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    While I liked this one too I didn t like it as much as the first one The heroine was just to much of a push over trying to please people and it bugged me but other than that a cute read

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    Sheesh, it sucked to be a woman back in these days I know, I say that a lot But, it really really sucked to be a woman back then First, her father basically sells her to be married to some asshole they ve never met and the father only tells her hours before she is sent to her new husband that this will happen She ll never see her family again, has no idea what to expect, and is sent on horseback to journey hundreds of miles to get to the guy Ha She should be so lucky as to have it this easy Then, she gets kidnapped by the prospective groom s enemy and forced to marry him instead She has to agree to marry him or else he will kill all of her father s soldiers that are with her I d rather have a gun..Then, this stranger kidnapper decides that they will consummate their wedding vows on the dirty ground in the middle of their camp, surrounded by his men Yes, she will lose her virginity to a filthy guy who forced her to marry him in the most demeaning way possible Or, after being terrorized, kidnapped, and forced to ride on horseback for hours on end either way.. After losing her virginity the night before, she is expected to ride a horse for the entirety of the following day until her horse can no longer go on, at which time her new husband decides to abandon her horse Her beloved pet is left in the woods to fend for itself this doesn t end well He also decides to abandon her belongings because they were too much trouble to carry That s good, because your needs were back in that suitcase we tossed because it was too heavy.Finally, when he gets her to her new home a fortress he takes off for a couple of weeks, leaving her in an unfamiliar country, with no friends or family, barely knowing the language Welcome to your new life The worst part of all this It was normal crap for back then Women were simply servant baby makers Don t forget to make him a sandwich when you are done.Can we all just get down on our knees and thank God that we were born in this era Still, the story in this book was cute and funny Even though women had no rights or the ability to resist what was being done to them, I like that our heroine still found ways to manipulate her overlords the men around her She was clever and sweet The man, however, was an ass until the very end.

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    So it happened I found a book by Julie Garwood that I didn t love Not that it was bad, it was just not up to par with the other Garwood books I ve read.The Wedding starts with 10 year old Highlander Connor MacAlister promising his dying father to avenge his death by finding out and killing the ones who betrayed him This promise basically defines Connor s whole life then and determines the course of his actions throughout the story 16 years later, Connor s quest for revenge makes him steal away his enemy s bride, Lady Brenna, an Englishwoman who he met some years ago when he was a young lad and she was a child, and who innocently proposed to him back then Connor isn t aware that Brenna is his enemy s bride when he sets out to claim her as his own bride, but he s than satisfied now that he knows it.What follows is one of the funniest wedding scenes I ve ever read It wasn t as good as the one in Ransom, but it was a blast and I giggled all the way through it After they re properly married, Connor and Brenna start their journey back to his home, where he can drop her and keep working on his revenge against his father s killers And that s where the story lost meI really enjoyed the 1st half of the book, and I could have bet it was going to be another winner to me I was definitely starting to fall for Connor, the arrogant and gruff warrior who had or seemed to have a soft spot when it came to his new wife, even if he would have killed himself before he acknowledged it I adored Brenna, the somewhat clueless young lady who was decided to make the best of a bad situation while trying to find a way out of it And I loved Garwood s humorous writing, that had me smiling and laughing at the nonsense that came out of Connor s mouth and mind I knew or better, hoped his cold and bossy behavior would start to change a bit as he got to spend time with Brenna and build a true relationship with her, so I put up with him in the beginning Unfortunately, that change never cameI swear, I started to frown when Connor left Brenna to her own devices as soon as he arrived home, trusting her to follow him around WTH, did he think she was like a pet And when he found her not that he d ever admit he had lost her in the 1st place , he didn t appologize for having forgotten about her No, he berated her for the grievance she d put him through What a charming man Not Then, things got worse when Connor just up and went to fight some battle against one of his enemies next, leaving his newlywed wife Brenna to deal with his stepmother and his stepbrother alone At that point, everything went down hill Brenna, who I still liked by then, started to act like an idiot, failing to see what a b tch Connor s stepmother was Anyone, including the servants, could see that, but Brenna kept illuding herself into thinking the old woman was just difficult Naturally, no good came from Brenna s willingness to hide from the truth right before her eyes She pretty much became a pushover, and that was so different from how she d behaved in the 1st half of the story that I started to wonder if I was reading the same book.As I finished the book, I was still trying to figure out why and how exactly Connor and Brenna fell in love with each other They didn t know each other at all and kept misunderstanding their feelings and actions Connor s constant refusal to talk and explain himself he was Laird, why should he waste his time explaining his actions to his wife didn t help matters He was so focused on avenging his father s death that I never felt he dedicated enough time to actually fall for Brenna Okay, he was all mushy and head over hills in love with her by the end of the book, but I had a hard time buying it I mean, this was the same man who d left her alone at home right after their hasty wedding, wasn t it As for Brenna, I also didn t understand why she fell for Connor considering how he d basically neglected her most of the time and hadn t shown any glimpse of loving affection before the final pages.All things considered, this was kind of a disappointing read Like I said, it wasn t bad, but I had high expectations which were reinfoced by the wonderful 1st half of the story and they weren t met But I don t regret reading it and I m going to keep it, as I may feel in the mood to reread the 1st half in the future.

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    The Wedding managed to make its way up into the ranks of Garwood books that earned a five star rating Why Because this book took me from laughing hysterically, to being angry enough for my blood pressure to shoot up or so my throbbing temples testified to , to being so sad I wanted to cry Also, it s just darn entertaining.I ve read many, many romance novels in my thirty some years, and Julie Garwood has a way of writing singular heroines, like no other author On first glance, they seem too sweet to be believed But, their sweetness is completely genuine Her heroines are so kind and loving, that you d have to be a big jerk to hate them As for me, I love them Brenna certainly was no different The poor girl She really went through the wringer in this book, and Connor contributed significantly to her suffering At times, I did want to take a frying pan to his thick skull Of course, I realize that he s emotionally stunted from the tragedy of his father s betrayal and death, and the murder of most of his clan His deathbed promise to his father was what drove him, and marriage was only a secondary concern He s a hard man, and it took him sometime to realize that his husband skills needed improvement You cannot put wives away on shelves to gather dust until you want to play with them, man Thankfully, love conquers all This was a very good book, and I didn t want to put it down Brenna won my heart, and I was very glad that Connor got a clue I loved the secondary cast of characters, such as Connor s men Quinlan and Crispin, and his people, Father Sinclair, her family, and of course, Laird Alec and Lady Jamie I m not sure if medieval Scotland in any way resembles this book, but I almost want to go there just to enjoy the ambience despite the lack of indoor plumbing I don t have it in me to write a long review right now, so this will have to suffice How does Ms Garwood do it Write such brilliant comedy, but scenes that are ripe with emotional anguish Those diametrically opposed tones shouldn t go together, but she manages it Although some parts wrenched at my heart at what poor Brenna went through, I felt that things worked out very well I know that Connor will never, ever take her for granted again He ll realize just how precious the love he has with Brenna, and how that was important than the vengeance his father swore him to She snuck her way into his heart, just like she did mine.Darn I wish I had time to go back and read all her historicals again

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    Yep, still loved it If anything, I enjoyed this listen than the first time I feel like I need to watch Braveheart again to get my Scottish Hottie Fix Saying that maybe I should move with the times and watch a wee bit of Outlander.Love getting my Julie Garwood fix Loved it Seriously, you can t go wrong with a Julie Garwood historical and it s bloody good to know that the same applies to her audios as well At first, I struggled a little with the narrator s accent but it did not take long before I was thoroughly enthralled.Brenna and Connor s story was as awesome as I remember I loved getting to see Alec and Jamie again and getting to meet their beautiful daughter too.Just bought The Secret on audio so I think I ll keep the Julie Garwood tribute going.

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    2 starsLooks like I m one of the few who didn t enjoy this book I had high hopes to start but ended up disappointed and frustrated for most of the books.I found The Wedding frustrating, wearisome, and confusing at times There were some funny and endearing parts, but those moments soon gave way to frustration again I also had a devil of a time trying to connecting with these characters I didn t hate the book but I certainly didn t like it either.I m not sure why this story didn t sit well with me I guess after reading The Bride, a book with characters that jumped off the pages and had such heart soul, The Wedding felt tedious and slightly obnoxious The constant misconceptions between the two main characters became annoying after awhile And, for heaven s sake, could Connor become any obtuse I felt Brenna and Connor had little, if any, character growth throughout the book, although Connor did change his feelings about marriage and Brenna toward the end Brenna s character, on the other hand, seemed to retrogress She began as a feisty, confident, and witty women only to become a weak reflection of her former self It was sad watching such a vibrant and carefree character become and passiveness as the story progressed In her desire to be accepted by her mother in law, which she believed would have a positive impact on her relationship with Connor, she allowed herself to become easily controlled and manipulated Thankfully, she rectified that mentality by the end of the book.Connor is definitely my least favorite alpha hero He s 100% alpha male, with hardly a redeeming quality throughout the book He s one of the most cantankerous, egomaniac, obtuse characters I ve read Good grief, the guy s about as clueless as they come with regard to women I didn t find him at all endearing He did redeem himself at the end however, it felt like the author forced his character into submission Because his change of heart was not a natural progression, it seemed abrupt, and there for, not totally believable For me, Connor s and Brenna s relationship was the most disconcerting aspect of the book Frankly, I couldn t find any reason to root for them as a couple Connor was constantly rebuking, disregarding, berating, and patronizing Brenna Also, Connor said one of the cruelest things a man could say to a woman in regard to her worth as a wife I had a difficult time forgiving him for that.How on earth these two fell in love is beyond me They definitely had great chemistry between the sheets Julie Garwood can write some steamy smexin, that s for sure but that s the only time I really felt the chemistry between them Not only were they constantly bickering, they spent very little time together during the second half of the book Honestly, their love story baffled me.There were some funny and heartwarming parts I did like.The wedding scene was brilliantly written I can t help but laugh just thinking about it Julie Garwood sure has a knack for writing humor.I teared up when Brenna gave Connor the medallion she d made him, explaining the reason why it was so dear to her The way she compared the story of David and Goliath to Connor s history was beautiful and heartwarming It was the only time I felt a deep connection between the two of them I really loved that Alec and Jamie The Bride made a few appearances in this book I absolutely love their characters Their little three year old daughter was so darling and fun she stole the show whenever she made an appearance in the book Honestly, I think my expectations for this book were a tad too high after just finishing The Bride I can t help but make comparisons between the two and, frankly, The Wedding falls short

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    Deliver me from witless heroines and ignorant heroes Considering this a bodice ripper for my Year Long Historical Romance Challenge One of the hardest categories for meI shall admit it Series I believe it is Sexy times Meh Plan on reading by the author At times I consider it After this one meh Synopsis Skipping this I know you are all capable of looking at the publisher synopsis And really, what else do I have to add but meh Heroine Brenna Good lord This woman No real survival of the fittest gene going on here Should I tell him someone wants to rape me Well no, I shall not Should I tell him his stepmother is undermining me at every turn Nah Can I see reality when it slaps me upside the head No She has moments of fun and smarts but these are overshadowed by her desire to win a Darwin award Hero Connor Good lord here as well I can see my new wife is upset, but she can take care of whatever it is It s just females figuring their figurative shit out My wife can t do that and she can t do that and she s incapable which she very well may be but and I like to just leave the holding without telling her Just disappear She can handle it She doesn t need to know Alright already We get it You re an ass Why it did or didn t work for me So long So so so long The same thing Nothing new really happened She s dim, he s an ass Bored I got nothing for you Sorry I just can t muster the energy one way or the other It s not worth my rant Signed, I may be done with Julie Garwood Forevs

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    Ahhh can t say enough how majestic and real Scotland feels Julie Garwood s vividness brings this beautiful country into our homes and imagination I swear at times I wanted to string Connor MacAlister up by his short hairs He s rude, assholish, manipulative and a jerk, another words a typical man When he forced Brenna to give up the memory of her family and childhood possessions her siblings had given her, I could have strangled him on the spot But yet the high handed highlander was special, tender, dominate and loving, all rolled into one You can t help smiling after reading through the pages, their playful banter as they grow closer Who needs a hero, I do and I want one just like Connor Five glorious stars, recommended to all historical romance lovers

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    I really loved The Bride and was really disappointed by The Wedding 2.5 starsThe book gets 2.5 stars because 1 Brenna tried to be clever to get her way I say tried, because it didn t happen as often as I expected.2 The scene with the wedding vows I hope the book had banter and a defiant Brenna She will honor me, protect me, obey me only when she believes I m being reasonable but I shouldn t hold out hope that that day will ever come try to love me before she s an old woman, and I d better get it straight in my mind that she will respect me until or unless I do something to prove I m not worthy, and God save me then Have I left anything out, Brenna Nay, Connor, she answered You made better sense out of my vows than I did Half Star Connor is clueless but tries to keep Brenna happy and comfortable I cannot guess what you want You have to tell me, Brenna The book loses 2.5 stars because 1 Brenna was such a needy, people pleaser This got on my nerves and I was irritated by the way she dealt with Connor s despicable relatives It s difficult to sympathize with her because of her dedication to being a martyr Something Connor never demanded.2 As a child Connor has been instructed to find the traitor to his clan and avenge his father When you discover who the traitor is, it feels anti climatic and too convenient.Half star Who forgets a child and leaves them behind More than once No offense to the Home Alone movies.Brenna s family makes a habit of this and this issue is never addressed or explored.I love Julie Garwood, this one was difficult to finish and rate.

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    The Bride followed by The Wedding are, in my opinion, Garwood s best work If you are new to Garwood, these 2 books are a great place to start Julie Garwood is different than most of the romance authors that I read in the fact that I find myself loving her heroines even than her heroes I usually read romance novels for the larger than life men they ususally come with, but Garwood s Ladies steal the show In The Wedding, Brenna is one of those show stealers This character is so refreshing that I wanted to name our first born after her Now that is some serious writing power Ms Garwood Brenna is quirky but so much fun She is beautiful, but humble She has a large appetite for food and isn t afraid to use it She is honest with her affections and doesn t mind giving her unapproachable husband public displays of affection She is loyal and lovingwhether it s to her horse or her husband She isn t prideful, but tells Connor exactly how she feels in direct and clear ways In one part of the story, Connor believes that in the morning after she will be so shocked at his behavior in the bedroom that out of courtesy he has her moved out of his bedroom Brenna is maddened by this an confronts her intimidating husband without apology to get moved back into his bedroom She had me laughing, shocked, and respecting her throughout the book Connor is the quintessential Garwood hero Tortured, but not overly so Powerful, but not to much so Attractive, and very much so However, the real gem in this book is Brenna who holds so much power without ever knowing it or wanting it I loved her.

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The Wedding download The Wedding, read online The Wedding, kindle ebook The Wedding, The Wedding 2c2940947290 It S A Classic Plot A Marriage Of Convenience That Lays The Groundwork For True Love Journeying From England To Scotland To Wed A Highlander, Lady Brenna Had Resigned Herself To The Arranged Match But When A Band Of Fierce, Painted Warriors Captured Her En Route, She Fearlessly Met Their Demand To Marry Their Leader The Quick Tempered Laird Connor MacAlister She Couldn T Know That Her Capture Was Merely The First Act Of Vengeance Against Her Betrothed, Connor S Sworn EnemyBrenna Harbored No Illusions That Her Husband Was In Love With Her After A Hasty Forest Wedding, MacAlister Assured Her She Could Return Home Once She Had Borne Him A Son But She Could Not Deny That She Had Once Proposed To MacAlister Ten Years Ago, When She Was Just A Child, And The Visitor To Her Father S Castle Charmed Her With His Dazzling, Unexpected Smile Now, As She Sets Out To Win The Brave Chieftain Whom She Has Come To Adore, A Legacy Of Revenge Ensnares Brenna In A Furious Clan War And Only Her Faith In Her Gallant Hero Can Save Her