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Hitlers Children summary Hitlers Children , series Hitlers Children , book Hitlers Children , pdf Hitlers Children , Hitlers Children 01ef4f7484 During The S, The Nazis Wanted To Turn The German Population Into A Superrace Through Selective Breeding Thousands Of Carefully Selected German Women Were Encouraged To Have Sexual Intercourse With SS Men, Who Were The Racial And Political Elite Of The Reich Once Pregnant, The Women Were Given Lavish Medical And Personal Care You Signed To Produce The Master Race But The Nazi S Also Carried Out Wholesale Kidnapping Out Hundreds Of Thousands Of Foreign Children For The Purpose Of Adding To Germany S Breeding Stock SS Mine Carried Out Mass Examinations Of Children In Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Norway And France Those Who Were Healthy At Aryan Looking With Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes And Striking Features Were Shipped To Indoctrination Centers In Germany Few ReturnedIS IS THE STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST GROTESQUE CRIMES IN HISTORY

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