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Town Boy files Town Boy, read online Town Boy, free Town Boy, free Town Boy, Town Boy eea62ab45 Malaysian Teenager Mat Makes A Life Changing Move From The Quiet Kampung Where He Was Born To Ipoh, The Rapidly Industrializing Nearby Town Living Far From His Rural Roots At A Boarding School, He Discovers Bustling Streets, Modern Music, Heady Literature, Budding Romance, And Through It All His Growing Passion For ArtThe Companion Novel To The Critically Acclaimed Kampung Boy , Town Boy Offers Of Lat S Delicious Storytelling And Enchanting Pen And Ink Artwork At Once Exotic And Familiar, His Cartoon World Builds A Bridge For Readers Into Another World, Another Culture, And Another Time

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    Visually stunning.A portrayal of multiracial camaraderie during a time when life was a lot simpler.It s very rare that I spend hours scrutinizing the artwork accompanying a graphic novel.In Lats work, there s a lot of hidden humor Especially if one pays attention to background characters.

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    Last year I went gaga over a Malaysian comic from the seventies Doesn t a sentence that like sound cool Like I m some kind of obscure comic enthusiast with a penchant for the best overseas comics of decades past The truth is far less sexy, I m afraid First Second brought to our American shores the comic book Kampung Boy, a title that original appeared in Malaysia long ago Initially the format didn t intrigue me, but after a test run I found that I liked Lat the one namer author and his work quite a lot The story was an unpretentious memoir of growing up in a small kampung village and the typical mischievous boy adventures that occurred in one kid s life At the end of the book our hero leaves his home to go to Ipoh to pursue his studies This year the sequel, Town Boy is out and continues Lat s story With all the humor and visual aplomb of the first book, this second story crosses the critical boundary from being a boy to becoming a man.Our hero, Mat, has moved from village boy to city boy and the transition has come with a host of different changes His family has moved to Ipoh with him and the life and excitement that comes with such a transition is thrilling to them all Other changes are in the works too Mat befriends Frankie, a Chinese student, and when they discover their mutual love of music and records the two really hit it off Town Boy follows Mat s growth and adolescence He falls head over heels in love with Normah, a stunner of a girl He goes to dances, learns art, and is even in the marching band But age brings change and soon Mat finds himself losing his best friend and trying to decide whether or not to follow in his father s footsteps or find his own path through life.First Second took a bit of a risk publishing a graphic novel as thin and long as Kampung Boy Reading the sequel, I was struck by how necessary that move really was To force this book into a square rather than a rectangle would be to cut off crucial portions of the action not to mention some great visual gags It would be the equivalent of panning and scanning a great film So many portions of the book rely on full landscapes for the joke or the idea to make sense too At one point we learn that Normah is officially the hottest girl in town Yet our first glimpse of her is the top half of her head exiting a frame as an entire street scene of men on bikes, buses, and cars stare agog It s great Almost as good, really, as the moment when our two heroes attempt to cheat a race by running across an illegal bridge, unknowingly heading towards their principal and disciplinary master hiding in the bushes at the far far far end.I also really gained an appreciation for Lat s art For example, in one scene we see our hero explaining to his family at dinner how great it would be to own a record player The next panel shows his father giving us, the viewers, a skeptical sideways glance Lat does this entirely with the eyes and the eyebrows It s subtle but you catch the meaning immediately It has been said that Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, has been a fan of Lat for years and I definitely believe it They both have an eye for getting just the right amount of slack jawed idiocy in a character s face.Altogether, it s a great sequel and well worth a glance Even if you ve never read the original, Town Boy deserves a little love A great discovery for anyone, regardless of age.

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    Town Boy is one of the many graphic memoirs, where the author describes visually and textually an era, or place, or both Lat shows a good mastery of the medium and produces a good memoir, but for me it s just not refined enough, and the time and place are just not that appealing If you re wandering, I ve been to Singapore and Malaysia, and was interested in a deeper historical and social account The story and characters are simple a kampong family moves to a newly built area of a city in Malaysia The protagonist of the story is Lat Mat , who is an artistically inclined kid of twelve at the start of the story Lat the grown up explores the Malaysian small city culture through the eyes of kid Lat there are numerous episodes in school, etc We see also the Chinese side of the society, as Lat befriends a relatively rich boy As the book progresses, Lat and his friend turn eighteen, finish high school, and part ways dramatically There odd also a little fling However, there is little of interest in the story, except for the bird s eye view at the Malaysian culture in the 1960s Where is the social tension Where are the Malay equivalents of Marzi s Communist imbeciles Where is Anii mei ca pionier s dramatic lack of food, poorly built houses, etc Where are the devil cats of Maus or their equivalent To Lam, every page is a slow step towards the book end and no tension ever appears It s even much duller than Grease, the movie The characters are also rather sketchy the two kids who share most of the pages develop an interesting friendship, but separate without much fuss There is nothing else that does emotion in the book.Graphics wise, I looked very much the depiction of the street Lam has done his research and the drawings are very good I was not particularly impressed, though, with the graphic style the unfinished, cartoonish drawings could have been so much alive if drawn realistically.

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    Lat, otherwise known as Kampung Boy, returns in this second volume of his life story, Town Boy, detailing the second half of his adolescence in the small town of Ipoh in Malaysia It s an autobiographical tale and Lat masterfully shares with us his tale of growing up in the 1960 s in Malyasia relating not a tale of someone famous or that has great life changes happen to them, but that of the everyday person A person that we can all relate to, because we can connect with him We can see our own friends and classmates in the people that Lat describes and remember our own slightly awkward adolescence And even though Lat illustrates how things are different in his world, there is much that is similar And while it s illustrations are seemingly simple, they are compelling and help us know the characters better I highly recommend this book and it s prequel Kampung Boy to anyone and everyone, but particularly to the younger generation Not as a chance to illustrate the differences between cultures, but a chance to illustrate the similarities between cultures and across generations.

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    We discovered LAT Mohammad Nor Khalid s Kampung Boy last year and were intrigued by the author s style, his sense of humor, and his ability to convey subtle aspects of his culture and religion for those of us who are quite unfamiliar with life in Malaysia during the 1960s.I m not sure why it took me so long to get around to reading this sequel, but it really shows how a few years of age, maturity, and exposure to a town vs rural lifestyle can change a person s perspectives and shape his experiences His ability to attend school in a town setting Ipoh exposed Mat to a wide variety of music, people, media, clothing, and food, not to mention the bad influences that tend to attract young men of all generations Overall, it s a fun, fast read and I enjoyed learning about the life of this young man I hope to see of this author s work in our local library.

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    The graphic novel, Town Boy by Mohammad Nor Khalid, is based in Malaysia, and surrounds the life of a young Malaysian boy, Mat Mat recently moved away from from the quiet streets of Ipoh to the quick paced streets of the town where he attends a boarding school Through his love for music, he meets Frankie, his best friend Although there really isn t a specific plot to the book, he maintains his friendship with Frankie That is the only identical feature throughout the whole book that remains Mohammed Nor Khalid illustrates some exceptional work of art Adding life to every character shown, you could almost feel like you were there on those streets Frankie and Mat talk about what they want to be when there older, which leads to the ending Frankie ends up moving to London to pursue his dream, ending with the goodbye between the two best friends Overall, this book was fairly entertaining, mostly because of the illustrations provided I would recommend this book to fans of graphic novels and anyone who would enjoy an extremely quick read.

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    Kisah masa remaja si penulis di kota Ipoh, ilustrasi yang menarik dan dengan bahasa Malaysia dengan logat yang unik hahaha satu hal yg aku suka dari Malaysia adalah bahasa Melayu mereka

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    A simple story of a boy coming into his own while perusing his passions for the arts Friendship Romance and the story of growing up Simple times and simpler days.

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    I am continuing to love this series I love the way the characters move in their environments of streets, coffee shops, into cyclos and onto buses The main character now lives in a town a big change for his poor family and it chronicles his days in school and the meeting of his best friend, Frankie There are some great sequences in this book, really fantastic little snippets of life that are so familiar for all that they occurred a lifetime ago to someone else on the other side of the world There is a jump midway through the book from childhood to teen but that is bridged perfectly by copying the familiar sequence of meeting Frankie for school as boys, and updating it to picking Frankie up for school as now too cool teens This contrast is perfect as it mixes the familiar and new for the reader, gently bridging the gap in time because everything is the same but now they see things differently as teens The book ends on a forlorn note, as our protagonist graduates from school only to see Frankie shipped off to England for college.

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    I read this book at Nu Central MPH while waiting for my sis to show up again That means I read this book for free HAHAHAHAThis book was not your typical LOL, but it does make you sit back and go back to the old days Although I was not born in the 70 s but i can appreciate this comic because it really shows how Malaysian were back then Again I like to emphasise that I love how Lat always include other race in Malaysia They may night be the main character but they are always there I ve always loved his work and omg the Malaysian essences is captured expertly in all his arts This book ended on a bitter sweet note How your friend who you spend half your childhood slowly goes away as he she closes a chapter in their life and move on to another, and that does not really mean that you will always be there with you Back then going overseas may have been like going to another planet LOL

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