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Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue chapter 1 Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue, meaning Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue, genre Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue, book cover Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue, flies Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue, Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue 197919dcfd7cb Three Heros, Three Rescues, Three WeddingsYou Are Cordially Invited To The Wedding Of Miss Heather Cynsterbut Not Before She Encounters Kidnappers, Danger, And A Daring Rescue At The Hands Of Viscount BreckenridgeDetermined To Hunt Down Her Very Own Hero, One Who Will Sweep Her Off Her Feet And Into Wedded Bliss, And Despairing Of Finding Him In London S Staid Ballrooms, Heather Cynster Steps Out Of Her Safe World And Boldly Attends A Racy SoireeBut Her Promising Hunt Is Ruined By The Supremely Interfering Viscount Breckenridge, Who Whisks Her Out Of Scandal And Straight Into Danger When A Mysterious Enemy Seizes Her, Bundles Her Into A Coach, And Conveys Her Out Of LondonNow It S Up To The Notorious Breckenridge To Prove Himself The Hero She S Been Searching For All Along

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    I need a special rating for romance One that depicts, Oh, you know historical romance There are a lot of things that are so typical to the genre that I d get tired of complaining about them in every review, and this one has all of them.What entertains me is finding the ones that sway away from the norms You know, heroines that don t have delicate hands, men who don t make every woman they meet swoon I m still in love with Deborah Simmons for that one hero of hers that s oh so dreamy, then we find out, people other than our heroine don t really think so Or that other book where the heroine was all wild and the hero was the only one who seemed to think she was beautiful It s not blatant, in either case, but Simmons tried, dammit We re going over the tropes here, so I can make jabbing comments here and there throughout the year, on other romances.1 You know, in order for readers to think a man s manly, he has to have lots and lots of experience but, of course, he s never felt for those ladies what he does when he s with the heroine.This book Well, dontcha know, Breckenridge is the ton s foremost rake 2 The hero expects the heroine to be a typical ton damsel when shit hits the fan Guys, I have no freaking clue what the hell a typical ton damsel is, in any sense except that one s never been the heroine of a historical romance According to the stories, anyhow.This book certainly had that The going thing is she s stronger than that, which seriously makes me wonder I mean, the little I know about Victorian England tells me society was brutal If typical was weak, then how did any survive I dunno It annoys me.3 One of the love interests will get hurt and or kidnapped and it will be where true feelings are confessed and or realized.This book check.4 If there is a man or woman who is homosexual, he or she is an antagonist Look, I realize they were demonized back then, but you don t have to harp on it in historical fiction which I can t stop putting in quotation marks, ay , and you don t have to make them charicatures.This book had no such characters, but I ve seen them in Sands work before.5 We won t talk about how they must be smelling, but there s usually some miraculous chance to bathe before the first big sex scene.This book Yep And holy crap, talk about opening the flood gates It got to the point where I was practically saying, Another detailed sex scene and then flipping a few pages forward.6 It takes a few days, a week, tops, to fall in love True love.This book I can t remember There was a lot of travelling But it was about the same Okay, fine, so they d actually been acquantainces before this adventure Not that they ever really talked, though, ay.7 The woman is a virgin Okay, I ll give em that one, since they deal with young society women But still It gets old how much it s harped on, instead of just being And it s always a big deal to her that he s experienced, so he can teach her We wouldn t want him to be unexperienced, either.This book Well, of course At least there was some worry from her that he would go back to being a rake once they were together.I know I m forgetting a few I ll add them to other reviews when I think of them I basically ignore them these days, always looking for the something else Because I m weird I used to read romance because Caelen would act out all the parts, and that was entertaining as hell, especially when he d get someone else to play, against their will.Now I really do learn stuff I mean, most of my work has some element of romance, and it s good to know what s done to death in the genre dedicated to it And to see what differences pique my interest and admiration.From this book, I ve learned, for the umpteenth time, I really, really hate the word rake Oh So this book has a prologue and sections from the antagonist s POV which I didn t really read I mean, I skipped the prologue, and skimmed his sections, so I had a different experience than most people who read this trilogy Because, I actually thought he was a bad guy.

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    Hadrian s Wall in Scotland,built by the Romans around AD 122 This is a review of the audiobook I ve never hear Matthew Brenher narrate before, but I liked his reading of this first in The Cynster Sisters Trilogy He enunciates nicely and has a great Scottish accent, where applicable Sometimes he needs to pause a bit, as he seemed to drone on at times, but I think that was due to my having read so many of this author s books and she gets repetitive It isn t easy for a man to read me the love scenes, especially in Historical Romances as opposed to PNR or UF , but he gave a very nice performance and his female voices weren t falsetto deliveries.I was surprised I enjoyed the story line in one as much as I did Ms Sanders has a template she uses for her long running Cynster series, but in VBttR she gives the reader a little something different here a kidnapping right off the get go Then there is also the mysterious Highlander, and trying to figure out not only his intent, but also if he is potential hero material for a future book in this series, or truly evil When Ms Landers stuck to that, I was thoroughly entertained That, and the first love scene worked for me I thought it was going to be a five star read for me However, she lapsed back into the same old theme of the heroine not wanting to marry the hero until he says those three little words There are so many good things about LS s writing, but this theme she falls back on too many times Maybe she s of the view that she wants to stick with the sure thing, for her books have all been very successful For a reason I always enjoy parts of them a lot and still re read Devil s Bride once a year Nevertheless, June, in our buddy read of this one in Romance Lovers for the Challenge Impaired, put it best I m not a big fan of a woman that demands a love declaration, but has no courage to tell her man that she loves him I agree Especially each and every time and for too, too many chapters.Love the trek through Scotland, though Picture Credit Public Domain found on Wiki.

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    Why do I do this to myself I stopped reading anything by Stephanie Laurens a while ago, but for some reason I picked this up when I saw it in the library And nothing has changed The heroine in every Stephanie Laurens book I ve read is so ridiculously stubborn, I want to pull my hair out I don t know about anyone else, but I don t want my heroines to be prissy little shrews A woman can be independent and strong without having to bend every man to her will, or go against everything anyone else says Here s how these books tend to go Hero Don t jump off of that cliff, you ll kill yourself on the rocks below Heroine You can t tell me what to do Heroine jumps off the cliff.Hero Thank god This one wasn t quite as bad as some of the other Cynster books, but it was still enough to be extremely frustrating Plot wise, it was oknot incredibly original, but there were some good moments Unfortunately, when you actually are wishing the heroine will have a fatal accident, the romance aspect of it is lost.This one was not so shiny.

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    I loved this book Mystery, romance, suspense, unknown characters, old times, an abduction, a hero, an old flame this sums it up Can t wait to read the next book.

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    Rating starsHeather Cynster starts off as a strong, intelligent h and later devolves into an annoying, clueless and yes, pushy twerp The entire time, Timothy Davers aka Breckenridge, clearly loves her, works a bit of James Bond magic with disguise minus the gimmicks And yet Heather is blind far too long So long, in fact, I lost interest in whether or not if Breckenridge would oblige her Nothing she did followed logic at all Not until fate steps in to intervene.Richard Scandal Catriona, along with their brood make an appearance A few other characters from earlier books are mentioned and visit as well This was a pleasant interlude, too The worst of it is that the Scottish villain was extremely interesting I wanted to see of him than focus on the h H That s never a good sign This was my least favorite pairing Let s say I am grateful for kidnapping subplot I hope the next book will be much better Onward.

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    Big Fat MEH Every Stephanie Laurens I read is worse and worse Since when did Ms Laurens begin writing, a la Nora Roberts, in short, choppy sentences It was almost painful to read, and frankly I felt as though my intelligence was being insulted The initial premise abduction for mysterious reasons by a mysterious nobleman was promising It quickly devolved into Heather which reminds me, which early 18th century noblewomen were named Heather Isn t that a MallRats kind of name being SuperAwesome at fooling her captors and Breckenridge being SuperAwesome at following them The hot parts were so loooooooooooooong that, honestly, I started to flip through them a bad sign Much too much of a good thing Also, MUCH TOO MUCH of le Grande Misunderstanding, and MUCH TOO MUCH Cynster stubbornness Really Only one family in all of Great Britain is allowed to have stubborn, illogical, highanded women men Heather got on my nerves TSTL with regards to Breckenridge, but an almighty know it all about everything else Breckenridge less so Yes, I realize he was highhanded and closed off to his feelings However, I think what s really happening is that the hero is being written period appropriate, and the heroine is being written as a modern woman They don t necessarily match up But I digressFinally the paranormal bit at the end.unnecessary I didn t care for it as a plot device and I thought it detracted from the story as a whole So, in summary I think I will re read Stephanie Laurens earlier work, and take a pass on the newer.

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    Summary Determined to hunt down her very own hero, one who will sweep her off her feet and into wedded bliss, and despairing of finding him in London s staid ballrooms, Heather Cynster steps out of her safe world and boldly attends a racy soiree But her promising hunt is ruined by the supremely interfering Viscount Breckenridge, who whisks her out of scandal and straight into danger when a mysterious enemy seizes her, bundles her into a coach, and conveys her out of London Now it s up to the notorious Breckenridge to prove himself the hero she s been searching for all along I ve been a follower of the Cynster family for quite some time I love all of them, and most of the time I liked the books as well But the further the series goes, the less I like the books They are all really similar and I get the feeling that I already read the book.The book started out great The kidnapping and the ride north and the escape as well were riveting, I stayed up late because I couldn t put the book down And then when Heather was finally free, things went downhill Suddenly everyone is safe and now they can devote themselves to thinking about their feelings all the time I barely finished the book.Heather and Breckenbridge are a typical Cynster couple Heather is headstrong, stubborn and will only wed for love Breckenbridge is a warrior unwilling to admit that he actually has feelings He evidently has his reasons for being wary, but they re not explained And I got sick and tired of being reminded that Breckenbridge is the top rake in ton To me, sleeping with someone before marriage doesn t make a rake true, some of the ladies were married, but still.And the way that Breckenbridge finally found the courage to admit his love didn t sit well with me view spoiler did he really have to nearly die to accept the fact that loving someone doesn t make you weak hide spoiler

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    Why I Listened That s a question I asked myself numerous times throughout the book Seriously though, I reviewed it for the Speaking of Audiobooks column at AAR but my review rant is just too long for the column So, with permission, I m posting it here Read on at your peril.What it s about Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue is the first book in the Cynster Brides series by Australian author Stephanie Laurens Heather Cynster, daughter of Martin and Celia, is abducted from a soiree in London The abduction is witnessed by Viscount Breckenridge, a not friend of hers They don t get along he thinks she s too young for him there s a 10 year age gap and keeps his distance, she thinks he considers her a child Breckenridge follows and tries to rescue her but Heather has discovered that the kidnappers wanted only a Cynster daughter not specifically Heather and given that she s being treated well they hired a maid for her, for countenance she thinks it is best to stay in their clutches and extract information about the villain behind the scheme so as to protect her cousins and sisters Breckenridge goes along with it and follows, keeping watch If that sounds like a flimsy excuse for a plot to you, it would be because it is Given the amount of time Heather spends with the kidnappers, she actually finds out precious little about them and even when she does, it is in brief conversations and DAYS are going by She s not frightened or in any way traumatised it s the most pathetic kidnapping in the history of the activity.What worked for me and what didn t Torturous Tedious Tautologous In audio, Ms Laurens habit of describing everything at least three times is so very much annoying than in print In print, I skim and I probably only read one word in three, which means I can keep up with the gist of the story but do not want to hit something I found the same does not apply to audio I definitely wanted to hit something.If I had a dollar for every time Breckenridge was described sometimes within the same paragraph as the Foremost Rake of the Ton , I d be able to buy myself a Kindle Possibly two Breckenridge, or, as I like to call him FRT, is, to make matters worse, a very poor excuse for a rake Depending on what part of the book you are listening to, he has either bedded countless ladies, or not as many as everyone thinks However many ladies he has bedded, in his experience, most ladies don t take any active part in the process presumably they just lie there and think of England and only a few have shown anything like passion So, when FRT eventually beds the heretofore virginal Heather Cynster, he s overwhelmed, stunned and amazed by her enthusiastic response she s active, takes the initiative, passionate In one scene when she s, er, going downtown , he reflects that he didn t let ladies to that to him but she was different WHAT See BAD rake He should be booted out of the Society of Regency Rakes forthwith Besides, anyone who knows anything about the Cynsters would know that if he was really that bad, Devil and his ilk wouldn t let FRT within coo ee of pure Heather.Then there s Heather at the beginning, she s given up searching in the traditional ballrooms of the ton for her hero She s decided not unlike her cousin Amanda from On a Wild Night to search in the racier environs to find the man who will sweep her off her feet Later, when offered marriage by FRT due to the damage to her reputation, she refuses and states that she had resigned herself to being a spinster and wants to look after homeless children so her reputation or lack of it doesn t matter Next thing, she s contemplating how it turns out that FRT is her perfect hero if only he would love her Hur The villain is the worst villain in the history of villains We don t know his identity, but, after hiring people to abduct Heather, he includes a maid for countenance on the journey Then, when she does escape with FRT, he follows, not to get her back no He follows to make sure that the bounder who has her treats her well There is very little in the book about the motivations of the villain other than that he s only doing it because his mad ass mother has made some sort of squirly bargain with him which forces him to ruin the reputation of a Cynster daughter It is clear that he will be the bad guy in the series until he is eventually the hero of the final story in the trilogy.Anyway, Heather and FRT escape together but due to some ridiculous circumstances, they are forced to continue on foot and this takes a number of days They head for Richard and Catriona Cynster s estate and on the way there the romance part of the book begins There is literally NOT SO MUCH AS A KISS before chapter 9 Their very first romantic encounter is also the full monty There follows 3 chapters of sexytimes, each described in torturous purple prose three times Once FRT and Heather arrive at the Vale there ensues further torture for the listener FRT has vowed never to love and thereby be vulnerable to another Problem is, he s already in love Okay, so New vow He won t tell her how he feels because that would give her too much power over him Problem she s declared she won t marry a man who doesn t hold her in true affection which even he knows is code for love So, he decides to show her his feelings by the power of his mighty wang of lovin Meanwhile, she s decided she loves him but won t marry him unless he loves her too and tells her so She s having no success in drawing out a declaration and so decides to show him her true feelings with her magic hoo ha sexytimes Problem afterwards she thinks he was just pretending in order to get her to agree to the wedding and says no anyway when he proposes yet again It was enough to make me bang my head against a wall Repeatedly Over and over again Many times It takes an injury to FRT to sort matters out I won t give away what sort it s not quite pecked to death by pigeons TM Julia Quinn but, oh man over the topsville it is.I decided to listen to this book because, while I do grind my teeth these days at the triptych descriptions and the overuse of the word evoke in all of its many many iterations , and all the him being him s and her being her s I have nevertheless really enjoyed some of Ms Laurens books Devil s Bride, On a Wicked Dawn, The Ideal Bride, A Gentlemen s Honor But I m not a big fan of Simon Prebble s narration of her books He s a bit too overwrought for my taste I listened to two of the Black Cobra quartet which he narrated This one has a new to me narrator and I thought it was worth trying Sadly, Matthew Brenher is the opposite of overwrought While he does use some expression in his voice, there s no passion or excitement the intonation during a scene where they re sipping tea is the same as during the time they re traversing passion s landscape yes, that is a direct quote I thought his voice for our hero FRT was quite good, but Richard Scandal Cynster has developed an alarming Scottish accent in the 9 years he s been living there and Catriona, from the sound of her, has apparently taken up chain smoking and sometimes she slipped into a Yorkshire accent than a Scots one which was a bit disconcerting A brief appearance by Michael Anstruther Wetherby one of my favourite Laurens heroes and his wife Caro was even troubling Michael sounded prissy and rather like he d been castrated In fact at the end of each sentence he uttered, I mentally added and where ARE my testicles anyway Caro sounded like she was in her 50 s and frumpy Heather s voice was okay, but Mr Brenher does suffer from that common problem with male narrators where the female characters sound like they re men in drag Also, I know that Ms Laurens can write an extremely long and convoluted sentence, but I wondered whether Mr Brenher had done any pre reading before the narration performance There were these pauses in odd and unexpected places which made the sentences sound like they had just abruptly stopped It was so prevalent throughout the book, it was very off putting Because I was tortured by the silly plot and the overwrought descriptions, I had plenty of time to notice each occasion.What else The book came in at than 15 hours of listening time Given that most of it was adjectives, it could easily have been trimmed by half and nothing would have been lost of the plot what there was of it.I ve decided I have to break up with Stephanie Laurens on audio I just can t bear it any It may be that I will try some in print where I can skim to my heart s content and therefore save a layer of enamel on my teeth, but it won t be soon.

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    What a great story In my opinion, this was not a typical Stephanie Laurens book For me, there was a touch humor, and a lot action I love the overlying story arch that is flowing through this book and leads to the next one I am dying to find out about the Laird and his mother and why she s having him do what he s doing.

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    1.5 starsShort review If you ve read one Cynster book, no need to read another you ve read them all Long review Silly me I had hoped that a year or two or without a Laurens book would be long enough to get me to like her next offerings Unfortunately, it was not so The same style, the same descriptions, the same alpha male, the same headstrong female Blah Adding insult to injury, this book was boring The pacing was slow, slow, slow The first half of the book is the journey to Gretna Green They are on the road, in hotels, interrogating the kidnappers and then meeting up at night to regurgitate what they had learned Hardly anything happened, and the sexual tension I don t know whether it was because I did not feel invested in this book, but I couldn t really feel it until the second half of the book The second half of the book, the start of which was Breckenridge s brilliant and completely unoriginal plan to seduce his lady into marriage, thinking that sex was the answer to everything UGH And now I m stuck at the point when the couple have a huge tiff because the hero predictably refuses to acknowledge that he loves her and wants to marry her, and the heroine naturally refuses to marry someone who doesn t love her No, this is not a spoiler because it s been used over and over.As for the plot Well, as far as I can tell at just over 50%, the plot was over by the middle of the book And it didn t make sense Who was the so called villain Why did he plot against the Cynsters The whole thing felt so contrived in order to bring these two people together It was so silly I had forgotten about Richard Cynster s book I didn t like the paranormal aspects then, all those years ago, but I decided to let is pass I still don t like the paranormal aspects It does not, luckily, play a big part in the book just a chapter or two Nope, I was wrong The paranormal aspects is being used as a cheating device moan That was me around 20% when I realized I had about 80% to go UGGHH That was me when I had realized that I had checked out the next book from the library as well Some day, I will learn that it is totally okay to easily DNF books or to leave series incomplete if I have lost interest or don t like them.

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