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    I liked it, but seeing the changes in Cooper, and some of the developments at the very end leave me with serious reservations about the next book I guess there is no next book Poor ending to a series that started so strong Disappointing, and frustrating.

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    It s hard to believe this is the final book of the Jessie Shimmer series, because it was written like another middle book of the series The Virtii were still out to kill Jessie Miko was still alive to kill innocent people To add insult to injury, a new plot line arose at the last minute that would have our heroes make new enemies The fuck As if they didn t have enough already frustration 1Let s talk about the Virtii In book 2, I was miffed with how our heroes didn t make the Virtii a priority, but I let it slide because our heroes had immediate concerns This book is book 3, and there was no excuse in book 3 Our heroes, or Jessie to be specific, had ample downtime to think about the Virtii It was ridiculous how Jessie spent a total of a few minutes in the entire book to think about the Virtii It irritated me how she treated the matter like it was a case of the zits and let her father handle the matter of hiding her ass For a bleeding heart heroine, it never occurred to her that there was a chance the Virtii, with their twisted sense of justice, might involve her loved ones, or the local governing circle our heroes recently made peace with in book 2, to get to her Talk about irresponsible And it was just tip of the iceberg frustration 2Further down on the iceberg was Miko I couldn t believe Jessie helped Miko exorcised the Goad demon that possessed her and paralyzed her from doing evil One, Miko was a mass murderess Two, she was a sexual predator Three, she was a fucking mass murderess and sexual predator Good grief I appreciated how the book tried to humanize her I really do It was good display of character development It was very tragic and fucked up what happened to Miko.Nevertheless, it didn t change the fact that she was a villain By helping her, Jessie allowed her to escape and kill innocent people, oath or no oath Miko was a villain, and villains tend to loophole around oaths If Jessie wanted to help Miko, what Jessie should have done was put Miko down and end her suffering, or at the very least, imprison her till Jessie could find a way to unfuck Miko No surprise to learn later on that Jessie got tricked by Miko and ended up getting fucked herself Literally frustration 3There was so much rape Rape this Rape that Miko got raped Miko raped her birth father Shift to present Miko raped Jessie in her dream Miko raped Jessie s boyfriend Cooper in her dream It took the word mindfuck to a whole new level The plot spent a long third of the book on the rapefest I was frustrated how it took a several chapters before Jessie asked another character for help and exorcised Miko from her dreams and hellement Because despite the daily rapefest nightmares, Jessie was well adjusted enough to ask for help, and because the book treated sex and violence towards our heroes without crippling lasting impact, which was one of the few good things about the book No trip to emo land for this series A medicine woman, who was treating Pal, Jessie s familiar, was housing Jessie for that entire third of the book of a rapefest Jessie never thought to ask the medicine woman for help facedesk frustration 4Then, there was the issue with Warlock and how he got mindfucked by Miko in book 2 in raping Jessie I was happy things mended between him, Jessie, and Cooper, Jessie s boyfriend and Warlock s older brother Yay no for love triangle But was it really necessary to have Warlock go shacking up with Jeremy, Jessie s older brother It didn t surprise me that Jeremy swung gay because there were hints since book 2, but it did surprise me as much as it surprised Jessie that Warlock swung gay too If Warlock was characterized as so in the beginning, I wouldn t have cared and in fact, would have been happy for the pair But he wasn t, and like magic he suddenly was towards the end It was plain to me that the new character development of Warlock was a deus ex machina to guillotine the love triangle The affair left me cold.ConclusionI rate Switchblade Goddess 2 stars for it was okay only because I ve read worse series end it s sad to say The Jessie Shimmer series is over, but it s incomplete I strongly do not recommend the series if readers want proper resolution.Review of book 2 Shotgun Sorceress

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    This is the third book in the Jessie Shimmer series It was a wonderful book It ties up a lot of things that started in the first two books and was just a lot of fun to read I really loved the first two books in this series as well and I think if you enjoyed those books you will enjoy this book.The book is broken into two parts The first part has Jessie fighting the demon that has possessed the demigoddess Miko Miko is the demigoddess who devastated a small town in the second book Jessie and Pal end up fighting in Miko s own Hell in an effort to both save the innocent souls Miko has taken and free Miko from possession The second part of the book deals with Jessie fighting her own possession and trying to find a way to heal Pal she is also trying to make it back to her father Cooper is in the story some, but is away dealing with other issues for large portions of the story This story is really about Miko, Pal, and Jessie.As I have said in previous reviews this series is not for everyone It is incredibly dark and gritty and at times just plain nasty If you are a fan of the Sandman Slim series I would recommend this as a good read for you That being said this is a very creative and off the wall series and that is why I enjoy it So just to be clear there is swearing, goriness, many offensive things said, strange sex scenes, and general yuckiness There is also a very creative magic system, an absolutely crazy world, lots of action and butt kicking, and incredibly complex characters.Jessie is awesome She is in bad shape for most of this book, but she keeps on going to protect those she loves Despite all the violence and craziness she endures throughout she is incredibly loyal to her loved ones She has gained some magical abilities in her last trip to the underworld, they have stunted her ability to do some white magic which complicates things for her She also has a wonderfully dark sense of humor which makes the story a lot of fun to read.The other awesome character is Pal, Jessie s familiar He is in rough shape throughout the book as well, and like Jessie goes above and beyond to try and assist her and aid her.I really like most of the side characters too Cooper wasn t in the story much, but the time he was in the story was pretty intense We learn about Cooper s back story and why he is how he is My only character complaint was that I didn t feel that Miko was filled out very well we do gain some sympathy for her and learn some of her background but I still felt like I didn t understand her character all that well.The book is well written and I enjoyed reading it It was engaging and easy to read, I had trouble putting the book down.Overall I really, really enjoyed this book in the series I have enjoyed all of the books in this series I think if you are a fan of dark and gritty urban fantasy you will find a lot here to love As I mentioned above this is not a series for everyone there are a lot of disturbing things in here, lots of swearing, it is gory and just plain yucky at points That is part of what I like about this series thoughyou never know what to expect it is incredibly creative, incredibly strange, and very different from every other urban fantasy I have read out there If you are a fan of dark and gritty urban fantasy you should check this series out If you liked the first couple books in the series you will love this one I would recommend this to fans of the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey.

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    Considering how much I was looking forward to this and how fast I tore through it, I wonder if I may have under rated the first two books in the series I just hope that urban fantasy fans are checking out this really fun series The covers of the first two books are suggestive of the content than this one was, although all three together do paint quite a complete picture I do wish that Miko, the evil Switchblade Goddess pictured on this cover, was gripping that knife like she was going to really use it to do some serious violence instead of just prettily showing it off, that would have been much consistent with the previous covers and just made sense Why do publishers always show women holding weapons in such ridiculous poses Check out author Jim C Hines excellent and hilarious blog about this topic Anyway, all three covers together show you images of adventure, humor, violence, sex, partnership very odd partnership , loss Jessie s hand and eye , magic, mystery, mythology, edginess, and originality The publishers were smart to invest in the terrific covers, it s what attracted me to the series in the first place and kept reminding me to go ahead pick up the first book already and give it a try, something I m really glad I did Whatever my hesitations were with the storytelling in the first two books, they re gone now, Snyder has really hit her stride in this world now I do remember wondering about Cooper and if he was respectful enough for Jessie, but there was a great scene in this book where they talked things over and addressed all of the things that were bothering me I still really just love Pal, and the originality of the way Snyder has approached the familiar familiar relationship is terrific In fact, she has an original take on a all of her somewhat familiar concepts, there isn t any time where I m shaking my head and feeling like I ve read this before Yes, they have magical councils set up in structures protecting cities They have familiars There are devil s and demons and hells But they all have a considerably different twist The goddess has mythological underpinnings, but it s from Japanese mythology, nothing that I ve seen referenced in American urban fantasy before, certainly not commonly And Jessie herself isn t the typical UF heroine She isn t a sarcastic bitch She isn t tough She isn t sweet She s one of the women who gets caught up in something and has to fight for the people that she loves It s just a different and welcome take on things Was it the best book ever No Was it very entertaining Yup Should you give the series a try Why not Disclosure some small amount of violence and sex included, not for the very faint of heart But really, nothing extreme Much less than most romance novels.

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    Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 4.0 Review Switchblade Goddess Jessie Shimmer 3 picks up right where Shotgun Sorceress left off Jessie, Pal Palimpsest , Cooper Marron, the Wizard are stuck in Saguaro, Texas since the Virtus Regnum put up a shield around the town to keep Miko from escaping.Previously, Jessie found out that she had an older brother named Randall who works for the Dallas Paranormal Defense Team She has also come to rely on her father, Magus Shimmer, for nearly all of her problems Both Randall and Magus Shimmer are pleasant additions to the series.Cooper doesn t really factor into this story as his brother Blue is causing all sorts of problems, and he and the Wizard end up having to spend most of the book in Ohio with Mother Karen s group.Jessie has a personal vendetta against the Virtus Regnum When she was 11 years old, they killed her mother after she cured Jessie of inoperable brain cancer Her mother was a powerful necromancer at the time of her death and was warned not to attempt it Now, the VR wants Jessie dead as well for killing one of their own See Spellbent for information Like the previous novels, the action kicks right in with Jessie on a mission to get her familiar, Pal, healed after he was bitten by a pack of wererats and is nearing the point of shifting into one of the rats Jessie, herself, has been infected with a variety of communicable diseases that make her weak to the point of not wanting to do anything Thankfully, her brother s mysterious concoction helps her until she can find a cure She has to also deal with her left hand being on fire and not able to control it at times.Upon encountering Miko, who has been taken over by Jessie s Goad Demon, Jessie agrees to kill the Goad for her in return for a truce Miko soon finds a way to enter Jessie s hellement where she stores memories, and uses it as a torture chamber for Jessie This was probably the darkest book of the series and the most gratuitous blood and gore and sex scenes as well If you are screamish, you will probably not enjoy this part of the story.Miko is the story behind this book Her back story is actually interesting enough where you find yourself feeling a bit for her for what she was put through Of course, it totally explains the reasoning for gathering as many souls as she can so that she can defeat her own mother who is pulling all sorts of strings to get Miko to do what she bids.This book combines Urban Fantasy, with horror, and Dark Fantasy as well as some really erotic sex scenes I loved the addition of Madame Devereaux who finds a way to cure Pal of his were rat infection The way this story is left off by Snyder, there is hope for yet another book in this series If not, then I ll be truly disappointed.

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    The third in Snyder s Jessie Shimmer series finds our favorite mossberg toting occult heroine sort of recouping in a small Texas town after the events of SHOTGUN SORCERESS Like the pervious novels, the action kicks right in Jessie is on a mission to get her familiar, Pal, healed He s still in the form of a giant arachnid yet has been sickened from bites by a pack of wererats Standing in her way is the brutal demigoddess Miko, who has found a way to enter Jessie s hellement, a personal realm that has now become a torture chamber for Jessie and her boyfriend Cooper.Jessie is still trying to control her ectoplasm firing hand as well as her mystic stone eye This time she s aided by her father who commincates with her through compact mirrors , an energy potion concoted by her brother, and a humorous but sincere old witch who helps to heal Pal I like what becomes of him.Miko, the Switchblade Goddess of the title, is as sexy as she is hell bent for blood and destruction Her backstory is one of the finer sections of the novel, and the torments she imputes to Jessie are beyond grim.I m loving this fast moving series that combines modern urban fantasy with generous amounts of horror, action, monsters, and the supernatural Another cross genre winner from Snyder.

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    Switchblade Goddess is the third book in Snyder s Jessie Shimmer series I strongly advise you start with the first one, not just so you know what s going on, but also so you understand the graphicness of the author s style Because boy does this book get nasty In the last book Jessie faced down a half demon daughter of the Japanese death goddess If that wasn t bad enough we get a good look at Miko s past in this book, and learn that as bad as she is, she s only an instrument in an eons old battle for human souls, a battle Jessie s now a prize in Struggling against a deadly infection, trying to mend things with her boyfriend Cooper, and his brother, The Warlock, and trying to save the life of her familiar who has been infected with lycanthropy, Jessie s pretty busy tying up loose ends in this book Except, for each one she fixes fray from her life And she still has to defeat Miko for good, as well.The Jessie Shimmer books outrageous and enjoyable, total stand outs from the rest of the urban fantasy scene They re a hard core, punk view in a middle class genre not that there s anything wrong with UF in the first place Recommended for collections with strong horror readers or dark fantasy readers.Contains Sex, violence, language, rape

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    A supercharged urban dark fantasy Jessie Shimmer is a tough girl.Has some very horrific scenes.X rated.Love the magic.What a cover If this book were a beverage, I would have to read it covered with a brown paper bag.

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    Review to come by Fresh Fiction

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    Ok, so now she wants to resurrect her mother and aunt Can t say I m surprised, not really What does surprise me is her constant willingness to jump into dangerous situations without a second thought when she was tortured for days just a while ago Oh and the fact that she almost always gets herself and her friends killed really should put a damper on her bold plans but nopeshe s going full out, again Yeah Try not to lose your leg this time ok But I gotta say that s not the most disturbing partno The worst part was the torture Yes It was in her hellement so it didn t really happen, it was all in her head but for me it was still traumatizing as hell I really hated that part of the book I hate stuff like thatI mean I can handle it I ve seen some pretty grotesque stuff on TV and I m not squeamish or anything but I have a really hard time seeing violence between people I mostly ignored that part of the bookApart from that I kind of liked it It was dark and somber than the previous ones but it was still enjoyable Do prepare yourself for blood, entrails and brain matter.

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