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Chilly Milly Moo chapter 1 Chilly Milly Moo , meaning Chilly Milly Moo , genre Chilly Milly Moo , book cover Chilly Milly Moo , flies Chilly Milly Moo , Chilly Milly Moo bd363bf382355 As A Quirky Cow Discovers, When Life Gives You A Penchant For Cold, Make Something Delicious A Comical Ode To Individuality From A New TalentMilly Moo Wants Only One Thing To Churn Out The Finest, Tastiest, Creamiest Milk Around But There S Just One Problem She S Always Too Hot While All The Other Cows Snicker And Bask In The Sun, Milly Moo S Milk Bucket Keeps Coming Up Empty Nada Zilch Just When She S Sure That The Farmer Will Banish Her, Milly Moo Wakes To A Freezing Cold Morning It S Her Last Chance Will The Icy Temperature Help Her Make The Special Milk Product She Dreams Of With Slyly Humorous Illustrations And A Fun Final Twist, This Treat From Fiona Ross Will Have Children Begging For Second Helpings

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    It gave me such a giggle I laughed aloud Very cute.

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    Milly Moo feels too overheated to make milk much to her dismay as well as that of the farmer and other cows However, once winter arrives, Milly finally feels the right temperature and discovers that instead of making milk, view spoiler she can make ice cream view spoiler The farmer is thrilled, the other cows are jealous, and Milly is no longer in danger of demoted from diary cow to a beef cow.This book reinforces the idea that it s okay to be different because one might actually have a super power no one else has hide spoiler

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    This book has the whimsical story with fantastic illustration I want to use this book to teach the children individuality This book uses the vocabulary such as finest, loveliest, tastiest, creamiest, coldest, chilliest, frostiest and iciest Those words help the children s usage of comparison in than two.

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    Chilly Milly can t make milk and she doesn t know why This situation doesn t stop her from being different.This book teaches that being yourself can make us happy I didn t like the way the words were positioned, it makes it hard to read This book would be great for children who can already read Great for asking questions and creating small talk.

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    Cute story about cows that can t produce milk in different seasons The main cow that is wearing winter garb that can t produce milk in the summer but in the winter when the other cows can t the main cow surprisingly makes ice cream.

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    Not a good storytime book, but funny This would work great in a classroom where the students are studying food chains, or where food comes from.

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    This book has simple illustrations and can serve well for scow or ice cream themed story time I can see this book being suited for one on one reading and so much for group setting.

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    A fun story about a cow who isn t giving milk

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    Chilly Milly Moo is one of those books that took me by surprise With a distinct artistic style, both in palette and use of line, coupled with a pleasing story about accepting difference, it s a pretty unusual book.Chilly Milly Moo is the story of Milly a cow who can t produce milk We eventually learn that she does have her own special skills that make her pretty damn cool no pun intended to have around There s an allusion to bullying there s a crowd of three normal cows that engage in an occasional dialogue with Milly but this is fairly subtle and may require a rereading to pick up I had a little bit of difficulty with the colour story It s a fairly muted palette of earthy tones browns, greys and the occasional washed out pastel background There s a lot of subtlety in this book that may be missed in a traditional classroom context I felt it would work stronger in smaller groups and one to one settings in order to allow interactivity with the text.

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    I recently read this mad cow caper to a group of 30 kids who LOL ed at all the right places Milly is a cow But she s not your average cow Milly is different Little does she know that her unique ability will make her the envy of all the other cows on the farm It s hot on the farm, and all of the other cows enjoy basking in the sun Milly, in her snow cap and boots, cannot give milk because she is too hot She has one last chance to give milk before the farmer sends her away The other cows taunt her because she is different Then, a cold front comes, and Milly is successful beyond what she ever imagined You ll have to read the book to find out what Milly can do that make the other cows give her the cold shoulder The creative word arrangement and clever drawings give this book and extra element of fun.

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