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Scandal in Spring explained Scandal in Spring, review Scandal in Spring, trailer Scandal in Spring, box office Scandal in Spring, analysis Scandal in Spring, Scandal in Spring 4179 Librarian S Note Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereAfter Spending Three London Seasons Searching For A Husband, Daisy Bowman S Father Has Told Her In No Uncertain Terms That She Must Find A Husband Now And If Daisy Can T Snare An Appropriate Suitor, She Will Marry The Man He Chooses The Ruthless And Aloof Matthew SwiftDaisy Is Horrified A Bowman Never Admits Defeat, And She Decides To Do Whatever It Takes To Marry Someone Anyone Other Than Matthew But She Doesn T Count On Matthew S Unexpected Charm Or The Blazing Sensuality That Soon Flares Beyond Both Their Control And Daisy Discovers That The Man She Has Always Hated Just Might Turn Out To Be The Man Of Her DreamsBut Right At The Moment Of Sweet Surrender, A Scandalous Secret Is Uncovered One That Could Destroy Both Matthew And A Love Passionate And Irresistible Than Daisy S Wildest Fantasies

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 374 pages
  • Scandal in Spring
  • Lisa Kleypas
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9780060562533

About the Author: Lisa Kleypas

LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award winning author of 21 novels Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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    4 Standing by your man Stars Scandal in Spring was a touching and sweet read I loved Daisy and Matthew Matthew had a funny dry sense of humor that was very charming Daisy was a romantic and a dreamer They made a cute couple I thought Matthew was so sweet the way he loved Daisy I loved the bowls war they had I laughed so hard I have to say I really don t like Daisy and Lillian s parents Just sayin they are cold hearted assholes This book was a little slower for me then some of the others in this series There was some action towards the end, and a really sad part that made me tear up Overall I enjoyed this book Devil in Winter is still my favorite of the series

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    I loved this story Maybe it was because I approached it with lower expectations, since everyone has said it s not as good as the first three Wallflower books, or maybe it was because LK is such a fabulous storyteller, and made me fall in love with the charactersbut who cares I thoroughly enjoyed it Thinking back on the other Wallflowers stories, maybe Scandal In Spring doesn t quite have all the drama, or even the passion although Daisy and Matthew were passionate enough for me of the other books, and maybe Daisy and Matthew s relationship wasn t as volatile as the others, but there was plenty to love in this sweet and sexy story.I loved how Daisy and Matthew met or should I say re met , since they d known each other for quite a while I m assuming that Matthew and Daisy hadn t seen each other for three years she being in England and Matthew in New York , and Daisy and her sister Lillian remembering Matthew as being this unattractive, gangly string bean, know it all suck up who works for her father Daisy s father has given up hope that she ll find a peer to marry, and he wants to marry her off in the worst way, so he tells her that he s picked out Matthew Swift for her Daisy and Lillian are aghast at this idea, and Daisy s determined that this not happen But when Daisy meets Matthew at the wishing well at Stony Crossoh wow, she can t believe how he s filled out and how attractive he s become There s a bit of a spark there, but Daisy fights it When Daisy confronts Matthew with her father s idea for them, Matthew assures Daisy that it will never happen, that he can t marry her Hmmm, what does that mean Throughout the story we re told about Matthew s long hidden desires for Daisy, but how he s determined to not let anything happen between them, no matter how much he longs for her We re left to wonder just what he s hiding, and if Daisy will ever find out his secrets I must confess when I did found out what he was hiding, it wasn t as bad as I d imagined And I loved how Daisy and Westcliff and even Lillian and Thomas Bowman supported him and were determined to see that he and Daisy get their HEA These scenes brought a few tears to my eyes.There were many scenes between Matthew and Daisy that I enjoyed, but one of my favorites was an early one their encounter with the trapped goose Hilarious Another was when Matthew rescued Daisy from the wild boar this was when Daisy and Matthew both knew that the attraction between the two of them was mutual, and the reader knows that things are about to heat up And probably one of the most emotional for me was when he presented her with the daisy ring sigh The love scenes Verrry satisfying I loved how Daisy was not a shrinking violet and often took the initiative, and delighted in provoking Matthew into losing control While Matthew was described as being practical and dependable dependable does not mean boring I really felt the love between these two.One other thing made this book so satisfying to read, and that was the inclusion of all the other wallflowers Lillian, Annabelle, and Evie in the story, and to read about their ongoing friendship Wow, those ladies have some great dialogue in this book They always make me laugh I also enjoyed seeing the continuation of Westcliff s and Lillian s relationship loved Westcliff s devotion to her , and I particularly loved the amount of page time Westcliff got in the story, and how he turned out to be such a friend to Daisy and Matthew He may be my favorite hero in the whole series.So fans of this series, if you ve been holding out on reading this one because you ve heard it wasn t that great, just remember a not so great book by Lisa Kleypas is better than a lot of books out there I loved this one, and I m so sorry that I only have one to read in this memorable series Now on to A Wallflower Christmas 4 1 2 stars

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    Book 4 in the Wallflower series finds Daisy Bowman, the only wallflower yet unwed, being faced with an ultimatum Find a suitable husband by the end of May, or be forced to wed a man of her father s choosing Who is that man Matthew Swift, Thomas Bowman s prot g and the last person on the planet that Daisy would ever consider marrying.Matthew Swift learns about the marriage ultimatum from Daisy herself While he has secretly adored her for years, there are skeletons in his closet that would threaten any chance they might have at happiness, so Matthew has decided to spare her the pain and embarrassment of his past that he knows will catch up with him eventually He does this by trying to push her away, insult her and finally, he attempts to fix her up with someone else, even though it tears his heart out to do so.Each book has its own memorable moments and things that made me laugh There were many such instances in this book, but the one that I still find myself giggling over was in regards to the lawn bowling game in which Daisy and Matthew found themselves opponents The game had been relatively civilized for a while, though it was a very short while Their teammates long forgotten in the heat of competition, Kleypas segues into the frenzied game Years later it would still be called the most blood thirsty game of lawn bowling ever witnessed at Stony Cross The game was extended to 30 points, and then 50, and then Daisy lost count They fought over every inch of ground and every rule of play They mulled over each shot as if fates of nations depended on it And most of all, they devoted themselves to knocking each other s bowls into the ditch. The game that followed was, for me, laugh out loud funny and will be one of my favorite moments from any book.As always, Lisa Kleypas gives us characters who are than just words on the page They are people we care about, cheer for and sometimes even cry for Her stories are well thought out, and her writing style is easy and comfortable While describing the settings in splendid detail so much so that I was able to imagine myself right there in the midst of it all with very little effort, I never felt like there was a droning on of unimportant words meant simply to fill the page.Lisa Kleypas has quickly become one of my very favorite authors, and The Wallflower series will be added to my list of books to be read time and time again.

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    I ll just say I agree on everything the third time around I cried and laughed just as much as the first two reads.Updated review after second reread 3 27 13Oh my freaking god this book is so amazing This was the second time around, and if anything I loved it I truly love the Wallflower series and this book is my favorite If I could only read one romance novel ever again, then I would pick this one I loved the writing, the humor, the plot, well everything If I could, I would have highlighted the whole book I love Daisy I see so much of myself in Daisy, and I would like to have her as my new BFF She was the most provoking, beguiling woman he had ever met Thunderstorms and rainbows wrapped together in a convenient pocket sized parcel. Her father decides that she must marry before May, or he ll give her to Matthew Swift Daisy is enraged but when she actually meet Matthew sparks fly They are absolutely made for each other After all, every swift sailing ship needed an anchor. And I totally adored Matthew and maybe that has something to do with the fact that he did remind me of someone very close to my own heart He is not as domineering as Hunt or Westcliff but he definitely hold his own and earn everyone s respect, except maybe Lillian s But as much as I hate to admit it, that puts us in a minority Swift is liked by everyone in the northern hemisphere, including Westcliff and his friends, my friends, the servants, the neighbors, children, animals and higher order of plants, Lillian finished sardonically If root vegetables could talk, I ve no doubt they would say they like him, too And if not the love story is enough, the book is set almost exclusively on Westcliff s estate We get to follow the other Wallflowers, and especially Lillian and Westcliff and the birth of their child They play a huge role in this one, but we also get to spend time with Annabelle, Evie and Simon Hunt It is a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful series But do yourself a favor and start from the beginning it is well worth it.I cried and in the end I was super giddy The best epilogue yet Nerd alert I also adored that this book deals with industrialism and the decline of aristocracy in England, and I really enjoyed all the conversations on public policy and social reformation And, there were so many amazing moments view spoiler The one where they watch the rain together after making love for the first time might have been the best ever swooning hide spoiler

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    A pesar de que Daisy es en teor a la m s rom ntica, le ha tocado la historia mas sosita.El principio me ha encantado, entre otras cosas, por la lucha interior que sosten a consigo mismo Swift por mantenerse alejado de Daisy El final en cambio, me ha parecido lent simo, y ha hecho que mi valoraci n baje.Y ya terminada la serie de las Wallflowers me gusta mucho m s que floreros , resumo mis impresiones La mejor pareja Anabelle y Simon El hilo conductor en todos los libros Marcus Westcliff El m s tierno Sebastian Vincent El descubrimiento Gretna Green.Y finalmente seguir leyendo a la autora

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    3.5 stars I ve been going through a massive reading reviewing slump lately I think this book was a massive victim of that slump I hoped a Wallflower book would pull me out of it, but alas it didn t There s nothing wrong with this book, I just failed to connect to it My fault and not the author s.This book is about the youngest wallflower Daisy, whose father declares a match for her when she doesn t procure an English husband Unfortunately, Daisy hates the American businessman her father chose, despises him in fact But sometimes the person we least suspect is the perfect person for you Anyways, I liked parts of this book but wasn t feeling it I loved the first 3 books in this series, and I will happily read by Kleypas in the future.Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter

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    This fourth and last instalment is, on par with the first Secrets of a Summer Night, the one that I found less engaging in the series.A hero hiding his identity, pining after the heroine since she was fifteen, she who has never spared him a glance until they meet again in England years later where she suddenly notices him Not the best scenario to lure me in as far as my favourite tropes go, and I knew this from the start, but I really wanted to read the complete series so, armed with the best intentions, I gave it a chance anyway While Daisy and Matthew share some very cute moments, and Kleypas is always extremely good at conveying sensual chemistry, I couldn t help but being uninterested in their romance as a whole Daisy is presented as a dreamer, perennially with her nose tucked in a book, but she often appeared immature rather than merely sheltered to me And Matthew was a brooding hero wallowing too much in his woe is me secret lot, when instead his big revelation toward the end felt quite overplayed and farfetched to be convincingly moving, besides once again compressing all the drama in the very last chapters, thus following a pattern I ve already recognised in several other Kleypas s plots As usual the book was technically well written, with lively dialogues and a fine sense of time and place, and it was nice to see the previous heroes and ex wallflowers rooting or meddling in the case of Lillian, the heroine s sister for the couple.All in all a worthy last instalment to the series, but having enjoyed a strong book 2 It Happened One Autumn, and loved a fabulous book 3 Devil in Winter, it was quite hard for it to keep up.

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    Daisy Bowman, the last of the wallflowers left to marry, has had three season and has yet to find a man to marry So her father insists that she has two months to find a husband, or she will be marrying Matthew Swift From what she remembers of Matthew Swift is a cold man so much like her father, who is driven and intelligent, but when she meets him again she is stung by how much he has changed over the years No longer a bag of cabbage he is handsome, strong features and mesmerizing So with the help of her brother n law and Evie s husband, they have selected some gentlemen eligible for her, to come to Westcliff s home in the country Matthew Swift exudes charm and sensual beauty that has every woman tittering in his favor However Daisy is insistent on trying to ignore Matthew, but as much as she tries, she finds herself feeling alive around Matthew than any other man His kisses waken up her senses, and she aches not only for his sensual touch but she also aches to know the man as well But Matthew is hiding something, something that haunts him and could destroy everything.Scandal In The Spring is the fourth in the Wallflower Series This is Daisy s story I find that whenever I read any books from this author, I just fall in love with the story and the characters, and the same is true for Scandal In Spring It was such a delight to read this one, and it has been some time since I have I loved both of these characters, as far as hero s go Matthew Swift is one of my favorites He is handsome, driven, passionate, and throughout the story we see Matthew come to life The interaction between Matthew and Daisy is witty, fun, and at times sensual and entertaining to the reader As far as love stories go this is a golden treasure, and one that will charm any reading with a romantic heart Scandal In Spring is definitely at the top of best romances

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    Father, wouldn t it be wonderful if hummingbirds had tea parties and we were small enough to be invited DaisyA lovely romance between a whimsical dreamer and an ambitious, pragmatic businessman A wonderful story, a hint of mystery, touches of humour and love scenes mostly devoid of purple prose The best in the series.Steam 2.5 3

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    Adorables Daisy y Mathew Una historia preciosa Me encant

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