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Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery summary Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery, series Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery, book Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery, pdf Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery, Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery f221329a9f Amazing Grace Tells The Story Of The Remarkable Life Of The British Abolitionist William Wilberforce This Accessible Biography Chronicles Wilberforce S Extraordinary Role As A Human Rights Activist, Cultural Reformer, And Member Of ParliamentAt The Center Of This Heroic Life Was A Passionate Twenty Year Fight To Abolish The British Slave Trade, A Battle Wilberforce Won In , As Well As Efforts To Abolish Slavery Itself In The British Colonies, A Victory Achieved Just Three Days Before His Death In Metaxas Discovers In This Unsung Hero A Man Of Whom It Can Truly Be Said He Changed The World Before Wilberforce, Few Thought Slavery Was Wrong After Wilberforce, Most Societies In The World Came To See It As A Great Moral WrongTo Mark The Th Anniversary Of The Abolition Of The British Slave Trade, HarperSanFrancisco And Bristol Bay Productions Have Joined Together To Commemorate The Life Of William Wilberforce With The Feature Length Film Amazing Grace And This Companion Biography, Which Provides A Fuller Account Of The Amazing Life Of This Great Man Than Can Be Captured On FilmThis Account Of Wilberforce S Life Will Help Many Become Acquainted With An Exceptional Man Who Was A Hero To Abraham Lincoln And An Inspiration To The Anti Slavery Movement In America

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    Amazing Grace is a biography written with WAAAY cheek than I expected The slight and frail English gentleman William Wilberforce was the heroic and eloquent man at the head of the push to abolish the slave trade Wilberforce is a name not well known in America as perhaps it may be in England Right or wrong, we Americans think Lincoln when we think of the end of slavery Of course, slavery continues to this day Eric Metaxas Amazing Grace does an admirable job in reminding us who deserves the credit in passing the laws that put an end to the legalized trade in human lives It is a noble subject, but Metaxas actually uses sarcasm and like humor nearly through out and, while funny at times, it s off putting in a biography Perhaps he felt the subject matter needed levity Perhaps he looked to capture Wilberforce s own gay sense of humor Whatever the reason, it didn t always set well with this reader From the title it should be readily apparent that religion in this case Methodism will be given a feature role While not a puritanical prude from start to finish, Wilberforce was heavily influenced by his faith and let it guide him in many of his life s choices From the book s tone, I would guess Metaxas is, if not Methodist, at least a like minded Christian He writes with an obvious bias It s almost completely transparent at times with very little reading between the lines necessary That swamps integrity in my book However, when it comes to non fiction, for some reason biographers are often allowed a long leash when it comes to balanced, fair and honest journalism At heart, I would call the above faults, but I managed to overlook them and if you too can stomach an agenda not your own, then Amazing Grace will ring in your heart the chimes of glorious freedom Or at least it will be a worthy read on a worthy man Either way, it s worth your while.

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    I m not sure where this book came from, but it was worth reading It is a comprehensive biography of the life and work of William Wilberforce It was especially interesting to learn about his personal life and character There is a lot of historical detail which stems the flow in places, but will be of interest to some Wilberforce s perseverance in the cause of abolition is impressive and exhausting The biographer makes it clear that it is rooted in his Christian faith although there is less about this than I was expecting.Excellent as a biography, but I would have liked to read about his faith.

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    I went 4 stars on this book, and then went back and gave it 5 As far as literary rating or readability I d say that I liked Mr Metaxes book on Bonhoeffer a little better Again that s in readability This book tends to have a lot of detail about the world and time of William Wilberforce that doesn t relate directly to the main topic The Heroic Campaign to End Slavery but does relate to him, his life, and touches on the main topic peripherally While it tends at times to slow the narrative a bit, it is valuable and widens the picture of Wilberforce and the world in which he lived This is an exceptional book about an exceptional person The observation is made in the text of the book that it s amazing how little is known about William Wilberforce today His name should be as well known as any of the giants of history that school children can or should be able to name It seems in many ways that he succeeded so well that the very ideas and REALITY he struggled against is one that we in the modern world have trouble realizing.Slavery, while still around in the shadows of our world today, practiced by evil people out of the light was until the middle of the 19th century not only nothing remarkable, but the accepted norm of the world Regarded as necessary and normal, having been around THROUGHOUT RECORDED HISTORY slavery was no big deal However, the abolitionist movement was widely considered to be radical, dangerous, anti government and anti economy It was also thought to be the purview of religious fanatics Wilberforce s struggle in England and final success gave strength and encouragement to the struggle here I can not give you a generalized view of all that this book covers, the information it contains and the story it tells Well that and a recommendation I D SAY, DON T MISS IT.I m a Christian if you re not, please don t tune out, no sermon coming or anything as such I m aware that Jesus never intended the Christian Church to be a civil governing body We are not to establish a Christian Theocracywe are to live as Christians letting that permeate our entire lives and be good citizens Throughout history there have been times when Christians have had to confront evils so heinous that they could not turn away Slavery was is one of those The story told in this is one of struggle against overwhelming odds and also one of great faith.I don t think I can recommend this book too highly Yes, 5 stars.

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    Excellent delightful narrator Johnny Heller Did the voices to extent that I recognized he was doing voices but not to extent of sounding cheesy.Eric MetMetaxas writes a psychological biology He gives the reader an in depth understanding of parents, family, foster parents, schoolmates, his particular life long friend William Pitt, the YoungerThe book is heavily directed towards US Americans In the parts where Metaxas describes young Wilberforce s worldview and where Metaxas describes the on going arguments of Parliament, slaveship owners, and other participants in Parliaments decisions to eliminate the slave trade and later to emancipate slave Metaxas explains 18th and 19th century English thought in 21st century US ways He repeatedly mentions US America.Wilberforce acts as a Force for Loving Kindness, yes But than that, he has a solid grasp of theology of English Anglicans and Methodists and a solid grasp on the Dignity of Mankind Man Mankind would be Wilberforce s term, not mine As Wilberforce approaches adulthood, the Age of Democracy quickly arrives He is born at the perfect time, has the perfect experiences, has the perfect connections, has the perfect political status to become a Great Agent for Good.Wilberforce started with amassed a fortune that allowed him to be a prime organizer of Societies, Intisitutions, Associations, and other Organizations that furthered development of democracy.When receiving general educations, we are often led to appreciate of the Victorian Age with Victoria being assisted by her committed and somewhat empowered husband Prince Albert Yet that understanding is plainly wrong.One afternoon, the Duchess of Kent asked for Wilberforce to call He is 55 or 60 years old, playing on the floor with Young Victoria Quote from book Here on the miniature plain of the carpet in a prophetic tableau of domestic happiness is the child who would lend the future era her name met the man who give it its character.End of QuoteWhy do we not remember him Why did the US not take example of some citizens of GB who wanted to strive to restore some of the dignity of Africa by supporting the return amd the empowerment of their human assets in Sierra Leone Something similar and successfully would be done in Haiti Movie Comment I first learned of Wilberforce by watching movie Amazing Grace The movie cannot do justice to world history changing events nor even to the people involved in the struggle And nothing about civil rights activities taken by inner group of Wilberforce along with many others in India, Sierra Leone, Haiti or about how Napoleon upon leaving Elba capitulated and emancipated the slaves almost immediately as ploy to deflect English anger.I strongly suggest reading this book.

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    Wow, this book is truly amazing And I almost had to skip over parts because of the descriptions of the horrible brutality that the slaves in the West Indies were subjected to I m just in awe of William Wilberforce and the men who fought so hard and so long year after year in the British Parliament, through Napoleon s war, etc to get the abolition laws to pass And once they finally had a victory, the years and decades spent to reinforce those laws and to create support for the displaced slaves who were finally freed William Wilberforce is comparable to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King in my opinion Not only did Wilberforce fight against slavery his entire political career, decade after decade, he fought against an entire nation s moral degradation, and brought moral and religious enlightenment to a fallen and miserable world Wilberforce s greatest challenge was not to abolish the slave trade, but to change the hearts, minds, and the conscience of the most greedy and corrupt beings possible to imagine.

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    This book was as thorough as a history and as intimate as a diary After reading I felt like I knew the man as well as the cause Some passages are laborious, especially as the reading nears the end and anticipates the climatic ending Very enjoyable to revisit a most important historical movement.

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    This is an enthusiastic hagiography, an easy breezy read with a strong Christian perspective It s a little preachy, actually, with corny jokes thrown in to keep the congregation engaged I enjoyed the book pretty well, but I didn t know Metaxas was primarily a writer of religious works or I d have chosen a scholarly, objective biography This has a bibliography but no index or cited sources.It has a nice set of illustrations portraits of Wilberforce and his notable associates, a copy of the famous layout of the interior of the slave ship Brookes which captivated all of England , and a photo of Josiah Wedgwood s antislavery cameo Am I not a man and a brother which popularized the message of abolition throughout Britain and presaged the logos, campaign buttons, and bumper stickers of our own day.The author repeatedly stresses that the churches of mid eighteenth century England had all but abandoned orthodox, historical Christianity and now preached a tepid kind of moralism England had decidedly turned its back on any expressions of what we might call serious Christian belief Wilberforce famously converted to evangelical Christianity, which he credited as the motive for his lifelong battle for the abolition of slavery as well as his work to ameliorate social ills in Britain The author gives Wilberforce credit for helping to popularize the concept of noblesse oblige in Britain, and the idea that politicians should work for the good of society rather than for their own advancement.The narrative continues for a few chapters after the passage of the 1807 Slave Trade Act, Wilberforce s great victory, although it loses a little steam He successfully advocates for introducing Christianity into India which one critic described as a change from looting to paternalism and continued working for the abolition of slavery and other noble causes For some reason there are several pages describing the inglorious squabbles of George IV and his estranged wife Caroline of Brunswick, because Wilberforce met with Caroline once in an attempt to mediate between them.I like the movie about Wilberforce, also called Amazing Grace and equally hagiographic, which has a particularly fine cast.

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    D.L Moody said, The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to him By God s help, I aim to be that man I think he was wrong William Wilberforce was such a man, and Eric Metaxas captured his story beautifully If you ve never heard of Wilberforce, who waged a decades long campaign to abolish the slave trade and eventually Slavery itself in the British Empire in the 18th and early 19th centuries, this book is a highly accessible and rewarding introduction.

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    Enjoyed this one fascinating subject and an easy read Amazing to read what Wilberforce achieved against all odds and interesting historically with it s references to the American Wars of Independence, French revolution, Napoleon and Kings George III and IV Wilberforce not only abolished slavery but also changed the way of thinking of his generation and helped to transform the church.

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