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The Duke and I files The Duke and I, read online The Duke and I, free The Duke and I, free The Duke and I, The Duke and I f275efc0c Can There Be Any Greater Challenge To London S Ambitious Mamas Than An Unmarried Duke Lady Whistledown S Society Papers, April By All Accounts, Simon Basset Is On The Verge Of Proposing To His Best Friend S Sister, The Lovely And Almost On The Shelf Daphne Bridgerton But The Two Of Them Know The Truth It S All An Elaborate Plan To Keep Simon Free From Marriage Minded Society Mothers And As For Daphne, Surely She Will Attract Some Worthy Suitors Now That It Seems A Duke Has Declared Her DesirableBut As Daphne Waltzes Across Ballroom After Ballroom With Simon, It S Hard To Remember That Their Courtship Is A Complete Sham Maybe It S His Devilish Smile, Certainly It S The Way His Eyes Seem To Burn Every Time He Looks At Her But Somehow Daphne Is Falling For The Dashing Duke For Real And Now She Must Do The Impossible And Convince The Handsome Rogue That Their Clever Little Scheme Deserves A Slight Alteration, And That Nothing Makes Quite As Much Sense As Falling In Love

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    This review is dedicated to my dear friend haha Navessa who was thoughtful enough to challenge me to read this book view spoiler Did you people seriously think I would willingly chose to read something like this Are you insane hide spoiler

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    review posted on Got Fiction Books2.5A lot of my GR buddies love this book, and a few have recommended it to me So I ordered it, and up until a certain part in the end, I really was enjoying it.I won t feel bad about the spoilers in here, because this is an older book, and a ton of people have read it.I liked Daphne, and I really liked Daphne and Simon s interactions, witty reparte, banter all of the above Obviously they were meant for each other, and not in the sickeningly sweet sort of way They were fun to watch together I hated Simon s father Hated him so much What a bastard Simon at one point said his father wanted an heir, not a son So well put The two of them decided to fake an interest in each other so that all the match making mamas would leave Simon alone, and Daphne could have better prospects, because with a handsome duke interested in her, suddenly every man finds her lovely At one point, Daphne has 6 suitors 7 if you count Simon in one room, and one is reciting poetry bad poetry from one knee for her Too funny, their plan was actually working But around 200 pages in or so, it all began to lose some of its appeal Daphne is bossyno problem there, I m bossy, totally works for me But she becomes arrogant than bossy at one point, and this is right around the part where Daphne s brother catches Simon with his mouth on Daphne s breast He says Marry my sister or else or something as cliched Simon, who we all have known since moment one, is never going to marry Simon tells Daphne that, Anthony and Benedick her brothers tell Daphne that But still Daphne feels even though Simon never claimed any feelings of any sort towards her that Simon cares enough for her to marry her instead of duel with Anthony Wrong, Simon would never raise a pistol at his friend Anthony, so he goes in with the assumption that he will die Daphne says I I ve always known that I wasn t the sort of woman men dreamed of, but I never thought anyone would prefer death to marriage with me Wow, that line made me want Simon to explain things to her He says If it could be anyone it would be you which was heartbreaking, but not enough So, Daphne gets her other brother Colin to take her to the duel so she can scam the duke into marriage she tells him people saw them in a compromising position and he just has to marry her so she won t be labeled damaged goods I didn t buy it yes some folks saw them leave together but it was still manipulating That is where I began to dislike Daphne She manipulated him into marriage trying to justify that he might not want to live, but he might live to save her It made no sense to me She pressured him for marriage, got it, and they were actually happy for a while, but to me it felt hollow.Daphne found out from the housekeeper what kind of childhood Simon really had, and about his awful father who berated him, then declared him dead to any who would listen, all because Simon stuttered as a boy SPOILERS Daphne finally understood that when Simon said he couldn t have children, he didn t mean he couldn t father them, but rather that he could never be a fatherhe wouldn t have children Her dream of a family was dead.What bugs me here are 2 things 1 She went in knowing no children would result2 When Simon was drunk and aroused and she wouldn t let him pull out That sobered him up pretty quickly That whole scene was a mess she was wrong Absolutely manipulative and wrong Simon was absolutely right to be furious That drunken scene was sweet and touching and funny and thenthat I was so angry because Daphne then rationalized to herself that it s not like she went in thinking I m going to force him to come inside me She did She said she felt powerful and loved it.And for her to not explain to her family that he was angry because she did something, to let them think Simon was a prick for his boorish behavior, really made me lose a lot of respect for both Daphne and Julia Quinn.Simon was the one who had to apologize yes he lied, I was mad he never clarified, but good LordDaphne just infuriated me.So, the book was good til Daphne became a master manipulator For her to give Simon ultimatums about no sex until you say we can have children was selfish and pretty messed up of her.The ending was sweet, but not sweet enough for me to forgive the mess Daphne made of Simon s their life future.

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    Can there be any greater challenge to London s Ambitious Mamas than an unmarried duke Well my Mama refused to find me a duke, even though she is desperate to see me settled down apparently, I am a spinster at the ripe age of 24 In fact, she laughed at the idea, and then started her stop reading start living lectures, while arranging to introduce me to the Lady of the Caramel s son, who is rich, young and available I think available is her most important quality Me, well, I ignored her as per usual, and started spinning, following the notes of an imaginary melody, pretending I was dancing with a handsome, sexy and mysterious duke or prince, I m not picky.Because that s The Duke and I s major effect daydreaming There were rules among friends, commandments, really, and the most important one was Thou Shalt Not Lust After Thy Friend s Sister But Simon Basset couldn t help it Daphne Bridgerton haunted his dreams, evoking dark fantasies that could not see daylight There was something about her, something that made him forget who he was and what he was, she was the perfect match for him She challenged him But he had taken an oath, and he was determined to keep it No matter how much he wanted her.Daphne Bridgerton was not a popular debutante She was witty perhaps too witty for her own good , and gentle, but not the kind of woman that would inspire poems and make men go crazy over her But Simon Basset was different He made her heart race and her body burn, and when he proposed an arrangement that would benefit them both, Daphne could not refuse But she also couldn t stop hoping that one day this wonderful man would become hers, body and soul That she would tear down the walls he was building for years When you smile it takes up half your face Simon she exclaimed That sounds horrible It s enchanting Distorted Desirable I ve been dreaming of balls and gowns since I was a little girl I still close my eyes and place myself in fairytales, and a part of me whispers that I was born in the wrong century Julia Quinn satisfied every girly fantasy I ve ever had, and then some She had a Jane Austen vibe, but added sizzling tension, steam to make you drool, and a not so gentle gentleman imagine a dirtier Mr Darcy, with many issues but always eager to please a woman It was delicious.The Duke and I was a light, entertaining and uttetly addicting novel Every time I turned its pages, a brand new old world opened before my eyes, sucking me into a society that demanded of women good manners and healthy heirs but gave them nothing in return, a London shocked but mesmerized by Lady Whistledown s gossip papers, ballrooms full of Ambitious Mamas that became the nightmare of every eligible bachelor, and a loud family whose banters cracked me up I must admit there were times I wanted to punch Simon for being so stubborn, guided by the hatred towards his father, but I also ached for his difficult childhood and the lack of love and acceptance that marked him But Daphne knew that she could cure him and fight his demons, I admired her for her persistance and devotion, and I could empathize with her Simon and Daphne were an explosive couple, that warmed my heart and my cheeks The world seemed somehow different when one was lying down Darker, dangerous And in that moment, as he slowly closed the distance between them, he became her entire world In this world, I was a debutante An innocent girl seduced by a devilishly handsome duke A woman determined to fight for the man she loved.And I savoured every single moment.

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    I never thought that I could have a whole book spoiled for me by one action, but this book proved that I could What s so irritating about this is that I was enjoying the book I liked the character s amusing dialogue and the friendship the developed.Things did start to go a bit downhill for me when Daphne chases Simon down at the duel I don t get the most optimistic feeling when I see someone willing to die rather than marry I know it wasn t Daphne in particular, but when the hero has so much baggage that death is preferable to his other options I know the road ahead is not going to be smooth I started to get nervous about how something with that weight would be handled by the author She has skill but in all the books I ve read by her they all seemed very light and not really serious at all I was willing to go along for the ride though.In some ways I wish I had stopped reading half way through and never got such a bad taste in my mouth I know that Simon lied by omission in letting Daphne assume he wouldn t have kids because he couldn t have them But who can really blame him He was ashamed of how he was when he was a kid If he would have said he just plain wouldn t have kids she would have demanded to know why and he would have had to explain all his humiliation Who would willingly do that She had to maneuver him into marrying her in the first place He would have rather died in the duel than marry her and be put in that situation She was even the one that initiated the situation that led to them having to marry She seems to forget it was all her idea toward the end.I just can t help but think that the whole conflict in this book was manufactured by Daphne The way the book was written seems to make Simon seem like the bad guy when what she did to him was unforgivable I was ready for Simon to find someone new after that I can t believe he came back and actually apologized to her She tried to take a baby from him by force I m sorry I know he was into it, but he was drunk and didn t realized she wouldn t let him pull away at the end When he realized he started struggling That right there is force If a man had done that to a girl there would have been a lot people upset by it.I know that Daphne made a token statement about being okay with him not wanting kids if it was for the right reason, but I doubt that She was consumed by the thought of children like she wouldn t have been complete without them Besides, she may not have agreed with his reasons, but who is she to try and say he doesn t have a right to feel that way I don t know if I ll read any of her I ve read her other Bridgerton books and decided to finally read the 1st one and I thought most of them were ok, but this one really disturbed me I don t know if I want to risk feeling like that again I read to watch two people fall in love, not to watch someone try to force her husband to impregnate her.

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    4.5 Simon makes my heart stutter Stars The Duke and I has been on my TBR list for years, but I just never got around to reading it Now I can t believe I waited so long I wasn t two chapters into this book before I knew two things for sure 1 I loved the Bridgertons and 2 Julia Quinn would be a new favorite author This book grabbed me right out the gate It captivated my heart, and I fell in love with this big, loud but sweet family This book was cute, at times sad and had me laughing out loud times than I can count Simon totally broke my heart It bled for the way his dad was to him, and for all he had to suffer because of it Simon was damaged but he was still a great guy Daphne was funny, sassy, and very independent I loved that she was honest and didn t play games when it came to how she felt Simon and Daphne were very sweet together They had a strong connection from their first meeting I loved them as a couple They weren t perfect they messed up, did things that hurt the other, but in real life love is messy and people are imperfect Simon and Daphne s missteps made them human, and relatable I loved Daphne s whole family Her older 3 brothers really had a cute protective roll in this book I can t wait to read their books too I also loved her mom The whole family was very cute and endearing Overall a great read and I think Julia Quinn has herself a new fan girl.

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    When I read a book, I want to become involved emotionally A book that does that is likely to be highly rated Such was the case with The Duke and I.I have a sickness, an infatuation for tortured, dark, conflicted heroes The happy go lucky guys don t capture my imagination nearly so much as their darker counterparts Fortunately, Simon was tortured enough to keep me happy.The beginning of this book was brilliantly done I was already captivated with Simon, the future Duke of Hastings My heart cried for him I wanted to see him overcome the obstacles that were unfairly set before him, to become the man he was capable of being And boy, did he become quite a man.Imagine my surprise, that for all my affinity for Simon, that the star of this story was Daphne She started out very mild, sweet typical Regency heroine , not necessarily standing out But, by the end of this book, I loved her She was just the woman that Simon needed He was what she wanted, and she was going to get her man, and wouldn t settle for less than all of him She had mettle, and she wasn t afraid to challenge Simon to change the future, and to shake free from the chains of the past, which held him prisoner Perhaps he never would have found true happiness and joy if Daphne had not hammered gently and not so gently, at times at the walls around his heart.The event that puts a strain on their marriage could be read in different ways I like that Ms Quinn put that scene in It was a brave move on her part And there is enough ambiguity there to wonder if there was some culpability on Daphne s part And it turns around some of those ever present outcries we often get about sexual dynamics in romance.I liked that Simon had his so called flaw I don t tend to care for perfect characters, because I don t enjoy rooting for them nearly so much as the flawed less than perfect ones I loved that Daphne accepted that about him, and thought he was wonderful for overcoming the obstacles he faced, and that she thought he was brilliant She loved him so much, enough to fight for him, and she did many times In fact, I d call Daphne the Knight in Shining Armor of this book Go, Daphne What was underwhelming about this book Well, I thought some of the humor aspects were a bit off I couldn t find the balance between humor and angst On the plus side, I did like the family dynamics, and the humor they brought to the situation Those were some of my favorite humorous moments I liked very much that Daphne s family were useful weapons in her arsenal to win her fair prince Simon had never felt the loving bonds of family He was captivated by the Bridgerton family dynamics, good and bad I must say that Anthony annoyed the crap out of me He was a bit of a hypocrit I think that he forgot that Simon was a man he respected, and that he cared about his best friend When he saw that Simon and Daphne had an attraction to each other, Simon became his enemy He refused to believe that Simon could be honorable I know what you re saying I realize that Anthony took his responsiblity to protect his sister seriously But, if Simon could look at the situation from Anthony s vantage point, I would hope that Anthony would try to do the same I didn t see him doing that I do have to say that I really admired how well Daphne stood up to her over protective brothers, especially when they tried to interfere in her marriage She put her foot down, and she needed to, or that wouldn t even stop, for as long as she was married The other thing that bothered me about this book was that at times, it seemed to lapse into a modern voice I know I shouldn t be so picky, but that s a rather large pet peeve of mine However, I do have to say that for the most part, Ms Quinn does the Regency period very well.I thought this was a good book, and probably my second favorite novel by Julia Quinn, after To Sir Phillip with Love I don t go for the lighter Regencies that much, but this had enough angst in it to keep me pretty happy Although I read it for a challenge, and to get it off my tbr pile, where it had been languishing for several years, I ended up reading it very quickly, and I enjoyed it very much.Overall rating 4.25 5.0 stars.

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    It s okay to rape your husband Source Chapter 18 onwards Up until this chapter The Duke and I was on the road to four stars Four and not five because of Anthony s behaviour after witnessing his friend s mouth on his sister s chest in the garden of a house party, challenging his FRIEND to a duel after Simon refused to marry Daphne on the grounds it would make her unhappy because he couldn t give her what she d always wanted i.e children and therefore happiness If Simon really was a friend, Anthony would ve asked questions about the why and been tenacious in getting an accurate answer instead of jumping into a duel where he d be forced to kill his friend The following duel scene the next morning when Daphne outright lies to Simon about others, besides Anthony, witnessing their intimate act to prevent Simon from being killed in the duel and to force him to marry her, followed by Simon omitting the fact he won t have children and instead says he can t have them so he doesn t have to tell her his very personal reason why.I swallowed these things hoping it would come out later and they d forgive each other in the end.What I was not expecting was Daphne s grotesque arrogance and selfishness in taking advantage of her drunk husband after she found out the truth, denying him sex and companionship, and not allowing him to pull out during sex so she could have the children she d always wanted They d been MARRIED TWO WEEKS, there was plenty of time to discuss his problems, his worries, about even contemplating children and instead she takes the choice from him against his will as he struggles with her once he realises her intentions After what Simon s father did to him Daphne s behaviour is even worse because she knew about Simon s stuttering and his father s abandonment of Simon because of this And then two months after Simon leaves her he finds he misses her and he CAN T REMEMBER WHY HE LEFT IN THE FIRST PLACE, thereby excusing any wrongdoing on her part But not only that, Daphne sends her angry brother after Simon without telling him she was the reason Simon left and not Simon himself So, four stars to one If the gender roles had been reversed I d expect people would ve been outraged at the rape Completely ruined a perfectly good book, and my first, and possibly the last, by Julia Quinn.

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    Disappointed Actually, disappointed doesn t even begin to describe it Unpopular opinion time Once upon a time, I wasn t into historical romance I thought they were silly and anti women, and I wasn t even interested in trying them Thankfully, I discovered historical romances by Tessa Dare and Courtney Milan, and I fell head over heels for the genre I m thanking my lucky stars that I didn t try this book first because I fear I would have never read the genre again I ve been meaning to try this series for some time now I ve read Julia Quinn before, and I really liked Because of Miss Bridgerton EVERYONE has told me to try the original Bridgerton series, starting with The Duke and I So, of course, I decided to take the series on, and I even bought the next couple of books following the first However, I m absolutely flummoxed by the love for this book Daphne Bridgerton was the worst heroine that I ve read in a long time She is meant to be strong and spunky, but I thought that she was self serving and TSTL I actually hated her She manipulated poor Simon every step of the way She forced him to befriend her, she forced him to marry her, and forced him in other ways that found absolutely morally reprehensible She was vile, truly, and thought herself to be entirely blameless throughout the story Simon didn t quite make sense either He had a rakish reputations, one that I didn t see any evidence of in the story, and had a twisted mentality about his situation He was self pitying and broody, and though I didn t like him, I thought he got the short end of the stick being stuck with Daphne To top it off, the book was way too long, and it took me ages to finish the audiobook I wasn t motivated to keep listening, even with a flawless narration from Rosalyn Landor, who did her very best to add personality and sympathy for these odious characters I know, a very unpopular opinion, but this book only gets as high as 2 stars because of the narration Otherwise, it would be in 1 star territory.goodreads instagram twitter blog

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    4,5 lovely stars from me The Bridgertons are a really crazy, but wonderfull family I really had a great timeThis book was funny, interesting and i couldn t put it down The only reason that i put 4,5 stars was because i was torn between and 4 and 5 and that s because even though that it was a really great story, somewhere before the middle had a really slow pace for my taste Well, well, wellI have to tell you that the Bridgerton family aparts from nine membersThe mother and her eight childern God help her Four boys and four girlsAnd each one s name started by each letter of the alphabet in the right order as they were born A,B,C,DAnd i stopped in D because in this book the main heroine was the fourth children, Daphne who also happened to be the oldest from the girlsWell, Daphne was young, intelligent, spiritual, funny, charming and very kind.She wasn t very beautiful and that s why after two seasons as a wallflower she didn t have find the right one man to become her husbandThe men usually found her very easy to be friends but nothing , except one or two that they weren t what she was looking for to a husbandShe wanted to get married and she wanted to have her own children She wanted a big family like her own A big, loving family that you could count on it Simon Basset recently became the Duke of Hastings.He was a beautiful, clever young man who seemed a little bit arrogant and icyHis life wasn t easy, but he managed to succeed in everything that he had put on his mind.When he was a little boy he had some problems that guided all the rest of his lifeHis stubborness made him get over his old problem but he never get over the disaproval that he felt from his own fatherAnd at this moment, he had reached the point that he made an oath to do not ever get married or to have childrenAfter many years away travelling, Simon returned back to London and as a Duke he had to join the society An unexpected fact brought in his path Daphne and he mesmerized by her, until he discovered that she was a Bridgerton.You see, her older brother was one of his greatest friends and there is an unwritten rule that you can not flirt with your best friend s sisterBut Simon faces one big problem that forced him to make an unusual proposal to Daphne All the unmarried girls and their mother s are drown from his titleSo he and Daphne agreed to pretend that between them there is something for the benefit of both of them Simon will get ride all those girls and their mothers and Daphne will have suitors when they will see her with himBut somewhere the plan started to change course since both of them started feel something for each otherI really liked this storyI laughed so much and i had a really good timeDaphne was adorable and so strong I liked the way that she approached SimonAnd i liked Simon As a child was so cute and my heart was aching for himBut as a young man, he was stunning, but also very stubborn like a muleI also liked the man that he became everytime that he was near to Daphne.As for the rest of the Bridgertons They were delightfull, but i will spoke for each one of them in their own booksAnd it s Anthony s turn, who made Simon s life miserable Hahaha Karma is a bitch, mister I can not wait Oh I forgot I am so curious about this Lady Whistledown Who the hell is she

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    Re read listened to the audiobook version Oct 2018 5 stars with some quibbles Historical RomanceThe audiobook narrator was great, and overall, it s still a 5 star read for me But I will say, I didn t like or agree with the heroine s actions view spoiler Daphne took advantage of Simon when he was drunk and aroused and kept him from pulling out in attempt to try and get pregnant despite his strong objections to impregnating her and having children Consent goes both ways, and she clearly did not have his and manipulated the situation hide spoiler

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