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    First, it is worth noting that Brian Stableford using the pen name Brian Craig here is one of my favorite authors I was previously familiar with WH40 and Warhammer via Abnett prior to reading this or Stableford.The story is only tangentially driven by the warhammer setting I get the impression he had a lot of leeway in how he wrote the story I can see how people expecting a conventional BL title would be a bit taken aback Interestingly, having recently read all of his 1970 s published works it is like 30 books , this just felt like another Stableford story.If you enjoyed this story, it is well worth checking out the author s other earlier published works If you didn t like it, this may give a good explanation of why.

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    Sorry to say this was easy to put downand I really enjoy Warhammer novels The characters where uninteresting, the story line boring, I didn t even like the style of the tale I ve read most of newer stuff, love Gotrek and Felix, the Vampire novels, authors Nathan Long, C.L Wernerjust about any of the Omnibus books have been well worth it I think I ve only put down two novels from the Black Library and this is one of them.

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    Having recently returned to the fantasy genre, and with some familiarity of the Warhammer universe, I enjoyed this offering by Brian Craig and the Black Library The story is interesting enough to qualify as a page turner, but most of all the dialogue is well written I found myself chuckling at many of the characaters words and actions, so as a work of fluff it hits the mark.

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    I really wanted to like this bookhowever the writing style is somewhat stiff and the story never really seems to get going It s not horrible, but for Warhammer 40K fantasy, I enjoyed Jonathan Green s The Dead and the Damned much

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