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Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) explained Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) , review Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) , trailer Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) , box office Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) , analysis Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) , Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2) a6c3 The Long Awaited Sequel To Janni Lee Simner S Breathtaking YA Fantasy Debut, Bones Of FaerieLiza Is A Summoner She Can Draw Life To Herself, Even From Beyond The Grave And Because Magic Works Both Ways, She Can Drive Life Away Months Ago, She Used Her Powers To Banish Her Dangerous Father And To Rescue Her Mother, Lost In Dreams, From The Ruined Land Of FaerieBorn In The Wake Of The War Between Humanity And Faerie, Liza Lived In A World Where Green Things Never Slept, Where Trees Sought To Root In Living Flesh And Bone But Now The Forests Have Fallen Silent Even The Evergreens Branches Are Bare Winter Crops Won T Grow, And The Threat Of Starvation Looms And Deep In The Forest A Dark, Malevolent Will Is At Work To Face It, Liza Will Have To Find Within Herself Something Powerful Than Magic AloneHere At Last Is The Sequel To Bones Of Faerie, For All Those Fans Of Dark Fantasy And Dystopian Adventure Who Thrilled To Janni Lee Simner S Unique Vision Of A Postapocalyptic World Infused With Magic From The Hardcover Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 290 pages
  • Faerie Winter (Faerie, #2)
  • Janni Lee Simner
  • English
  • 22 June 2019

About the Author: Janni Lee Simner

Janni Lee Simner lives in the Arizona desert, where the plants know how to bite and the dandelions really do have thorns in spite of these things or maybe because of them she s convinced she lives in one of the most stunning places on earth Janni has published four novels for young adults, the Bones of Faerie trilogy and Thief Eyes, and she wrote the script for the video game The Huntsman Win

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    I read Bones of Faerie and fell in love with the world, accepting the fact that there probably wasn t going to be a sequel In fact, I didn t even expect one But I was delighted when I saw there was one, forgetting how intense my love was for Bones of Faerie Faerie Winter matched that adoration and rose above it Simner creates a world that is simplistically complicated It s hard to explain I felt it was pure, like the essence of, well, a faerie and not cluttered by dirt and other things that I enjoy equally in other fiction This truly gives me a calm feeling when I read it, even as bad things are happening.The story is done very well, and isn t a sequel as much as a companion, like the Artemis Fowl books always have a new story in each book but with the characters that tie them together We get to explore about the children After, their magic, and their need to be accepted and want to use their gifts to help and not harm We also meet the cruel fae, the most cruel of the cruel in fact, The Lady herself She was as beautiful and deadly as dry ice And yet, as dark as everything was, the story never really had a dark or bleak tone It felt like I was stuck in winter as I read this with 90 degree weather outside and I felt sleepy like I do during winter months.Simner managed to catch the essence of winter in this book and balance it subtly with the knowledge that spring will come, but how easily to forget something when it s gone away for long periods Do pick it up Do yourself a favor It will wow you and have you wanting Simner left enough threads where there could be another, but regardless, I am perfectly content with whatever is in store for our beloved characters.

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    Now out in new paperback and ebook editions.

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    So much darker than the first book I like that No silly or funny scenes in this sequel, the author just goes straight for the murderous sadistic games of the fae It is twisted and delicious.I also appreciated the character of Liza She was never too stupid to live, nor was she perfect She screwed up, kept trying, made tough choices, and slowly grew and changed through it all She is a cool chick I really loved her relationship with Kyle, who was adorable and I want to adopt.The love story is still very minor, to non existent in this book I can see it becoming something in the last book.

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    hmmm the big bad queen died too easily

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    Better than the first, but still just as bare boned with the story and character backgrounds It s like you re dropped right into the middle of this world with the idea that you re already supposed to know the history of it Sometimes a concept like that works wonderfully, and I absolutely love books like that This, however, sadly lacks that magical spark So while I did enjoy it a lot, especially because of Matthew I still wish this had been developed and richer than it is.

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    I was absolutely thrilled when I saw this on Around the World Tours I completely adored Bones of Faerie and I had no clue that Janni was writing a sequel It s been a long while since I read Bones of Faerie, but even with the gap I have to say that the sequel was just as good if not better Faerie Winter picks up a few months after Liza successfully brought autumn into her world It s now the dead of winter and Liza and her village fear that spring may never come The once blood seeking plants have grown passive and harmless Even with Liza s summoning abilities, the trees refuse to come out of their slumber What Liza doesn t realize is that Faerie is as equally dead as her own world, and that the Fae have come to her world in search of life When Liza and Mathew find a young boy s burned body buried in the woods, things start to fall apart Ethan, a young firestarter, is found by Liza and taken in by Kate It soon becomes apparent that Faerie is not so willing to part from Liza s world without wiping out all humans, including Liza I really loved how Janni continued this story I was relatively satisfied with the ending to Bones of Faerie, but hey I m not complaining A lot of things were cleared up that had been unanswered Tara and Kaylen s history, how the War really started, and the truth behind Kaylen and Karin s heritage The story really filled out and made me love these books even One thing I was just DYING for was some development between Liza and Mathew Gah There was just so much repressed feelings in the first one I was hoping that with six months of winter something would have happened Besides hand holding occasionally and a quick kiss nothing happened until the VERY END And I am talking about down to the last page It s clear that they care very deeply for each other, but it s like they re both afraid to take the next step Their relationship is truly beautiful They trust each other with their lives, and feel like they can depend on no one else I particularly loved what Liza would say We protect each other Just so sweet Plus there s the fact that Mathew spent 90% of the novel in wolf form Was it critical to the story Yes, but I still can t help but resent it a bit I like Mathew I really felt that Liza s character grew tremendously Liza has always been so clear cut on everything she does She doesn t hesitate in any situation If she believes that someone is a danger to her loved ones, even if she wants to help them, she will do what needs to be done She knows what is important, and doesn t let her own personal feelings overcome her judgment Liza s tough as nails, but it was nice to see a vulnerable side to her Her attachment to Kyle, a young boy in the village, is very touching She comes to care for him like her own family, and commits to taking care of him Liza still has things to learn, and is willing to learn from Karin When it s time to decide who to save in order to restore spring to the world, she doesn t hesitate She s self sacrificing and I hate to say that because it reminds me of Bella Swan but Liza has the right intentions I definitely grew attached to Liza in this book These books combine my two favorite genre s Faerie and dystopian fiction In one word Epic The story is a brilliant mix of fantasy, love, and a dying world Dark and gripping you ll devour it in one sitting I definitely did I m really hoping for a third book Partially because I want me some Mathew Liza, and because I just don t feel like the story is quite over yet Maybe with some begging and pleading my dream will come true XD

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    More sadness and brutality to twist your heart Faerie Winter exceeded my expectations for a sequel I felt about it the same way I did Bones of Faerie That it was a great story and by the end I would have been satisfied if I learned there wasn t going to be another book Lucky for me its a trilogy but even better that each book thus far in this trilogy has done such a stellar job of standing on it s own legs.There WAS NOT a ton of rehashing at the beginning going back over absolutely everything that happened in the prior book There was a bit but thankfully it was minimal and found it was spread throughout the entirety of Faerie Winter rather than a blunt force trauma to the head smash of it like I ve seen in so many other series books Life picks up where things left off in Bones of Faerie and I m happy to see its realistic There is tension between Liza and her mother, just as their should be Problems in a relationship don t just miraculously go away just because you ve past a life threatening situation The focus that was put on their relationship and how Liza still harbors a lot of resentment and anger towards her mother for all of the things she has hidden from her, and continues not to tell her really helps build on Liza s character development and the choices that she makes If she can t trust someone who is supposed to be so close to her it would of course effect many of the things she does I can t even describe how well I thought this relationship was done.And Matthew, Oh my wolfy boy Matthew How I love this guy He didn t get a lot of screen time in Faerie Winter and for that I was seriously sad I know that was important to the storyline but I missed him and this was a bit of a debbie downer for me I fully anticipate though that he will be back in full force in the final book Faerie After which I am about to start today I do have to say what little time he was there, sure had a lot of zing We meet a few new characters of course, key of which are Kyle and Johnny, they are a few other kids in Liza s town Kyle is a little boy I think maybe age 5, and his brother Johnny is around Liza s age Kyle can be a bit annoying at moments but what 5 year old isn t I find it refreshing how all of the children born after the War feel a bond to each other, and like the nickname they gave themselves, Afters They ve feared their whole lives that their magic would be found out and that they would be put to death for it You still get that sense of fear from them but they are definitely starting to come out of their shells Afters have to stick together The level violence in the Faerie trilogy so far is something to keep in mind Its not crazy graphic but there is a brutal nature to these books that I know not everyone would enjoy I find it refreshing and realistic because fairy tales originally did have a much darker side and quite frankly this is post apocalyptic, people die, people get hurt That s reality, whether its reality or fiction.The Cons only one thing reallyThe other thing was the constant Go Away, Go Away, that Liza would say when using her power It just got really repetitive and I hate repetitive it has a tendency to irk me and make me want to slap a STFU sticker over someone s mouth.Favorite quote is actually the oath that Karin wants the children to take once they come into their magic Blessed are the powers that grant me magic.I promise to use their gift well.To help mend my world.To help mend all worlds.And should I forget to mend,Should I refuse to mend,Still I will rememberTo do no harm.

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    The Short Story The highly anticipated sequel to Bones of Faerie does not disappoint Simner has written yet another seductive dark fantasy set in a dystopian environment Enticing and dangerous, Faerie Winter is beautifully dark and brilliant For fans of the supernatural with an exciting new edge, this one is for you The Long Story One of the things I love about this novel was the setting The series is set in a dystopian world which is interlaced with magic Unlike most dystopian societies which are modern rubbles, Simner has created a dystopian society that has travelled back in time to the Middle Ages Not only has she incorporated dark fantasy into her story The whole world is shadowed by the dangers of magic, the trees long for blood and the faeries are evil Beautifully written and well planned, Simner has written a novel filled with adventure, loss and hope Very original and highly entertaining It s one to be enjoyed by lovers of all things dystopian or paranormal.It annoys me to no end that the protagonist is called Liza If only the z was an s then it could have been a story about me However it s impossible to dislike Liza, she s a very strong heroine Level headed, brave, selfless and intelligent She s someone to be admired Matthew, our love interest doesn t play a huge role in this novel but I love him anyway for always being there for Liza Karin, the faerie who cares for humans and Kyle the brave little boy who I had grown to love A wonderful cast of characters, well developed and filled with personality.Faerie Winter is like nothing you ve ever read before A clever tale about a world that s falling apart, a race of beings that want to wipe out human population and a girl who has the power to change everything Beautiful, exciting and dangerous, Faeries Winter is a brilliant companion to Bones of Faerie To be loved by readers of all ages, if you re looking for something new, this is a guaranteed good read.Rating 4.5 5

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    I have been DYING to read this Bones of Faerie is one of my all time faves It combines both Faerie AND a dystopian world Gah It s wonderful Well, actually it s very depressing and dangerous, but you get what I mean It s sequel, Faerie Winter lives up to my expectations beautifully.It wasn t enough though I wished it could go on and on 300 ish pages just didn t satisfy me, I felt like there could have been Wishful thinking I know, but the ending felt a little rushed I was three quarters of the way through the story before I realized that we were almost done, and I had barely gotten my fill It s a good thing, I guess since, I just didn t want it to end.Right from the get go we have doom and destruction A stranger and dead children, and no idea how that came to be Matthew, our shape shifting hero, runs off to save the day again, only to be captured by those who would do him harm.I don t want to give spoilers, so we ll just say that Liza and Matthew are once again in charge of saving the world And it s in a totally believable set up For the world that they re living in, that is There are old friends and new enemies and a kind of helplessness I hope we never have to truly know.I only gave it 4 stars and not 5 because I really felt that it could have been drug out a little longer I was satisfied with the ending, but sad to see it so soon If you are a fan of the Fae AND dystopian, than what are you waiting for Faerie Winter and its predecessor, Bones of Faerie are like nothing you ve ever read before I loved them both, and hope you get the opportunity to enjoy them as well.

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    So, I wasn t particularly impressed with Bones of Faerie, the first in the series But I saw this in the library, and it wasn t particularly long, so I m like What the heck Might as well, right Thankfully, it wasn t worse It was actually better, but not by much In Bones of Faerie my review here I thought it was very hard to understand, the story jumping from place to place without me understanding how While that didn t happen in this book, it still seemed like the story was kind of disjointed It did not have a very good flow to it AT ALL The romance in this book wasn t very good It did not seem nice and or cute and or gradual to me AT ALL She DID NOT do a very good job with this So, the plot definitely matured and grew and was better than in Bones of Faerie All in all, it was better than Bones of Faerie but only worth your time if you have no other books to read and nothing else to do with your time.

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