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    Yes, in case you re wondering, I m even ashamed than when I gave its predeccesor The Highlander s Touch three stars It seems that I m deteriorating into some obscure form of madness in which time travelling, historical romance can illicit a four star rating out of me.They should name a damn charitable foundation after me to help other people suffering from this obscure mental illness.But it s honestly not my fault The fault lies with Karen Marie Moning There it is, folks The face of pure evil.She makes these RIDICULOUS books that you should blush at the idea of reading readable, fun and hilarious If I deign to pick up a Historical Romance especially one in which time travelling is involved I would spend most of it groaning, rolling my eyes and looking for a wall to bash my head on And yet, here we are I ve read two books in this series now and I have no intention of stopping I mean, I totally could stop If I wanted to I could stop anytimeThe strongest part of this book is, without a doubt, the characters They re fantastic Gwen and Drustan had me in hysterics I thought this was going to be the usual pushy, chauvinistic male character with sex pot in the making virgin who admires his studly studlyness until they have great sex and babies and we forget that they ever had issues No This is a story where the pushy, chauvinistic male character gets locked in the privy by the brilliant and stubborn female protagonist until he learns to behave himself I feel this is a trend that already should have existed in many romances Because women have been writing romantic men who re really just giant jackasses for waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too long.I absolutely adored this book from start to finish and it s not because I like romances Or history Or time travelling It s because Karen Marie Moning has me wrapped around her twisted little finger as she kicks my ass with her story telling ability and writing craft I m only glad I wasn t a fan of such books BEFORE I read Moning s, because otherwise she would have ruined Historical Romances as thoroughly for me as she s ruined Urban Fantasy with her Fever Series.Simply because she can, the heartless bitch

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    I am on Highlander high and these books are going to be my fix I absolutely LOVED Kiss of the Highlander The cover my oh my can it be hot Love the pic, and I d sure like to meet that model just to see how good a Highlander kiss can be The story I loved the whole concept, and it was well written, mixing time travel with druids and magic Just wow It s about Gwen, an american girl on vacation in Scotland She is in search of a cherry picker and so far no man has been worthy enough So one day, during a field trip, she falls into a cave and stumbles upon a body, a perfectly preserved specimen of human male perfection I guess you could say at that point that her cherry picking quest was definitely over Drustan awakens in this new world, he doesn t know what happened to him, and now must find a way to undo everything and restore the Keltar clan Drustan I so loved him one of the favorite Highlanders I ve read 3 He is the head of his clan, and bearer of the druid lore They have served and protected mankind for centuries, and it is his duty that his line continues, and the druid knowledge be perserved Unfortunately, he awakens in the future, and finds his home destroyed, meaning that his line was broken and the lore forgotten That s why he comes up with a plan that could make Gwen hate him forever Gwen a great heroine She s instantly attracted to Drustan can t blame the girl and she falls for him in the short time they had before he found his home She decides to give her virginity to him, and they do it in the middle of the stone circle some druid stuff They form a bond, he vows love to her, and then attempts to go back in time to undo what has happened to him BUT, the plan fails doesn t it always , and Gwen finds herself alone in the past, with Drustan and his family believing her a crazed woman wanting to trap him in marriage XD Overall This was such a great read, it really got me by surprise I have to say the author s writing is waaaay waaaay better than the first one, and I m so glad I loved the fact that for almost first half of the book Gwen thought Drustan was a madman with his claimes that he s from the past, and almost all the second half Drustan believed Gwen was the crazy one with her claims of being from the future XD This was very well written, I could see that this kind of plotline could be developed in so many ways bad ones at that , and am so glad this turned out the way it did Favorite scenes when Drustan awakens and starts dressing himself, and Gwen notices the million and one knives on him loool Drustan s first car ride when they went shopping, him trying on jeans HOT scene he discovers his castle s ruins and is heartbroken Gwen s first conversation with the Drustan from the past XD when they lock him up to have the second conversation the ending, oh how that got me in tears, it was just PERFECT

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    Drustan and Gwen s story I enjoyed this book, it was my first KMM book ever This is one of KMM s funniest books I love how Gwen was looking for a cherry picker to rid her of her virginity then when she saw Drustan she thought he looked like a cherry tree chopper downer than a cherry picker The storyline was very good, I love the part toward the end when Drustan remembers then they have a very passionate encounter in the buttery Gwen was a great heroine, she was intelligent, honorable and smart enough to figure out how to trap Drustan in his own guarderobe This story was a great set up for the next book, Dark Highlander Highly recommeded

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    5 Transcending stars 3 Absolutely delightful read An intelligent hero, a kick ass heroine,fabulous plot AND Time Travel,What could I have asked for It almost felt like a believable fairy tale Their love was absolutely transcendent and I loved how effortlessly the author handled the time travel concept which,believe me,is a RARE talent Would highly recommend this read and Yes,defiantly planning on reading the squeal ASAP This series in Ratings so far 1 Beyond the Highland Mist 5 Stars Review 2 To Tame A Highland Warrior 1 Star The ONLY book in this series I rated so low Here s why Review 3 The Highlander s Touch 3 Stars Not bad but not that great either Shrug 4 Kiss of the Highlander 5 Stars Review 5 The Dark Highlander 4 Stars Review 6 The Immortal Highlander 4.75 Stars 7 Spell of the Highlander 4 Stars Review 8 Into the Dreaming 4 Stars

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    5 Gigantic Stars FANTASTICAL It was worth all the anxiety I felt for reading out of order A few pages in and all that OCD flew out the window If aught must be lost, twill be my honor for yours If one must be forsaken, twill be my soul for yours Should death come anon, twill be my life for yours I am Given This book had everything and then some that I look for in a story A larger than life hero, who is cocky, funny, protective, loving, worships his woman and is SCRUMPTIOUS Drustan MacKeltarRAWRRRRRR A heroine who stands on her own will, she s mouthy, pushy, smart, challenges her man and loves him beyond reason Gwen CassidyAMAZING A story that captivates, charms, tugs at the heart Passion, desire and love that is breathtaking and heart poundingYES Secondary characters that play a huge role in the plot and are so intriguing, you hope that you get of them, in future books or stories of their own I was overwhelmed with emotion while reading this book, but the last few pages made my eyes so wet, I could barely read to the end I damn near passed out with Kip clutched in my hands When I could finally breathe, I began to smile and I still can t get that shit ass grin off my face Thank you to my dear friend Kristen, who convinced me to step out of the box and read out of order It was no easy task for her to do, but I trust her and knew she wouldn t steer me wrong Not to mention all of my other GR friends who agreed with her and encouraged me to go for it You were all right, I didn t miss a thing This books starts what is a mini series within a series It was everything you all said it would be and Thank you Finally to Kris, who told me about her love for this series a while back Why I didn t listen to you is beyond me It s always been in the back of my mind and your profile pic was a daily reminder You know me better than I know myself.Dark Highlander here I come

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    2.5 starsWhelp I am in the minority I enjoyed the first part of this book but the last 2 3 s were not for me I also just can t stand the term make love or Love making and found this book incredibly frustrating and too much instalove There were moments I enjoyed, I want to read the next book but overall to cheesy for me Maybe because of the year it was published Moving on.

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    I am a big fan of time travel romances and this book than met my expectations for a great read The author created characters you come to love with a plot that will pull at your heart strings and give you a chuckle now and then Beautifully crafted story that you won t want to put down A definite keeper Kiss of the Highlander is definitely a 5 star read and I highly recommend it I look forward to reading of Ms Moning s work.In short Hero 5 5 Heroine 5 5 Plot Point, Originality 5 5 Writing Style 5 5 Steam 4 5 Romance 5 5 Angst Suspense 4 5 Darkness 0 5 Humor 3 5 Secondary Characters 4 5 Drama Conflict 5 5 Mystery 4 5 Twists 5 5 Pacing Steady Action 4 5

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    I couldn t help but smile while reading this book I simply fell in love with the love story This book had a clever plot, fascinating characters, steamy romance, and great writing Definitely a keeper

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    KISS OF A HIGHLANDER Okay, now I have your attention I would like to say hasnt the model on the cover of this book have the most kissable lips you have ever seen What I would give to have them babies roaming my bodyoh my im sweating here LMAOOkay, now the review Well, well, well looky what I stumbled across here HUNKY HIGHLANDERS my lordy lord, this book was than I ever perceived it was going to be If it wasn t for my fabulous GR friend, Nissie, I would not have taken the plunge to read this so soon.Okay so about the story This is my first time travelling book, and initially my thoughts on time travel are simply meh but when introduced to Drustan MacKeltar who is from the 16th century, I melted This scot is a drop dead, kilt wearing hunk of spunk AND to make it all that much sweeter drool drips from mouth he goes completely commando On the theory that if it isn t constricted then it will continue to grow hmman interesting theory I would love to test on any willing hunky participants.Any who, gypsy s cast a nasty ass spell on him to sleep for all eternity, only able to be awaked by sun and blood He is placed in a cave where he sleeps for 500 years That is until our minx of a heroine klutzily stumbles across his hidey hole and BAM SLAM THANKYOU MAM the story get hot Gwen is on vacation to Scotland, touring with a bunch of pensioners completely by accident I found this funny because the same thing happens to me when I was 15 Went on a tour in Canada and It turned out to be a tour for pensioners I actually ended up having a blast and came to respect the elderly much Her main goal while in Scotland TO FIND A CHERRY PICKERLMAO When Gwen falls into Drustens cave she awakens the hunk of spunk and instantly their passion for one another is palpable Gwen sets out to help Drusten get back to his own time she s not really aware of it, but she s along for the ride , he needs to get back to his time to save his clan Unfortunately he sends them back too far into time thus erasing himself Gwen is then left to convince the 16th century Drusten that they are meant to be together This was a wild ride, and I am so glad that I read it I cannot wait to get my greedy little mitts on the next one, which if I gather correctly is about Drustens twin and equally as sexy brother Happy reading ladies.

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    Once upon a time a girl who was hiking in the foothills of Scotland found an enchanted highlader sleeping in a cave above Loch Ness A bit clumsy as she was, she lost her balance and landed on top of him waking him up The sleeping beauty, Drustan, had been slept for 500 years and he was a bit lost when he woke up in 21st century, but Gwen helped him found his way.This was a great love story I had a goofy smile while I was reading it from the beginning until the end The story is basically divided into two parts The first part is taking place in the 21st century when Drustan wakes up and Gwen thinks he is completely crazy The second part is taking place in the 16th century when Gwen travels back in time, Drustan does not remember her and he thinks she is completely crazy.I honestly wished I had read this book and the ones that follow before the Fever series by Moning Apparently as I realised Drustan is Christian s uncle Christian is the druid who is helping Mac and in Fever we meet again Drustan and his brother Dugeous.Finally, I know that what I am about to say will sound very boring but doesn t the guy in the bookcover has the most kissable lips you have ever seen

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Kiss of the Highlander summary pdf Kiss of the Highlander, summary chapter 2 Kiss of the Highlander, sparknotes Kiss of the Highlander, Kiss of the Highlander 8bce4ac A Laird Trapped Between CenturiesEnchanted By A Powerful Spell, Highland Laird Drustan MacKeltar Slumbered For Nearly Five Centuries Hidden Deep In A Cave, Until An Unlikely Savior Awakened Him The Enticing Lass Who Dressed And Spoke Like No Woman He D Ever Known Was From His Distant Future, Where Crumbled Ruins Were All That Remained Of His Vanished World Drustan Knew He Had To Return To His Own Century If He Was To Save His People From A Terrible Fate And He Needed The Bewitching Woman By His SideA Woman Changed Forever In His ArmsGwen Cassidy Had Come To Scotland To Shake Up Her Humdrum Life And, Just Maybe, Meet A Man How Could She Have Known That A Tumble Down A Highland Ravine Would Send Her Plunging Into An Underground Cavern To Land Atop The Most Devastatingly Seductive Man She D Ever Seen Or That Once He D Kissed Her, He Wouldn T Let Her Go Bound To Drustan By A Passion Stronger Than Time, Gwen Is Swept Back To Sixteenth Century Scotland, Where A Treacherous Enemy Plots Against Them And Where A Warrior With The Power To Change History Will Defy Time Itself For The Woman He Loves

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 396 pages
  • Kiss of the Highlander
  • Karen Marie Moning
  • English
  • 07 May 2017
  • 9780440236559

About the Author: Karen Marie Moning

The only other calling I ever felt was an irrepressible desire to be Captain of my own Starship I was born in the wrong century and it wasn t possible, so I chose to explore the universe by writing fiction instead Books are doors to endless adventure KMMKaren Marie Moning is the 1 NYT bestselling author of the Fever Series and Highlander novels.An alum of the Immaculate Conception Academy,