her punishment doesn t seem all that terrible though, because the gorgeous hunk of manflesh ties her to his bed and feeds her delicious meals.Chloe was an easy heroine to like I loved her passion for her work Anything old with a history sparked something inside of her She s someone who would rather spend time researching than anything else She had many endearing qualities and characteristics Her nervous hiccups, that stubborn lift of her chin, and the endless love she had for Daegus despite her not knowing everything about the mysterious Scot She takes many leaps of faith, trusting Daegus only when she s known him for such a short period of time.Speaking of time, the time travel in this one is perfect Again I wish Moning continued with this series While she has made her name with her Fever series, she is a master at meshing two hearts together into one.And there s Daegus who, simply put, is sex I swooned so much through this book, I grew faint At least give me some time to recover between bated breaths Favourite Quote I am going to love you now, slow and sweet, but when you come, I m going to fuck you the way I need to The way I ve been dreaming about since the moment I saw you.

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    I dont know which of the twin s stories I like best Drustan s Kiss of the Highlander or Dageus s The Dark Highlander but both are top of the game At the end of Drustan s story we find Dageus sacrificing his sanity, for all he knew, his very life to see his beloved brother reunited with his mate but at a cost.The Dark Highlander begins with Dageus alone in 20th century Manhattan desperately searching for a way to free himself from the 13 evil spirits taking up residence within his body for breaking an ancient pact for personal gain But he s not alone long, after intrepid Chloe Zanders takes it upon herself to investigate the artifacts spread throughout Dageus s palatial home while making a less than routine delivery Chloe has no idea that she s just changed her world forever and that the man who holds the key to ancient Celtic artifacts recently gone missing also holds the key to her heart.It will take them both to set The Dark Highlander free once and for all but can they do it before Dageus gives in to the darker urges pressing in on him, which will loose the darkness on the unsuspecting world and bring about cataclysmic destruction These two books, along with the final book in Moning s popular Highlander series Spell of the Highlander are by far my favorites The men are sexy and in Dageus s case, extremely duressed, yet show all the noble characteristics we love in a romance novel hero Strong in mind and spirit, Dageus knows his time is short and he s barely keeping the evil within him under control until he meets the woman who will save his life He doesnt know this of course, but he does know he needs to protect her, even from himself Yet Chloe is too clever and curious by far and when she finds out what s really going on matches him every way Perfect H h and hot romance at its best Dont miss it Dageus is definitely a precursor to another popular character in Moning s Fever series if you cant get enough of Barron s read this book plus it gives some subtle clues as to what s going on in the Fever world

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