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Romancing Mister Bridgerton chapter 1 Romancing Mister Bridgerton, meaning Romancing Mister Bridgerton, genre Romancing Mister Bridgerton, book cover Romancing Mister Bridgerton, flies Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Romancing Mister Bridgerton ac727c703081f An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HerePenelope Featherington Has Secretly Adored Her Best Friend S Brother For Well, It Feels Like Forever After Half A Lifetime Of Watching Colin Bridgerton From Afar, She Thinks She Knows Everything About Him, Until She Stumbles Across His Deepest Secret And Fears She Doesn T Know Him At All Colin Bridgerton Is Tired Of Being Thought Nothing But An Empty Headed Charmer, Tired Of Everyone S Preoccupation With The Notorious Gossip Columnist Lady Whistledown, Who Can T Seem To Publish An Edition Without Mentioning Him In The First Paragraph But When Colin Returns To London From A Trip Aboard, He Discovers Nothing In His Life Is Quite The Same, Especially Penelope Featherington, The Girl Haunting His Dreams And When He Discovers That Penelope Has Secrets Of Her Own, This Elusive Bachelor Must Decide Is She His Biggest Threat, Or His Promise Of A Happy Ending

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    Re read listened to the audiobook version Oct 2018 5 stars Historical Regency RomanceThe audiobook narrator was fabulous, and it s still a big 5 star read for me Original Review from Sept 2010 5 stars Historical Regency Romance Words seem wholly inadequate, my friends Why are the best books always the hardest to review Alas, if only I could have clever Lady Whistledown write this Flirtatious, affable, charming, and witty Colin has been my favorite Bridgerton sibling from the beginning, and I was most looking forward to his story, especially knowing that the strikingly handsome, popular bachelor was being paired with his sister s sweet best friend, plump, unpopular, wallflower, spinster Penelope Featherington I adore romances where the supposedly ugly duckling, Plain Jane heroine is finally seen as a beautiful swan, has her day in the sun, and finds happily ever after with the wonderful hero of her dreams, and Romancing Mister Bridgerton is one of the most enjoyable that I ve read.Colin and Penelope are perfect for each other, and the fact that they re insecure, flawed, and have some growing up to do makes them all the relatable and lovable Their relationship progression, from friendship to love, was believable, sweet, and utterly romantic, and the love scene was exceptionally touching, beautiful, sensual, and tender Colin s gentle, passionate reverence of Penelope during their lovemaking was sigh worthy.It s a heartwarming, funny, and delightful feel good romance with a swoon worthy hero and an adorable heroine that will have you smiling, laughing, crying, cheering, sighing, and perhaps wishing for your very own Mr Colin Bridgerton.What else can I say It s like the highest quality dark chocolatejust scrumptious I m in love with Colin, I adore Penelope, and I simply love, love, love this book 5 Big, dreamy stars My favorite Colin quote He murmured her name, tenderly taking her face in his hands I love you, he said, his voice low and fervent I love you with everything I am, everything I ve been, and everything I hope to be I love you with my past, and I love you for my future He bent forward and kissed her, once, softly, on the lips I love you for the children we ll have and for the years we ll have together I love you for every one of my smiles, and even , for every one of your smiles I love that Colin has striking green eyes How about Michael Vartan for Colin image error

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    3.5 starsThough I loved Penelope Featherington, Colin was another story altogether Before this book I really loved Colin I couldn t wait for his story Maybe my expectations were too high I don t know but I really didn t like Colin most of the time At times he came off like a big asshole He was blowing his top every time the wind blew His temper was just a bit much One minute he was fine and then he was pissy, cold, and rude If I was Penelope I would have kicked him in the balls Penelope was sweet and smart I felt bad that after being the shy wallflower that everyone acted like was a ugly plain girl, to have the man of your dream finally want you, only to have him snapping at you at the drop of a hat was just sad Overall with the plot and Penelope this book was still 3 to 3.5 star read but Colin was a real disappointment.

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    3.5.My favorite of the Bridgerton boys and this was such a cute story of being in love and believing in that love.

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    At some point in our lives we all ask some fundamental questions regarding our existence, the great mysteries of the universe, the past, the present and the future of humanity Mankind is curious and peculiar like this spending hours pondering on notions, dedicating personal effort and money, researching, reading, trying to find a solution to quench the hunger that consumes us The Author knows this kind of struggle all too well The last few days have been dedicated to the answer of one single question, one question to define her personality, her hopes, her dreams and wishes, but she still hasn t made up her mind Anthony or Colin Bridgerton How can a person choose Anthony is the Rake turned into family man extraordinaire, while Colin is the carefree, smooth, genial and flirty gentleman every creature with ovaries adores, and thanks to Romancing Mister Bridgerton, we discovered another side to him, that rendered him alluring and, well, delicious don t mind the Author, she s a notorious man eater The questionmark that haunts her thoughts may remain immoveable like the mountains, but the Author can declare with clarity that the forth story of the Bridgerton family is her favorite She found a shadow of herself in Penelope Featherington, the witty, funny wallflower everyone overlooked She devoured the pages because aside from a maneater she s also a book eater that brought to life a heart warming, slow burning, toe curling romance infused with the perfect dose of hilarity and sensuality, with spicy scandals and even spicier, clandestine meetings And the cherry on top The bounty on Lady Whistledown s head Between precious Bridgertons moments, falling in love and magical dances, the Author felt calm At peace Home Penelope and Colin tugged at her heartstrings, and made her believe Believe that Colins Bridgerton exist The Author is a little naive, so please forgive her extravagant declarations Katerina s Bookish Papers, July 2018

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    I am certainly not going to marry Penelope Featherington Ever since we heard Colin Bridgerton utter, ummm, shout the above statement, we should have known that he s going to eat his words sooner or later.And eat them he did.Penelope Featherington She freshly comes out to society, out to meet the ton, with an excess of a few stones in her weight, and either orange yellow red gowns which doesn t do her complexion any good We can t blame her Her mother is a tyrant But Penelope knows she doesn t look good The entire ton would agree with her She also lacks the confidence to show her sharp wit to at least make up for her disgraceful attire And instead of being seen as an intellectual lady with a terrible fashion sense, she s seen as a stuttering plump and overripe orange, only worthy of staying at the sidelines as a wallflower Season after season, she manages to improve herself, loosing the extra weight, however never being able to get rid of the horrendous clothes her mother has been forcing her, but still the ton doesn t see her, or rather refuses to see her as her beautiful self And she ends up on the spinster shelf.Colin Bridgerton What could he ask for He s loaded with good looks and charm And he s a Bridgerton So, what Unfortunately, one does find it hard to seek contentment with just what he has He has sought refuge in his travels He s not just the charming easygoing gentleman everyone thinks, because behind his beguiling smile are tons of layers of insecurities and dissatisfaction with his life.But in this work of fiction lies real people with real problems How can we not relate to either one or both of them Who hasn t been insecure a few times in their life Who hasn t felt the fear of looking a fool Who hasn t dreaded no being able to search their life s purpose How could one not want what Penelope and Colin have They were friends in the beginning and ended up as something And having one another seemed to be than enough.Romancing Mr Bridgerton, despite the laugh out loud parts and the easy smiles it caused me or rather distressed me with, since I couldn t help but smile in public places, is a romance of tough and broad proportions It made me laugh It made me smile It made me cry It touched my heart and it touched my soul.And it also made me desire a certain Mr Colin Bridgerton He loves intensely Just the way a certain me wants to be loved As proof, I leave you with this I love you with everything I am, everything I ve been, and everything I hope to be I love you with my past, and I love you for my future I love you for the children we ll have and for the years we ll have together I love you for everyone of my smiles, and even , for every one of your smiles

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    St Bride s Church Fleet Street, London, England, c.1830 I read this when it first came out over ten years ago and remember loving Colin Though I m a bit of a re reader, I haven t done so Consequently, I jumped at the chance to join in a buddy read, the forth in this enduring series.However, on re read I was really impressed with Penelope Don t get me wrong I still had heart palpitations over Colin and his deep green eyes Nevertheless, I appreciated Penelope s subtle straight forward intelligence, calm humor, and not so common common sense Not that she doesn t have a secret or two up her sleeve I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed seeing these two perfect for each other people the wallflower spinster no one notices and the always popular Golden Boy go from friendship to love on this second visit to Ms Quinn s world Of course, it isn t strictly true that they were friends first, because Penelope has loved Colin for years She always felt any attention Colin gave her was but perfunctory courtesy Thus, it is a sweet delight to see him finally realize the jewel right under his nose This story than simply holds up it is definitely worthy of notice today.P.S I wish they d put it on audio P.P.S Ms Quinn borrowed the curmudgeonly Lady Danbury from Stephanie Laurens Cynster series and made her than a walk on character she s an integral part of the plot Such fun 19th century engraving engraver unknown 19th century public domain picture Yes, I know curmudgeonly is a masculine term, but it works here, I think.

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    There is a perfect word to describe how I feel about Julia Quinn It s meh I don t love her, I don t hate her, I will read her, I will quickly forget her.I m not sure why that is because she is very popular and other people seem to find her books, and this particular one especially, amazing But to me they are just too cute Too sweet I don t want cute and sweet I m sure you ve gathered that much from my reviews I can tolerate cute and sweet only in really homoeopathic doses.So what is Romancing Mr Bridgerton about Well, she has loved him for ages, he barely notices her Until he notices her and falls in love And then they get married and live happily ever after Also they make out in a carriage once which is something I have always wanted to do.The most interesting part of this story was how Quinn handled the bruised ego of the hero which was bruised on the account of his beloved being successful than him and what s worse in the same field This, I feel, needs to be addressed often in romance novels Is it unsexy for the hero to be less successful than the heroine Especially if they work in the same field Would you want to read a romance novel where a hero takes in his stride that he would never be as good of a scientist doctor writer as the heroine How about real life Personally, I prefer not to date another fiction writer just in case Bruised male egos is something I have very little time for full reviews back to due to popular demand true story

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    Penelope Featherington has been in love with Colin Bridgerton for what seems like forever, from a young girl making her debut in society to a resign spinster Penelope feelings have only grown throughout the years for Colin Thinking she knew everything about Colin there was to know, Penelope comes across his hidden secret that starts to change her perspective of him in a surprising way that only draws them closer Colin Bridgerton has always been the laid back charmer of the family, but behind the charmer mask lays a man looking for himself in the world, trying to make his mark, much like his brothers have done When Penelope stumbles upon his secret he starts to see the young woman who s always just been there in his life has changed into someone he truly never knew as she starts to haunt his thoughts and dreams As both Colin and Penelope discover each other s secrets, they start to see their true personality longing to break free and the deep love waiting for them both There are few books I can say have hit a cord within me like Romancing Mister Bridgerton has Penelope is one of those characters you can just step into their shoes and understand completely because you ve been there, your felt what she felt, you know because you are her and she could have well been you I related deeply with Penelope as she tells her story of being that wallflower on the fringes of the dance floor, in love with someone who didn t even see her Then becoming a spinster, because life didn t give her just lemons, it only gave her an empty basket Penelope never let it get her down, she did something with her life, and finally started to stand up to the world and be something she could never be herself She s one of those strong characters who didn t start off okay and got better she started off great and only got greater She was always this mature woman with a witty and sly humor whom was smart and very kind toward everyone and only became kinder, smarter as the story unfolds I ve always liked Colin and was looking forward to his story After I finished, I love Colin He showed something we all want to do in the world, find ourselves, leave our mark on the world, be something Colin did this with a few bumps in the road, but he did it He archived his goal set before him, with the help of Penelope I even understood his feelings of jealousy, his uneasiness with trying to go out on a limb and push his work out there for all to see But he did something that made me love him, he became humble, he took a chance and reached out for help and support from Penelope He became greater and I adored him for it The brightest moment was when Colin finally saw Penelope, saw her for her I cried when he told her he loved her Even when he showed his temper, he was showing a side he didn t even know he had, a side of protectiveness and love He didn t say an empty sorry, he said it and backed it up Penelope finally saw a side Colin that if possible made her love him even And their love scene was just so romantic, not hot and steamy, but soft and gentle, a true love scene that makes you wanna cuddle up to your love one It wouldn t be a JQ book if there weren t humor in it The mystery behind whom Lady Whistledown is and the commotion it stirs within the ton, and the ever great Lady Danbury being the true scene stealer, but also showing a side never before seen by her With the Bridgerton family always up to some sort of mischief or another that will always bring a smile to your face RMB will have you reading the whole book, never wanting to put it down until the last page even loved the little tribute to Lisa Kleypas s Dreaming of You Overall I ll never be able to say enough great things about this book as it has becoming one of my all time favorite romances, but I ll say this it s beautiful and wonderful, making you teary eyed when the shy wallflower blooms and finds her happy ever after with the man she loves and man whom loves her just as greatly

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    Colin is my favorite Bridgerton since the first book, so I was really excited to read his book, and it was amazing I also really love Penelope, she is my favorite heroine in this series, I was happy she finally got the man of her dreams Their love story was adorable Additionaly we finally found out who Lady Whistledown is For a long time I had no clue, but in this book I had some suspicions The author really chose the perfect person to be her, this made the story even better Anyway I m going to miss her in the next books.

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    One of my favorites Julia Quinn to the date and I love her books every time Collin and Penelope were amazing together and I could read about them forever Rating 5 Stars Steam Some hot moments Sensible Subjects view spoiler Not really hide spoiler

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