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The Queen's Man quotes The Queen's Man, litcharts The Queen's Man, symbolism The Queen's Man, summary shmoop The Queen's Man, The Queen's Man b05b4e9f It S , And King Richard Has Disappeared On His Way Back To England After Fighting In The Crusades Justin De Quincy, The Well Educated But Illegitimate Son Of A Bishop, Is Tapped To Search For The Missing Ruler, And He Turns Out To Be Just The Chap To Blow Away The Cobwebs That Often Hang Over Historical Mystery

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    I ve always enjoyed Sharon Penman s historical novels but didn t know she had also written a series of historical mysteries set in the English court of Eleanor of Aquitaine Her son, Richard the Lionheart is currently missing on crusade, feared dead and his brother John is plotting to declare him dead and take his crown This first in the series is perhaps not as well crafted as her historical novels set in the same period, but is nonetheless a very enjoyable read if, like me, you enjoy cosy historical mysteries Justin de Quincy has recently discovered he is the bastard son of the high ranking clergyman who had the goodness to take him in and bring him up as an orphan Fleeing to London he witnesses the murder of a wealthy jeweler who tells him before he dies that he is carrying an important secret letter from France to be delivered to Eleanor Concerned that the jeweler s letter may have important news, Justin braves the court to deliver it himself and finds himself recruited to investigate the murder and become embroiled in the politics and espionage of the court I m now looking forward to Justin s further adventures as the Queen s man 3.5

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    1193 and Richard the Lionheart is feared dead, leaving an opportunity for his brother John to claim the throne of England Their mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, awaits news of Richard and soon employs the services of Justin de Quincy, after the murder of a goldsmith who was on his way to the Queen with important information about Richard This leads Justin, The Queen s Man, to set out on a journey to discover the secrets behind the murder and the secrets within the royal court.This is the first of four books in the Justin de Quincy series and my first introduction to Sharon Kay Penman I understand that for a Penman novel this series is light on the historical detail compared to her normal novels I really enjoyed it as a good entertaining mystery, a fast read with excellent character development There was a varied mix of very likeable characters and very unlikeable villains and I quickly found myself rooting for my favourites I would have liked a little historical detail included but I guess I need to look to her other works for that Overall, an enjoyable read and I look forward to continuing with the rest of the series in the future.

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    The Queen s Man is the first of Sharon s books to introduce Justin de Quince the illegitimate son of a Bishop in the England of Richard I who has been off fighting in the Crusades Justin finds himself involved in a Medieval Murder mystery He is Queen s Man to Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine I found this a most readable novel and of excellent quality There is a very good twist at the end too which I didn t see coming The historical background is impeccable as always in Sharon Penman s books Eminently readable and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    For certes, this book was not for me Part of the reason was that, every time a character said for certes i.e EVERY TIME ANYONE SPOKE I couldn t help hearing it in a Valley Girl accent Like, for certes, you know

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    Having developed a strange addiction for historical mysteries, I can not tell you how happy I was to find that my favorite author of historical fiction, Sharon Kay Penman, had written a historical mystery series This is a historical mystery with style the historical details and medieval setting are perfectly drawn, as we can only expect from a writer of this quality.The date is Epiphany, 1192, medieval England and Eleanor of Aquitaine is apprehensively awaiting word from her son, King Richard Lionheart, who has disappeared on route from Acres two months earlier Eleanor, now in her seventies, controls England for Richard, for now However, as the time passes with no word of Richard, even the most loyal begin to believe him dead Her youngest son, Prince John wants to be King and is developing plans to clear his own road to the throne And, Eleanor, with all her strength of will, may not be able to stop these mechanisms of John without assistance Justin de Quincey is raised and educated as a knight but unacknowledged, by his father the Bishop of Coventry, Aubrey de Quincey When Justin confronts his father with regard to his bastardry, he realizes he can no longer continue in this circumstance and abandons his current life Justin needs to find a new master and sets out to London in the midst of a snow storm On the road past Winchester, Justin becomes involved in a robbery, a very suspicious robbery that has every appearance of a planned murder Justin is in time to save the groom but unfortunately, Gervase the goldsmith dies in Justin s arms But not before, Gervase elicits a deathbed promise to deliver a blood stained letter The recipient of this letter would be Queen Eleanor As Justin is no fool, and is not about to march into the presence of royalty on the say so of man he only knew for mere moments, Justin opens and reads the letter He is left in shock as he now possesses dangerous secret knowledge as to what had befallen the missing king.Justin presents himself to the Queen who is impressed with his honesty and sincerity Eleanor, fearing that John is involved in this mysterious robbery cum murder, makes Justin a Queen s man and demands that he quietly investigates this murder and determines the persons involved The investigation takes him back to Winchester where Justin finds too many potential murder suspects, including the goldsmiths own family, as well as, a very real violent murderer, well known in the local community As Justin approaches the solution to this crime, he is joined by a colourful well drawn cast of characters, Sheriffs, butchers, grooms, barmaids and the Queens own cousin and lady in waiting, providing a romantic interest for Justin However, one of these new friends is spying for John and as he is followed about in his investigation, Justin wonders who he can trust.Penman twists and turns this mystery and keeps you guessing right up to the end, an excellent mystery novel But what makes this a true gem is the fine historical detail that Penman brings to the story If you are looking for an excellent historical mystery, you need look no further than Sharon Kay Penman I am eagerly awaiting the next in this series, Cruel as the Grave

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    Penman wrote these medieval mysteries to take a break from her flowery medieval prose Unlike the latter, she didn t necessarily know what the outcome would be to various mysteries so it gave her a new stretch in her writing career QUEEN S MAN follows the son of a Bishop who, by chance, is charged by Queen Eleanor to solve the mystery of a murdered goldsmith in connection with Richard the Lion Hearted During this investigation, our hero meets a number of suspiscious people in the town, as well as makes a few friends here and there The dialogue and descriptions are sparse compared to her Historical works If anything, this series focuses on movementand pacing I would say this is of a fun and quick read than the usual elegant, flowery and heart breaking Historical pieces Penman is usually know for in her works OVERALL GRADE C plus.

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    First, let me start by saying that if I could have given this 3.5 stars, I would have But since we don t have that luxury, I had to fall back to 3 stars I liked this book, it was fun and entertaining but did I REALLY like it Would phrases from the book stand out in my mind for weeks or years to come No, it was simple escapism with some education thrown in for good measure I would highly recommend to to anyone interested in some entertaining historical fiction though I m an avid English history fan I especially like the period from about the 1100 1700 I also love a good mystery, so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Sharon Kay Penman s The Queen s Man Sharon Kay Penman has made quite a name for herself and rightly so in the historical fiction realm Now she s set her sights on a mystery series too I really enjoyed the first in this series about Justin de Quincy and the services he provides for Eleanor of Aquitaine as she tries to tread the treachorous waters of foreign poliy in 1193 The book was a nice mix of historical settings, interesting characters and a plot that kept a good pace Justin does aid the Queen, and solves the mystery But than that he discovers about himself and the larger world around him This book wasn t earth shattering literature, but it was a rollicking fun read that managed to teach me about the medieval times Now that s entertainment Now I m on to the second book in the series, Cruel as the Grave Can Justin help Eleanor rescue Richard the Lionhearted from the clutches of the King of France

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    I ve actually read this one before, but there are four books in Sharon Kay Penman s Justin de Quincy mystery series, and I decided to read them in order, to get a better feel for the back ground story of Richard the Lionheart and the conspiracies to gain the throne of England.This book was even better than I remembered I m not a huge fan of mysteries, mostly because the characters are weak and I demand a clever plot that always keeps you guessing Ms Penman not only gives all that I ask for, but she adds her historical expertise with a fantastic and true background story, while helping the reader understand about the medieval world in which Justin de Quincy lived The characters were wonderful and she kept me on the edge of my seat hoping my heroes would survive.I m so looking forward to next in the series, Cruel as the Grave

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    This is historical fiction, heavy on the history But I don t want to give the impression that is a bad thing, it was in fact one of the things that I loved most about this book Ms Penman does a wonderful job of working in a surprising amount of detail about political and living condition in the 12 century as well as facts about the lives of Eleanor of Aquitaine and her sons Richard and John The story centers around Justin de Quincy, who is the illegitimate child of a Bishop He was raised with all the education of a young knight, but suddenly finds himself without a home or direction when his parentage comes to light As he wanders toward London he becomes witness to a murder and the dying man asks Justin to take over a mission to Queen Eleanor From there a tale that combines both a murder investigation and political intrigue unfolds It was a enthralling tale, that kept you wondering right up until the end All the history made it a slightly denser read than a pulp fiction style mystery, but it was so worth the extra cognitive effort Eleanor is both an amazing character and an amazing historical figure Penman s depiction of her makes me want to run right out and get her books that center on Eleanor s life.

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    A nice historical mystery My main complaint was that it was too short

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