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Spell of the Highlander chapter 1 Spell of the Highlander , meaning Spell of the Highlander , genre Spell of the Highlander , book cover Spell of the Highlander , flies Spell of the Highlander , Spell of the Highlander bb643cb8dd7e1 It S Taken Him Eleven Centuries To Find The Right Woman He S Not About To Lose Her NowJessi St James Has GOT To Get A Life Too Many Hours Studying Ancient Artifacts Has Given The Archaeology Student A Bad Case Of Sex On The Brain So She Figures She Must Be Dreaming When She Spies A Gorgeous Half Naked Man Staring Out At Her From Inside The Glass Of An Ancient Mirror But When A Split Second Decision Saves Her From A Terrifying Attempt On Her Life, Jessi Suddenly Finds Herself Confronting Six And A Half Feet Of Smoldering INSATIABLE Alpha MaleHeir To The Arcane Magic Of His Druid Ancestors, Cian MacKeltar Was Trapped Inside The Dark Glass Eleven Centuries Ago And When The Dark Glass Is Stolen, An Ancient Enemy Will Stop At Nothing To Reclaim It For Jessi, The Sex God In The Mirror Is Not Only Tantalisingly Real, He S Offering His Protection From Exactly What, Jessi Doesn T Know And All He Wants In Exchange Is The Exquisite Pleasure Of Sharing Her Bed

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    These books just keep getting better and better I simply ADORED Spell of the Highlander For me, the most important thing while reading a book is to connect with the characters You can add a storyline, a million storylines that will take your breath away, but if the characters are sh t pardon my expression all the imagination in the world won t do for me Well, as you ll figure it out, the characters in here were far from sh t XD In this novel, the story was in second place It s about Cian MacKeltar, the most powerful druid from his line, being trapped in an ancient mirror for than a thousand years and seeking revenge to his jailor That s basically it lol, Jessi finds the mirror and brings him out, she becomes prey to the ultimate druid bad guy, and they run to Scotland He is constantly forced to return into the mirror by the magic, so their escape is not so smooth lol.The story was good, although not so intense as some from the previous books, and the part I most loved about it is that I had NO IDEA how it was going to end till the very ending and when it was all explained I just LOVE that in a book 3 Most of the time the end is pretty predictable, and although I knew there will be a happy end duh , I didn t know how it will come to pass Now to the center of the novel Cian and Jessi I fell in love with them They were so lovely, hilarious and adorable, they got me hooked from the start Cian, although a fierce warrior, made me laugh all the time He was unintentionally hilarious, and I loved him for it He always called Jessi wench or woman , and that first command when he came out of the mirror, ahahahah oh man I couldn t stop laughing XD I have to put it in here loool it s hilarious XD Cian just came out from the mirror and wants a bit of hanky panky, poor guy, being a thousand years without a woman, and he uses The Voice to command her to do his bidding XDXD Cease speaking, wench You will bring that sweet ass over here and kiss me now Jessi gaped, mouth open, midword Snapped her mouth closed Opened it again Her head suddenly itched just beneath the skin, above her metal plate She rubbed at her scalp As if She meant to hiss it indignantly, but it came out of a squeak Sweet ass He thought she had a sweet ass They could form a mutual admiration society of two Remove that woolen, woman, and show me your breasts Choking on an inhalation, she sputtered for several seconds Numerous were the men who d tried to go there even she knew she had exceptional breasts but none quite so obviously and without exerting even an ounce of seductive effort She clamped her hands over them defensively And his first ride in a car hahahah Cease ceasing movement so abruptly Christ, woman, must you catapult forward after each cessation Are you certain you ve strapped the mirror securely We should stop and check it By Danu, wench, try nudging this beast gently, not kicking it with both heels A silence, a slew of choked curses, then Horses What the bloody hell is wrong with horses Have they all been slain in battle Yup LOVE him 3 This book had me from the beginning to the end And btw, the ending was great, we got to see the MacKeltar brothers again in action 3 and it was quite unpredictable 3 There had been a teary moment near the end but surprisingly, the epilogue was not cry worthy XD There was that bit with the Queen I did not get at all, maybe it s an intro to the upcoming books, or maybe it s a reference to the Fever series, dunnoAll in all, a very bright 5 shining stars for this one 3

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    THE MAN IN THE MIRROREleven centuries ago, Cian MacKeltar from our favorite and infamous MacKeltal family, was trapped inside the Dark Glass by a dark sorcerer who thought he was his friend.In our century, Cian will discover Jessi.Soon he will realize that Jessi is his soul mate true love perfect match in heart, mind and bodyJessi is the one that Cian will exchange binding vows with and bind their souls together for all eternity Jessi St James is a PhD archaeology student with no personal life until she discovers Cian and his mirror Firstly Jessi summons Cian out of the mirror And they she licks Cian So I suppose he is hers now.Jessi has a metal place to piece her skull back together after a terrible accident at her senior year in high school She was miserable then, it is a blessing now because the magic does not work on her Everything happens for a reason, it seems.The two of them will travel from USA to Scotland and Inverness, they will meet the rest of the MacKeltars, they will fall in love and they will defeat Cian s old enemy.Pure perfection WARNING THE FOLLOWING WILL NOT MAKE SENSE IF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE FEVER SERIES This book felt so much like it is the Fever series prequel Cian as a dark sorcerer behaves totally like Barrons He uses the Voice, the Druid art of compulsion, without hesitation and frequently He has tattoos on his body for protection He applies wards and spells to secure area and rooms using Dark Magyck He is at ease with his dark side and he will not hesitate to go there Especially for sexual pleasure.Also there are some common elements with the Fae series The mirror and what is hidden behind it Mirrors are passages in Fever The Dark Book is it the Sinsar Dubh I wonder The mentioning of other Unseelie and Seelie Hallows objects relics artifacts the sword, the spear just waiting for Mac to find them and grab them Lastly, there is the warning of Aoibheal the queen of the fae , that the walls between Earth and Faery will fall and the Unseelie Princes will walk on the Earth raping and transforming the women into shells of their previous self And that the MacKeltars are where they should be TOGETHER and that they need to be prepared Cian and Dageus apparently will make the best team.Cian seems to know about what is coming in comparison to the other MacKeltars, but he will keep his silence What is it, Cian Is aught amiss Do you see something, kingsman Nay Tis nothing, Drustan Nothing at all

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    I love KMM s Highlander series I haven t read the 1st 2 books yet but the other ones were all 5 star reads to me so I was really anxious to see if this latest installment would live up to my high expectations Well, I m glad to say it was another winner On a Friday night, close to midnight, Jessica St James, an overworked and exhausted Archeology graduate student at the University of Chicago, is asked by her advisor, who s just suffered a car accident, to go to his office and receive a package for him She wonders what kind of package gets delivered at such unusual hour, but it s not like she has a life and she can t really refuse her advisor s request The strange delivery turns out to be the Dark Glass, an ancient mirror with a 9th century hot Highlander Druid locked inside, and Jessi s life takes a turn for the worse or for the better Cian MacKeltar, the Highlander hottie from the past, is the most powerful Keltar Druid ever born, but he was betrayed by Lucan Trevayne, a fellow Dark Sorcerer, 1,133 years ago and has been imprisoned in the Dark Glass since then The powerful artifact is the source of Lucan s immortality, so he s than annoyed when it s stolen from him by a mere thief and he ll stop at nothing to get it back Too bad Jessi is in the middle of the battle between Cian and Lucan nowCian needs Jessi s help in order to break the spell that keeps him imprisoned inside the Dark Glass and, after the initial shock it isn t everyday that you find a hunk in a mirror and, worse, an assassin after you , she realizes she needs him to keep Lucan s assassins from killing her The trick is, Cian can be summoned out of the Dark Glass for short periods of time only, so he has to make the best use of his free time if he wants to play his revenge against Lucan and seduce Jessi at the same time The outcome of his battle against the Dark Sorcerer is uncertain, but there s no doubt in Cian s mind that Jessi is his woman and, soon enough, there s no doubt in her mind either But what will happen after the spell is broken Will Cian be able to survive outside the Dark Glass Okay, I m going to say it I liked Cian, but I didn t love him Don t get me wrong, he was hot and yummy, but I thought he was like a mix of the previous heroes in the series and, as a result, he paled in comparison with them Having Dageus and Drustan playing strong secondary roles in this book didn t help Cian s allure , as I found myself interested in getting myself reunited with the MacKeltar twins than reading about Cian pacing inside the Dark Glass.As for Jessi, I loved her She was intelligent, brave and bold The stunt she pulled at the Edinburgh Airport was a bit farfetched, but the whole ancient Druid imprisoned in a mirror thing wasn t exactly ordinary so I went along with it happily There was a scene near the end when I thought she was going to have a TSTL moment but, thankfully, she retreated before putting herself and Cian, as a consequence in danger Gotta love a smart heroine The plot was interesting, the action was fast paced, and the love scenes were hot The solution for Cian s conumdrum was kind of obvious, but I wasn t disappointed by it because it made sense and it was consistent with what had happened before in the series The ending was a bit strange , though Instead of writing an epilogue, KMM chose to write a Dear Reader letter telling us that what happened to Cian and Jessi after their final confrontation with Lucan It wasn t how I wanted to see the story end, but it wasn t bad enough to ruin the book.All in all, this was another great installment in the beloved Highlander series I wish KMM was still writing new books in this series but, alas, it looks like she s dropped it in favor of her Fever series at least, for now Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

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    Updated review A couple years ago, I discovered a fabulous author Monica McCarty When I finished with her books, I asked her who her go to authors were Monica s answer Karen Marie Moning Since my library only had this book by her, this is what I read Wow, Cian is one hunky medieval male I immediately returned this book and bought the whole series This book focuses on Cian MacKeltar, a 9th century druid who is trapped in a mirror..a mirror that is an Unseelie Hallow a fae created relic.Jessi is a grad student who accidentally sees Cian aka the sex god in the mirror What she didn t know was that her professor had bought this antique mirror after it was stolen from Lucan during a power outage that is alluded to in the Fever series , another ancient druid Well, he wants it back Lucan sends assassains after anyone who has had any contact with the mirror Cian decides to help Jessi, so he tells her the spell to release him from the mirror Problem is, she thinks it was just a dream, because super hot sex gods don t live in mirors and help random grad students, right Totally a dream.Unfortunately, if Cian is freed from the mirror, its only temporary And there s no set time the mirror is fickle and reclaims him after a few hours, or after a day It s never consistent Cian helps her, convinces her he s real and that her life is in danger So they head off to Scotland, to MacKeltar land, hoping to hide her out in the Highlands But lo and behold, there are many MacKeltars than expected Not only the current line of Christopher and Maggie, but Drustan and Gwen, and Daegus and Chloe The way Daegus and Cian meet is hysterical I loved that scene and I loved the whole gathering of the MacKeltar clan anyone who can get this on audio do so Phil Gigante doing all the Keltar men in one room OMG I drooled They grudgingly help Cian and Jessi defeat the evil dark druid Lucan who had entrapped Cian in the mirror so long ago But there s a twist to escape the mirror permanently, will cause his death How on earth will he do it Will Daegus surprise us with his still dark knowledge from the Drughar Will he double cross Jessi and Cian Gotta read to find out.And at the very end, we get a brief glimpse of Aivheal the Seelie queen That is the part that is important to the Fever series.Total foreshadowing for the Fever seriesif you don t like romances but like Urban Fantasy, read the Fever series, but add this and The Immortal Highlander to it, almost as prequels.

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    8 21 I m halfway through the book and my patience is thinning My problems with the book so far w o spoilers 1 I understand Cian, the hero, is Scottish, but after 1,133 years in a mirror, wouldn t he have dropped the Scottish highlands way of saying things for modern speech For instance, would he still be saying doona ken instead of do not know after watching TV and reading books from his mirror for so many years 2 Cian has so many superpowers that it is hard to keep track of them all I get that he s the most powerful Druid in all of time, but seriously Besides getting out of the damned mirror, is there anything that he can t do It would be nice if he had some flaws or things that he had to do normally to add a little challenge to the story Oh, and not to be forgotten, Cian is, of course, hung as in worrisomely large 3 It is petty, but the cover bugs me First, it is porno ish than most romance novels that I ve read I get embarrassed holding the damn thing Second, the girl on the cover is blond and has long hair Jessi, the heroine, has black, short, curly hair 4 Sort of like 2, it bugs that the bad guy sends these incompetant assassins that Cian dispatches in seconds One gets dispatched after Cian throws a dagger from the mirror and kills them If Cian can do that, why hasn t he killed his captor, Lucan, that way over the course of the last 1,133 years Yes, I get that Lucan stands on bespelled ground whenever Cian is allowed out of the mirror, but what about all the other times 5 I am so unbelievably sick and tired of heroines that are virgins Especially when the author writes that they are these gorgeous women of, let s say, over 20 that just haven t found the right guy yet and act like it is some big, almost shameful secret Since when is being a virgin a bad thing Since when is being a virgin a big to do in today s times So what, she s selective, what is the big whoop And, I haven t gotten to an actual sex scene yet, but how much you want to bet that Cian is completely shocked that Jessi is a virgin gag

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    Although I know many love the entirety of Moning s Highlander series, I found them to be hit or miss A frequent reread for me, Spell of the Highlander, the final in the series before the author took the series in a whole other direction, definitely falls in the hit category.The story essentially begins when our heroine accepts a delivery for an unusual artifact while at work Assisting a professor while working toward her PhD, Jessi St James s curiosity gets the best of her especially after the deliveryman forces her to help him uncrate the item before he leaves visual verification needed.The artifact, a mirror with ancient runes inscribed around it, cannot be as old as it seems mirrors with that much clarity just weren t around until the last century or so But when a mysterious man enters the room demanding the mirror and threatening her life, Jessi finds herself defending it Suddenly, a voice is heard demanding she release a man who happens to be trapped inside the mirror a man held there for a very, very long time Certain she s dreaming, she plays along and speaks the words that will release one Cian MacKeltar from the dark magic that holds him imprisoned within the mirror Yes, that would be the 9th century ancestor of the infamous Mackeltar clan who populate the rest of Moning s highlander series He, of course, rescues her from the sinister character threatening her life, but not before Jessi makes her attraction to the sexy, ancient highlander very obvious it s a dream after all, why not taste the handsomest, most masculine man she had ever laid eyes upon All too soon, she realizes he is indeed not a figment of her imagination and that her life is in very real danger Cian convinces her she must return him and the mirror to his home land in Scotland so he can prepare properly for the final battle that will have to take place between he and the man who imprisoned him While there, they meet up with Drustan Daegus Kiss of the Highlander The Dark Highlander and their wives, and convince his descendants to assist them on their quest to release Cian from his curse.Of course Jessi and Cian fall in love in the process, a love Jessi thought would keep him by her side, but Jessi has no idea how far Cian will go to be set free until she sees him about to give up his life.Seductive and intensely romantic this story goes right to the heart I found it to be the most romantic of the series and the most sensual I highly recommend it, even as a standalone, because once you ve turned the last page, you ll find it s not enough and you ll want to go back and read about the rest of the noble, strong MacKeltars Moning has created and just who are these fae wreaking havoc on their lives As I ve mentioned, I re read this one quite often, though I have no idea why I ve never reviewed it before If you like enticing romance mixed with time travel magic you can t go wrong with Moning s Highlander series.

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    There s something to be said about a book that takes you off to faraway lands, lands where the men are breathtakingly beautiful and oh, so sexy Spell of the Highlander is one such book As I was reading, I felt myself getting lost in this world Cian has been imprisoned for 1,133 years in the Dark Mirror The mirror is delivered to Chicago where Jessica St James, an archaeology student accepts the delivery on behalf of her professor From that point on, Jessica and Cian were hunted by Lucan Trevayne They end up in Scotland, where they run into Dageus MacKeltar Spell of the Highlander is the seventh book in the Karen Moning s Highlander series It is easily the best book of the series for many reasons First of all, it is a love story, complete with exquisite sexual tension and very passionate love scenes It is a story of finding your true soul mate, someone that is on this earth especially for you.The characters are well developed A lot of thought went into our hero, Cian MacKeltar six and a half feet of smoldering, insatiable alpha male A towering, muscle ripped, darkly beautiful man, dripping with power What s there not to like Our heroine, Jessica St James is also likeable, smart, and resourceful and a perfect match to her highlander Jessica is also quite spunky, knocking out an airline employee to get to her man The plot was intense, with our hero and heroine staying a step ahead of the bad guys I also liked that the MacKeltar twins and their wives also got an appearance in this book I really enjoyed how Cian saw the 21st century His perceptions and values added some comical relief For those of you that have read the Fever series, there is some good foreshadowing and background to that series.If you are waiting for Shadowfever, the Highlander series is a lot of fun to read There s always a big, hunky, drop dead gorgeous Highlander, a wee lass, some travel or time travel, and a little Druid magic Enjoy

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    Ugh, I like this author s DarkFever books, but oooooo this kilted thing has GOT to stop When do men EVER say MINE when having sex No man I would be involved in, that s fo sho

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    4 Great one time read stars Not shelved under Time Travel because time travel as such doesn t take place in this one as it does in the other book.The hero is just immortalized since the 9th century.The whole story is based on the 21st century with a few couples reappearing from previous books in this series This series in Ratings so far 1 Beyond the Highland Mist 5 Stars Review 2 To Tame A Highland Warrior 1 Star The ONLY book in this series I rated so low Here s why Review 3 The Highlander s Touch 3 Stars Not bad but not that great either Shrug 4 Kiss of the Highlander 5 Stars Review 5 The Dark Highlander 4 Stars Review 6 The Immortal Highlander 4.75 Stars 7 Spell of the Highlander 4 Stars Review 8 Into the Dreaming 4 Stars

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    Delicious, just delicious I keep reading this series and each time I finish one I say that same thing OMG, this was sooo my favourite and yep, you guessed it, I m saying it again Because this book has been reviewed by many before me I won t go into synopsis to deeply But Ms Moning has created the epitome of dark, broody alpha Highlander who is tragically tormented by his stone prison in which he is entrapped to look out unto the real world through a looking glass Our Master of Sorcery, Cian Our heroine is, Jessi For the first time in a long time, I cannot find anything I don t like about the lead female role She is a very likably and an engaging character As per past female leads, Jessi too is a little history buff She is currently studying a Master in Archaeology She has dreams of living a fulfilling life outside of her college education but has seen herself fall into the trap of all work and no play including letting her lack of love life slide Thankfully sinfully sexy Cian arrives in time to show her the way to heaven.The pair s spontaneous sex scenes were full of raw passionate heat that had my toes curling And I m thinking that if letting the man s goods hang loose under a kilt makes the appendage grow larger, then I m going to be the first to start petitioning for men to go back to the wearing Kilts full time I was happy to see my sexy twins, Dageus and Druston and the two people I envy most in the world their wives Chloe and Gwen, make an appearance Deageus and Drunstan are great characters to have involved in the stories because they have such a great back history amongst themselves that they manage to be able to save the day for everyone else I cannot recommend this series enough I am lucky enough to be doing a buddy read of this series with a great friend, Nissie and I know wholeheartedly that she would agree that this series is packed full of travel, romance, love, danger, time travel, raw heat, sexuality, well hung men, humorous bantering and clever dialogue It entwines the past with the present flawlessly and I say Kudos to Ms Moning, and I beg of you please don t end this series just when I have found it.

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