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The Highlander's Touch summary The Highlander's Touch , series The Highlander's Touch , book The Highlander's Touch , pdf The Highlander's Touch , The Highlander's Touch 3de8c520c6 A WARRIOR OF IMMORTAL POWERSHe Was A Mighty Scottish Warrior Who Lived In A World Bound By Ancient Laws And Timeless Magic But No Immortal Powers Could Prepare The Laird Of Castle Brodie For The Lovely Accursed Lass Who Stood Before Him A Terrible Trick Of Fate Had Sent Her Years Back In Time And Into His Private Chamber To Tempt Him With Her Beauty And Seduce Him With A Desire He Could Never Fulfill For This Woman He Burned To Possess Was Also The Woman He Had Foresworn To DestroyA WOMAN CAUGHT IN THE MISTS OF TIMEWhen Lisa Felt The Earth Move Under Her Feet, The Fiercely Independent St Century Woman Never Dreamed She Was Fallinginto Another Century But The Powerful, Naked Warrior Who Stood Glaring Down At Her Was Only Too Realand Too Dangerously Arousing Irresistibly Handsome He Might Be, But Lisa Had No Intention Of Remaining In This Savage Land Torn By Treachery And War How Could She Know That Her Seductive Captor Had Other Plans For Herplans That Would Save Her From A Tragic Fate Or That This Man Who Had Long Ago Forsaken Love Would Defy Time Itself To Claim Her For His Own

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    In case you re wondering, yes, I am thoroughly ashamed.How can I possibly give this book stars than Madame Bovary It s disgusting It s tragic Worst of all, it doesn t even makes sense I don t LIKE Historical Romance C mon, I DARE you to find something dignifying about this.I don t like TIME TRAVEL Historical Romance I don t like modern woman meets warrior Highlander Hunk First of all, it s been done so many times Never as well as Outlander, in my opinion And I swear, if life imitates fiction then you d better brush up on your Scottish history because ANY timetravel that is possibly going to occur will not be used to better humanity or learn and introspect about ourselves No, it s going to be used solely to transport beautiful women back in time to the Highlands to experience a whirlwind romance Get in line, ladiesAnd please note to any future Highland authors out there Kilts were not invented in Scotland until 1725 and specific clan quilts weren t invented until the 19th century Luckily Moning got one part of this right, in that Circenn wears a plaid, not a kilt THEY MAY TAKE OUR LAND BUT THEY LL NEVER CHAFE OUR BAAAAAAALLLLLLLLSSSSS So I was dutifully informed by my harem of adoring lady lovers that I should skip the first two books and I m glad I did because I actually really enjoyed this one Could it, should it and would it ever compare to the indefinable, unsurmountable, incredible Fever series No, of course not and if you re expecting something quite as awesome then you ARE going to be disappointed Circenn is no Barrons and whilst Lisa, who starts off making me roll my eyes, is no Mac, she is a reasonable female protagonist.What saves this novel is it s interesting conceptualization of the time honoured Highlander Timetravel formula, mixed in with a strong, beautiful romance It was very short of the time honoured stays of the genre Lisa doesn t get properly kidnapped ONCE I know, I know I was disappointed too Nor is she ever threatened or almost raped, nor does she actually run away, faint, get lost, lose faith in the male protagonist for some blindingly stupid reasonBut you know what it s NOT short on If you guessed women playing flaming violins then you re all out of luck That s right Moning, who I have arbitrarily decided writes brilliant relationship couples, also keeps to her namesake As in, this book will have you Moning.The woman knows how to write sex It s just all so satisfying And really, if you re reading these kind of books for any other reason, then you really need to re evaluate your life You may need to discover ANOTHER use for those fingers

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    Circenn and Lisa s story Circenn is a half human, half fae man living in the 14th century He is also immortal thanks to Adam Black slipping the magic Fae liquid that makes humans immortal into his drink when he was in his 30 s Circenn is quite the broody Brud sorry couldn t resist He placed a curse on a flask that causes the flask to come back to him He doesn t realize that his curse will also bring back whoever touches the flask.Enter Lisa, who is working her night time shift in a museum as a cleaner Her curiosity drives her to touch the flask and the next thing she knows she is in a bath with a naked Circenn in the 14th century Lisa desparately wants to return home to her century because her mother is dying of cancer Circenn cannot return her because he never learned how to properly use his Fae gifts Circenn and Lisa fall in love but then Lisa finds out the truth about him namely that he is not a simple medieval Brude Scot at all Great ending to the book, it would be nice to be able to sift around in time and fix things I loved Circenn as soon as he accepted the magic in his veins Circenn wishing good night to Lisa Sleep with the angels tonight Lisa Then come back and sleep with your devil who would burn in hell for one night in your arms I think that is all that needs to be said about Circenn in that sentence Bonus to the story We learn a lot about Adam Black and get to see him in a sympathetic light If you haven t read the Highlander series, I VERY highly recommend you give it a shot Start with this book, it s great

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    Now I understand why everyone loves this series Circenn Brodie is one of the most delicious heroes I ve ever met Truly tall, dark handsome The scene where Lisa finds him sleeping at her bedroom door had me melting into a puddle of love It reminded me of a similar scene from Kinley MacGregor s Born in Sin and, come to think of it, Circenn s nickname was practically identical to MacGregor s hero s name in the same book, but I didn t mind it at all I m in love with Circenn and that s all that matters, LOL.I liked Lisa too, but to a lesser extent after all, who could top Circenn Lisa was strong and brave, the perfect match for Circenn, and it was easy to relate to her indecision when she had to choose between staying with Circenn or going back to her mother Seeing that her curiosity was the cause of her time traveling in the first place, it was funny to see this trait of her pulling her into other problematic situations throughout the book.I was never a big fan of time travel stories, because you can really get crazy if you try to analyze all the possibilities behind this concept, but KMM made it work for me When Circenn explained what could and what could not be changed when messing around with time traveling, I was sold If one looks down the timeline, one can discern which things are irrevocable and should not be manipulated, and which things will make little difference That said, I must admit to being slighlty annoyed with view spoiler Circenn changing five years of Lisa s life in order to make everything and I mean, everything right and perfect for her Resurrecting her father was a bit too much, IMHO hide spoiler

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    Circenn is immortal in Scotland and he really hates it He hates seeing people he loves, wives, favourite pets dying around him for the past 500 years Lisa lives in the 21st century She is looking after her sick mother and she is working 2 jobs to pay for the bills A little of magic and she ends up in old Scotland while Circenn has already taken an oath to kill her Of course they fall in love.In this book Adam Black is manipulating people s lives again and there is a huge revelation about him towards the end that it will make you go back and reread the parts of the book which included him I know there is a story about him later in the series that I am dying to read.My favourite scenes of the book Circenn cleaning the barrels of his guns with tampons because he did not know what they are for Lisa saying to Circenn I cannot die I haven t even lived yet

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    The Highlander s Touch is the third book in Karen Marie Moning s Highlander series and once again we re back with a heavy time travel influence But this time, whether because I m getting used to it or perhaps it was better written, the time travel didn t bother me as much as it did in Beyond the Highland Mist and other time travel books I ve read I really do hope it s just me becoming comfortable with the theme, because it seems I m missing out on a lot of great Highlander tales.I thought this story was pretty good, and I found myself laughing out loud a few times The relationship between our hero and heroine, and for me, one of the high points of the story was seeing view spoiler Adam get a small bit of comeuppance, hide spoiler

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    Posted on Under the CoversIf a cursed flask holding an immortal elixir is what it takes to travel back in time to find a Highlander hottie like Circenn, then I m getting my butt on the next train to the museum Lisa Stone is twenty three years old Her mother, Catherine is sick with cancer and solely relies on her daughter to provide for her in her dying days Instead of attending college with her friends, Lisa works two jobs, one of which is at a museum Little does Lisa know that the ancient flask before her is cursed to be returned to its owner once it is found Unfortunately, Circenn didn t anticipate that the person who touches it will also be transported to him Back to the 1300 s.Circenn is an honourable man, driven by rules and vows But when this woman tells him she is from the future, Circenn doesn t know how to deal with her He is obligated to kill her by his vow with Adam Black, but when he puts his blade to her throat, his steady hands shakes It is Lisa s presence in Circenn s world that causes him to question himself I found that I instantly had a connection with Lisa The life she leaves in the twenty first century isn t really hers Instead, she lives for the benefit of others Here, in the 1300 s she has a chance to be herself and live the life she had always dreamed of having I can t die now, she whispered I haven t even lived yet Moning has a knack for writing witty dialogue Not only was the bitter back and forth banter between Lisa and Circenn amusing, it worked in slowly building up sexual tension that was combustible by the end I found myself grinning from ear to ear while reading this book and laughing out loud at other parts A book that can evoke any kind of emotion is one that is special The gown was too small, she managed I see And you astutely concluded this would cover of you I was just about to put my j jeans back on, she informed his chest I think not I wondered how Moning would overcome the obstacles she has placed before her heroine With this time travel romance, Lisa must choose to either go back to the twenty first century to care for her mother or remain in medieval Scotland to be with Circenn The question is, what can t she live without Her family or Circenn Moning drapes a rich background with the historical facts she has incorporated into this story and paired with a hero and heroine that are to die for, I found myself wishing the end never came Now I really must find a cursed flask

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    Since I was thinking about bad books, I remembered I read this at the beginning of the year and forgot to add it to my read folder The book feels like a writing exercise in preparation for the Fever series which I loved Yeah, she can write a sex scene but that s about it Not recommended.

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    Karen seni a r seviyorum Kli e bir konuyu al p b yle muhte em yapabilmesi inan lmaz bir ey Ve bir ekilde bunu Ate serisine ba lam olmas da mutlu etmedi de il Circenn a r ate liydi sko lara bir zaaf m oldu unu hep s ylemi imdir ama bu adam bir ba kayd ya

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    3 Stars Please excuse my overuse of the word pleasant in this review because I don t think any other word to describe this novel better Wince The Highlander s Touch was a pleasant enough read to earn a 3 star from me.I didn t love it but it wasn t in any way a bad read either.Just very forgettable.Main Characters were pleasant enough but there wasn t anything overly original about them that made me want to root for them as a individual characters or as a couple The only character that plays an interesting role in this plot is Adam Black.,a mischievous faerie your probably familiar with,IF you ve read the other books in this series IN ORDERunlike me.Would I recommend this read Shrug Sure,I guess.If you re in a mood for a pure highlander read with a pleasant enough plot.This series in Ratings so far 1 Beyond the Highland Mist 5 Stars Review 2 To Tame A Highland Warrior 1 Star The ONLY book in this series I rated so low Here s why Review 3 The Highlander s Touch 3 Stars Review 4 Kiss of the Highlander 5 Stars Review 5 The Dark Highlander 4 Stars Review 6 The Immortal Highlander 4.75 Stars 7 Spell of the Highlander 4 Stars Review 8 Into the Dreaming 4 Stars

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    3 to 3 1 2 starsI m glad I read this series out of order these books can be read out of order I m honestly not sure if would have continued the series had I read the first three books in the series first Personally, I don t think the series was particularly engrossing until after the third book Books four, five, and six are my favorite, with book six, The Immortal Highlander, my favorite of the series You must, however, read books four, five, six, and seven in order I recommend reading the series in this order Kiss of the Highlander 4 ,The Dark Highlander 5 ,The Immortal Highlander 6 , Spell of the Highlander 7 , The Highlander Touch 3 , Beyond the Highland Mist 1 , To Tame a Highland Warrior 2

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