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The People's Choice: A Novel summary The People's Choice: A Novel, series The People's Choice: A Novel, book The People's Choice: A Novel, pdf The People's Choice: A Novel, The People's Choice: A Novel 7a7ca32f5d What Happens If The President Elect Of The United States Dies Before The Electoral College Has A Chance To Officially Vote Him In What Happens If The Vice President Elect Is A Man Who Nobody Dreams Could Be President What Happens If The Highest Office In The Land Is Suddenly Up For Grabs And The Most Ruthless Pols, The Smoothest Power Brokers, The Minions Of The Media, And Just Plain Ordinary Citizens Get Into The Wildest Act In The Three Ring Circus Of American Politics You Don T Have To Wonder Jeff Greenfield Has Written A Novel That Does For Politics What Catch Did For War Read It And Weep With Sidesplitting Laughter

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    I have ever considered the constitutional mode of election as the most dangerous blot on our constitution, and one which some unlucky chance will some day hit Thomas Jefferson, 1823 You win some, you lose some And then there s that little known third category Al Gore, 2004 The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy Donald J Trump realDonaldTrump November 7, 2012 ___________________________________If life turns on a dime, our political history turns on a plugged nickel.Holy Moses An absolute idiot will become President unless the electoral college decides to vote against him This story may sound as though it was torn from today s last month s headlines, but it was actually dreamed up by Greenfield in 1995 When the popular President Elect buys the farm just days after the election, the country is faced with the horrific thought of having the imbecilic Vice President bumbling into the Oval Office.No, not this dim bulb, but one much like him. it was going to be about choices about the Supreme Court, the tax code, our relations with the community of nations, and control over the nuclear arsenal, which could wipe life as we know it off the face of the earth, and all of this, all of it, was about to pass into the hands of a man most of the country would not trust to program a VCR.An unlikely heroine arises in the person of mild mannered Dorothy Ledger, an electoral college elector who leads a rebellion against the presumptive moron Every time he opens his mouth, those bastards make him sound like some kind of idiot Yes, right, Dorothy said, shaking her head But you know, Charles, I have this terrible feeling that maybe he keeps looking like an idiot because, once you get past the media distortions, he is an idiot This unusual story manages to provide nail biting thrills and chills without car chases, albino monks, or shiny vampires You won t be able to tear yourself away as people lock themselves in rooms with urns of coffee to debate constitutional law No, really It s pretty entertaining, surprisingly prescient, and also pretty funny.And, hmm I wonder who this could possibly be you know that New York billionaire real estate schmuck wants to come to the funeral with his bimbo And you know what he wants He wants to sit on the right side of the Rotunda because he photographs better from that side.This one is definitely worth a read, though the ending seems a bit of a fantasy career politicians exhibiting scruples and common decency Yeah, right.Like that would ever happen.

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    I m reading this for a second time because I enjoyed it so much the first time years ago What makes it interesting this time is the difference in perspective The book deals with what happens when a president is voted into office, but dies before the electoral college meets Do they have to vote for his vice president, who is a Dan Quayle bumbling idiot Some of the electors don t think so I read this the first time before the 2000 election, before the popular vote went one way and the electoral count went the other It s also pre Internet age, and the look at media and how it reacts seems quite prescient, reading it now.I d recommend this book for any political or media junkie who is, or should be, terrified that we still have an electoral college.

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    You, too, can read this and understand the Electoral College while laughing.

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    Author Jeff Greenfield has attempted the difficult, a political tract disguised as a novel or perhaps he intended The People s Choice as a novel with a political message.As a novel, The People s Choice is excellent It is funny, it has characters that are full fleshed, including some who are admirable.In fact, one of his characters surprises us by being so completely honorable, a characteristic not often found in novels or politics of today.Mr Greenfield is not an author from whom I would have expected humor, but perhaps I was just uninformed His dedication reads, To my father, Ben Greenfield, who taught me to love baseball, the Marx Brothers, punctuality, W C Fields, and who was always, always there In The People s Choice, Mr Greenfield demonstrates great cynicism about politicians and about people in the news business, and I expect most of us can accept and agree with that.He also demonstrates great knowledge It is impossible to be counted as a sophisticated observer of American culture unless you enthusiastically embrace the idea that our mass media define reality As Bishop Berkeley might ask today If a tree falls in the forest and it did not make the six o clock news, did it make a sound Did it, in fact, fall at all Now how often does a novelist, how often does anybody bring Bishop Berkeley into the conversation Bishop Berkeley s philosophical antithesis was David Hume Of the two of them it was written No matter Never mind The point of his political tract is to convince us to eliminate the Electoral College As a novel, The People s Choice is excellent, a joy to read as a political tract, it is a failure.It fails on several fronts, philosophical, historical, and psychological.Mr Greenfield made a major effort to bring history to bear on his position, but though he gets most of his facts right, he misses the truth, he misses, or ignores, the reason the Electoral College was created, and he misses, or ignores, the fact that these United States were joined in a federal union of sovereign states.His psychological flaw was illustrated, was spelled out, in another novel, Glenn Beck s The Overton Window One of Mr Beck s bad guys said it perfectly Societies need government Governments elevate men into power, and men who seek power are prone to corruption It spreads like a disease, then, corruption on corruption, and sooner or later the end result is always a slide into tyranny That s the way it s always been And so this government of the United States was brilliantly designed to keep that weakness of human nature in check, but it required the people to participate daily, to be vigilant, and they have not In fact, presidential elections are often decided by about 25 percent of the people who could have voted.Of course, there are several reasons, including that election laws and news media discriminate so blatantly, against parties that aren t Democrat or Republican, against candidates who don t start out with lots of money.Those reasons are only hinted at in The People s Choice and in the news media and the schools, so we are again made grateful for the new media, including the Internet The People s Choice was published by the Penguin Group, 1996.

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    As a product of it s time, this book is clever, about politics and presidential elections The president elect dies before the electoral college meets But it has not aged well in the past 20 years Some of the hypothetical situations in the book have practically come true Presidential electors must choose between blind party loyalty and well, the problem is there aren t too many other options, but a few try to find a way that will save the country and not give up their morals.There s also a lot of idolizing reporters and political agents who do their work out of a sense of duty, to the exclusion of everything else Perhaps a little biased, given the author.I was not too fond of the author s use of the bullet point as a stylistic technique, especially each bullet was a page long.

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    I think that this was an expertly written novel which explored the lesser known realities of our electoral college and media It is a better way to learn how the election process works in emergencies than memorizing and learning via textbook that is, for students It is necessary to read about the dark sides of our government so we are not completely ignorant, if the bare minimum is the goal As for the writing style, Jeff Greenfield does a great job of keeping his protagonist grounded to earth in order for his personality to mean something to the readers.

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    Jeff Greenfield has been a fixture of political reporting for decades and this, his first novel, was published to high acclaim in 1995 It s quite good in that it imparts the timeless feel of a presidential campaign, but its characterizations and plot contrivances definitely feel of a time.

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    Despite the overly ponderous prose at times, it s an entertaining read Great premise for the novel and the author packs in lots of neat factoids about American political history.

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    Although written 20 years ago, it could very well be talking about today s elections

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    A for effort, D for execution The plot of this novel is intriguing A president elect dies soon after the election His buffoonish vice president based on the date of publication, I m guessing he had Dan Quayle in mind inspired confidence in exactly no one Although the general election was over and the popular vote tallied, the electoral college had not yet met to make it official So what happens Is the electoral college required to vote for the vice president elect, even if they have strong objections What about the people s will who, in polling, strongly dislike and have little to no faith in the veep Although this was written long before 2008, I could not help but conjure Sarah Palin when thinking about this scenario McCain was older although tragedies can befall anyone at anytime of course and while Palin certainly had her fan base, she also was an extremely polarizing figure even within the party So what would have happened if McCain died and left vice president elect Palin at the helm Would could the electoral college stop such a scenario The problem came with the execution The characters and writing were just not well done He introduced way too many characters early on with long and sometimes unnecessary back stories only to ignore them for the next several chapters Introductions aside, the characters were poorly developed and boring This book was a big disappointment because it had so much potential The book cover advertised that the movie rights had been bought Maybe that it was being developed I can t remember Anyway, I d be really interested to see what a able story teller could do with such a fantastic idea.

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