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    This story of 1973 triple crown winner Secretariat is packed with statistics on blood lines racing stats William Nack really knows his stuff However, it is not a dry read at all His behind the scenes look at the world of horse breeders is fascinating I particularly liked his spin on the owner Helen Tweedy aka Penny Chenery , and thought it pretty cool that both the jockey trainer were Canadians Now I know what going the distance really means, and it s got nothing to do with Field Of Dreams This book is worth reading just for the chapter describing his Belmont Stakes record breaking thirty one length win, the author puts you in the stands yelling cheering at probably the most exciting race in track history William Nack s love of this horse he spent a lifetime following comes through loud clear Just a great, inspirational story.

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    A legend is born A true story of a remarkable Thoroughbred racehorse that has now also been made into a film for the big screen, Secretariat has to be one of my favorite books on racing ever written Equivalent to works such as Seabiscuit, Arle and Red Rum this racehorse s story is one that is heartwarming, magical and truly inspirational proving that the sky is the limit Fast paced at a thrilling gallop this story maintains its momentum throughout, where you ultimately loose yourself within the melee of thundering hooves and the scattering of dirt whilst a commentary thunders in the background Here is living proof that ones dream can turn into reality as long as one possesses the determination, drive and will to succeed that you can do anything Penny Chenery is such a woman with a dream who is not afraid to stand out within the male dominated world of the racing game, where she must fight her way to the top She is a heroine for all women who aspire to living their dream and making the impossible possible, with much courage and strength of character As her world is turned upside down with the death of her father Penny has to make a decision on whether to sell or keep her father s beloved farm Meadow Stables, and it is this crucial choice that sets in motion the course of her future Things are never the same again once she takes the reins and breathes life into this failing, run down yard that is balancing on a knife s edge giving all those that surround her a sense of hope and optimism for the future With the aid of the outlandish but charismatic Lucien Laurin and a blazing, bright chestnut colt called Secretariat, Penny travels on the most exhilarating rollercoaster of a ride Here the unlikeliest of combinations with a female trainer and a gangly looking horse get set to change history, by becoming the first Triple Crown winner in America for 25 years A legend is thus born in the form of Big Red as he was known, whose endurance and stamina astonishes all who encounter him Reading this book is like opening a window onto the past and being able to experience a poignant and unforgettable moment within history that along with other greats shall not be forgotten Here dreams are made that flourish, blossom and grow hence turning the vision in ones mind into reality Penny is a testament to all those who go that extra mile and beyond, who have that self belief to push the boundaries and reach those unreachable heights.

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    I struggled to get into this one There is a ton of name dropping, and very little description of who they are Some names do inheritor of the Campbells Soup dynasty, etc, but a lot don t so it was difficult keeping everyone straight especially when it came to the syndication chapter A full chapter on just names And it isn t just human names You ll hear about Citation and Man O War and Native Dancer and Nasrullah If you aren t familiar to the world of racing this may be a bit of a shock.But the races were so well done and done in so much detail that I found myself holding my breath while reading I couldn t put it down Unfortunately those don t really happen until the end of the book so you have a lot to slog through before you get there.If someone is really interested in getting into the nitty gritty of Secretariat please read this book You will learn everything you need to know to every race he lost, every race he won, every warm up and even a history on his bloodlines If you are just interested in passing in Secretariat watch the movie I enjoyed it immensely and it was well done Keep in mind some things are exaggerated to keep it interesting, but for the most part it is pretty accurate.

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    Did you see the movie I did, and can definitely say that the feel good movie barely touched the surface of Secretariat and all that was going on before and around him.and was written by William Nack, who was a new Turf Reporter when Secretariat made his 2 year old appearance So impressed, he decided to keep a journal and a side focus on Secretariat for the long term.Therefore, this book starts with the history of the major players in Secretariat s life The Chenery family, and how The Meadow came about Claiborne Farm, still ranked among the top breeders This book is definitely a lesson, not a novel.but was so very interesting Details Statistics And a indepth look into everything.The coin toss The birth The naming The training All are given substance as this goes into the actual details of what was going on Like, the saving of The Meadow was initiated by Riva Ridge, another Chenery horse, who was a year older, and had won the 1972 Derby, lost the Preakness, and came back to win the Belmont So if you enjoyed the movie, but suspect that there was There was Do you wonder about her long distance marriage and how it was affected by her taking active leadership in the breeding racing How about the 6.08 million syndication deal Regardless, this was a very informative book on Secretariat, and an excellent look at what goes on in the racing industry Reading the chapters on the races had my heart pounding, just as if I was there and could feel the beat of the hooves I totally recommend this

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    2.5 Maybe it s not fair to compare Secretariat to Seabiscuit, but here I go While I can t judge who would have won in a race between the two horses, one s story is far superior, and that is Seabiscuit s Secretariat came from basically a royal bloodline, he was big and beautiful and upon his death was discovered to have an enlarged heart which may have been what helped him run so fast I can appreciate that he was quite an amazing animal and probably pretty wonderful to watch I haven t actually seen his races but really, what could he do but win Running from behind in a race is not the same as overcoming all odds to win, and knowing going into the story that Secretariat won the Triple Crown meant that there was very little suspense in the book Here s the story in a nutshell Secretariat is born, shows promise, is syndicated before it s known if he will be a distance runner , wins the Triple Crown, and is retired to stud.Not helping is Nack s writing style which I just didn t enjoy very much It s very dry and factual and rather dull The book is filled with times run and names of horses in Secretariat s bloodline There s also a lot of digressions and an overly long section about the phone calls made to every single person who was offered a share when Secretariat was syndicated The end of the book has one article which I enjoyed than all the rest of the book it s a personal story of Nack s relationship with the horse which made me understand why he loved Secretariat and wanted to write about him I think I would have enjoyed the whole book a lot if it was told in this way Seriously, just read Seabiscuit Much emotional journey of a horse overcoming obstacles and winning, much interesting cast of characters horse and surrounding personalities , much interesting history and much better explanations of the horse racing world Really, just a much better book.

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    My husband and I read this together We thoroughly enjoyed this inspirational book Reading about animals that have talents above others it is another reminder of God showing us that we can have hope in excellence and perseverance.

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    I picked up Secretariat for different reasons than most It had nothing to do with Diane Lane or the Disney movie I don t really even like horse racing But a gentlemen I trust recommended it to me on Twitter Andy Ihnatko Ihnatko included this book as one of his Audible.com Picks of the Week Having a stack of credits to burn through, I decided to give it a listen Secretariat begins slowly You begin with a thorough foundation of lineage At first that put me off Why do I care about horses not named Secretariat I mean I didn t pick up a book called Prince Quillo did I But I began to be drawn in I began to see that history was being woven in front of me I was in the midst of an elaborate origin story The creation of a super hero Soon I found myself engrossed in the long past life of Secretariat and those around him Even thought the events happened 10 years before I was born, William Nack made me smell smoke and taste the bourbon I knew the outcome, I had read it before I watched a breathless Diane Lane cheering a fake horse on to victory on the silver screen But that was different This book took me there I was holding my breath, cheering on ever furlong I was witnessing history Thats about as high of praise as you can give a book like this Nack is a really good writer and its a pretty interesting subject I highly recommend giving it a look.

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    Great book I liked it a lot than the movie I think that if you are a person who is not into horses or does not know a lot about horses, you will like the movie better This book is so well researched and filled with every single fact you could imagine, but could get confusing if you are not into horses and racing Great writing, captured me within the first 3 chapters I learned a lot about racing history in that time period and some of the facts stunned me This book is a great collection of historical facts, along with a well written story of the truth behind a great race horse I also liked that the author made a point to not choose sides or opinions, he kept his writing even and did not make any attempt to change the story of what really happened in those great years.

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    Overall, I really enjoyed this book I ve always had a love for race horses since my first horse was a OTTB turned eventing horse The author does an amazing job of sharing Secretariat s story, and the love he had for this horse really showed throughout the entirety of the book It was amazing to read about his journey leading up to the triple crown, and continuing on after the triple crown I also learned a lot about the ins and outs of racing, and how even at the speed they re going, horses can change their leads around the corners of the racetrack I also learned about running a twelve clip and lineage as well This has become one of my favorite books, and even if you re not a horse person, I feel that anyone would enjoy this book about this amazing animal.

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    A solid racehorse biography The second half is really the heart of the book, with all the major races that make one s heart pound with excitement Like with Seabiscuit, you ve seen the movie, you know the story, you know he s going to win and yet you re holding your breath when he races past the other horses, opens one lenght, five, ten, and wins by thirty one.But man, this one is long 460 pages and maybe 4 black and white photos squeezed somewhere in the middle my edition, at least It s wonderfully written even though I had a hard time getting used to Nack s style at first , but Secretariat s racing career was relatively short for such a long book And there was a topic Nack brought up and then abandoned, never arriving at a conclusion, which was frustrating, because I kept reading and the book ended and I never found out what he wanted to say.I m a simple girl who spent a few childhood and teenhood years around horses, and even though it s all behind me now, I still love a good horse story And the story of Secretariat It s one of the best ones.

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