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Alice in Zombieland explained Alice in Zombieland , review Alice in Zombieland , trailer Alice in Zombieland , box office Alice in Zombieland , analysis Alice in Zombieland , Alice in Zombieland e6c1 They Were Indeed A Queer Looking Party That Assembled On The Bank The Birds With Draggled Feathers, The Animals With Their Fur Clinging Close To Them, And All Dripping Wet, Cross, And Uncomfortable All Of Them Were Covered In Alice S Now Cold And Congealed Blood, Which Made Them Even Tastier Looking To Poor Hungry AliceWhen Little Alice Follows The Black Rat Down Into The Gaping Darkness Of An Open Grave, She Falls And Falls And Soon Finds Herself In An Undead Nightmare Of Rotting Flesh And Insanity Venturing Further Into This Land Of Zombies And Monsters, She Encounters Characters Both Creepy And Madcap Along The Way But There S Something Else Troubling Poor Alice Her Skin Is Rotting And Her Hair Is Falling Out She S Cold And She Has The Haunting Feeling That If She Remains In Zombieland Any Longer, She Might Never LeaveCan Alice Escape Zombieland Before The Dead Red Queen Catches Up To Her

  • ebook
  • 108 pages
  • Alice in Zombieland
  • Nickolas Cook
  • English
  • 23 July 2017
  • 9781402256226

About the Author: Nickolas Cook

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Alice in Zombieland book, this is one of the most wanted Nickolas Cook author readers around the world.

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    Karen sacrificed this book to me cause I was so excited when I saw it I felt bad taking it from her, but I NEEDED it I am obsessed with alice and wonderland, then way that I m obsessed with peter pan I think in fact she is the female version of peter pan but when I think of alice I don t think of this I think of this Do you want to know a secret view spoiler if you put alice in a book I will love it no matter how bad the book actually is hide spoiler

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    When asked to review this book, I was a little hesitant in accepting I liked Alice in Wonderland as a child, and I wasn t too sure I wanted to see what changes would be made to this classic story I was curious though after reading some Austen remakes that are being retold the same way So I fell through the rabbit hole and began the journey with Alice.After only a few pages of the book, I knew this was going to be hard to get through The writing wasn t favorable in the fact that it had a ton of run on sentences that began to be annoying I kept wanting to grab a pencil and start editing While it followed the story of the classic at times, some of it became horrendous I actually rolled my eyes in several parts and put it down during some of it to take a break I had to force myself to finish this book.Some stories should be left to the original version In this case, I want to throw this book in the hole and not welcome it back If you are a fan of fairy tale s being retold, and don t mind the darker side of it, I would recommend borrowing this book from the library first before purchasing it You might find yourself wishing to save your money for a different fairy tale remake.

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    I loved Alice in Wonderland and was pretty stoked to finally be able to find this I was not, however, much encouraged to finish I slogged through it and after a promising and pretty cute beginning, it just got pretty boring It honestly just felt like the co author cut and paste certain sections of the original and then added his own zombie bits to them that made the entire story just awkward, hard to read and thoroughly un entertaining, at least for me What writing he did do was stilted and didn t mesh well with the original flow of the story, and honestly, everything had that tacked on feel like the author wanted to do something great but couldn t pull it off and just kind of half assed it instead I m all for a good zombie romp Seth Graham Smith did it pretty well , but this was just a painful and altogether terrible mash up of a great classic and someone s get rich quick scheme to cash out what Pride, Prejudice and Zombies started I really wanted to like this book after the beginning, but I forced myself to read it because damn it, I was halfway through and I finish books that I start Even bad ones.

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    I had a lot of fun reading this You may not It depends on your sensibilities and expectations First of all, this is a humor book The reader is asked to lighten up and go along for the ride To have fun and not to dwell too heavily on the fact that there is little originality to the story except for the characterizations and some of the settings As some reviewers have noted, and criticized Cook for, is the sense that he did not make this work his own as much as Seth Grahame Smith did with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter It s obvious from the beginning that he took Carroll s work and merely altered it Either he did not feel the need to reinvent, or this is a slapped out, bandwagon jumping effort to take advantage of the success of the types of books I listed above Even the publisher acknowledges this in an offhand way A fresh and hilarious new zombie mash up, bringing the hottest format on the humor shelf to a beloved classic, complete with zombie fied updates to the renowned illustrations by Sir John Tenniel Sure to be a major hit with humor, Alice and zombie enthusiasts everywhere Uh, I m not sure about that last part Yes, people who spend time in the humor section of the bookstore will like this book Zombie enthusiasts should like the tack Cook takes with the story But diehard Alice fans I m not so sure From what I ve seen around the web, not all were thrilled with Cook s efforts I made it easy on myself and just read expecting nothing than to have a giggle at Alice s adventures through a dark and disturbing world It was a fun read, but challenging at times The review copy I received was very raw The errors in this unfinished product got to me, especially toward the end of the book This however is the nature of the beast when dealing with an uncorrected proof So I cannot fault the writer or the story heavily for things that should be fixed by the time this review is published If you are expecting something along the lines of what Grahame Smith as done, forget it Not even close If you are expecting a light, fun, humorous and horrifying read especially the last chapter as it gets gory you will like this I do have a problem recommending it, because when it comes to humor, you can t please all the people all the time What tickles my funny bone, won t necessarily do the same to others It was dark, disturbing, creepy, and humorous and I will be passing it around at work as there are a few who asked to read it once I was finished.

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    Oh my god Doesn t even deserve half a star A few pages in and I was instantly annoyed with this book I knew this was a mash up and excited to get it in the mail, but i was hoping for some really witty macabre tale using Alice in wonderland as a base.I hold the original story close to my heart and I defend it against butchers like this This author It reminded me of Tim Burton s butchery of Alice last year the only good thing was Johnny depp The way the author just replaced parts and characters with simplistic dead things graveyards and black rat instead of white rabbit not very creative I must say, not really putting much effort into the horror side of the story And the many use of brackets and inside comments against Lewis carroll s use of English cite page 21, chapter 2 , because did the author not realize the story isn t exactly a children s book per se Growl Cook is not funny and it was just boring and I was only up to the third chapter This review may seem harsh, remember this is my opinion, but Alice in wonderland is my favorite books of all time and cook just wanted to get a quick buck with the whole mash up genre popularity to get published because he can t write an original book himself.

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    Alice in ZombieLandAUTHOR Lewis Carrol Nickolas CookGENRE Classic Horror Mash upFORM Book Advance Review CopySYNOPSIS Alice and her sister go out to the graveyard to do her reading lesson when she gets distracted and sees a black rat checking his watch Curious, Alice follows the black rat into a hole, and finds herself in a land where the creatures are zombies and ruled by an overbearing Red Queen Alice finds that she herself is becoming and zombie like and desperately seeks a way to go home.REVIEW Assuming you like the classic horror mash up books that are pretty popular now, or if you just like a good Zombie book this book is perfect You get an almost humorous amount of blood, gore and zombies and of course the crazy mixed up land of Alice s Wonderland It probably has been about two years ago now that I read Alice in Wonderland for the first time, and I what I loved about the book was the double meanings and contradictions, which are of course still present in this version I m not typically a lover of horror like books and I m trying to use horror lightly, it s not scary really, but I wouldn t read it to your grade schooler , but when I was approached about reading the book, it just had that fun, trendy appeal to it And really, what could make the tripped out Alice in Wonderland even better Zombies, of course While it was funny envisioning all of the characters in Alice as flesh eating Zombies, there were still parts where I was frowning and a little bit grossed out WHAT I LOVED I loved how Nickolas Cook took Alice s sunny colorful world, and changed it completely into a very dark cold one, starting right out with changing the happy tree opening setting to a dark damp graveyard I wasn t expecting the transition to start out so quickly I think I was expecting Alice to be her same sunny self, but sucked into this dark world, which I think would have changed the entire book, because instead of curious and calm Alice, you would have had seriously freaked out screaming Alice Written this way, the Alice s are literally like day and night copies of the same book.NOT SO MUCH Why is the rabbit a rat now I don t know why this bothered me so much, because I can see how a rat fits in the book s theme, but a black zombie rabbit would have been FLIPPEN FREAKY, don t you think Just imagine it with red eyes and sharp teeth.

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    As a fan of Alice Alice in Wonderlandand zombies, I saw this book and couldn t wait to start reading This book started out like many other books do, slow So I did not think much of it, but before I knew it, I was to the middle of the story, still waiting for it to get interesting When I eventually finished the book, I was quite disappointed that it was not as great as I thought it would be Of course that just may be my own opinion, but I would not read this book again nor recommend it to others.

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    So much potential, so much chaos and unmet potential

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    Still thinking how much she would like to eat her new friends She could not decide if she would do so with sauce or not She wasn t sure it mattered much as she could not think of a polite way to ask them for a taste of their flesh Nickolas Cook Alice in ZombielandThis was such a short read it seemed silly not to finish it I haven t read the original Alice in Wonderland story, so I don t know how close this one follows to that Some of the storyline seemed familiar from watching the movie Well, minus all the zombies and flesh eating that is The story kind of seemed all over the place and because the story was so short, it felt really rushed It was definitely gory and kind of graphic I did think the illustrations were cool and the cover is what really caught my interest when I saw this book I think after reading this, it s definitely time to switch it up to a lighter read

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    This was a fun read but you must love the original Alice in Wonderland and be a fan of Zombies also Although some die hard fans of Alice hate this book It s for humor A monster mash up I thought it was a fun spin on the original story I liked the Mock Turtle better in Zombieland where he is the Corpse Turtle Read this with an open mind if you decide to give it a try.

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