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Pride of Baghdad chapter 1 Pride of Baghdad, meaning Pride of Baghdad, genre Pride of Baghdad, book cover Pride of Baghdad, flies Pride of Baghdad, Pride of Baghdad 238cd89c64715 From One Of America S Most Critically Acclaimed Graphic Novel Writers Inspired By True Events, A Startlingly Original Look At Life On The Streets Of Baghdad During The Iraq War In His Award Winning Work On Y THE LAST MAN And EX MACHINA One Of Entertainment Weekly S Ten Best Fiction Titles , Writer Brian K Vaughan Has Displayed An Understanding Of Both The Cost Of Survival And The Political Nuances Of The Modern World Now, In This Provocative Graphic Novel, Vaughan Examines Life On The Streets Of War Torn Iraq In The Spring Of , A Pride Of Lions Escaped From The Baghdad Zoo During An American Bombing Raid Lost And Confused, Hungry But Finally Free, The Four Lions Roamed The Decimated Streets Of Baghdad In A Desperate Struggle For Their Lives In Documenting The Plight Of The Lions, PRIDE OF BAGHDAD Raises Questions About The True Meaning Of Liberation Can It Be Given Or Is It Earned Only Through Self Determination And Sacrifice And In The End, Is It Truly Better To Die Free Than To Live Life In Captivity Based On A True Story, VAUGHAN And Artist NIKO HENRICHON Barnum Have Created A Unique And Heartbreaking Window Into The Nature Of Life During Wartime, Illuminating This Struggle As Only The Graphic Novel Can

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    A 83% Very Good Notes A kind of cave allegory on liberation, it has high fantasy elements, reflected in war torn Baghdad s unearthly terrain.

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    Despite the originality of the idea, and the wealth of symbolism and meaning such a story might have held, Vaughan did little with this book His predictable plot, thoughtless characterization, awkward dialogue and overpowering allegory drained this book of any strength or beauty it might have had.Start with some factual errors, such as antelopes being kept within sight of lions, sea turtles living in the Tigris, and zoo birds which would have had flight feathers clipped simply flying to escape their cages If they could just fly off, why didn t they do it before These small errors are negligible but typical of the thoughtlessness with which the plot, characters, and dialogue are treated.The overt and sensationalized sexism amongst the lions was insulting Not only because it misrepresented animal sexual behavior particularly that of lions , but because as a thinly veiled analogy of human sexual behavior, it was both simplistic and chauvinistic Like in his Y the Last Man , Vaughan is interested in rape and gender inequality only because they give his male protagonist motivation, not because of how they affect his characters or story in general.One thoughtful commentator pointed out that the rape scene never actually comes to the attention of the protagonist, meaning it couldn t be an attempt to build his character So I guess it s just extraneous to the plot I ll beg off debating which is worse.The animal dialogue was also rather jarring, indicating that lions understood what a brain is, that they measured time in seconds and integers, and that they felt their keepers were beneficent protectors Vaughan did not make any attempt to create a dialogue based on the individual challenges and experiences of being a lion, he just stuck simplistic human characters in lion bodies.At that point, it s not even an allegory, it s just a cartoon Vaughan s lions are not lions, but melodramatic representations of the Iraqi people, a metaphor which becomes increasingly ham fisted and awkward as the story continues By the time we reach the climax, we have the antagonist delivering long philosophical speeches about power and rulership.These prolonged speeches are set directly into the action sequences, so that between winding up and hitting, he delivers a good paragraph of moralism I can only hope if I m ever in a fight, my opponent will try to summarize Plato s Republic between blows.For all that people praise the art, I didn t see much salvageable there, either It was often difficult to tell the lion characters apart and action sequences were abrupt than exciting The cover s pretty, but not a good representation of what s inside Tack on a weepy ending, say something unoriginal about American Nationalism, and roll credits If you want cute, badass animals in comic form, just read WE3 It has better art, better characterization, a better plot, and less pulpit moralizing from the author My Suggested Readings in Comics

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    Find all of my reviews at of Baghdad is the story of four lions who escaped from the Baghdad zoo after a bombing raid and was inspired by actual events It probably goes without saying it didn t end quite as well as The Lion King Although I was totally crossing my fingers that the male lion would have a voice like Scar I was hoping the combination of a graphic novel a k a pitcherbook and the use of animals rather than people to tell the story would persuade my non reader into reading I thought I d get the added bonus of the subject matter making him ponder some deeper subjects like the price of freedom There s an old saying, Zill Freedom can t be given, only earned.Yeah, well, there s another old saying You don t look a gift house in the mouth you eat him and making your own way in the world We can t wait around for some miracle to change the world for us We have to take control of our destinies as well as provide some harsh truths about war Keepers, two leggers, Man don t matter what you call em, they re all the same What are they fighting about Damned if I know, son I figured the story would keep his interest by being told from the perspective of some anthropomorphized kings of the jungle and maybe even a few butthole monkeys And I knew the outcome of the true events, so I was prepared for the ending and a possible discussion of why things went down the way they did What I wasn t prepared for was lion rape Are you serious right now I m not even going to get into an argument if there is such a thing in the wild as lions raping each other, but can we make it so my child can read something that makes him think just a little bit without throwing every f ing hot button topic into the mix FFS In case you were wondering, no I didn t force the tiny human into reading this one Now let s discuss the artwork Look at this cover DEVINE Inside there was some pretty amazing stuff too including honest, yet horrifyingly graphic, depictions of the toll of war on the zoo view spoiler hide spoiler

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    What a beautiful and sad story this is.I found Pride of Baghdad while browsing the graphic novels at the library It was inspired by the true story of four lions who escaped the Baghdad Zoo during the invasion of Iraq in April 2003 We see the bombing from the point of view of the lions When the war started, the keepers fled the zoo, and the animals who survived the bombs suddenly found themselves free But one of the older lions is worried about the dangers that lurk beyond the gates There s an old saying Freedom can t be given, only earned But after a vicious fight with the apes in the zoo, the lions decided to leave and start walking They explore part of the desert and meet a wise turtle at the Tigris River The turtle is old enough to remember the previous Iraq war There s black stuff under the earth, boy Poison When the walkers fight, they send it spewing into the sky, and spilling into the sea The lions see a long line of military tanks, and decide to hide and go the other direction They find the rubble of a city and meet other wild animals, including a group of beautiful white horses The lions are able to climb to the top of a building and look out over the city, seeing the horizon for the first time since they were captured in the wild And then, well, this story has a sad ending, as most war tales do view spoiler The animals were spotted by U.S soldiers and were shot and killed hide spoiler

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    Haunting allegory I don t know whether to cry or rage.I m going to get political for a second When I was in college, the university did this public installation with little white flags planted in perfect rows in the crisp green grass The flags stretched for acres and acres, one flag for each Iraqi civilian needlessly killed during wartime There were thousands Walking among the nameless dead was harrowing to say the least That s when I lost respect for my country So while this haunting allegory isn t a wake up call, it s a reminder that nearly ten years later nothing has changed My country is in political turmoil, the most severe social climate probably since the 60s And the powers that may be have every intention of carrying on business as usual, or worse Flying over ancient cities with ancient problems, to bomb for freedom and line their pockets with blood and oil Zill, Safa, Noor and Ali are a strong and lovable family, a pride, a company of lions They are somewhat naive, yet innocent, and deserving of nothing less than true freedom And America failed them, just like we failed Iraq, like we have failed ourselves.Brian K Vaughan writes exceptionally well here The cursing is kept to a minimum, realism to a maximum, as far as allegory goes And Niko Henrichon illustrates beautifully But what makes me tear up isn t just the ending, it s all of it The beauty of Baghdad is destroyed by jets and tanks, bombs and missiles The fact that we keepers place ourselves above the animal kingdom is a fallacy, because we re not better than them, we re worse Animals kill for survival But somehow humans are the enlightened species Somehow it is said the United States of America is the greatest country in the world We are the demon black bear We are the mushroom cloud on the horizon And I hope for the lions sake that a time of reckoning is coming.

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    I did not know this really happened Inspired by a True Story I love the art work This is a brutal story with heart I love that the animals tell their own story A group of 4 Lions are in the Baghdad Zoo when the Iraq War started The chaos in the zoo is done well in this book There is a scene in a palace that take my breath away with the art I wonder if that is acurate This is another tell showing us the horrors of War and all the casualties that happen anytime we start killing each other This story is simply focused on the Zoo and shows nothing of what families went through It appears to be utter hell I m glad I read this as it is something I never would have thought about.

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    My sister is stationed in Afghanistan after having been in Iraq a couple years earlier I send her a care package about once a month and picked this one up on a whim when I was in Barnes Noble to grab a couple of my favorite books to fit in the latest package I held this graphic novel back from that mailing for a few reasons First, I didn t want to send something with a political message without having read it first Second, I m always on the lookout for new books for middle school boys and thought this mught be a good addition to a school library Third, the art caught my attention and I wanted to read it for myself I will be sending this to my sister It has a polical message, and some soldiers may disagree with the ending, but guess what Soldiers are adults and should make their own choices I hope she and her friends enjoy it, but even if they don t I hope they have a good discussion.I am disappointed that I can t recommend it for a middle school library There are a couple of sex scenes, one a rape Obviously, these are cats, not humans, but I wouldn t feel comfortable defending it to a school board if a parent took offense I would probably put it in a high school libray, but there would be discussion.I personally loved it and will be buying my own copy for my keeper shelf I thought the art was spectacular It was fun to look at the lions and hear their story, then look past the lions and see our story.

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    It s all fun and games until the giraffe loses its headWhen the Baghdad Zoo is destroyed during a bombing raid, most of the animals are thrilled at a chance for freedom Then you know what happens to a giraffe, and things go swiftly downhill from there.The artwork in this book is breathtakingly GORGEOUS, though unfortunately on the gruesome side Seriously, it s the most beautifully rendered headless giraffe I ve ever seen There s a lovely panel of sun dappled animals drinking from the Tigris, and fantastic depictions of lions roaming the wasted city and ruined palaces BUTThe big problem for me was that the lions talked That made the whole thing just a wee bit too Disneyesque, and with the extremely graphic violence and lion on lion sex, this is definitely NOT a book for the kiddies And sadly, for this pride, there was no velvety voiced Mufasa in the sky to offer advice They were utterly on their own.If this had been presented as a wordless graphic novel, it could have been amazing, but despite the flaws, it is still an unusual and interesting look at the unintended consequences of war.

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    How did this get on a list of quality comics along with Blankets and Persepolis This book is complete crap The story, characters and relationships are dull, shallow and predictable and lack any complexity whatsoever And those are the books lesser flaws Most concerning is the translation of human gender roles as conceived by patriarchy to the animal world, thus perpetuating the idea that patriarchy, heterosexuality, and the current gender role paradigm are the natural order of things If you are someone who holds this viewpoint, I recommend researching Franz de Waal s ideas about human evolution that take our close relatives the bonobos and also a cooperative gene we share a species of voles, among other things, into account to offer an alternate viewpoint. Or try some books on primates such as gibbons, ring tailed lemurs, or bonobos for a glimpse of different types of social orders The frivolous use of rape as a plot point for character development is only one disturbing manifestation of this This is not entirely dissimilar to the overused plot point of the death murder brutal rape of a female lover to further a male character s development in its casual use of violence against women to develop a story On a slightly lighter note, one of many hetero normative scenes shows two of the lions going off into the bushes after the female swoons over the male with some cheesy line about how being in the wild and by inference being the big guy in charge who gives direction to the group suits him This is followed by the cub asking very innocently what they re doing in the bushes In short, this is the kind of writing and storytelling that will make you cringe again and again.

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