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The Prize chapter 1 The Prize, meaning The Prize, genre The Prize, book cover The Prize, flies The Prize, The Prize d5eca814caf5b Librarian S Note Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereIn The Resplendence Of William The Conqueror S London Court, The Lovely Saxon Captive Lady Nicholaa Was Forced To Choose A Husband From The Assembled Norman Nobles She Chose Royce, A Baron Warrior Whose Fierce Demeanor Could Not Conceal His Chivalrous And Tender Heart A Resourceful, Rebellious And Utterly Naive, Nicholaa Vowed To Bend Royce To Her Will Despite The Whirlwind Of Feelings He Aroused In Her Ferocious In Battle, Seasoned In Passion, Royce Was Surprised By The Depth Of His Emotion Whenever He Caressed His Charming BrideIn A Climate Of Utmost Treachery, Where Saxons Still Intrigued Against Their Norman Invaders, Royce And Nicholaa Revelled In Their Precious New Love A Fervent Bond Soon To Be Disrupted By The Call Of Blood, Kin And Country

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    He never knew what hit him The first line in this book was enough to hook me How could I not love a heroine who was smart and resourceful enough to drop the hero to the ground in the middle of a battle Baron Royce is Norman and Lady Nicholaa is Saxon, and that makes them enemies in 1066 The Prize starts with Nicholaa trying to defend her home against Royce and his barbaric soldiers She s successfully defeated the three previous knights sent by the bastard William of Normandy, soon to be the new King of England, but she realizes Royce is on a league of his own and the chances of her winning against him are nonexistent So she tricks him into thinking she s her twin sister Danielle a nun and manages to escape and find sanctuary in the nearest convent When Royce finds out that there s no sister Danielle and that he s been had by the cunning Nicholaa, he can t help but appreciate how clever she is and surprises his men by laughing instead of getting furious with her deception.Arrogant that he is, Royce doesn t see Nicholaa s escape as a defeat, as he s sure he ll be able to leave her sanctuary and go with him to meet his King William in London As the Saxon woman who s so valiantly defended her family s holding, she s a legend among the Normans, the bride the King is going to give to his most worthy knight as the prize in a contest for her hand and her family s holding and lands, of course As it happens, Royce does get Nicholaa to leave her sanctuary and go with him to London, even though she keeps trying to escape every chance she gets along the way During this journey, they start seeing each other with new eyes, and Royce grows and attracted to Nicholaa while she realizes how honorable, caring and protective he is And that s how they start to fall in love with each other, against their better judgment Naturally, they still have a long way to understand and accept their feelings, and that s where the fun lies I liked Royce from the start, and he won me when he laughed instead of going ballistic at being bested by Nicholaa with her nun act He was arrogant, hard and a bit gruff on the outside, but soft and oh so sweet on the inside He was like a delicious petit g teau, my favorite dessert, and all I can say is, Yummy, may I have some , please He was smart and brave, but didn t think he was worthy of Nicholaa because she was a beautiful and gentle lady while he was just an ugly his face was marred by a horrible scar and hardened warrior But she never saw him that way and, incredibly, she even thought his handsomeness was disturbing Ah, love is blind, indeed Nicholaa was a strong and cunning heroine She was a bit ditzy and naive sometimes her convoluted plan to get Royce drunk with ale backfired big time, LOL but that came across as charming and not annoying She also seemed unable to stop herself from telling lies all for the greater good, of course but she couldn t keep them straight to save her life and Royce had no problem seeing through them The way he kept cornering and trapping her inside her lies had me laughing out loud every single time.And Royce s lectures I loved those scenes The man loved to lecture Nicholaa, even though he was aware she didn t pay any attention to it I had a smile on my face every time he clasped his hands behind his back, started lecturing her and she just sat there with her hands folded on her lap, daydreaming the whole time That was just one example of the many interactions between Royce and Nicholaa that were just a joy to read, and I couldn t get enough of them.The only thing that I found a bit jarring was the lack of closure in regards to Nicholaa s older brother Thurston That wasn t bad enough to make me enjoy this book any less, it s just that I wanted to know what happened to him.All in all, what s left for me to say Another Garwood, another winner At this point, I m a truly devoted fan of Ms Garwood I haven t gone through all her backlist yet, but I really loved everything I ve read so far Having read her books almost back to back, it was easy for me to notice that her stories have some kind of a formula , but it s one I love so I m all for it Very well done, Ms Garwood

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    I kind of love that a romance set so far back in history, still manages to have a heroine that shows strength, courage and perseverance This mixed with a slight vulnerability, made Nicholaa one of my very favourite heroines Royce, well he s exactly my kind of man Strong, determined and fierce, he finds it hard to accept the sweetness Nicholaa gives him They are so perfect together, that each re read leaves me a very happy and content romance reader Julie Garwood, you are a bloody legend.I m on a rollmaybe Honor s Splendour up nextor maybe I ll see if another favourite has been released and I haven t listened to it yet Beauty is in the eye of the beholderAnother awesome Julie Garwood historical romance done and dusted I m loving re reading listening to these classics In The Prize, we meet the beautiful and feisty Nicholaa and the scarred warrior Royce Their love story was full of humour, sizzling chemistry, intrigue and treachery While at first, it seems they are destined for a marriage filled with battles As they go on, their attraction to each other intensifies and feelings develop Nicholaa loves her family and will do anything to protect them Royce is determined to have a peaceful lifeif only Nicholaa would obey his rules.The Prize captivated my attention so much I was in danger of heading out to Woop Woop instead of work It s too easy to relax on the train listening to my audio and forget that I actually have a set destination to reach Again, I loved the narrator and had no problems telling when the characters changed I will definitely be listening to Julie Garwood in the future.

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    This classic Julie Garwood medieval romance is set in the time of the Saxon and Norman skirmishes One thing that slays me is the mindset of the invadersthey d come to a castle keep, lay it under siege, kill as many men as possible, and basically just overtake the placeand then they would graciously allow the former lord to remain alive if he would only swear fealty to their leader and become part of their army WHAT THE.what That s crazy to meit s basically forcing them to live a life of shame, now basically peasants within their own home Mind boggling My synopsis Lady Nicolaa is a clever young Saxon woman who tricks Royce into believing that she is at first a nun, then a married woman with a baby Not only is she clever, but she has become a renowned battle leader when she leads her brother s army in his absence Of course, Royce and his men are a cut above what the Norman usurper sent before, and they quickly overtake Nicolaa s home and men Now Royce is charged with bringing the infamous woman to his king to be auctioned of as a prize wife to the man who wants her most And Nicolaa is furious My thoughts Julie Garwood excels at writing tough as nails alpha warrior men and naive, brainlessbut never helplessheroines I imagine that her characters would have truly fit into the time period for which they were created Royce is super authoritative, to the point of chauvinism Me man, you womanugh, ugh Nicola is air headed and ridiculously naive, though she doesn t let her apparent lack of brains keep her from making demands This is my Nicolaa in actions than in looksIf you ve seen the movie Enchanted, you ll know what I mean One problem that I had with the way her character is portrayed is that while Nicolaa sure does like to put her foot down and take a hard stance about certain issues, she always seems to cave in and bow to Royce What s the point of making her this strong willed female if she ends up sounding like a vapid woman There was almost no instance in which she executes a plan that she is so determined to execute, other than that first charade with the nun s clothing.But the story was captivating, the scenery and the court intrigue very well done JG s historicals are so hugely different from what is written today, it s almost laughable I don t suggest reading them if you have hard core feministic tendenciesthese women are mostly doormats But then, their men always come around and pretty much love their women to distraction, forsaking kings and friends and family just to make their lovers happy So there you goit s a special kind of romance, and I very much enjoyed it.

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    Once again, Julie Garwood delivers a heartwarming, humorous, and delightfully romantic tale What I liked most about this book was Royce s character he s not one Garwood s prototypical hero and the relationship between him and the heroine, Nicholla Royce is a hero to adore He may not be extremely good looking, with a badly scarred face, but he has the perfect combination of alpha and beta characteristics He s powerful, driven, and a true leader but he also possess a strong benevolent side that makes him one of the most charming, endearing, and truly swoon worthy heroes Julie Garwood has created.Royce s and Nicholla s relationship is fabulous Both characters are open, honest, and even blunt about their feelings once they recognized them, of course It was refreshing not to have all the added drama and misunderstandings that comes from a lack of communication I also enjoyed the subplot involving Nicholla s brother Justin His story enriched the plot and brought to the book some of it endearing moments The Prize is a wonderful, feel good romance you ll be happy to have read You can t beat Julie Garwood She s one of the best

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    I wasn t going to review this one because I don t usually write reviews when I read a well known and traditionally published author However, I felt it deserved a review to explain the low rating.I hated the heroine, Nicholaa There was no happy medium for this character She was either acting like an insecure adolescent, seeking approval and attention, or she was raising hell The only time I found the strong woman characterized at the beginning of the book believable was yes, at the beginning of the book Once Baron Royce has her in his presence, it was difficult to even imagine her as a strong woman She pouts She whines She snivels She looks for approval She seeks attention What the author seems to think is the behavior of a strong woman, I saw as temper tantrums.And can I say I m sick of heroines who are so stunningly beautiful that all men stop in their tracks and gape, unable to speak past the tongue hanging out of their mouth Read enough historical romance novels and you ll begin to wonder if there were any ugly or even just passably good looking noblewomen in all of medieval England This was my fourth historical romance in as many days and without fail, the heroine in each of them could have been sisters, or even identical quadruplets Oh sure the hair color or the eye color changes, but the description otherwise isn t original or different.In short, the characters and the plot were shallow and formulaic If you plow your way through romance novels and love them all, you ll probably like this one If you demand a little depth for your reading experience, this isn t the book that s going to deliver it for you.

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    Written October 13, 20143.8 Stars Safely, securely and precisely what expected Sweet charming, well written oldish HRA Ms Garwood historical read or listening can not be but heartwaring and enjoying The Prize a historical from 1991, here narrated by a very professional Anne Flosnik in a 12 hrs audiobook, is no exception Perhaps you don t hear or see me sing and dance with joy after this novel, but at least I warm up for some very happy cheer jump step A sweetie one England 1066 in William the Conqueror s court..The lovely Saxon captive Lady Nicholaa was forced to choose a husband from the assembled Norman nobles.She chose Royce, a baron warrior In a climate of utmost treachery, where Saxons still intrigued against their Norman invaders Nicholaa is young, cute and charming The baron is tired, torn by war and with an ugly scar on his face You see, no surprises, it can t be but pretty delightful Of course, this becomes incredibly super ber cute with an grand end I ll admit that I sometimes rolled my eyes, but I also giggled and had so much fun Here isn t it any anxiety or tough scenes This is simply the most romantic HR to find Easily digestible, well written and very nicely narrated in this audio edition Just to enjoy A woman can t do anything about her appearance Either she s pretty or she isn t But her character is quite another matter Nothing new under the sun for sure, but entertaining old fashioned Medieval HR to enjoy Ms Garwood s stories have a certain irresistible and innocent style that I like It will most certainly be delightful medieval romances written by her in the future.I LIKE it s good to be there in the romantic 1060 s

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    MY FAVOURITE HISTORICAL CHECKMATENicolaa a saxon has defended her home against the normans and the king is not happy.The king has ordered Baron Royce to bring the woman that had defended her home so well against his vassals She was going to be The Prize for the lucky knight who won the battle for her The King was allowing his knights to compete for her hand in marriage But, Nicholaa saved the Queens niece So the king changed his mind and allowed Nicholaa to choose from any of the single knights Of course since she had already spent a week or so with Royce she choose s him because she knew he would not hurt her They get married and sparks fly.Omg, where to begin with Royce Iloved him, he is everything a hero should be big, brave,sexy,handsome even with a scar and has a wicked sense of humour Both Nicolaa and Royce are believable ,lovable characters.If you love a great story with a great H H then Please please read, you won t be disappointed JG at her very best.

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    Before starting this book you may want to mentally prepare yourself for a kowtowing heroine because if that kind of trait bugs you like it does me to no end this book has the potential to get on your nerves fast There s that and the fact that the hero is painfully overbearing and you think he s going to get the oh so deserved whack upside the head eventually but he never does unfortunately which is a shame because it could have done him a world of good Briefly, the story is about Nicolaa no that s not a typo there really are two a s in her name , a Saxon, who ends up being taken as chattel by Royce, the Norman, in the name of William the Conqueror She s forced to marry a Norman she hates them all of course and live happily ever after She decides to hitch her wagon with Royce a kind of better the devil you know and all that Up to there the story is pretty good Got the ol love hate thing going, some decent tension building, story is moving along nicely, basically all the things you need to keep you interested and reading Once the two tie the knot and go about the business of living together however it s downhill to the end and I was tired of them I love a good medieval but this wasn t one of them.Now the novel starts out well enough with a strong heroine who ll give you the what for but she quickly spirals into the nauseatingly acquiescing I have to please my husband at all cost even if he s an idiot and what he says makes no sense kind of heroine You might think it s all part of her plan to get him later, but it s not, and there s no plan and she s just another one of those heroines that make your skin crawl with their suddenly submissive character that has the reader shaking her head thinking what the bleep bleep happened here Who likes this kind of woman anyway I hate when the author sets up a heroine to be strong and independent and then does this 180 on you making her nearly spineless What a rip off She doesn t have to be an uncompromising harpy but she doesn t have to be an accommodating doormat 24 7 either Thankfully Garwood didn t make Nicolaa TSTL, but she s waaay too nice and that kind of heroine is just plain boring and one dimensional As for the hero, if you liked the overbearing moron in Garwood s The Bride I hated him then this is a moderately toned down version of Mr I Need a Punch in My Smug Face Our man Royce here isn t that much different He s such a jerk sometimes He could be really nice and protective but then he goes into I Know Everything Always mode and it just grates on the nerves He s overly bossy and condescending like the annoying dad in the father knows best role instead of being the sexy lover that he should be I don t know why authors write these guys like that but this book was written in the early 90s and maybe that was the trend for hero writing Mind you, if an author can make you dislike a character it s better than being ambivalent so somewhere they must have written something well to get at least a reaction out of you, good or bad I d prefer the good though anyway, moving on In terms of writing there s a problem with paragraphing When an author changes a scene but not a chapter, normally there are a few blank lines between paragraphs to indicate this change to the reader, this wasn t the case here and it makes it hard to follow the story because you feel like you misread something The writing is also of a telling than a showing kind of style which I don t particularly enjoy It tends to make for a flat story that never really comes alive Better be a fan of heavy narration seeing as there s enough of it.This is no Ransom that s for sure but it s not as irritating as Honor s Splendour either, I guess it s sort of in between the two It s not that there s anything really wrong with the novel it s that I don t like these kinds of characters or this kind of writing Here s hoping that the next Garwood book I pick up leans towards the Ransom side because that book was exceptional, nothing like this borderline nails on the chalkboard one.

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    4.75 Captured Legend StarsArghhhh, how have I not read this HR brilliancy until now slaps herself in the forehead What an amazing story I couldn t have loved Royce and Nicholaa any than I did Had we all the loose ends like Thurston and Clarisse and Hugh tied up better, and of course the ever required Epilogue, it would have been 5 Stars But it was still a SPECTACULAR read that I will no doubt add to my all time fav HR, and forever remember.Julie Garwood did it again She truly is a Historical Romance genius 3 3 3 3 3

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