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Love at First Bark chapter 1 Love at First Bark , meaning Love at First Bark , genre Love at First Bark , book cover Love at First Bark , flies Love at First Bark , Love at First Bark fd8dec1364580 The Bestselling Memoirist Shows How Saving A Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself Julie Klam Writes About Dogs With A Rollicking Wit And A Radiating Warmth As No Other Writer Can In Her Bestselling Memoir You Had Me At Woof, She Shared The Secrets Of Happiness She Learned As An Occasionally Frazzled But Always Devoted Owner Of Boston Terriers Now, With The Same Enchanting, Pop Culture Infused Amalgam Of Humor And Poignancy That Reached The The New York Times And The Today Show And Won The Hearts Of Readers Across The Country, She Returns With Humorous Insight Into Life With Canine CompanionsKlam Focuses Here On Dog Rescue, And Its Healing Power Not Only For The Dogs Who Are Cared For And Able To Find Good Homes, But Also For The People Who Bond With These Animals Klam Became Involved With Rescue After Years As An Owner Of Purebred Dogs She Was Looking For A Way To Help And Participate In A Community, But She Never Imagined Just How Much She Would Receive In Return The Dogs She Has Rescued Through The Years Have Filled Her Life With Laughter And Contentment, Sorrow And Frustration, And They Have Made Certain That She Never Has A Dull Moment Along The Way, She Has Collected Stories From Friends Who Have Also Found That Guiding Dogs To Nurturing Homes Made Their Own Lives Richer These Experiences, Which Show Us That Even In Our Smallest Gestures We Can Make A Big Difference, Inspired Love At First Bark

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    I picked this book up at the library because of the cover Seriously I judge books by their covers sometimes When I looked at the summary on the inside flap, I was intrigued I m an animal lover If it s fluffy, feathery, scaly or furry I probably like it Julie Klam is a DOG LOVER with all capitals She lives in a tiny NYC apartment with her husband and daughter and three naughty dogs and she still rescues dogs It s nice and there should be people like that in the world but I had a really hard time letting go of the idea that Klam was fine with the dogs making messes in such a tiny space.Some of the writing sort of fell flat for me For such a short book, I didn t feel like it engaged me as much as I usually like books to engage me Some of the lines that were supposed to be funny or witty just didn t do it for me That being said, some of the stories in the book were definitely touching and animal lovers will still probably enjoy this book

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    For some reason, dog stories are a guilty pleasure of mine I enjoy reading the because they are always warm and fuzzy I liked this one This book was about animal rescue, which I think is a major need in our society Our shelters are crowded The author told many different stories of her attempts at animal rescue and the effects it had on her, her family and her marriage Definitely worth the read Some of this was funny and plus, she has done so much on behalf of homeless pets.

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    Although there are perhaps getting to be too many dog books, I can t seem to stop myself from reading every one I find.

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    I m surprised by the number of people who didn t like this book I definitely did I was relieved that Love at First Bark didn t rip my heart out, like You Had Me at Woof had Yes, Love at First Bark was rather disjointed, but the only reason I, personally, didn t rate it higher was because I reeeally wanted to know what happened with Moses s brother.

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    Since I am a dedicated dog lover and we always get a shelter dog, I m sorry to give this only 2 stars But it was, for me, an annoying book The author reader is so over the top about dog rescue, she came across as pretty kooky to me.Her pride at having 2 dogs that were not housebroken and then adding a fecally incontinent dog neurological problems to the mix in a small apartment with her own child and not keeping them in some sort of enclosure was just too much for me She evidently sent the two unbrokens to some sort of K 9 boot camp and they came back cured for about 2 days She spent a lot of time sad that they chose the rugs for pooping I wouldn t have offered such a choice, I guess If it hadn t been so short, I probably wouldn t have finished it It s great that there ARE people in this world who are so dedicated.

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    This was a really charming book about dog rescue I loved Klam s other book about dogs, so when I saw this one I had to get it immediately I really admire people that will do anything to save a dog s life and the story about the New Orleans rescue organization was particularly inspiring It s crazy that they are still rescuing Katrina dogs This is a nice quick read I read it in one afternoon by the pool Klam is hilarious and well written I highly recommend this book

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    This was a short little book on for the love of dogs one owner shows and shares It is like those gift books that don t have a story, they are on message then actual content So it was the perfect library book And as a newer ish dog owner, I still really liked it a lot Plus throw in short stories about dogs in need and I am so there A quick and easy read for animal lovers.

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    Great book about rescued dogs and how one family has taken into their homes these dogs and fostered them until a new family is found and takes them into their families as adoptions.

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    From Witty Kitty s Book Blog Witty Kitty loved this short, sweet memoir she happened to find at a special sale at her favorite bookstore, Changing Hands It s by the very funny Julie Klam, about what her experiences rescuing dogs has taught her about herself.There are several wonderful stories here about the endearingly portrayed dogs Klam has found homes for throughout the years She opens with one about Morris, a sweet pit bull she and her husband, Paul, find tied to a tree outside a museum, all day When it was clear no one was coming to get him, they embark on a sadly funny race against time to get the dog checked in to a rescue Klam has found, which it ends up, can t take him right away anyway She and Paul know they can t keep him because of the three little dogs they already have, but, happily, a friend who s seen her constant flow of social media posts about the Morris, comes through Their frantic struggle to find Morris a home brings her and Paul closer together and reminds each what is so amazingly special about the other.The book ends with my favorite story about Klam s experience with a group of people in New Orleans right after Katrina, rescuing dogs left homeless by the flood There s one dog in particular, a yellow puppy, who has his head stuck in a jar Very sad how it got to be that way, by the way Another frightening but funny race ensues to try to capture and free the little dog, which it turns out takes a village to do She learns a great deal about the lengths she will go to literally risking her life to help these severely distressed animals I was also very intrigued by Klam s story of checking her two terriers, Fiorello and Wisteria were there ever such cutely hilarious dog names to a boot camp known as Kamp Kanine, so the two will learn, among other things, how not to rip their human s arm out of her shoulder socket during walks My little terrier pictured above with the book so desperately needs this camp We really hope there is one in the Phoenix area.

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    I m not going to lie, Julie really annoyed me She comes across as one of those irresponsible pet owners who loves dogs, but should not own than one She lets two of her dogs have run of the house, relieving themselves wherever they please She also knows the same two dogs are bullies, but she takes in fosters anyways, chancing them still being bullies Not to mention her personal life is a hot mess she moved to a really bad neighbourhood, is very impulsive, has a young daughter, her marriage is falling apart and she constantly complains about how poor they are I don t know, maybe if you didn t have 3 dogs to feed you d have money Also, maybe take a night shift somewhere, working part time, instead of making your husband work a full time okay salary job in New York city while you go through a dry spell of being a freelance writer Better yet, move out of New York Why would you put up with such outrageous rent for one okay job But she s awesome Simply cause she cares enough to help dogs By over feeding them she accidentally made Clementine obese and letting them walk all over her Ugh.

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